Domestic abuser kills girlfriend, cop then self

By: BettyJean Kling

Another coward takes his own life rather than face the music – good riddance – one less monster to have to feed and shelter for life or waste an electric charge on! But this piece of garbage took innocence with him! Hold on to your hats- I am sure the Nettles clan will be on our site momentarily to tell us how he was forced to snap! How we just don’t know this terrific guy who was railroaded and set up and had his life ruined by one or more worthless females and on and on and on! I could bring you four of these a day that end in murder and 96 more that end in severe beatings but my fingers would fall off so I will just bring you a few more – just enough to show you the pitiful lot of BRUTE force batterers out there and their enablers.

Truthfully the enablers are more pitiful then the sicko’s! The enablers who allow these barbarians to walk free among innocent people. SHAME on you cry alone!

The friends and family are one type of enabler- one can almost understand their stupidity- I said almost- but really after a first time- there is no excuse for them either. He was cruel to humans, animals and children no doubt the world is a better place with him off the street.

The law makers, the courts and the entire judicial system are the worse enablers. This guy should never have seen the light of day outside prison walls. He was blight on society and now 2 others besides this pig are dead. What was this animal doing on the streets terrorizing people?

Pierce County Child Rapist Shoots, Kills Cop, Girlfriend and Self in Texas

Barnes Nettles has a history of violence, convicted of child rape in 1997.

A rookie police officer responding to a domestic violence call in suburban Dallas

 was shot to death trying to protect an 11-year-old girl from her mother’s gun-wielding ex-boyfriend, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday.Tiara Ellis Richard said Arlington officer Jillian Michelle Smith, 24, was shot by Barnes Samuel Nettles on Tuesday night as she sought to shield the girl from the 38-year-old man after he entered the apartment of Kimberly Deshay Carter, 29. After shooting Smith, Nettles shot Carter to death in a back bedroom, then returned to the living room, where he killed himself, Richard said. 

“It appears (Smith) was moving in the direction of the child in an effort to protect her and, in that process, she was shot,” Richard said, citing the girl’s statement and forensic evidence.

According to Richard, Smith was shot about 20 minutes after arriving at the apartment. Nettles had left the apartment but returned while Smith was there taking the report, she said.

Nettles was arrested by Arlington police in September for allegedly assaulting Carter’s sister and her mother, Richard said. He was out on $5,000 bail, and his case was still pending, she said.

The arrest warrant affidavit said the alleged assaults were precipitated by Carter’s mother refusing to allow her daughter to date Nettles after learning he was a registered sex offender.

According to the affidavit, Carter’s mother claimed Nettles tried to choke her and throw her over a railing. She said Nettles threatened to kill her and her husband.

The affidavit, prepared by an Arlington police detective on Sept. 16, said Nettles had convictions for rape of a child, domestic violence, burglary, failure to register as a sex offender and possession of a firearm. …

Sources tell Q13 FOX News that Lakewood Police Officers arrested Nettles in 2008 for animal cruelty.  He was accused of throwing his fiance’s dog off the 2nd floor balcony.  He lived in Ruston at the time.

Smith was an Arlington native who graduated from the University of Texas

at Arlington with a criminology degree in 2009. Her interest in police work began at an early age when she participated in an anti-drug program for public school children.

Another loving hubby forced to choke his wife

By: BettyJean Kling

Remember Greg whose family insists the wife forced him to snap and strangle her? Well here is another guy who may be in the same boat- gee they better keep an eye on him- before he gets himself murdered. Why do I say this? Easy – it’s obvious this guy snapped just as Greg did – he was wearing a I Love my wife T-Shirt and I and I am sure his family and friends believe him!

I can hardly wait for the rest of the story – just what kind of a fiendish wife forced this meek looking kind hearted loving husband to go and do something so strange.

I can’t even begin to wonder how his family and friends are dealing with this- He could be looking at attempted murder over this witch of a women– who cares about that wife- she must have asked for it- they always do you know.

Look at him- just look at that innocent face- I will be if you look real close you may see the bruises on his face- I bet she beat this poor man mercilessly and he just snapped this one day! Yeah that’s it. Well let’s see what the papers say – not that we care of course – we will just listen to the family – his!

‘I (Heart) My Marriage’ Shirt No Protection From Domestic Charges    

TAMPA – A man booked into jail wearing an “I (heart) my marriage” T-shirt now is barred by a protective injunction from going near his wife and children, records show.

Bradley Gellert, 32, of Apollo Beach, was arrested Sunday, charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation. He was released from a Hillsborough County Jail on Monday after posting $1,000 bail, records show.

Hillsborough County deputies arrested Gellert at the agency’s district office in Ruskin on Sunday after he followed his wife there.

The sheriff’s office said Gellert’s wife, Rebekah Lynee Gellert, reported that her husband had thrown things at her, grabbed her around the neck and pushed her to the ground during an argument Sunday, causing a bruise on her leg.

Online court records show Rebekah Gellert received a temporary injunction for protection against her husband on Monday.

She also filed for dissolution of their marriage in January 2008, court records show. The records did not say how long the couple had been married.

Bradley Gellert has been married previously and was divorced in 2002, records show


And right on time showed up adoring fans of the abuser with these comments, see a pattern here?

Shel April 6, 2009 at 1:00 am

Your next article should be a post that the charges were completely false and untrue.
Thanks for bringing attention to a story that was a lie and runied this mans good name.

Posted by (Old_Crusty) on 03/17/2009 at 02:16 pm.

And he’s prohibited from going near the children why? Oh yea, this is Florida. …. Never mind, just tell him where to send the money until the kids are eighteen because of mommys bruise ;-I

Posted by (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) on 03/17/2009 at 02:51 pm.

And this guy is going to jail with what evidence against him ? Just the word of some crazy woman ? You have got to be kidding me ? DV cases are nothing but a witch hunt now. Simply to arest based on the word of an emotional woman with motivation to lie is an injustice. They destroy your personal record, job opportunities and potential renting of a place to live in apts that conduct background checks.Yes some women are abused, but I think that the overwellming majority bring it upon themselves. They provoke the confrontation by constantly nagging and getting into the guys face daring him to hit her. Then as soon as he knocks her on her butt by slapping the smile of her face……then she turns into a helpless victim. Yeah…right……they are all manipulative, lying, caniving gold diggers that sell what is between their legs for a place to live.

Posted by (Tampa_Dogger) on 03/17/2009 at 06:52 pm.

2:1 says she’s a foreign woman who recently had her visa sponsorship revoked by this guy. to still get the papers she’ll need to claim abuse.


And then finally- the truth as can be verified by the HCSO official report:

Posted by (Sunshine084) on 03/18/2009 at 11:16 pm.

I thought you might be interested in some of the official statement details. You mentioned the argument was over drugs. It was actually over the fact that Bradley had recently given up his kids rooms to two people who were smoking pot and drinking on a daily basis. His wife, (who hasn’t lived with him in over a year) said that there is no way a court would allow him custody of the kids when that was the environment he was providing, and he took it as a threat. The incident also didn’t happen at his house, it happened at the church her parents pastor, which is also where she uses an office for her work. (Interesting fact, this is the same church that Sarah Lunde went to). After telling the kids to leave the office, he closed the door and proceeded to scream at the victim, kicking and throwing items around the office, though the only thing he threw into her was the desk itself, which he flipped into her leg, resulting in bruising and cuts on her right knee and shin. He then grabbed her top, tearing it from her body, and took her to the ground, choking her. She screamed for her son, and her daughter came in, which is when he stopped. She then took her kids and left to go to the police station, where upon leaving, he, in front of witnesses, said that when he got out of jail he would kill her. A couple of the officers recognized her from previous incidents where she declined pressing charges because she didn’t want him to go to jail. The children being part of it this time is what changed her mind.

Bradley turned himself in. So it’s the story itself. Not just one side.

All of this can be verified by the HCSO official report.

Now I hope yopu can all see this is not unusual for the victim to be re victimized by friends and family and even strangers. This must stop and we must stop it.

Do not capitulate – do not be afraid because this only continues because we have backed down.

It is terrorism and it has been going all along!


Women fighting back: Go granny go!

BettyJean Kling

Here is a mug shot of a criminal with defensive wounds on his sorry ass face and head – – while it is never OK to hit someone- it is perfectly fine to defend yourself! And if you are a woman use whatever means you need. This 71 year old woman had an iron fry pan. Go granny go! And the next time the defenders of a 250 Lb. guy in a mug shot with an itty bitty scratch or two try to tell me he was the abused and I should look carefully to see his bruises, perhaps I will show them Kevin here and show them what a terrified woman can and will do to try an save her own life. Gimme a break!

As I was told recently – a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you hear me now? Below the stories of 3 seniors who beat the hell out of their male abusers!

Hutch woman holds off attacker with frying pan

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – A 71-year-old Hutchinson woman beat off an attacker with a frying pan, according to police who arrested the man after he spent the weekend at the hospital. Wednesday, the man made his first appearance in court.

Twenty-five-year-old Kevin Funderburk’s mug shot reveals the aftermath of what happened when police say he tried to attack an elderly Hutchinson woman. He spent two days in the hospital after he was beaten and knocked unconscious by his alleged victim.

Court records filed Wednesday morning charge Funderburk with aggravated battery, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated rape. But the complaint says he was “prevented from executing” the rape. Police say that’s where the frying pan came in.

The case comes after a series of high-profile incidences involving other elderly people fighting off attackers.

In February of this year, a 75-year-old woman came to the rescue of a convenience store clerk who was being robbed. She kept trying to hit him with the hand scanner. Last year, an Ohio grandmother used a pot to fight off four burglars who broke into her home.

Funderburk was found by police unconscious and lying in his own vomit in the back of the house.

Police records list Funderburk’s address as a homeless shelter. But he’s now in the Reno County Jail being held on a $150,000 bond. Funderburk’s next court date is set for January 12th.

Missing wife’s body found near home

Bettyjean Kling

Another couple had a fight – one is dead, however we don’t know if this husband ever laid a hand on his wife, all we know is that they had a fight and she ended up dead that night. Did he leave the house as he said and did she also leave and get mugged? Did he kill her and dump her in the woods behind the house? We shall see? This may be a case where a husband get blamed for an attack that a stranger committed but let’s see if there is evidence of abuse in this relationship.

Police on Long Island are trying to figure out how the body of Nicole Tessa, 31, ended up in the woods near her Patchogue home. Tessa had been missing since a Friday night argument with her husband at their Prince Street home. Her body was found on Tuesday night. Tessa’s husband, Joseph Jones, said that he and his wife had an argument Friday night, he left, and she was gone when he returned.

Suffolk County police took Jones in for questioning but he has not been named a suspect.

Police confirmed that the body of a woman found in Patchogue Tuesday is Nicole Tessa, 31, the woman who went missing over the weekend.

Det. Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky, the commander of the Suffolk Homicide Squad, came out of the police command post on Prince Street, near Tessa’s home and the spot where her body was located, at about 9 p.m. to tell reporters that investigators had positively identified Tessa.

A police canine search team was seen scouring the area near Tessa’s home throughout the day Tuesday.

Husband talks about wife | Police ID body

Missing woman’s body found near home

Tessa’s husband, Joseph Jones, 28, told reporters earlier in the day that he and his newlywed wife had an argument Friday night, that he left the house and that when he returned, she was gone.

Jones said Tessa was last seen Friday night at her home. Suffolk County police said Jones reported Tessa missing on Sunday.

Jones said he and Tessa have been married four months and both are unemployed. Police said Tessa was studying to be a medical assistant. The couple has a 3-year-old son.

Appearing on the verge of tears, Jones said Tuesday that after the argument Friday, he left the home about 11:30 p.m. He said he returned about 2:30 a.m. Saturday and found his wife gone. Jones added that he was unsure how Tessa left. The couple does not own a car.

“Right now, I’m just hoping she comes home,” Jones said. “I’ve called everyone . . . I’m not sleeping. I don’t eat. I don’t know what to do.”

Jones said his mother, who lives with the couple, was home at the time. He said his wife left their son in the care of his mother.

Jones said his wife had gone missing before.

He said that after an argument in November she left for two weeks, staying with a friend in Coram. Jones said he contacted police this time because Tessa left the house without her anti-seizure medicine and her cell phone.

Tessa’s twin sister, Jennifer Haffner of Farmingville, said earlier Tuesday she felt “like something bad happened” to her sibling.

Haffner said her sister, who has lupus, has always called her on a regular basis when she has taken off before. Haffner said she last talked to her sister at 11 p.m. Friday and at that time Tessa told her “she was fighting with Joe.”

Tessa’s family had been distributing a flier offering a reward for information regarding her whereabouts. In it, she was wearing red flannel pajama pants, slippers and a black Windbreaker.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 800-220-TIPS begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            
800-220-TIPS      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. All calls are confidential, police said.

With John Valenti and Zachary R. Dowdy




Anti-American, Anti-Jew: blames US for making terrorists of good Muslims

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

I promised myself I was going to step out of politics and concentrate on violence against women and children. I promised myself I was going to get out of the extreme Islam conversation and concentrate on violence against women and children. I promised myself I was going to step out of all discussions about how the war is going and what to do about it and concentrate on violence against women and children. That was my New Year resolution 2010 and I promised myself I would KEEP IT 2011 it didn’t work then and it looks like a year later I am not doing real well getting on track now. WHY? Because politics, extreme Islam, and war are women’s issues and all relate back to violence against women and children. Whoever said women have ‘women’s issues’ was wrong – it should be said that women have more issues because they care about things that men care about and also things that some men don’t care about.

Anyway- someone sent me a piece today that already broke resolution AGAIN. So I have a new resolution- I am going to tell it like it is- because that is what I do best even if I don’t do it well! Anyone who knows me knows I am 3 things- Mother- Patriot –Human Rights Activist. This piece pissed off all three of me! Not because some of what he said wasn’t true but because he didn’t tell the whole truth. Yeah we do have a lot of bad guys in charge and yeah we have to vote the bums out. Yeah we have allowed them to do a lot of lousy stuff in the name of America and yeah America is on the wrong track because of it. We Americans must take out country back and get things back on track.

BUT this anti-American Anti-Jew lays Islamic terrorism at our feet as if … . Please go read this bleeding heart for yourself and find who he bleeds for and why it pissed me off so bad. My answer below may give you a clue –It seems he thinks –we think Islamic terrorism began on 911 and he wants us to know it began about 50 years ago. I doubt the elitist will respond to my lowly comments about just how long these creatures have been terrorizing humanity.

Muslims are terrorists because Muhammad, Islam’s lone prophet and Allah’s singular voice, was a ruthless and dedicated terrorist. Islamic militants, called insurgents today, are good Muslims, not bad ones. The jihadists haven’t corrupted Islam, hijacked their religion, nor interpreted it incorrectly, and therefore they aren’t radicals. Islam isn’t a peaceful religion; it is a declaration of war against all mankind. While bad Muslims can be moderate and peaceful, they have no influence because the Qur’an tells good Muslims to kill them.

Terrorism: Made in the U.S.A.
by Sheldon Richman, Posted December 24, 2010

It’s a perilous world, as our so-called leaders love to remind us. And for a change they’re right. It is a perilous world. But guess who is most responsible for the peril to Americans? Those very same “leaders” and a long line of predecessors.

We kid ourselves when we pretend that history began on September 11, 2001. Can anyone say with a straight face that before that date America was minding its own business according to the noninterventionist guidelines set out by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Read some history. Or does American exceptionalism
mean not having to know anything before dropping bombs on people and torturing detainees? No mystery

There is much to be said of your piece –one cannot deny many of the accusations you make against those in DC who have wrought war against what you have called the Muslim world. Having said that, Oh that it was just that simple. Oh that the Muslim world was simply our victims – thrust into becoming terrorists as a result of our actions alone!

Yes this should end but alas it will not! And my dear man you neglect to trace it back and admit that these Muslim peoples were terrorists long before the United States existed or Israel was our ally.

How convenient for you to assert” Let’s just say what many people already know: the “war on terrorism” produces terrorists. No half-intelligent person could think that U.S. abuse of the Muslim world … could have any effect other than to produce violent, vengeful anti-Americanism.”

Indeed, no half-intelligent person would believe it is fair to blame blood thirst on anyone but those who have since the beginning of time lusted after it and have long been known to kill their own and treat their women and children lower than animals.

How dare you attempt to lay on the American people the blame for a religious politic stuck in the seventh century that longs to annihilate everything in its path by their own admission? You dare blame us for the rage of a people who breed their females solely for the purpose of taking over the world and ridding this earth of all who will not bow to a vengeful Allah and his prophet Mohammad?

War is not pretty- I hate it – I hate the slaughter of innocents- but before you lambaste us with the shootings at checkpoints, drones and blood of women and children – explain the women and children who have done nothing to feel the wrath of these people you are  blaming us for inciting.

Where are you to condemn these brutes for their atrocities when they throw acid in their wives faces or cut the noses off, or hang them after unjust court hearings?

Tell me how the Americans and Jews incited them to bury their women to the chest and stone them to death? Tell me how they incited these otherwise peaceful people to rape their own young boys or sell their baby girls- or kills off rival tribes?

You wrote “When you treat people as if they are animals, or help others to treat them that way, some of those people will get angry and vow to get even. If desperate enough they will even be willing to give their lives to the cause — yes, even to fly airplanes into tall buildings.”

Right now you are helping them to treat their women and children like animals – does that give me a right to fly into your home and kill you- have you made me a terrorist? Am I vowing to get even? Sure – so I write this- and I am not an esteemed writer but I am angry and I am striking back as a civilized and concerned human being to say – you are only looking at one side – this article is not fair! You don’t give a damned about the women and children – you are simply Anti American and Anti- Jew!

Gregory Scott Turner friends and family attack the messengers.

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

When I first heard about the wife beater and would-be killer Greg Turner he was wanted for strangling his wife in front of his two daughters aged 5 and 7. He left her unconscious as he fled the scene leaving the children with the dying woman. Fortunately the 7 year old called 911 and saved her mother’s life. Greg was on the run and an all points look-out was placed as a friend told the police Greg was sure he killed Ketra and would commit suicide. The story was all over the paper along with his mug shot from a previous arrest a week earlier. His friends and family were all over the story leaving comments to the effect that Ketra deserved it!

They immediately launched an all out offensive on the victim such as I unfortunately have seen before. This piqued my interest but before I created a story – Greg was found dead of a suspected suicide.

[UPDATED:] Gregory Scott Turner, UCI Criminology Student Wanted For Wife’s Attempted Murder, Dead

A 7-year-old girl called 9-1-1 Wednesday afternoon to report her father, in front of her and her 5-year-old sister, beat their mother to unconsciousness in their campus apartment at UC Irvine.
A manhunt is now under way for Gregory Scott Turner.
Or, the 33-year-old criminology student’s body.
Campus police believe Turner, who is wanted for attempted murder, may be suicidal.
They say he tried to strangle his wife during a violent confrontation in their Verano Place apartment before the emergency call was made around 2:20 p.m. Wednesday.
Turner was last seen driving a 2006 blue Chevy truck with the license plate 8P53538.
His daughters, who were not physically harmed during the attack, are now in protective custody while their mother is being treated at a local hospital.

Here are some of the comments to the newspapers immediately upon release of the story.

  • ketra is a cheater an gregory was murdered so quit talking shit about something you dont even know
  • ketra is a lowlife cheater an gregory was murdered quit talking all your stuff if you dont know the truth
  • I knew Greg, but I also knew his cheating wife.. he gets the bad rap, she is treated like the victim, he spent 5 days in jail, with bruises and cuts from her, then he is released only to be murdered.. very sad situation for his family..

Then the attacks on Ketra got worse and I did post a blog piece to bring on what I knew would be a very interesting study and proof of what goes on! For those of you who ask why does she stay- why does she drop charges – – she must like it- here is a closer look at exactly what happens to the victim when the whole world turns against YOU the victim and you have seemingly nowhere to go- nowhere to turn and not a friend left. AND in this case the damned filthy pig is dead! But the friends and family continue the abuse in his absence- Imagine if he were still alive what this already abused women must feel like when everyone is accusing her – defaming her – attacking her – where does she turn- where does she run?

Will he – his family let her take her children and run? Will the court take her kids if she tries to? I also created a blog for comments in Ketra’s defense- While I immediately go over 250 comments on his blog piece – – no one stepped up for Ketra and the Girls!

Abuse is Always Wrong!
Never ask anyone why they stay AGAIN! Next time Ask why there is no help? Ask why we allow this? Ask what is wrong with our JUSTICE system? Even the other women in the family admitted to being beat for 15 years – his own sister Amanda stayed for 15 years beaten until he left her for another woman who he probably beats. Scot and Amanda’s mother is a victim- and she is now crying her eyes out.

Had she left – her son would not have grown up like this nor her daughter this did not have to end this way. We must stop this and we must stop it now! I won’t back down to harassment and bullying – but instead allow a window into what it looks like firsthand!

You have been asking the wrong questions! I request you read the following carefully: bookmark –

Abusive Behavior Checklist     Verbal Abuse
      •    Ignore your feelings     
      •    Disrespect you             
      •    Ridicule or insult you then tell you it’s a joke, or that you have no sense of humor           
      •    Ridicule your beliefs, religion, race, heritage or class
      •    Withhold approval, appreciation or affection               
      •    Give you the silent treatment                                   
      •    Walk away without answering you                             
      •    Criticize you, call you names, yell at you                     
      •    Humiliate you privately or in public                            
      •    Roll his or her eyes when you talk                            
      •    Give you a hard time about socializing with your friends or family    
      •    Make you socialize (and keep up appearances) even when you don’t feel well
      •    Seem to make sure that what you really want is exactly what you won’t get
      •    Tell you you are too sensitive                            
      •    Hurt you especially when you are down               
      •    Seem energized by fighting, while fighting exhausts you       
      •    Have unpredictable mood swings, alternating from good to bad for no apparent reason   
      •    Present a wonderful face to the world and is well liked by outsiders
      •    “Twist” your words, somehow turning what you said against you      
      •    Try to control decisions, money, even the way you style your hair or wear your clothes
      •    Complain about how badly you treat him            
      •    Threaten to leave, or threaten to throw you out           
      •    Say things that make you feel good, but do things that make you feel bad
      •    Ever left you stranded  
      •    Ever threaten to hurt you or your family           
      •    Ever hit or pushed you, even “accidentally”    
      •    Seem to stir up trouble just when you seem to be getting closer to each other
      •    Abuse something you love: a pet, a child, an object
      •    Compliment you enough to keep you happy, yet criticize you enough to keep you insecure  
      •    Promise to never do something hurtful again                  
      •    Harass you about imagined affairs                              
      •    Manipulate you with lies and contradictions                   
      •    Destroy furniture, punch holes in walls, break appliances
      •    Drive like a  road-rage junkie
      •    Act immature and selfish, yet accuse you his behaviors        
      •    Question your every move and motive, somehow questioning your competence
      •    Interrupt you; hear but not really listen           
      •    Make you feel like you can’t win; whatever you do is never right
      •    Use drugs and/or alcohol. Are things worse then? 
      •    Incite you to rage, which is “proof” that you are to blame
      •    Try to convince you he or she is “right,” while you are “wrong”
      •    Frequently say things that are later denied or accuse you of misunderstanding
      •    Treat you like a sex object, or as though sex should be provided on demand regardless of how you feel

Emotional Abuse 

  • Frequently blames or criticizes you
  • Calls you names
  • Ridicules your beliefs, religion, race or class
  • Blames you for “causing” the abuse
  • Ridicules/makes bad remarks about your gender
  • Criticizes or threatens to hurt your family or friends
  • Isolates you from your family and friends
  • Abuses animals
  • Tries to keep you from doing something you wanted to do
  • Is angry if you pay too much attention to someone or something else (children, friends, school, etc.)
  • Withholds approval, appreciation or affection
  • Humiliates you
  • Becomes angry if meals or housework are not done to his liking
  • Makes contradictory demands
  • Does not include you in important decisions
  • Does not allow you to sleep
  • Repeatedly harasses you about things you did in the past
  • Takes away car keys, money or credit cards
  • Threatens to leave or told you to leave.
  • Checks up on you (listens to your phone calls, looks at phone bills, checks the mileage on the car, etc.)
  • Tells people you suffer from a mental illness
  • Threatens to commit suicide
  • Interferes with your work or school (provokes a fight in the morning, calls to harass you at work, etc.)
  • Minimizes or denies being abusive
  • Abuses your children
  • Breaks dates and cancels plans without reason
  • Uses drugs or alcohol to excuse their behavior
  • Uses phrases like “I’ll show you who is boss,” “I’ll put you in line”
  • Uses loud or intimidating tone of voice
  • Comes home at late hours refusing an explanation

   Financial Abuse

  • Makes all the decisions about money
  • Takes care of all financial matters without your input
  • Criticizes the way or amounts of money you spend
  • Places you on a budget that is unrealistic
  • Prohibits your access to bank accounts and credit cards
  • Refuses to put your name on joint assets
  • Controls your paycheck
  • Refuses you access to money
  • Refuses to let you work
  • Refuses to get a job
  • Refuses to pay bills
  • Causes you to lose your job


Sexual Abuse

  • Pressures you to have sex
  • Pressures you to perform sexual acts that make you uncomfortable or hurt you
  • Directs physical injury toward sexual areas of your body
  • Puts you at risk for unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Withholds sex or affection
  • Calls you sexual names (“whore”, “bitch”, etc.)
  • Tells anti-woman jokes or demeans women verbally/attacks your femininity
  • Accuses you of having or wanting sex with others
  • Forces you to have sex with others
  • Threatens to disclose your relationship when you did not want it known
  • Forces you to view pornography
  • Pressures you to dress in a certain way
  • Disregards your sexual needs and feelings about sex
  • Accuses you of being gay if you refused sex
  • Spreads rumors about your sexual behaviors
  • Forces you or refuses to let you use birth control
  • Makes unwanted public sexual advances
  • Makes remarks about your sexual abilities in private or in front of others
  • Rapes and sexually assaults you


   Using Children

  • Makes you feel guilty about your children
  • Uses children to relay negative messages
  • Uses children to report on your activities
  • Uses visitation to harass you
  • Threatens to take custody of your children
  • Threatens to kidnap your children

Physical Abuse                                                                                                            

  • Pushes, grabs or shoves you
  • Slaps you
  • Spits at you
  • Punches you
  • Kicks you
  • Chokes you
  • Pinches you
  • Pulls your hair
  • Burns you
  • Bites you
  • Ties you up
  • Forces you to share needles with others
  • Threatens you with a knife, gun or other weapon
  • Uses a knife, gun or other weapon
  • Prevents you from leaving an area/physically restrains you
  • Throws objects
  • Destroys property or your possessions
  • Drives recklessly to frighten you
  • Disregards your needs when you are ill, injured or pregnant
  • Abuses you while you are pregnant
  • Forces you to abort a pregnancy


Surrogate friends needed for strangled victim and Ketra’s daughters

By BettyJean Kling and Heather

If the real friends of Ketra are too afraid of the Turner family, and based on the attacks I can’t blame you, then we will have to show them that the rest of us will not be bullied into keeping quiet or backing down or caving in to their bullying and bashing of Ketra.

So will the real friends of all battered women please step forward?

Gregory Scott Turner’s friends and family are trashing this woman left and right in order to turn the victim of strangulation into the perpetrator and the perpetrator into the victim. Not only his family but his male roommates from college are on this quest to destroy the girls’ mother’s reputation just to preserve the father’s reputation. Isn’t it odd that the living parent should be destroyed by the family of the dead parent? That very man who the girls watched abused their mother. This will seal their fate as they grow up to believe their father died a hero and women deserve to be beaten and are bad. This couple has two daughters both witnesses to a horrendous crime. Should these girls have to find only one side of the story and that being that their mother was a cheating bitch who deserves to be beaten and caused her wonderful husband – their daddy to be dead?

 I think not! I think these girls are already in a family that condones domestic violence and they are going to need all the help they can get. If they are going to find news – let them find news that there were groups like this out there that said NO!

No!  Bashing , beating, strangeling, and trashing their mom is not OK.  Please help me leave positive messages for the Turner girls!

Update, December 20, 10:14 a.m.: UC Irvine criminology student Gregory Scott Turner, who was wanted for the attempted murder of his wife last week, was found dead in San Juan Capistrano Friday afternoon.

An autopsy report is pending, but it is believed the 33-year-old took his own life. He was discovered by campus police who tracked Turner through the GPS signal from his cell phone.

His wife, who was taken to a safe house after treatment at a hospital, has been identified as 32-year-old Ketra Batiste-Turner.

Original Post, December 16, 8:40 a.m.: A 7-year-old girl called 9-1-1 Wednesday afternoon to report her father, in front of her and her 5-year-old sister, beat their mother to unconsciousness in their campus apartment at UC Irvine.

A manhunt is now under way for Gregory Scott Turner.

Or, the 33-year-old criminology student’s body.

Campus police believe Turner, who is wanted for attempted murder, may be suicidal.

They say he tried to strangle his wife during a violent confrontation in their Verano Place apartment before the emergency call was made around 2:20 p.m. Wednesday.

Turner was last seen driving a 2006 blue Chevy truck with the license plate 8P53538.

His daughters, who were not physically harmed during the attack, are now in protective custody while their mother is being treated at a local hospital.

Verona Place is the same UCI apartment complex where Brian Hughes Benedict is alleged to have chased his ex-wife Rebecca Clarke out of her unit on Sept. 13, 2009, before shooting her to death in the parking lot. Their 4-year-old son was strapped into a car seat in the lot at the time.

His family demonstrates a violent temperament striking out in rage and vengeance with threats. Hi sister Amanda admits to being a victim of 15 years of battery by the hands of her own husband so this kind of wife beating is acceptable to this family and apparently these innocent children will be expected to tolerate the same.

 I would like to share some of the comments about Ketra and have folks please come and defend her . She is the victim here and does not deserve to be disgraced so that the memory of her brutal husband can be glorified and the blame be shifted from him to her as deserving to be beaten to a pulp and strangled and left for dead.

stacy, on December 21, 2010 at 5:44 pm
well maybe it was his wife or possibly a lover of his wifes… maybe he found out about an affair. maybe she got caught. maybe thats why he flipped. maybe just maybe…..

GregsOldRoomMate, on December 21, 2010 at 11:57 pm said:
I lived with Greg, and Ketra used to bring over friends (male friend she was sleeping with) when she’s be mad at Greg to try to get him ‘beat up’ but we always had his back till she tricked him to move to CA. Sad, and glad the autopsy proves it was murder. God never sleeps. The murder will be found, RIP GREG, you will be missed by your REAL FAMILY AND FRIENDS

astrid, on December 22, 2010 at 12:02 pm said:
i also understand that domestic violence goes on everyday to millions of women; but is it really always the guys fault; i mean if i hit a guy ima expect him to hit me back; im putting myself in that place right? && for the innocent women; i know sometimes its hard to walk away but how is it the guys fault if you stay

aManda, on December 23, 2010 at 6:46 pm said:
this is gregs sister; i have been battered and beaten for 15 years by my husband so dont tell me i dont know what its like; first off you have no right to pass judgment on anybody! secondly if you have been through this than you would have turned to GOD! so keep your fuckin mouth shut about shit you dont know! she beat him by the way; shit! i still and ALWAYS will love my brother!

Carlos Montoya, on December 24, 2010 at 2:32 am said:
I knew Greg for Some Time and once were Roomates when he lived in Dallas,Tx and the first time i meet, at the time his fiance(ketra B.)i noticed she was VERY Dominant,as i Advised Greg at the Time,In which to me is a Possible Problem.It’s One Thing to be Equal but when a Woman is DOMINANT,that’s an Issue.Males are born to be Dominant,Not Woman.but in Today’s Time it Seems to be OK,When a Woman Hits a Man,but Turn that around and All of Sudden you’re a Criminal.Watch Tv and see for yourself.Tv is Making Woman “Think” it is OK to “TOUCH” a Man.If you look closely in the mugshot pic of Greg,you’ll see some Marks on his Face,but yet Only he went to Jail,Not Ketra,as Well.I Believe GREG was a Good Guy,Who Fell Victim,because he Loved Her and Maybe caught Ketra Cheating,as some have accused,it would Make sense.or Maybe He Took his Own Life ,cause he thought he could of Possibly Killed Her and did’nt want to go to Prison,Maybe then but What about the Children?So if the new boyfriend killed Him i would see a Motive or Setup,GReg Turner MAy You Rest in PEace and MAy the TRUTH come Out.RIP

Carlos Montoya, on December 24, 2010 at 2:44 am said
Also,If Greg Wanted to Kill Her.Then She Would of Been DEAD.There’s More to it,like a Rage of Passion/Emotions.He Did’nt Want Her Dead,Why did he STOP,Untill he knew she was Dead,If that was the Case.Give the Guy a Chance.Look at the Other Possiblities,it’s Not Always as it Looks on the Surface.ASk yourself WHAT would you Do if you found out your Wife/husband was Cheating on you?Would you just Leave,Some do and Many Don’t.What If she Rubbed it in His Face?What if this was Setup,to put him in jail?This girl was Tough,She could of probably kicked many guys butts,from when i meet her.I’m just Trying to Make ense of this Tragedy,for a Long Lost friend Greg,We will find the Truth.There are Two Sides to Every Story.Also i’m Not saying ketra,is Not the Victim here,but after reading some comments about possibly Cheating on him,Makes Other Motives come out into Play.R.i.P Gregory Scott Turner

And then from a real gentleman whose address is Greg as you can see had real nice friends Uncontrollable RAGE- I was called Bitch by most of his family for several days

freeryder, on December 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm said:
wow freemenow your such a fat fuckin bitch get the dildo outta your mouth go lose some weight an get laid quit talkin shit that you know nothing about what if this was your son I wouldn’t wish anyone to do this to him so get a fuckin lif

Heather wrote:

So many times I read about women who have been killed or nearly killed by their husbands or lovers, and the killer then kills himself. So often a man who has beaten his wife or lover is released from jail only to commit more violent acts.

As I would expect everyone to acknowledge, statistically, men are by far more likely than women to commit violent acts against intimate partners. When I read the post, the story of Greg Turner fit right in line with every other story I’ve read for years about domestic violence. I see a lot of comments from various people trying to spin the story into being focused on Greg Turner and how he was wronged by Ketra. Comments that suggest there should be some equality to criticizing perpetrators of domestic violence as if Ketra somehow drove Greg to hurt her and then himself. If the reporter got the facts wrong, then the family and friends of Greg should be focused on the news source to get a correction instead of attacking people at this site. There is no equality of abuse – men by far are the perps.

I am so weary of the continued efforts either with this couple or another to cast the blame on the woman for somehow driving the man to his illegal conduct. When will abusers start taking responsibility for what their bodies do? If only women had the mysterious control abusers and their defenders attribute to us, we could end domestic violence and sexual abuse right now! Not one more child would be raped or killed! No woman would be in fear of rape or death at the hands of a man. No child would be harmed by their fathers or the boyfriends of their mothers. No child would be the target of sexual predators at school or in the neighborhood or at the mall.

I agree with Heather.

I agree with Heather. For the Turner girls Justis and Memorie – we all need to step up and say – it is not ok to beat a woman for any reason. It is not OK! Whatever else happened to Greg Turner- he had no right to beat and strangle their mother – he was a wife beater and an attempted murderer and their mother did not deserve to be touched for any reason on earth.

Extended benefits for doing nothing: Really?

It’s Me Louise

I just heard about the passing of the unemployment extension bill to two years. What do you think of these extended unemployment’s payouts that in the long run our great grand children will be saddled with?

During the last depression our government started the WPA – (Works Projects Administration} and the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was created in 1933 by Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat unemployment. It was called work relief .They used these programs for work projects that we are still benefiting from today. They were infrastructures, digging ditches in swamps  paving many roads ,putting in sewers in roads and many more projects which I just named a few and oh yes ,they built the Lodi stadium that we enjoyed for at least 50 yrs before that turned it into a new high school site. 

The WPA jobs were for the family men who got paid around 30 dollars a month; their work was always in their hometown, never far from their families. After a time limit, I think 6 months it would end and the wives would start WPA work.

In Lodi, NJ our Columbus School was equipped with sewing machines cutting material rooms etc. that took made use of our auditorium and our cafeteria and our play room in the basement. My Mother worked there sewing flannel nightgowns, pajamas and men’s shirts. All the sewing projects were for the needy relief families in town, needless to say, we children had to have half day school, half of us went in the morning and the other half of the town went in the afternoon because so many of … I really don’t remember how many class rooms were converted into relief worker projects. 

The CCC was created for the young men over 16 yrs old who were taken to camps far from home to work digging ditches and clearing up forests etc. They got room and board in barracks just like soldiers and dressed like soldiers too. I guess they got a little spending money for cigarettes and little things. I remember when my brother Mikie came home after his time was up, he brought back his water canteen and metal fold down pan which served as a frying pan and a dish too, he looked just like a soldier and he would tell us about the camp, the food and the work he did. He met some boys from our town and their friendship lasted many years. My Brother really enjoyed that hard work and most of all that experience.

Now let’s get back to my opening question above, what do you think of these extended unemployment’s payouts that in the long run our great grand children will be saddled with? Don’t you think these folks should work for something considering all the work and infrastructure that needs done or should they just wait for free hand outs for doing nothing! 

We were taught the dignity of working for whatever we got – never accept charity although we were charitable to those who cannot work but not to those who will not contribute to societies multitudes of current needs. During a depression or recession – everyone should roll up their sleeves and do whatever needs to be done to make or get our country better and then go cash the check knowing we did our share toward a solution rather than adding to the problem.

We never paid in as much as we are now expecting to be handed and we sure are not giving back near as much as our country has given to us. Some of these folks ought to travel to other countries and see what poor really looks like.

Shame on you if you cash that next check without first asking what you can do to earn it and then roll up your sleeves ladies and gents and go earn it!

Holiday Wishes

From Barbara

To All My Democrat Friends:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2011, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

To My Republican Friends:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



We are creating jobs rife with pedophiles and kiddie porn

Contributed by Anita Barnes

This is just one piece of the FL DCF pedophile scandals!! Isn’t it time for some collaborative efforts to demand a clean- up of DCF…. not to mention what is enabling & or fueling these criminal activities …. federal monies being abused! Of course FL isn’t the only state with these kind of scandals …NY had one in which a sex party provided to a CPS run juvenile home was caught on camera … and it only took a few months for the story to be released …. thanks to effective political cover up!

They need to look into our “youth sailing centers” we have all up and down the coasts as well.  This reeks of shades of Al Zimmerman, DCF Spokesman Faces Child Porn Charges
hired under Jeb Bush, who was working in an “organized” way, but those details are slim.  Crist and Butterworth really did not get to the rot of this case, and Butterworth soon left.  This guy was the head spokesperson for our DCF hired under Jeb Bush in 05 and Charlie was unaware for a couple of years!)

DCF Spokesman Faces Child Porn Charges. Al Zimmerman is charged with eight counts of using a child in a sexual performance.…/Feb-02-2008_1-18-pm/ 

Date: Wednesday, December 22, 2010, 3:30 PM

Men charged in child-porn case were youth coaches

By Danny Valentine and Emily Nipps, Times Staff Writers

The arrests of two men accused of child pornography, one with a violent criminal history, raised concerns among parents and others Tuesday about why the men were able to have frequent contact
with children through schools and youth teams.

David Rojas, 44, and John Derrick Martin, 43, were arrested Friday after deputies say they drugged and persuaded two teenage girls to engage in sexual activity with each other. The men also are accused of videotaping and photographing the girls at a Tampa hotel in July.

Both men routinely had contact with children as youth coaches and as part of their media company that worked in Tampa Bay area schools, according to the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

“You just trust that the right things have been put in place to protect your kids,” said Laurie Ferguson, who has a son on the Dunedin Jr. Falcons football team. “I don’t know how this happened.” 

In the days after the arrests, many parents questioned how Rojas’ string of arrests, dating from 1988 to 2009, could have slipped past youth league officials. (???)

“We were all mortified,” said Julie Ward Bujalski, a Dunedin city commissioner who also had a son on Rojas’ team. “Very concerned for the safety of our children.”

Ferguson said she wants the youth football conference to make major changes to its screening process for coaches

Rojas coached the Dunedin Jr. Falcons pee wee varsity team, made up of 11- and 12-year-old boys, as part of the SunCoast Youth Football Conference. Rojas also served as the conference’s vice president and a referee for high school football in Pinellas County.

Rojas has a lengthy criminal history in Florida, including convictions for aggravated assault, carrying a concealed firearm, battery and dealing in stolen property, mostly in the 1990s, state records show.

Martin, 43, was an unpaid volunteer wrestling coach at Armwood High School in Seffner last season, said coach Rob Langford. He has no criminal record in Florida.

The allegations shocked parents and coaches who knew the men through youth sports. Investigators say their inquiry is continuing and they are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

• • •

Those who worked with or knew Rojas and Martin seemed taken aback by the accusations.

Martin, of Wesley Chapel, coached at King High in Tampa before working with Armwood last season.

“He didn’t do anything with us over this summer,” coach Langford said. “He was in and out of our room this year, stopped by one or two days a week in all reality. He wasn’t in practice every single day, kind of one of those fly-by-night guys.”

Rojas, of Clearwater, also didn’t raise any suspicion. A major complaint against him seemed to be that his Dunedin pee wee football team didn’t win a single game in his first year as coach.

Jacque Avise, secretary of the SunCoast Youth Football executive board, said the conference has not had any complaints against Rojas during her tenure.

She said she learned of his arrest Monday from former conference president Lenny Anderson.

“It definitely wasn’t what anyone was expecting,” said Avise.

Avise said the conference performs background checks on all of the volunteer coaches, but only for sexual offenses.

“All we’re looking for is sexual offenders, sexual predators,” she said.

Avise said Rojas has been indefinitely suspended.

State records show Martin is the owner of the Tampa-based company, which became inactive in September 2009. Jail records list Rojas as an “AV engineer” for the company.

Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco school officials either could not confirm that the men worked inside their schools or did not return calls. School is closed this week.

It was unclear exactly what kind of work Martin and Rojas did in the schools or if it had any relation to what investigators say happened at a La Quinta Inn and Suites at 3826 W Waters Ave. in Tampa on July 9.

That’s when the men drugged two girls between the ages of 13 and 18 and then persuaded them to engage in sexual activity with each other, investigators say.

Martin and Rojas each was charged with promotion of child pornography, one count of lewd or lascivious conduct and one count of lewd or lascivious battery. Each posted $30,000 bail and was released from the Hillsborough County Jail on Saturday.

• • •

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