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One of my subscribers wrote this piece just after Hillary suspended her campaign in June. I used it in several newsletters since, it will no doubt have a prominent place in my book and it seems its time to use it again. Thank you Jamie for a piece I hope will go down in History as our call to action- it is now up to us not Hillary to rise!



“We can’t worry about what Hillary might be thinking or what her strategy is.  18 million voters voted for her to be our nominee because she is the best candidate available and I know she would beat McCain in November if she was our nominee.  Her strategy may be to play along with the Party and withhold her donors and her delegates until they cry uncle and realize they can’t win (or survive for that matter) without her.  Who knows? 


All I know is that we had a stellar candidate, we voted for her in droves, and the DNC hi-jacked the voters intent.  My mission is to make sure that NEVER happens again and to avoid the November train wreck if possible by getting them to come to their senses before it’s too late.  If we fail, we fail.  That’s no reason to not try, or to give up before we have given it our best shot.


Alice Paul and those suffragettes before her worked for 50 years before their time came to achieve their goal that got us the vote.  We are carrying on the fight that was started by the women’s rights movement in the 70’s so we are at 38 years and counting.  Had the suffragettes given up at the 38 year mark, we might not even be having this conversation.


You can bet that Hillary will serve if we stand up and prove that we will not be denied our candidate.  She has led us for many months now.  It’s time to stand up and lead ourselves.  She is not our mother, or our “messiah”.  She is our candidate.  She may or may not still be seeking the position, but if drafted she will certainly run, and if elected she will unquestionably and brilliantly serve.


The problem that we face here is that the American people have become disimpassioned about politics.  We lack the political will to fight for what we believe in anymore.  Can you imagine where we’d be if the citizens of the 13 colonies had become comfortable and content in their plantation houses and waved away those crazy lunatics up in Philadelphia who were advocating rebellion against King George because they didn’t like that they were being taxed without representation? 


And you are one of the fighters.  You have been dedicated throughout this campaign.  You cannot give up this fight because you perceive that Hillary is not acting the way you think she should.  This is not her fight now, it is our fight and if she has not taught us that, then she has not truly inspired us and the light will go out when Hillary goes away.  That is not how progress is made. 


Hillary has rekindled a flame in the hearts of people across this nation.  She is stepping back to see if it is going to flicker and die, or grow brighter and ignite a fire.  Whichever it is….is up to YOU.





I wrote something in a similar vein but it was not as gracious nor as well written so I decided to use Lynette’s piece instead. All I have to add is – Hillary- You could have left womankind a great legacy and we were counting on you to be “The One” to do it. Instead you will go down in history as the one who left a stain on your name and erased the phrase “woman thy name is courage.” `BettyJean Kling

Guest Post – by Lynette Long

Hillary elected Barack Obama. Single handedly she delivered the White House to him on a silver platter. She led millions of her supporters from outrage to complacency. She appeared a record seventy-nine times on behalf of Barack Obama. She played follow the leader. And her supporters followed in droves.

Still thousands of her supporters, ignored her pleas. Outraged by the misogynistic treatment of Hillary during the primaries, these supporters campaigned all over the country for John McCain. These women remembered being bullied by Obama supporters during the Texas caucuses.  They remembered watching buses transport Obama supporters across state lines to illegally vote in primaries and participate in the caucuses.  These  “Real Democrats” or “Democrats for McCain” approached young women, old women, straight women, gay women, and urged them to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.  A group traveled every weekend from New York to Scranton to canvas for John McCain.  Others drove around Ohio in a motor home putting flyers on cars and talking to voters. Others were interviewed on television and radio. Thousands blogged.   

But no matter how hard they worked to right a wrong, one appearance by Hillary Clinton on national television stumping for Obama erased all their efforts.  There was no way for them to win.

On the road many former Hillary supporters asked them, Why is Hillary campaigning so hard for Obama?  Others expressed their trust in Hillary succintly, Hillary is my leader, I will do whatever she says. These were the true champions of democray.  For their efforts their friends called them racist and their bank accounts dwindled as they left their jobs to fight for what they believed in.

Hillary could have stayed silent.  Her silence would have been deafening.  Hillary could have made one or two perfunctory appearances for Obama, instead aggressively campaigned for him.  She did not have to do it. She campaigned for Obama knowing he was mute when his pastor trashed her from the pulpit.

  • She campaigned for Obama knowing he was blind when his supporters  wore t-shirts that read, Iron my Shirt, but don’t run my country. Or worse.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing he was silent when Ludacris called her a bitch.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing the Obama campaign cheated in the caucuses and was the illegitimate nominee.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing Obama and the DNC refused to have a true roll call at the convention.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing Obama under the guise of ACORN registered tens of thousands of illegitimate voters. 
  • She campaigned for Obama after he ignored pleas from her 18 million voters to select her for VP.
  • She campaigned for Obama after he trashed her husband’s legacy.
  • She campaigned for Obama after she was consistantly and visciously attacked by the mainstream media.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing that her supporters, many of whom waited a lifetime to see a female presidential candidate, wanted her to fight on.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing that millions upon millions of women across the world were  cheering for her.

Hillary was delivered the perfect storm. She could have stood up and fought for the women in this country who have lived a lifetime of inivisibility.  She could have given us courage.  She could have rocked the world. Instead, she chose to put party before principle.  She chose to put her career above the wants and needs of her supporters.  She chose to work within the party rather than against it. She may have put 18 million cracks in a glass ceiling, but she sent a resounding message to the women of the world.  Go back to the man who abused you. Be silent.  Be a good girl.

It takes courage to break a glass ceiling.  You have to be able to give a punch as well as take one.  You have to be willing to stand alone. Hillary could have transcended politics. She didn’t.  Instead she lost the respect of myself and millions of women. History seldom gives a second chance.  And courage isn’t an acquired trait.  Some day, women will have their chance, per chance. But when?

Lynette Long