How weird Dean

Another Reant by: BettyJean Kling

Behind the Scenes of the 2008 Presidential Election

I got a call from my friend and she could hardly contain herself – I couldn’t even make out what she as saying . Robin – I ‘m sayin “Slow down  slow down !” When she finally caught her breath she managed to explain that she just heard our dear dear Howard Dean going on and on and on about how badly women were treated in this election …. at that point I cut her off and asked what in the hell was she smoking, inhaling, drinking or snorting!

“That’s what I am trying to tell you”: she said.

Apparently the damned fool was trying to convince the audience on C-Span that although Hillary people thought he was all on Obama’s side — are you sitting readers? — Obama’s people were sure he was all for Hillary!!!

Ok- are you up off the floor now?

He then goes on to rail at the media for what they did to her … and because I can not do this story any justice and because you just have to hear it for yourselves before it goes poof- here is the video,  it is almost 7 minutes that must be kept for posterity!

Listen to the first man – he is pretty interesting too and then How Weird Dean does his Oscar award winning bull shit story of the century and you simply have got to hear it to believe it- he sounds like he really means it. If I had not been here to see him never lift a friggen eye brow – I would have thought he was on all those marches with us and cried all those tears we cried and  — well you get the picture.

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  1. I’m still trying to get around the copyright thing and get this video for you BJ!
    When I saw this, I just kept saying and NOW you’re speaking about this Howie! You obviously received and heard all those emails we sent and phone calls we made, but you chose to ignore them until NOW. Just like counting those MI and Fl votes – you waited until it wouldn’t make a difference – TOO LATE Howie!

  2. I am not buying it – Of course, now that his guy is in the White House Howard Dean is going to try and win back the Hillary voters by making nice – too little too late and never again – He did nothing when Hillary was running – he was so in the tank for Obama and now he wants us to believe that the Obama people thought he was for Hillary – did it take him four or five months to come up with that line – forget it – unless there are major, and I mean major, changes to the Democratic Party they have lost this 58 year old, voting every time there is an election, woman –

    It is disgusting enough that some of the women who backed Hillary did not have the guts to do the right thing and stand together against the sexism that was leveled on Hillary but then again, Hillary did not stand up to it either – she made a fool of herself and us by endorsing Obama – She did not care about the sexism and the degrading things Obama did and said about her – she fell right in step with the DNC and the Democratic Party to save her own polictical career – No principles and stands for nothing – I am sorry to say this election opened my eyes to the real Hillary and Bill Clinton, do anything you have to do to get what you want and don’t worry about who you step on in the process including all the loyal followers who stood up for you and fought for you and voted against Obama so you could run again in 2012 –

    I bet she takes the Secretary of State job – then she can let Obama walk all over her some more – she will loose her clout in Washington – she will have to be a YES woman to anything Obama says and he can keep her under control and out of the running in 2012 so when he turns the USA into a country none of us recognizes he will have no competition for his re-election

    I don’t know where Howard Dean has been all this time – have they kept him in a cave in Pakistan with Bin Laden – I guess he sees the writing on the wall for his future and now he wants to make nice – go back to the cave, Howard

  3. I don’t feel that I can make a judjement as to why Senator Clinton has done what she has done. I trust thata she did it for the good of the country that she loves and for all of her supporters. I don’t think she will take the SOS position (and I hope she doesn’t) because she needs to be in the senate to push her agenda which she has worked so hard for. She also needs to be there to try to stop some of the radical agenda that I feel BO, Pelosi, Reed,etc. will try to get through. There are not many moderates left in either party and we need to keep all of those we have. She worked very hard to get some key men and women in congress, who probably share her views, and she will want to help them get started. I say good luck Hillary!!

  4. Well Nancy – Bravo for you – I also believe she is better off in the Senate- BHO – CAN’T BLAME HER HER HIS FAILING ON THE WHITE HOUSE ID SHE STAYS THERE EITHER!

  5. I have a daughter who lives in upstate New York and although she drank the cool-aide big time after being a very big Hill and Bill supporter for years(can’t understand the turn-around). We can’t discuss it without getting into arguments, evan now after the election is over. Anyway, yesturday she said that New Yorkers still love her and want her to continue fighting for them, including my wayward loved one.

  6. One of my subscribers wrote this piece just after Hillary suspended her campaign in June. I used it in several newsletters since, it will no doubt have a prominent place in my book and it seems its time to use it again. Thank you Jamie for a piece I hope will go down in History. see my next blog for the piece it deserves it’s own space.

  7. i can’t wait until all these “obamba followers” see him for what he is, i won’t print what i think he is!!! what’s with his birth certificate?why can’t they get to the bottom of this anyway? i hope they find something on him,i am afraid of this guy to be honest,and i get sooooooooo angry with all the crap out there ,as if he’s God ,now memorial coins,plates,etc.etc.who the hell cares about this as—-e? No other president (Elect even) got this kind of brohaha what is it with this country?Ya know Notre dames warned about something like this and the bible,it’s NOT gonna be good. I just can’t beleive all the glory for this empty headed snakecharmer,for the life of me,it sickens me,and the sad thing is Hillary should’ve got this,NOT HIM,i would rather see Sarah Palin in the white house than this Nobody with his sneaky ways.beware of him,but of course it’s too late now!

  8. Loved your newsletter BJ, especially the picture of BO as Eleanor Roosevelt on Time magazine! LOL! Yes what hero haven’t they compared him to!

    Regarding the ERA,

    I signed the petition, my comment was;
    The ERA would subject legal claims of gender discrimination to the same strict scrutiny given by courts to allegations of racial discrimination.
    We certainly have seen in this election that people didn’t seem to be bothered by the sexism and misogyny hurled against Hillary and Sarah Palin but they were vigilant regarding and spoke out about any POSSIBLE racism. Sadly, it has become apparent this measure is neccessary.
    I will post it on your blog.

    Thanks for posting the senate seat replacement thing. for some reason, the governors links didn’t show up or work, here they are:

    Dover at 744-4101 or Wilmington at 577-3210.

    If Biden waits until the afternoon of election day, the governor elect; Jack Markell, would appoint the new senator.

    (302) 672-6731

    207 State House

    Springfield, IL 62706

    Phone: 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121

    TTY: 888-261-3336

    I think we need to start making some waves regarding the ERA. I don’t want Schlafly to stop this again, as it looks like she is succeeding in doing. It was ready to pass and she sent it to a screeching halt in Arkansas.

  9. He scares me, too. But the Obama people that I know , my immediate family membes and my best friend are still being very loyal to him. They all either watch MSM or don’t take the time to tune in to very much news. They think Emanuel is going to be terrific. They don’t listen to me when I tell them the media is poisoning thier minds. They like to tell me that I have been fed a lot of propaganda the past few months wahen it is them who have been fed it. They will have to see their freedoms go away one by one before they finally get it. That’s why our coalition is so vital to try to stave off the radical agenda that we may be seeing and why we need Hillary to remain in the senate.

  10. We must be strong and move forward – We are all we have and Baby that is a lot – remember we are women- we cna do it! so let’s show em how its done! Join us Monday at 8 and stick with this blog as we move forwar and – why not sign the new http://www.4ERA,com petition too!

  11. Thank you Michael for capturing this for us.
    The first man is Geoffrey Garin. He is the man that Hillary Clinton brought in to replace strategist Mark Penn.

  12. Women did not threaten angry riots. The cry of sexism was readily denied and dismissed as shrill. One can hardly expect a misogynist to self-recognize when no downside exists. There’s always a trusting YOUNGER woman to replace the one who left, insulted. Reporters and talkers get FIRED from their lah-dee dah jobs for RACIST remarks, It wasn’t the HO’s part that got Imus ousted, it was the “nappy headed” part. Sexism, as we were re-taught, SELLS!… WORKS! … PAYS! Bill Ayers didn’t go to jail, Bernadette Dohrn and Patty Hearst did. Oprah proved that it’s more about being of color than about being a woman. The issue of same sex couples mattered passionately to many, while the rights of children took a back seat when it served the “left” in the attacks against Palin. Until the matter can be approached with emotional control and above-it-ness, it is better left untouched. A pretty woman, coming out of nowhere to be “selected” by the men and those born after we landed on the moon is your best hope. Once she’s got a track record, it becomes a weapon with which to bludgeon her. Get scrubbin, ladies. Accept that you will be hung in effigy, depicted as being tackled, punched out and stripped bare as tests to determine if you REALLY want it, because when there’s power to be weilded, women just don’t sincerely want it enough.

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