Are we having fun yet Hillarcrat’s?

Another rant by: BettyJean Kling

 Ok- I am blowing my top and God only knows what my fingertips may come up with this time- all I know is I have just about had it with this nonsense!  I have only one two part question concerning when enough is enough!


The TV – the papers – the radio – still blaming Hillary – poor Obama – I am sick of it and we want her in his cabinet? Why so he can beat her up till they all get tired of it – or find another women they like beating up better? 


It is obvious that the Dem Party, Obama, the Obots and the media will never tire of using Hillary as their favorite whipping post so my question is when will she tire of taking it and when will we tire of idolizing her for standing there and accepting it?


I want you to know that I am sick and tired of getting my teeth kicked in by Hillary supporters every time I mention this as if I must put her before country, that would be tantamount to treason for me.


While I wholly heartedly supported Hillary as my candidate and as a woman and a human being, I am disappointed in what she has chosen – yes chosen– to allow the DNC to force her to do – or do to her.  


Furthermore, I would not want to see her as SOS because I believe she would be serving at Obama’s pleasure and subordinate to him rather than as an elected representative of the people of NY. I don’t think this would be in the best interest of the country any more that supporting Obama or the DNC this year was in the best interest of the country.


As SOS she would be subject to carry out all his wishes and liable for all his mistakes – she would ultimately be humiliated by his foolishness and could be drummed out of politics with no where to go.


Hillary was a stellar candidate who was forced out of first place by a corrupt DNC and I will never forgive the Party for what they did and I just can not get over the fact that they took this proud women and made her do for him what no male candidate ever was forced to do – step down and not only support him but lay her self open and vulnerable to feminine scorn for his sake!


She not only went above and beyond – leaving her debt aside but went about raising money for a man who already raised an obscene amount of money on his own and whose campaign bragged about that unendingly for the entire campaign season.


Finally, the agony that resulted for millions of women who had looked up to Hillary and through her had finally summoned up the strength to stand up and fight for the first time in their lives – who watching her — forced to submit to the DNC — with a smile work for the party and the man who battered her may very well have set women in politics back another 24 years.


Whatever the reasons Hillary had to dissolve back into her party and to back what millions of us agree was the illegitimately selected candidate and whatever her reason for voraciously campaigning for and getting 75% of her supporters to concede and vote against democracy – is not mine to judge- but it is mine to refuse to follow suit or to justify or to honor.


I will not, for any reason, support a party or a candidate that abrogated the democratic process or anyone who would support any who did. When we ask our soldiers to risk their lives for our freedom – it is democracy that they are risking their lives for – not party politics and not sexist politics and not racial politics. No- they lay down their lives for Democracy and nothing less!  If you think I am wrong fine but I did not say it first – argue with Susan B Anthony – she did.


“No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her”
Susan B Anthony 1872



Team Obama thinks Hillary Clinton’s people to blame for State speculation

Updated Thursday, November 20th 2008, 3:08 AM

WASHINGTONPresident-elect Barack Obama‘s camp, well practiced in keeping secrets, is increasingly frustrated by a steady stream of leaks that insiders suspect come from confidants of Hillary Clinton, the Daily News has learned.

Just as ex-President Bill Clinton pledged Wednesday to prove there are no new skeletons in his closet that could derail his wife’s chances of becoming secretary of state, top Obama sources suggested loose-lipped Clintonistas abide by their rules: If caught leaking, you will pay the price.

“They have been strategic about what they leak each day,” said an Obama insider, who acknowledged word around the transition office in Chicago is that Obama himself is miffed at the leaks. “This [leaking] isn’t coming out of our shop,” added another irked Obama official.

The Obama team blames Clinton’s side for initially disclosing last week’s secret Hillary trip to Chicago to meet with Obama and a more recent report that the negotiations were going well.

Asked directly about the leak issue, a Clinton spokesman declined to respond.

A former Clinton aide who is not in the Obama camp said while the New York senator has been known to sanction leaks by her minions, the spinners this time may be freelancing without her blessing.

“Whoever is doing it on her end is ruining it for her,” the ex-Clintonista said, adding that the stakes are high because the job has likely become more important to her with each passing day.

“It will be an earthquake if she doesn’t get this,” the source said. “She has spent her capital. She is like a stock that lost its value before it could be sold.” That doesn’t mean the deal has gone south, but if it does, the leaks will have damaged her. Obama chiefs have warned staff if they get caught in unauthorized leaks, they will be fired and will not be offered administration jobs.

One internal Obama memo obtained by The News says: “We realize these requirements may appear Draconian, but so soon after the election, with the transition effort just being organized, it is important that no one who was involved with the campaign and the policy committees be speculating in public on these sensitive matters.”

At a New York ceremony renaming the Triborough Bridge after Robert F. Kennedy, ex-President Clinton said he will do “whatever they want” to cooperate with the vetting of his wife for the job at State.

“This is a deal between [the] President-elect and Hillary …but I’ll do everything that I can,” Clinton said.


29 Responses

  1. BJ–
    It’s that age-old habit of scapegoating women that the dysfunctional media is neurotically addicted to. I don’t want to see her SOS either. I think she should hang in there in the Senate and remain a vague threat to BO whether in fact she is or not. I believe she forfeits her power by playing these political games. However, I still respect what
    she did because it awoke or reawakened American women to a sense of feminism that they had grossly neglected prior to Hillary’s run.

    All this gossip and speculation about Cabinet appointments is the worse journalism I have ever seen in my life. It is not journalism. It is tabloid gossip. Obama is NOT the president-elect. He is the president-designate. He won’t become the president-elect unless or until the Electors vote him in on Dec. 15 and even then, they still must confirm the vote later that month and then, there is that fake birth certificate issue which could put the kibosh on the January coronation. The media undoubtably knows the fake birth certificate story, but is hysterically ignoring it by pumping out these ridiculous Cabinet appointment rumors, one after another, as a way of helping to entrench Obama so deeply in the public’s mind that the idea of countering his “rightful” coronation will become so embarrasing and threatening to the Supreme Court that they could actually deem to overlook the Constitution to avoid the threat or embarassement.

    However, a US District Court just ordered Obama to produce his real birth certificate and that sets precedence, making it easier for the Supreme Court to follow suit. And the PA court dismissed Berg for lack of standing but now there are so many electors and others involved in similar suits requesting his birth certificate that standing may have been accomplished.

    If BO is allowed to take the presidency despite his fake birth certificate, then we are entering a new era when anyone can be president regardless of whether he or she was born in the United States or not. The message would be either that the court chooses to ignore or disregard the Constitution or that it views it not as a solid document but as a living document, the latter being the Democratic left’s position.

    You can use what I have written here as a blogpost on your website as long as you disguise my name and identity.

  2. So was it Hillary’s fault when someone leaked the confidential meeting between Obama and President Bush? Hillary wasn’t around then but how convenient for the media to forget that one. Was it Hillary’s fault when it was leakedf before she ven conceded that he was shopping around for a VP? Was it Hillary’s fault that it got leaked he was securing his cabinet before the general election even took place? Why is it that the most obvious is the hardest thing for people to comprehend? Nothing in the Obama camp happens by “accident”. They are too well organized for that. My belief is that everything happens for a reason. God has laid forth a plan and unbeknownst to us, we stumble upon it and follow it thinking it was our plan to begin with. Some say we are the makers of our own destiny but I beg to differ. We only choose so far but then God points us to His path in the end. Think about what is happening and what has happened; remember that every instance is a mere stepping stone to where we should be. Once we figure that out and have faith and trust in God, there is no limit to what we can accomplish and complete.

  3. BJ, I am with you all the way. Probably people do not understand is that Hillary has alot of supporters who are not self-thinkers and whatever she says they will support. That is why I blame her partially for what happen during the general election. She brought many women to turn and vote for BO. They do not question her actions just believe that she knows best. And Hillary is still being used and being thrown back and forth under the bus. Where is her pride in all of this. I wish she would just buckle

  4. BJ, I am with you all the way. Probably people do not understand is that Hillary has alot of supporters who are not self-thinkers and whatever she says they will support. That is why I blame her partially for what happen during the general election. She brought many women to turn and vote for BO. They do question her actions just believe that she knows best. And Hillary is still being used and being thrown back and forth under the bus. Where is her pride in all of this. I wish she would just buckle down and be senator, even though I know this is not going to be easy for her, but she has and is dealing with a lot worse now.

  5. I have no idea what is in her mind or those whio blindly followed but I know that if we all thought – no if we all knew and we did that what the DNC did was wrong and we all knew that th delegates walked out on Hillary and we all know that the will of the people was not followed then we all know that the delegates sent to Denver had their arms twisted – and we know that – I was there. they tried t keep her from the toll call – Now – we know this – we damned well know thios was one hell of an illegal election – so what is the question here?
    If she suspended in June and we all fought rught to Denver – what th hell were we fighting for?
    We were fighting to make it right and she was fighting against us.
    there is no denying that Hillary for whatever reason working against her own and her country’s own best interests or at the very least her country and woman klids best interests.
    This set women back and it set democracy back and anyone who can condone this behavior – has lost their mind. We can not condone this behavior just because we love her – just becasue she is a woman – – for any reason – wrong is wrong or else we would not have fought in the first place.

  6. Hillary should play hardball with Ted Kennedy until she gets what she needs to direct universal health care through the Senate and then stay there and do that. SOS is not the place for her – for many of the reasons mentioned.

    Obama is “entitled” to full “credit” for the mess that the next 4 years will bring, and Hillary’s best sticking with the people of NY — They’re a “boss” who has the good sense to appreciate the good work she can do for them — unlike Obama – the ultimate con artist.

    Then, too, if all the lawsuits can somehow prove in the next couple weeks that BO’s ineligible to be POTUS, the DNC will have one more chance to substitute Hillary as the Pres. candidate for the electors to vote for on Dec. 15 and we can all go dance in the streets!! (see you in DC for HER inauguration!!)

    GO Hillary!

  7. Well the Party willl never gain my respect back but I would feel a hell of a lot safer with her running things than with him in there but nothing may heal what these two parties have done to Democracy in the last 3 or more elections.

  8. hi bj…thanks for your posts…insightful as usual…
    obama ‘dispatches’ his adversaries…hillary is one…no matter what she ‘did’ to help get him elected…l believe he is setting her up for a big thrashing/fall…to be sure hillary can’t run against him again…
    she shoulda started her own party…we would have followed her plus others…too late now after supporting bo and the corrupt dnc that abused her and in turn us…you see it…as do l and many others…
    one of the major problems with our political system are those who want to make ‘gods’ out of political figures…lousy pool to be choosing from…

  9. Well I agree with you there.
    First we railed at the Tepublicans for idolizing Bush as if he were the messiah- remember that and for stealing 2 elections – remember that- then we were so upset with the DNC for stealing this one and with the Obots for being blind and what are we doing now?
    I don’t get it – I thought we ere the smart ones ?
    What is this – if you can’t beat em join em?
    No I! If I can’t beat – well hells bells – I ‘ll die trying!
    They can stand me up at the gates of hell – but I won’t back down! I have the courage of my convictions and at least I can say I am consistant. I just do not get the inconsistancy of these people who can turn on a dime and hate the DNC one minute and reward them the next. Pure insanity- I tell you!
    Thanks for the comment and the support!

  10. It gives a bad message to go back to your abuser. I think she made a bad decision. Many women voted for Obama because she told them to vote for him. It is giving your abuser permission to abuse you. Hillary set a bad example because of the misogyny in the campaign gave the wrong message to women. It is alright if a man abuses, go back to him and try to make it right. It is the women’s responsibility to repair him and the relationship. Hillary will learn she can’t make this right like she did her marriage to Bill. I think it is important to understand that Hillary has been an abused woman herself by the Democratic Party, DNC, Obama and society. If you adore her so much, let her know that going back to the Party and Obama is not in her interest. On thing I know about an abuser’s personality, they will do it again. Obama will abuse her again, and Bill is not able to save her. Neither will we!

  11. You contend millions of women are upset about the treatment of Hillary. Well there are men that are upset with her treatment by the DNC and Barry Obama. I am one of them. The election was a very close election if you study the individual states and their vote totals. MC Cain did quite well considering Bush’s approval rating. Obama needs Hillary. He still has a white voter problem with 57% of white Americans voting against him. His star will fade.

  12. Well Bob you are right – I certainly missed mentioning that there are many men who also were upset with the treatment of Hillary and equally upset with the way the DNC abrogated democracy this year! My bad ! And I stand corrected as well. Some times after being disregarded – we forget that not everyone disregards us and consequently we wind up disregarding others in return.
    I don’t spend enough time thanking our brothers in Democracy – so let me take this minute to thank you.

  13. Caveat: Republican speaking…I wasn’t a great admirer of Hillary for pro life reasons. I gained enormous respect for her as I watched her campaign across the nation. I had no opinion of BO when he declared, but after watching and researching him it couldn’t get lower.
    Hillary as SOS, fine, per se, but with Obama as Caliph in Chief, frightening indeed.
    “whipping boy” anyone? (that’s a white aristocratic term, btw. poor peasant boy hired to take punishment for princeling)
    “Blame Hillary” syndrome. “It was the woman of the house…who made the mistake…”
    While I agree with the “abuser” misogynist syndrome mentioned earlier, I don’t underestimate either Hillary or Bill.
    Hillary may accomplish some good for herself and the nation as SOS. However, she may delay the inevitable crash and burn of the Obama’s “placemat” cabinet.
    I do not believe that those appointments will remain after Jan 20, and that the successors will have any respect for contracts.
    They’ll have 350 billion tax dollars to pay unemployment to replaced cabinet members while converting to Sharia. (See Odinga, Kenya, “Change”)

    Obama’s world is dangerous. It is a world of anti American terrorists, crooks, market manipulators, hate mongers , tax thieves, vote riggers, election fraudsters and world class liars. Throw in Holder and you might make a case for child abuse in the Elian Gonsalves case. Best buddy William Ayers wanted (wants) to bump off 25 million dissenters….As I thought of Hillary flying the world as SOS, Ron Brown came to mind.
    That’s just early morning off the top of my head.

  14. YOUR COMMENT -“As I thought of Hillary flying the world as SOS, Ron Brown came to mind.” ,sent chills down my spine- I never gave that such a thought – but God help us – – God help us.

    With all the other deaths surrounding this man – this is not so far fetched at all- and now I fear more for Hillary than I did before- I wish I had not read your comment and I pray – they will not dare!

  15. It amazes me how Obama gets all the credit for the EVIL DOINGS: I SENSE he’s being pressured, and it’s not him at all.

    In all good common sense, HRC by his side, is a good thing and he knows it. He’s not the one who HATES HER,

    It’s the PARTY, his supporters and possibly (MO)———I don’t believe for one second, as CIC he calls all the shots.

    WITH AXELROD being his senior advisor (FIRIKEN GAG ME!!!)

    You will not see Hillary in the cabinet, She deserves much more and he cannot do it without her. I hope she stays with us in NY.

  16. Just so you know — I agree. I don’t think she should have anything to do with the corrupt regime of Obama. But I think it’s a done deal now. If I were her, I’d tell him to put it where the sun don’t shine, but politics make strange bedfellows, and possibly the offer was what made her campaign for him in the first place. We’ll never really know. I think she knows that with him elected, she has no chance of running for president again and this is the highest she can reach, so she probably looked at her options (she is a junior senator) and went for it. Makes sense in a strange way. It’s possible it could even work out for her — I think Obama’s the one who will be hurt by the choice, because, like Powell and Bush, he’ll never really trust her. In that regard, I suppose I’m torn on the issue, though at first I was totally disgusted that she would even consider it. Now I see it as possibly Hillary’s revenge. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll be able to save the country from totally getting sucker punched. She can stand up to the big boys. In fact, I think I’m going to write a column about it today.

    Tracy Karol

    “This country has nothing to fear from the crooked man who fails. We put him in jail. It is the crooked man who succeeds who is a threat to this country.”

  17. I agree 1000% Hillary MUST NOT accept the SOS position. If she does, it’s at her own peril – for all the reasons you state.

    I am a conservative and FORMER hater of Hillary. Guess what? If she runs for Senate again next time round, I’m voting for her! That’s right, I’m voting for her. While I disagree with Hillary on many policy issues, she still has a love of country that Obama cannot even hope to have.

    –Ron Devito

    Thank you Ron,

    Please oh please – can I get you to leave a comment on the blog – I would so so so very much appreciate it.


    Absolutely…and I think my story – how I transitioned – will be part of it. I’m a big Sarah Palin supporter – and one of the things that sealed the deal for me was when Sarah several times was kind to Hillary – and Obama was fixing to set Hillary as an attack dog against Sarah – and Hillary never did it. In fact…some of the most enthusiastic support for McCain-Palin came NOT from their own people – it came from the PUMAS/Hillary supporters!!!!!


  18. I think Hillary would make a good SOS but I do not want her to take the position – I think BO is using her and as soon as he thinks it is o.k. he will fire her and then the Clintons will be out of his way – she will not be in the Senate and cannot be a thorn in his side – her political career will pretty much be over – and the DNC will be his, as he had stated right after he won the primary election –

    This is a big mistake on Hillary’s part – not just because of what BO can do to her but I think it weakens Hillary as the strong fighter we all wanted to believe she was – I think this election has put Hillary in a different light with many of us – While I supported her and fought for her I now see her as a politician who will do anything for her political career – I no longer believe that she is the person who stands up for what is right for our Country but a person who submits to the betterment of the DNC and to men – Maybe she didn’t really believe in herself enough to believe that she was the best person for the job – Maybe she believes that BO is the Messiah and that she should get on the Obama train before it leaves her behind with no where to go politically – Honestly, I do not know what she is doing – but I don’t like it –

    What scares me the most is how everyone in the Democratic political arena is moving in like they OWN the country – not what is best for the people or for the country but to fulfill their own agenda – I have never witnessed anyone or anything like Pelosi, Reid and Frank – they are like steam rollers – they move in, state was is going to happen and everyone bows down and says “Yes, we will follow – just tell us what we can do” – the MSM has continued to act like slobbering puppy dogs who cuddle up to BO more than ever – How do we stop this nonsense?

    This isn’t our country anymore – it is a country of the Obama people, by the Obama people and for the Obama people and there are very few who give a damn- if they did he would not be President

  19. Sadly, I can not find much here to argue with Edye and I am heartbroken to have to face it – but we have to remember to thanks hillary for waking us up and giving us the boost we needed to straighten up- from now on – I know what I have to do .
    I will never cow tow to the DNC – or any other party again nor to any man or any institution !

  20. Of the candidates for SOS mentioned Hillary is the best one for the job as she and Bill are loved around the world in spite of the vilification that occurs here by the media, DNC, and her party. Thanks to Ted Kennedy she has nowhere to go right now in the senate as a junior senator. Obama is going to have his plate filled with the economy and so I think he will take Hillary’s and Biden’s experience and expertise regarding foreign policy to heart for quite some time. I am optimistic that she will do a bang up job, and that she is intelligent enough after meetings with Obama to see this as a chance to make a real difference in our relations with our allies and the enemies that Bush created. She is also saavy enough a politician not to be lured into the blame game. I respect everyone’s thoughts here, but politics is a different world than what the world we meander in and it defies all logic.

  21. Hello BJ, good to see alot of my friends here too!
    I think Hillary will be our watcher. I think she has already been our watcher. I agree w/luvguins-a good friend-that we need her more for the foreign policy issues and am hoping that she will be used-ALOT-when those times come around and they are here! NOW! as we all are aware of. BJ I have the Susan B. Anthony quote in my profile on youtube. I had to move on after Denver and hope for the best! It was very upsetting to see how Hillary fell in line during the super D’s votes-I had good friends-we all did who made that trip to support Hillary and for them to be treated like they didn’t exsist-hurt alot! But, just like luvguins said-politics defies all logic and even more so today! i just think that we have to be ready for anything at this point and I believe some of the most productive wk-PUMA and Just Say NO Deal did was emailing/calling/and pen and paper to our state’s officers-cong-sen-and HRs-incld Govs too. has all the advantages we need to communicate with our elected officials! it is a no brainer! I sat and read a reply email from one of mine-Shuler-the day I went to vote-he shared with me what the atomosphere was like during the 1st bail-out vote that failed and it wa the better of the 2-but that 1st bail-out failed b/c of our letters to our elected officials! Mine have always replied to my emails and faxes. We gotta let them know we are watvhing now! We might have let them slide for sometime-but WE are watching!
    NO I hope Hoillary doesn’t take a job in no’s adm. I am hoping she will be relied on tho for her experience!
    GR8 job you’re doing here BJ and I always enjoy the newsletter-TTYL Have a nice wk-end.

  22. It’s is going to be hard to hate Obama and love Hillary as Secretary of State. I am probably just going to turn the television off.

  23. Yup, BJ. I adore Hillary but I just don’t get what she’s doing. I think she wants to enjoy her life and challenge herself. I get that. I know they’ve been dissing her in the Senate. Teddy and the gang. But if she could only see that this is the moment where she could really make a huge difference for women. She could stand up and tell it like it is. Being in the political arena all these years may have skewed her world and historical view. It’s too darn sad. She should not work FOR that man. She’ll be doing all the work and taking all the blame. As a senator she woud maintain some independence. This whole experience has saddened me deeply. There are so few of us who really get what went on here. Again, I am on the fringes…Mr. BO will strut his way through the presidency. I’d rather have Hillary working on our domestic crisis. Selfishly, I’d like to be able to make it through my remaining years. The new minority: Older caucasion female baby boomer who lost just about everything in the financial meltdown … and who must now count on a fraudulently elected man who thinks he’s the next coming…sad indeed. I’ll be fighting along with you. Am just feeling a little powerless right about now….

  24. Hillary is being a politician. I am though with politicians. I entered this insanity with a disagreement with her over education and ended up getting ask to help her campaign because she wanted to listen. I never once took her for a movement but worked under the reality that she was a good politician who had the potential to work for women’s rights. If anything this is one reason for her to be Sec. of State although I view this as a way for her to cut through the current political atmosphere of making headway admist the fog. Any potential for a future presidential bid is all but over except for a failure of the Obama regime. Yes, I did say regime: READ THIS..

    President-elect Barack Obama’s 3 million campaign volunteers got re-enlistment notices this week.

    Hillary took many of us along to help aid her political career and in some sense that was using many women who never involved themselves in politics previously and do not get that it is a game. One has to take involvement in any campaign. Many women and men were emotionally taken into the depths of what they though Hillary represents. She has done much and this should never be questioned. However, her first goal has always been to make lemonade out of every lemon that came her way. I look to her choice here as doing the same because she will be good and will champion far more than Obama realizes. If luck has it and his policies fail (I am betting he will not handle these economic times well as liberals are already swirling him down the drain for his lack of change cabinet). The atmosphere changes and Hillary is placing her cards on the table waiting for the other hands to unfold.

  25. To cut to the chace because I rarely have time to proofread posts…Hillary is playing her hand and waiting out the rest of the game.

  26. The bottom line to our misery over this selection is that we all despised Obama and stood by in fervent support of Hillary during this campaign while he and his minions sought to discredit and cheapen her candidacy.

    We put our lives on hold, lost friends, relatives, partnerships, as a result of our loyalty but sometime around June 3rd the Hillary we all knew and loved disappeared.

    To see her align herself with this lying sack of crapola is very difficult to swallow. She left us behind while we struggled to ascertain her motives through second guessing and reading the tea leaves. As much as I admire her achievements, I will never understand her departure from those who supported her right up to the convention in Denver when our votes were muted through the roll call process.

    I wish her luck as our nation needs viable leadership but I am not about to champion this nomination as I do not understand the about face.

  27. Oh, and by the way, keep on ranting Betty Jean! It is most refreshing!

  28. A woman will be power-less until she is power-full. Don’t you get it? Hillary said so herself: she just doesn’t quit. Hillary will will now have a hand in shaping America’s international policy. She will be America’s envoy and one of the most powerful women in the world. If she had quit, she would be a bitter woman hiding in a corner somewhere in the Senate ’til 2010 looking at the boys getting their own chances for making history. So she once more chose to fight. When the phone rings at 3 AM I sure don’t want ‘both sides’ Obama or ‘gaffe king’ Biden to answer that call. I want competent Hillary telling all of them what to do. So stop using language that makes Hillary seem like an abused woman. She’s strong and standing tall, and I’m very proud of her.

  29. Venus- Your name fits you – the godess of love- I can see your point and there always is two sides to every story isn’t there. We may never know what was in her mind nor will we ever know the end result of the many ways this impacted the world- our democracy and woman- History will be the judge of that long after we are gone.
    I do know that we are all entitled to our feelings on the matter especislly when we were deeply and personally impacted- I was and I see you were also – it’s just that we were impacted differently but no less seriously ! Think on that!

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