The real war on women: Dirty Words on Clean Skin

BettyJean Downing Kling

Up to now we’ve essentially heard from male authors writing from a male perspective. Dirty Words on Clean Skin, with courage and conviction, recounts the experiences that launched the REAL “War on Women.” Finally, after four years of silence, I am heartened that this woman author is coming forward to expose the truth as we actually endured it. This book is written by one who speaks for millions. Hat’s off to Anita Finlay and thank you for misbehaving! Afterall – Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

A shocking exposé about the real war on women…who’s buying, who’s selling and why they get away with it. This eye opening journey chronicles both Hillary Clinton’s sexism-plagued historic run and the rampant denigration of women that rages on today with impunity. Dirty Words on Clean Skin transcends party politics. It is less about the treatment of one woman than the ramifications of denying equal respect to all women. This first person narrative will resonate with many who feel a burning frustration with mainstream media and the state of our political dialogue today. In 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged an epic battle for the presidential nomination that captured the imagination and hopes of millions, but the joy of watching a qualified woman vie for the presidency was marred by newsmen and pundits calling Hillary Clinton a hellish housewife, Nurse Ratched, she-devil and bitch. DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN examines the tactics that do damage to the credibility of powerful women and the cost to those watching from the ground. Anita Finlay’s shocking political odyssey travels beyond Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy to investigate the media’s troubling influence over our electoral process and the behavior of a society not as evolved as advertised. Whether the subject is Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin or Elizabeth Warren, no woman is immune. The facts speak for themselves and drive this carefully researched, explosive and conversational exposé. For sixteen years, polls have named Hillary Clinton America’s most admired woman, yet when it counted, the media depicted her as a vile harpy standing in the way of history. Today, articles from The New York Times to the Huffington Post are encouraging her to once again stand for the Presidency, yet any prescription offered to a woman attempting to break the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” will be worthless without an honest discussion of the culprits and their methods. That discussion has yet to take place. Anita Finlay

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Dirty Words On Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening

Ms. Finlay’s book resonated with me on so many levels, especially the awakening to the rampant sexism and misogyny in the 2008 campaign. Once those two were out in the open, it was as if a sleeping giant had been awakened. Sadly, sexism and misogyny are still very much in the fore, especially in the political realm. Thank heavens Ms. Finlay chronicled this period in our history lest it be lost. This book is a must-read. The Rev. Amy J. Samonds

Dirty Words On Clean Skin brilliantly uncovers the dark side of our “beloved” patriarchal democratic system. Pro America through strength and conviction, Anita Finlay sheds light on our country’s internal war with feminism and its long hold on our “glass ceiling.” Despite the destructive mass media bias, Anita’s research, effort and awareness has given us a tool to discern the truth about our current political process. Dirty Words On Clean Skin reaches into the heart of America and reveals the upheavals and crisis women face in our current backward thinking political process. Anita’s responsive, investigative action into the injustices of our country’s media bias has awakened us that constructive change is needed and within our grasp. Shelby Heard

Thank you Anita Finlay for writing this book!!!! Our media has underreported (and that’s putting it kindly) the fact that 3.4 million diehard lifelong Democrats left the Democratic Party in 2008 over the disgusting sexism emanating from the “party for women.” It was such a shocking and unbelievable time and it was swept under the rug. Finlay’s book names chapter and verse of this awful saga in real time. Many of us are still as furious as Finlay as to what transpired, and the REAL magic of the Obama campaign was how it broke the bond between so many people and the party that they loved and considered to be “family.” It will be a good read for skeptics who still don’t understand what happened, and it will be a sad but important reminder to those who experienced the events the way Finlay did. Wherever a person stands on the historic election of 2008, this book gives a more complete picture of what occurred. A must read for all historians, history buffs, Obama supporters, and really anyone who follows politics. Well done Anita Finlay!!!! Cynthia Ruccia

Anything but That

I remember standing in the beautiful National Building Museum in Washington DC  on Saturday June 6 2008 surrounded by Hillary supporters crying my heart out as Hillary suspended her campaign. I was listening for a line or a few words I could cling to and I did but truthfully – the words that she and others kept saying over and over rang hollow. Every time I heard ‘her race proved women could do anything’ every time Obama said ‘Hillary’s race proved to his daughters that they could be anything’  all I could say was “anything but President of the United States.”


There are video’s of me all over the internet crying my eyes out – I am not one given to crying easily but I knew that day that something big was dying, just as I knew on May 31st that Democracy died at the RBC dog and pony show.


Still I forged ahead to Denver and fought for Hillary to be on that roll call even while she was out fighting for Obama tooth and nail. We still held out hope and hung on every unsaid word waiting for the weight of 18 Million of us to come crashing through those cracks but we never did. Today I read a piece that may explain why we didn’t break through- perhaps there were no cracks at all!

The Glass Ceiling Holds Strong

By Marie Cocco

WASHINGTON — It is time to stop kidding ourselves. This wasn’t a breakthrough year for American women in politics. It was a brutal one.

The glass ceiling remains firmly in place — not cracked, as Hillary Clinton insisted as she tried to claim rhetorical victory after her defeat in the Democratic nominating contest. It wasn’t even scratched with the candidacy of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee — unless you consider becoming an object of national ridicule to be a symbol of advancement. As divergent as these two women are ideologically and temperamentally, as different as are their resumes, they both banged their heads — hard — against the ceiling. Both were bruised. So was the goal of advancing women in political leadership. 


Yet American women are a majority of the population and a majority of the electorate. They earn more than half the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a level of educational achievement far exceeding that of women in developing countries. There must be some reason we don’t do any better than women in impoverished, rural regions of the world where cultural norms oppress women.

Maybe it is because our culture isn’t so different after all.


I know now that this was not our year, after all, to put a women in the White House but it was the year to wake up and come to our senses. We have not come that far BABY! We still have a long way to go and we didn’t even know it!


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Idella Moore is founder and Executive Officer of a national, single-issue, non-partisan organization whose mission is to finish ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  This amendment would guarantee legal equality to men and women and should it be ratified it would become only the second constitutional guarantee for women.  The only other right that women are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution is the right to vote.


Idella’s support for the Equal Rights Amendment began in the 1970’s but it was in the early 1980s, while a student at Florida State University, that she became an active grassroots participant during the last intense efforts to get Florida to ratify the ERA.  Like millions of others, Idella was devastated that the amendment was not ratified by the deadline, June 30, 1982.


It was in protest of that ratification that Idella moved to England in 1982 and remained there for the next decade and a half.  She and her family returned to the US in the late 1990’s but it wasn’t until 2002 that she learned there was a renewed campaign to ratify the ERA.  Within a few months, she formed her org. Initially founded as a Georgia group, because of overwhelming demand, a year later hers became a national organization.  It is the only, national single issue ERA membership organization.  It now has an online membership representing men and women in 49 states, from all political parties and across all age groups. 


Idella does a great deal of research and writing about the ERA and gives presentations to organizations at the local, state, regional and national levels.  Today, hers is either leading, guiding or giving technical and advocacy assistance to campaigns in 13 of the ERA unratified states.


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I wrote something in a similar vein but it was not as gracious nor as well written so I decided to use Lynette’s piece instead. All I have to add is – Hillary- You could have left womankind a great legacy and we were counting on you to be “The One” to do it. Instead you will go down in history as the one who left a stain on your name and erased the phrase “woman thy name is courage.” `BettyJean Kling

Guest Post – by Lynette Long

Hillary elected Barack Obama. Single handedly she delivered the White House to him on a silver platter. She led millions of her supporters from outrage to complacency. She appeared a record seventy-nine times on behalf of Barack Obama. She played follow the leader. And her supporters followed in droves.

Still thousands of her supporters, ignored her pleas. Outraged by the misogynistic treatment of Hillary during the primaries, these supporters campaigned all over the country for John McCain. These women remembered being bullied by Obama supporters during the Texas caucuses.  They remembered watching buses transport Obama supporters across state lines to illegally vote in primaries and participate in the caucuses.  These  “Real Democrats” or “Democrats for McCain” approached young women, old women, straight women, gay women, and urged them to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.  A group traveled every weekend from New York to Scranton to canvas for John McCain.  Others drove around Ohio in a motor home putting flyers on cars and talking to voters. Others were interviewed on television and radio. Thousands blogged.   

But no matter how hard they worked to right a wrong, one appearance by Hillary Clinton on national television stumping for Obama erased all their efforts.  There was no way for them to win.

On the road many former Hillary supporters asked them, Why is Hillary campaigning so hard for Obama?  Others expressed their trust in Hillary succintly, Hillary is my leader, I will do whatever she says. These were the true champions of democray.  For their efforts their friends called them racist and their bank accounts dwindled as they left their jobs to fight for what they believed in.

Hillary could have stayed silent.  Her silence would have been deafening.  Hillary could have made one or two perfunctory appearances for Obama, instead aggressively campaigned for him.  She did not have to do it. She campaigned for Obama knowing he was mute when his pastor trashed her from the pulpit.

  • She campaigned for Obama knowing he was blind when his supporters  wore t-shirts that read, Iron my Shirt, but don’t run my country. Or worse.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing he was silent when Ludacris called her a bitch.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing the Obama campaign cheated in the caucuses and was the illegitimate nominee.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing Obama and the DNC refused to have a true roll call at the convention.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing Obama under the guise of ACORN registered tens of thousands of illegitimate voters. 
  • She campaigned for Obama after he ignored pleas from her 18 million voters to select her for VP.
  • She campaigned for Obama after he trashed her husband’s legacy.
  • She campaigned for Obama after she was consistantly and visciously attacked by the mainstream media.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing that her supporters, many of whom waited a lifetime to see a female presidential candidate, wanted her to fight on.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing that millions upon millions of women across the world were  cheering for her.

Hillary was delivered the perfect storm. She could have stood up and fought for the women in this country who have lived a lifetime of inivisibility.  She could have given us courage.  She could have rocked the world. Instead, she chose to put party before principle.  She chose to put her career above the wants and needs of her supporters.  She chose to work within the party rather than against it. She may have put 18 million cracks in a glass ceiling, but she sent a resounding message to the women of the world.  Go back to the man who abused you. Be silent.  Be a good girl.

It takes courage to break a glass ceiling.  You have to be able to give a punch as well as take one.  You have to be willing to stand alone. Hillary could have transcended politics. She didn’t.  Instead she lost the respect of myself and millions of women. History seldom gives a second chance.  And courage isn’t an acquired trait.  Some day, women will have their chance, per chance. But when?

Lynette Long