“A Call To Action”

Senator Saxby Chambliss could use our help. If interested please make phone calls for Senator Chambliss. Saxby Chambliss won the November election, but because he did not get 50% of the vote, there will be a run off. Georgia law requires a candidate to get 50% to be declared victor. Since there was so many candidates running for the senate office 3 to be exact, Chambliss got 49.8, Martin 46.8, Buckley 3.4, December 2 is the election day, this weekend is ideal for phone calls to get out that vote…

Senator Saxby Chambliss campaign link below…


Anything but That

I remember standing in the beautiful National Building Museum in Washington DC  on Saturday June 6 2008 surrounded by Hillary supporters crying my heart out as Hillary suspended her campaign. I was listening for a line or a few words I could cling to and I did but truthfully – the words that she and others kept saying over and over rang hollow. Every time I heard ‘her race proved women could do anything’ every time Obama said ‘Hillary’s race proved to his daughters that they could be anything’  all I could say was “anything but President of the United States.”


There are video’s of me all over the internet crying my eyes out – I am not one given to crying easily but I knew that day that something big was dying, just as I knew on May 31st that Democracy died at the RBC dog and pony show.


Still I forged ahead to Denver and fought for Hillary to be on that roll call even while she was out fighting for Obama tooth and nail. We still held out hope and hung on every unsaid word waiting for the weight of 18 Million of us to come crashing through those cracks but we never did. Today I read a piece that may explain why we didn’t break through- perhaps there were no cracks at all!

The Glass Ceiling Holds Strong

By Marie Cocco

WASHINGTON — It is time to stop kidding ourselves. This wasn’t a breakthrough year for American women in politics. It was a brutal one.

The glass ceiling remains firmly in place — not cracked, as Hillary Clinton insisted as she tried to claim rhetorical victory after her defeat in the Democratic nominating contest. It wasn’t even scratched with the candidacy of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee — unless you consider becoming an object of national ridicule to be a symbol of advancement. As divergent as these two women are ideologically and temperamentally, as different as are their resumes, they both banged their heads — hard — against the ceiling. Both were bruised. So was the goal of advancing women in political leadership. 


Yet American women are a majority of the population and a majority of the electorate. They earn more than half the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a level of educational achievement far exceeding that of women in developing countries. There must be some reason we don’t do any better than women in impoverished, rural regions of the world where cultural norms oppress women.

Maybe it is because our culture isn’t so different after all.


I know now that this was not our year, after all, to put a women in the White House but it was the year to wake up and come to our senses. We have not come that far BABY! We still have a long way to go and we didn’t even know it!


Free US Now Radio comes to you two nights a week and we are devoted to democracy, equality and human rights. Please tune in Monday at 8 PM  Eastern
when we welcome Idella Moore for the full hour. Number: (347) 838-8011


Idella Moore is founder and Executive Officer of a national, single-issue, non-partisan organization whose mission is to finish ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  This amendment would guarantee legal equality to men and women and should it be ratified it would become only the second constitutional guarantee for women.  The only other right that women are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution is the right to vote.


Idella’s support for the Equal Rights Amendment began in the 1970’s but it was in the early 1980s, while a student at Florida State University, that she became an active grassroots participant during the last intense efforts to get Florida to ratify the ERA.  Like millions of others, Idella was devastated that the amendment was not ratified by the deadline, June 30, 1982.


It was in protest of that ratification that Idella moved to England in 1982 and remained there for the next decade and a half.  She and her family returned to the US in the late 1990’s but it wasn’t until 2002 that she learned there was a renewed campaign to ratify the ERA.  Within a few months, she formed her org. Initially founded as a Georgia group, because of overwhelming demand, a year later hers became a national organization.  It is the only, national single issue ERA membership organization.  It now has an online membership representing men and women in 49 states, from all political parties and across all age groups. 


Idella does a great deal of research and writing about the ERA and gives presentations to organizations at the local, state, regional and national levels.  Today, hers is either leading, guiding or giving technical and advocacy assistance to campaigns in 13 of the ERA unratified states.


FreeUsNowPassERA Radio Monday 8pm est

Link is –

Call-in Number: (347) 838-8011


Are we having fun yet Hillarcrat’s?

Another rant by: BettyJean Kling

 Ok- I am blowing my top and God only knows what my fingertips may come up with this time- all I know is I have just about had it with this nonsense!  I have only one two part question concerning when enough is enough!


The TV – the papers – the radio – still blaming Hillary – poor Obama – I am sick of it and we want her in his cabinet? Why so he can beat her up till they all get tired of it – or find another women they like beating up better? 


It is obvious that the Dem Party, Obama, the Obots and the media will never tire of using Hillary as their favorite whipping post so my question is when will she tire of taking it and when will we tire of idolizing her for standing there and accepting it?


I want you to know that I am sick and tired of getting my teeth kicked in by Hillary supporters every time I mention this as if I must put her before country, that would be tantamount to treason for me.


While I wholly heartedly supported Hillary as my candidate and as a woman and a human being, I am disappointed in what she has chosen – yes chosen– to allow the DNC to force her to do – or do to her.  


Furthermore, I would not want to see her as SOS because I believe she would be serving at Obama’s pleasure and subordinate to him rather than as an elected representative of the people of NY. I don’t think this would be in the best interest of the country any more that supporting Obama or the DNC this year was in the best interest of the country.


As SOS she would be subject to carry out all his wishes and liable for all his mistakes – she would ultimately be humiliated by his foolishness and could be drummed out of politics with no where to go.


Hillary was a stellar candidate who was forced out of first place by a corrupt DNC and I will never forgive the Party for what they did and I just can not get over the fact that they took this proud women and made her do for him what no male candidate ever was forced to do – step down and not only support him but lay her self open and vulnerable to feminine scorn for his sake!


She not only went above and beyond – leaving her debt aside but went about raising money for a man who already raised an obscene amount of money on his own and whose campaign bragged about that unendingly for the entire campaign season.


Finally, the agony that resulted for millions of women who had looked up to Hillary and through her had finally summoned up the strength to stand up and fight for the first time in their lives – who watching her — forced to submit to the DNC — with a smile work for the party and the man who battered her may very well have set women in politics back another 24 years.


Whatever the reasons Hillary had to dissolve back into her party and to back what millions of us agree was the illegitimately selected candidate and whatever her reason for voraciously campaigning for and getting 75% of her supporters to concede and vote against democracy – is not mine to judge- but it is mine to refuse to follow suit or to justify or to honor.


I will not, for any reason, support a party or a candidate that abrogated the democratic process or anyone who would support any who did. When we ask our soldiers to risk their lives for our freedom – it is democracy that they are risking their lives for – not party politics and not sexist politics and not racial politics. No- they lay down their lives for Democracy and nothing less!  If you think I am wrong fine but I did not say it first – argue with Susan B Anthony – she did.


“No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her”
Susan B Anthony 1872



Team Obama thinks Hillary Clinton’s people to blame for State speculation

Updated Thursday, November 20th 2008, 3:08 AM

WASHINGTONPresident-elect Barack Obama‘s camp, well practiced in keeping secrets, is increasingly frustrated by a steady stream of leaks that insiders suspect come from confidants of Hillary Clinton, the Daily News has learned.

Just as ex-President Bill Clinton pledged Wednesday to prove there are no new skeletons in his closet that could derail his wife’s chances of becoming secretary of state, top Obama sources suggested loose-lipped Clintonistas abide by their rules: If caught leaking, you will pay the price.

“They have been strategic about what they leak each day,” said an Obama insider, who acknowledged word around the transition office in Chicago is that Obama himself is miffed at the leaks. “This [leaking] isn’t coming out of our shop,” added another irked Obama official.

The Obama team blames Clinton’s side for initially disclosing last week’s secret Hillary trip to Chicago to meet with Obama and a more recent report that the negotiations were going well.

Asked directly about the leak issue, a Clinton spokesman declined to respond.

A former Clinton aide who is not in the Obama camp said while the New York senator has been known to sanction leaks by her minions, the spinners this time may be freelancing without her blessing.

“Whoever is doing it on her end is ruining it for her,” the ex-Clintonista said, adding that the stakes are high because the job has likely become more important to her with each passing day.

“It will be an earthquake if she doesn’t get this,” the source said. “She has spent her capital. She is like a stock that lost its value before it could be sold.” That doesn’t mean the deal has gone south, but if it does, the leaks will have damaged her. Obama chiefs have warned staff if they get caught in unauthorized leaks, they will be fired and will not be offered administration jobs.

One internal Obama memo obtained by The News says: “We realize these requirements may appear Draconian, but so soon after the election, with the transition effort just being organized, it is important that no one who was involved with the campaign and the policy committees be speculating in public on these sensitive matters.”

At a New York ceremony renaming the Triborough Bridge after Robert F. Kennedy, ex-President Clinton said he will do “whatever they want” to cooperate with the vetting of his wife for the job at State.

“This is a deal between [the] President-elect and Hillary …but I’ll do everything that I can,” Clinton said.

Steinem’s roots


This piece offers several very quotable paragraphs about Gloria’s discoveries while working as a Playboy Bunny.  She evolved to write:,+do+something+outrageous&source=bl&ots=XyCvvfK80y&sig=XAU2Qq2m-fUc8krQ4qaaMtXkoCc&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result#PPP16,M1


… and this one has been edited as the result of remaining in print for over a decade while the world has changed.  We need to interview Steinem to get insight into how a woman who could write this could be as dismissive as she was towards Sarah Palin.

Palin describes herself as a feminist but performs as one with incredible acumen!


Those whose work formed feminist politics and in many cases, did more harm than good, should learn something from both Sarah and Hillary’s experience.  Most particularly: the ‘power brokers’ of NOW and other “establishment” figures of the advancement of women’s’ interests need that same mirror held up to themselves with their own words super-imposed on their views… posing the question: how could a person who wrote this to motivate women to succeed, take the action we observed during the 2008 election?


Dear loyal Radarsite readers

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Message To Wake up America Readers

Below I will be showing Radarsite’s post from last night, but before I do, let me take a moment to mention a few things.

Roger Gardner is a contributor here at Wake up America and writes for his own blog called Radarsite and he contributes to quite a few other blogs as well.

Over the last year and a half, I have come to understand Roger is a great American man, in his 70’s, lives alone and works tirelessly writing and trying to do his part in bringing information he believes is important to readers across the web.

I have watched Roger building his blog, tried to help answer questions when he was learning about blogging, helped to show him how to add videos and small things like that over the last year and a half, and was amazed at how fast he was able to learn how to network, how to advertise, how to add his own touch and feel to each of his pieces.

He has taken to blogging like a fish to water and took off at a dead run and never stopped, sometimes working throughout the whole night many times with more energy than those of us decades younger could possibly find.

From Radarsite:

A message to my Radarsite readers

Dear loyal Radarsite readers —
This is a strange message for me to be writing. But it must be done. But how? What can I say? I think I’ll just say it up front. Two days ago I got diagnosed with acute leukemia. It is considered “lethal”. I have been told that it could come to an end in as short a time as 2 weeks. I have been allowed to come home for one night before I go into the hospital tomorrow for chemo. If I survive the first week, things could get better, if I survive four weeks thing could really get better. However, as of now the first prognosis does seem the most likely. I think we all wonder how we might react to news like this. At this point I can tell you that I am in a good mood, and I have accepted it and I have nothing but gratitude that I have been allowed to live this long, and to have found such a fulfilling mission this late in life.

I am so grateful to have made so many good friends and to have found so many worthy patriots who love this great country of ours as much as I do, not despite what we have done but because of what we have done.

This may be my last article and of course I would like it to be my best. I would like to fill it with everything I have learned or felt. I would like to say something really profound and meaningful, but I just can’t. I’m getting too tired right now to go much further.

I can only say thank you for all I have learned from you and for your steadfast loyalty. My fondest hope of course would be that I would come back home all cured and find this article to be an embarrassment to me. lol But of course that’s not up to me.

Please, all of you, all of you who are my fellow warriors, all of you who have commented here, and all of you who have been quiet readers, keep up the good fight, and I hope that you have enjoyed me as much as I have enjoyed you.

With great respect,
Roger W. Gardner

His friends, as I and others are honored to call ourselves, are keeping in touch with him and will bring updates on how he is doing, how he is responding to treatment.

Please keep Roger in your prayers.

ERA IS within our reach!

You bet your Ass it is within our reach!


Who knew? Phyllis knew and she was out there still fightin it. Phyllis Stewart Schlafly (born August 15, 1924, in St. Louis, Missouri) is an American conservative political activist known for her opposition to feminism.


Read all about it!


New Drive Afoot to Pass Equal Rights Amendment

By Juliet Eilperin

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 28, 2007; Page A01

Federal and state lawmakers have launched a new drive to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, reviving a feminist goal that faltered a quarter-century ago when the measure did not gain the approval of three-quarters of the state legislatures.

 Read the rest here:



And have we heard about any of this?- NO! Ok ladies they hid it from us since 2007- but Debbie – a friend of mine  found it. And I am here to tell you that we can do something about it. Success is within our reach. So what are we waiting for ladies? Let’s roll! NOW! 


I will be launching an all out effort to get us to get the signatures needed in those states – let’s get er done ladies! This is our year! I will need help – Let’s put a group together and get to work.


“Equality of rights under the law shall not be
denied or abridged by the United States or
by any state on account of sex.”


The U.S. Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972, but it set a seven year time limit for ratification. During this time 38 states needed to ratify the amendment. Congress later added a three year extension, but by June 30, 1982 the amendment was three states short of full ratification. Then in 1992, Congress added the Madison Amendment to the Constitution. The Madison Amendment was passed by Congress in 1789. The ratification of this 27th amendment, 203 years after it was passed by Congress, set a precedent which, when applied to the Equal Rights Amendment, means that the ERA is still legally viable and before the states. According to this legal opinion, Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress full ratification can be achieved once three more states ratify the ERA.


Unratified States

.Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia


ERA resolutions introduced in 2007:

Arizona-SCR1019, HCR2046

Arkansas–HJR 1002


Florida–S0272, H8003

Louisiana–HCR 4



There are also active ERA campaigns in

Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.



One of my subscribers wrote this piece just after Hillary suspended her campaign in June. I used it in several newsletters since, it will no doubt have a prominent place in my book and it seems its time to use it again. Thank you Jamie for a piece I hope will go down in History as our call to action- it is now up to us not Hillary to rise!



“We can’t worry about what Hillary might be thinking or what her strategy is.  18 million voters voted for her to be our nominee because she is the best candidate available and I know she would beat McCain in November if she was our nominee.  Her strategy may be to play along with the Party and withhold her donors and her delegates until they cry uncle and realize they can’t win (or survive for that matter) without her.  Who knows? 


All I know is that we had a stellar candidate, we voted for her in droves, and the DNC hi-jacked the voters intent.  My mission is to make sure that NEVER happens again and to avoid the November train wreck if possible by getting them to come to their senses before it’s too late.  If we fail, we fail.  That’s no reason to not try, or to give up before we have given it our best shot.


Alice Paul and those suffragettes before her worked for 50 years before their time came to achieve their goal that got us the vote.  We are carrying on the fight that was started by the women’s rights movement in the 70’s so we are at 38 years and counting.  Had the suffragettes given up at the 38 year mark, we might not even be having this conversation.


You can bet that Hillary will serve if we stand up and prove that we will not be denied our candidate.  She has led us for many months now.  It’s time to stand up and lead ourselves.  She is not our mother, or our “messiah”.  She is our candidate.  She may or may not still be seeking the position, but if drafted she will certainly run, and if elected she will unquestionably and brilliantly serve.


The problem that we face here is that the American people have become disimpassioned about politics.  We lack the political will to fight for what we believe in anymore.  Can you imagine where we’d be if the citizens of the 13 colonies had become comfortable and content in their plantation houses and waved away those crazy lunatics up in Philadelphia who were advocating rebellion against King George because they didn’t like that they were being taxed without representation? 


And you are one of the fighters.  You have been dedicated throughout this campaign.  You cannot give up this fight because you perceive that Hillary is not acting the way you think she should.  This is not her fight now, it is our fight and if she has not taught us that, then she has not truly inspired us and the light will go out when Hillary goes away.  That is not how progress is made. 


Hillary has rekindled a flame in the hearts of people across this nation.  She is stepping back to see if it is going to flicker and die, or grow brighter and ignite a fire.  Whichever it is….is up to YOU.



How weird Dean

Another Reant by: BettyJean Kling

Behind the Scenes of the 2008 Presidential Election

I got a call from my friend and she could hardly contain herself – I couldn’t even make out what she as saying . Robin – I ‘m sayin “Slow down  slow down !” When she finally caught her breath she managed to explain that she just heard our dear dear Howard Dean going on and on and on about how badly women were treated in this election …. at that point I cut her off and asked what in the hell was she smoking, inhaling, drinking or snorting!

“That’s what I am trying to tell you”: she said.

Apparently the damned fool was trying to convince the audience on C-Span that although Hillary people thought he was all on Obama’s side — are you sitting readers? — Obama’s people were sure he was all for Hillary!!!

Ok- are you up off the floor now?

He then goes on to rail at the media for what they did to her … and because I can not do this story any justice and because you just have to hear it for yourselves before it goes poof- here is the video,  it is almost 7 minutes that must be kept for posterity!

Listen to the first man – he is pretty interesting too and then How Weird Dean does his Oscar award winning bull shit story of the century and you simply have got to hear it to believe it- he sounds like he really means it. If I had not been here to see him never lift a friggen eye brow – I would have thought he was on all those marches with us and cried all those tears we cried and  — well you get the picture.

Twisted Logic Celebration

Dedicated to Gerri, Hillary and Sarah

Tears were shed in the streets, throngs celebrating in Times Square could be heard from 1st. Ave., the media was in a frenzy, Obots were in heaven, black leaders were lined up to tell us how proud they finally were of America (Michelle was thinking it to herself no doubt) and headlines read “History” was made on Nov. 4th 2008 in America because a black was elected to the White House. I was in tears too but I scratched my head and asked what the hell is so historic about placing yet another man in office?


Hold your celebrations folks. We are not there yet- history was not made – we did not overcome- and Martin Luther King’s dream was not realized. Wasn’t it King who said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”? Weren’t some of those little children daughters?  


So now all of a sudden skin color became the factor that everyone is judging how we make history? Was it because his face was black and for a short blip in our history blacks were kept as slaves? Or maybe some would say we are celebrating a black man reminds us of slavery and somehow this partially black man with no slavery background transcends that dark part of our history? Well that may be quite a stretch but we are still not there yet!   


Women’s slavery has yet to be resolved – it is not a blip in history — it is a fact of a life for woman, and it’s been going on since the beginning of time. Women have been ignored, blamed, talked down to,  laughed at, held  back, paid less, worked harder, kept down, smacked around, humiliated, degraded , victimized, beaten, raped and are  murdered at the hands of men — their own husbands and fathers and are still daily victims right now.


This so-called historic Black candidate was not a product of the civil rights abuses of this country; he did not suffer mistreatment by during his candidacy as did both the female candidates. So I ask again what was so euphoric that millions were crying – some for joy and some from the release resulting of shedding their white guilt. Guilt they willingly accepted as their responsibility and obligated the rest of us to carry with along with them while they turned a blind eye to those of us who have been enslaved since the beginning of time and who were left behind yet again.


No- I maintain as do up to one half on this nations citizenry who is taxed yet not fully represented, history will not be made until every enslaved, mistreated or otherwise unrepresented citizen is equally represented, until Jeremiah Wright does not call anyone a nigger, until no women is ever again called a cunt, until women support other women whether they fully agree on every issue or not and until a woman is elected as president of the United States of America.


Then let there be dancing in the streets and celebrations in every home and tears of joy to celebrate a truly historic accomplishment to be proud of. In stead you stand there with tears in your eyes as if you accomplished some great feat you damned so-called civil rights leader hypocrites! Civil rights include human rights!

I am Woman Hear me Roar


Dedicated to the Jackasses who insist I hate Hillary and Men I’m just asking for a little R E S P E C T for all women

By BettyJean Kling


Women have always been so misunderstood. The minute we try to get some respect we are immediately shut down. Today I got a comment to one of my posts entitled reply “anti-male sexist much?”


I love my 2 sons and my 6 grandsons and my sons-in law (well 2 of them anyway) and I cry for my son Mikie daily who passed 8 years ago. No I do not hate men – I although I am not liking Mr. Anonymous who didn’t even have the balls to sign his name.

Anonymous said…

Geesh!! Anti-male sexist much?

That this long after your so-called candidate (presuming we’re still talking Clinton and not Palin) lost, and lost BIG in the primary you are still whining, wringing your hands and moaning hugely betrays your feelings of female privilege.


Clinton LOST LOST LOST by all rules agreed to by all parties before the contest ever began to the better candidate. Just because she has an “innie” instead of an “outie” does not qualify her to be selected over the one rightfully elected.


This election WAS historic. For the record, it also would have been historic, although tragic had it been won by Clinton or McCain (due to Palin).


If you honestly believe women are so “oppressed,” you need to read some unbiased authors like Hoff-Sommers or Farrell.


·          Battered women have advocates and shelters in every large US city. Battered men have one shelter in California and one help line in Maine.

·          Women in divorce get custody almost 100% of the time they ask for it. Men get to “visit” their children and pay backdoor alimony aka child support.

·          The second a man is (falsely or not) accused of rape, his name is plastered throughout the media. Should the allegation prove false, she is almost never publicly identified.

·          Women criminals who murder their children get counseling and probation. Men criminals who murder their children get prison or death.

·          Women homeless get shelters and vouchers. Men homeless get a newspaper and an underpass.

·          Girls who get statutorially raped by men get a “victim” label and their abuser prosecuted. Boys who get staturorially raped by women get a “lucky #$#$” label and their abuser returned to their community.

·          Men make up 99% of on-the-job fatalities — to pay money to court, and sometimes directly to, women who work comfy inside jobs or often not at all.

·          In a committed relationship, women get the choice to work full time, work part time or stay at home. Men get the non-choice: work full time.

·          It is recognized as racism that blacks die years younger than whites but not as sexism that men die years younger than women.


It just goes on and on, once you open your eyes to it. By refusing to acknowledge it, you only perpetuate it. November 12, 2008 7:01 AM  

And this jackass has the nerve to ask me if I am “anti-male sexist much?” Yikes – he answered this post with this canned speech before the pressed were even cold I can tell he is a card carrying “anti-female sexist much!”

Why is it always about everyone but us – why are we always last? I like to say I was born a feminist because from my earliest memory – I always knew I was treated differently and I did not like it.  I always asked why? And the answer was always the same. “Because you are a girl.”  My reply was also always the same- So what?

I have been married a few times – I’m not real good at it- they always say they are going to understand my 100% concept but they never do – so I keep my end of the bargain and when they break the contract – I’m outta there!

You know if couple each gave 100% – doing for one another would be great then whatever we did would never seem menial but done of love and concern – but when what we do for the other is demanded – expected and disrespected or taken for granted – and we are mistreated because of our choices – it becomes a problem.

I chose to keep all my children and to stay home and raise them- I chose to put my education on the back burner – I chose to do traditional things while my friends became professionals early on in life. I say chose to put my life on hold but truth be told I had 4 kids and a divorce by 19, I started so damned early I missed the sixties altogether and I’m  running around doing all those things – less the drugs  so far- in my sixties instead.

Today my sisterhood and I – we all stand together equal in strength and character and value as we should. Some conservative- some liberal and some independent. Some married- some divorced – some never married and some gay. Some with children and some childless. I finally caught up with these women thanks to Hillary and for that I will forever be grateful to the 60 year old who pulled us all together and reminded us what we started fighting for in the sixties and never got and why we need to start the women’s movement again.

Can you hear me now?