The Majority “Uniter”

B.J. – Bless her, has an instinct for it, and no better leader could there be. As the best teams learn when their “Star” goes down with an injury, it’s the opportunity for other (every other) member of the Team to step up. Drawn to her initially by the decision to drive her R.V. to Denver, I have found the connection to her to be far more than Hillary or the ERA. As we heard her compelling story through the final days of her daughter our hearts went out to her, too shocked at the ordeal confronting her. I learned in those days what the anguished cry of a mother can do.

When brothers ride herd on them, little girls can get attention with their screams in a way no calm approach would work. The expressions of outrage, of demands for justice for the terrible things the world has done to her babies, is every mother’s strength. One of my strongest memories is of the voice of the outraged mother of Stacey Moskowitz, the last victim of “Son of Sam.” Her demand for justice for her daughter galvanized the detective force and witnesses – who might otherwise have dismissed their hunches or suspicions – came forward with descriptions, license plate numbers and reports of having seen the shooter loitering in the area, even getting a parking ticket minutes prior to the murder. In contrast, I saw attempts by the community to appeal to the killer of Atlanta’s young boys. When I moved to Georgia in the fall of 1980, the front pages of the Journal-Constitution carried articles recounting the discovery of the bodies of adolescent boys along the sides of roads in wooded areas. Interviews with the mothers of these boys revealed an embarassment with their poverty, a reluctance to accept the murders of their sons, attempting to appeal to the killer to turn himself in for “counseling.” Gentle and beaten down, the families of Atlanta’s murdered children never cried out for Justice, never unleashed anger, attempting instead to show a brave face and to convince themselves that it couldn’t happen to them.

Just as the outburst of Harriet Christianson – incredulous at the stark corruption of the DNC Rules & By-laws Committee – gave birth to the PUMAS, the response of Betty Jean to the political realities of Women, is the womb in which our gestation as Equals takes place. We are participants in the evolution of Women as Citizens. Betty Jean’s manic effort to fend off the anguish of her losses by channeling her emotions into helping others is the clarion to all of us to stand with her. The foundation with which she has provided us must be evolved through the input of our varied and diverse points of view and orientation. We have the Mission Statement and much to gain by findiing our opportunities in the challenge. Take a moment and jot down notes to yourself, finding your core as a sister, a mother, and an American. Let’s Do This.

Stanley Ann Dunham and the Left’s Exploitation of Women

By Robin of Berkeley

Obama’s mother, the oddly named Stanley Ann, died of cancer about fifteen years ago. There’s little known about Stanley Ann, aside from the details provided by Obama and his handlers.  Of course, the truth about Obama’s past is shrouded in secrecy.

But what can be pieced together about Obama’s mom from the information at hand? For one, Stanley Ann was given her strange name by her strange father, Stanley Dunham, who desired a boy instead.  Dunham was a volatile, hard-drinking man, who was expelled from high school for punching his principal.  Mental illness may have run in the Dunham family;  as a boy, Stanley discovered his mother dead of an apparent suicide.

We can make some inferences about Stanley Ann’s childhood based on how her parents raised young Barry.  Stanley Dunham designated the purported Communist, bisexual pedophile,  Frank Marshall Davis, as Barry’s mentor.  Not only was Barry left alone with Davis, but Davis and Dunham would booze and tell dirty jokes in the boy’s presence.  Given the poor judgment Dunham exercised, he likely raised his daughter in the same reckless manner.

As for Stanley Ann’s mom, Madelyn Dunham, she was the main breadwinner of the family;  however, she, like most women of that generation, deferred to her husband.  Thus, she allowed him to choose their daughter’s peculiar name.

Madelyn also permitted Frank Marshall Davis to carouse and smoke pot with her husband, even to mentor the impressionable Barry.  Of course, Obama demonstrated no warmth towards his grandmother whom he dismissed as a “typical white person.”

What else can we deduce about Stanley Ann?  There’s conjecture that Stanley Ann was raised in a radical family with Communist leanings.   She spent her adolescence on progressive Mercer Island;  the left-leaning Unitarian Church they attended there was known as the Little Red Church, while the school board’s chairman was a self-identified communist.  Of course, the family’s connection with Frank Marshall Davis lends credence to the theory of a radical childhood.

As the official story goes, Stanley Ann met Obama Sr. at college, and their relationship produced Barack.  However, American Thinker’s Jack Cashill has highlighted doubts about Obama’s paternity, including the possibility that Frank Marshall Davis may be the father.

If Obama Sr. were Obama’s father,  this is a troubling scenario since Senior was a married man, seven years older, with an apparent alcohol problem.   But even more disturbing is the prospect of Frank Marshall Davis being Obama’s father. Davis was decades older than Stanley Ann, and a purported pedophile.  Davis penned a thinly veiled memoir celebrating his and his wife’s sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl.[i]

It was highly unusual for girls in the 1950’s to have interracial relationships, much less babies, with a man of a difference race.  During this time, however, the Communist Party of the United States encouraged women members to use their feminine wiles to entice men, especially black men, into the movement, as well as to reward the ones who joined up.  Did Communist brainwashing play some role in Stanley Ann’s choice of partners and her subsequent pregnancy?    

Davis himself boasted, “The number of white babes interested in at least one meeting with a Negro male has been far more than I can handle.”  If Frank Marshall Davis were truly Obama’s father, was Stanley Ann one of his many conquests?

While there is no way of knowing, there are reasons to be concerned.  The American Left certainly has a long history of exploiting women.  For instance, during the 60’s, Leftist girls were expected to, according to the slogan:  Say Yes to Boys Who Say No [to the Draft].

Much of the Left’s dirty laundry has been expunged and reconstructed, particularly regarding its treatment of women.  But women have always been viewed as the movement’s maids —  and their mattresses.  In the 60‘s, radical girls were expected to serve the food,  as well as service the men sexually.

Activist Stokely Carmichael articulated the general vibe in an infamous, and candid, response.  When asked the role of women in the Students for a Democratic Society,  Carmichael replied, “The position of women in the movement is prone.”

Radical women were brainwashed to believe that they needed to sacrifice their bodies for the Revolution. The women of the Weather Underground, for example, were required to have sex with any male who asked for it.

If a woman balked and demanded equality,  she was told that women’s rights were secondary to liberating blacks and stopping the war. (Interestingly, the early suffragists were also instructed to put their needs on hold, which is why American women couldn’t vote until 1920, 50 years after black men.)

On the rare occasion that a movement woman would protest, she’d face swift and harsh retribution.  When SDS member Marilyn Webb dared to take to the stage and advocate for women, she was besieged with cat calls and obscenities.  After the event, Webb received death threats.[ii]

The Left’s use and abuse of women did not stop with the 60‘s, nor with the feminist revolution of the 70’s, which was launched, in part, because of the misogynist Left.   And the Left’s misuse of women, the life-bearers, is emblematic of the hypocrisy and the heartlessness that is at the core of the progressive movement.

Today, we see the sad spectacle of a new female generation being manipulated just like their foremothers.   Egged on by radical professors, young women are falling for the same propaganda.

The pressure to be cool, progressive girls — along with the media’s force feeding of hedonism — is corrupting millions of young women.  And the fallout has been far-reaching, not only in broken lives, but in a public health crisis of STD’s, cervical cancer, and abortions.  

 Like robotic Stepford Wives, progressive women of all ages follow their mostly male leaders.   Even women’s studies departments have been hijacked by the Radical Left;   feminist professors support Radical Islam, regardless of the honor killings, stoning, and genital mutilation.

When I think of the Left’s sordid history, I recall another time and place, and another woman who stumbled upon a heavily concealed secret.   Her name was Iris Chang, and she exposed an even more iniquitous period, the Rape of Nanking.  In her landmark book, Chang revealed the mass violation of Chinese women by the invading Japanese troops during World War II.  

Tragically, hearing the horrific details, and receiving death threats, proved too much for Iris Chang.  She suicided a few years after the book’s release.

Perhaps someday, someone with Chang’s courage (and the resources for personal bodyguards) will write a similar-type book about the Left’s abominable treatment of its women.  The narrative should include Diana Oughton, a once ebullient and lively woman who morphed into an emaciated zombie after she joined the Weather Underground.  Oughton was killed in a botched bombing plot.    

There are so many other women, like the nameless, anonymous readers who have emailed me, sharing their stories, sometimes for the first time.  Many of these women were Leftists who turned conservative because of harrowing experiences in radical movements. 

Was Stanley Ann Dunham one of them;  was she a brainwashed victim of a Communist upbringing?   Or was she simply an independent thinker,  who willingly and happily forged her life’s path?

I don’t presume to know.  But I do know that millions of American women have been hoodwinked by those sweet-talking progressives.   And each new day,  another young woman falls under their hypnotic spell. 

 A frequent American Thinker contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.  You can reach Robin through her blog Comments for this article can be posted here.  Robin’s articles are intended for informational and entertainment purposes, not to offer treatment or definitive diagnoses.

[i] Davis has confirmed that his novel, Sex Rebel: Black,  with its description of sex with a l3 year old girl, was autobiographical.  Davis also described himself as “a voyeur and an exhibitionist,” with an interest in group sex, sadomasochism, water sports, simulated rape, and bondage. 

[ii] From:  A Conservative History of the America Left,  by Daniel Flynn

Willie & “Friends” Wake Up To Palin’s ‘WTF’ Comment

(…But UW and Big Fur Hat were there “furst:)” with a WTF t-shirt…getchurs right here: posted at 7:07 a.m. Jan 26.

Kudos to Governor Palin, who had the absolute K’s to actually – with the straightest face – assert that there were “a lot of WTF moments” in the SOTU speech. I love the plateau to which this woman has arrived in the tempering storm of media/liberal assault on her very right to exist! As though she were a roach they could eliminate with a shot of Raid, those whose paychecks come from feeding the media found the 80/20 principle shaking out for them: 20% of their effort; smacking Palin down whenever she pops up, generates 80% of their income. For those producing Cable Television, Palin has proven to be the GoTo subject that always delivers. Hollywood has taught me that ‘bankable’ is the secret to stardom. Have at it, Palin-haters.

Fox & Friends opened their show this morning with an amusing take on the WTF to which Palin alluded on last night’s On The Record With Greta Van Susteren. Brian, Steve and Gretchen all played “dumb” about why she’d bring up the World Tae Kwan Do Federation? Says sweet Gretch, “Thank Goodness, that we all have kids, so that we actually know what she’s talking about.” Over at “Way Too Early,” GeistMeister is saying his viewers will all “be kicking themselves” that they didn’t make the WTF association with the Win The Future meme. Which brings me to the Steven Colbert moment –

– DING –
word of the day, “WOMEN
– DING –
– DING –
Palin, like the girls from “Hire Heels” and the fabulous “Jackie O” know not to be associated with Trolls. We all learned to navigate them during the 2008 Primaries, as they trolled the internet in a search-and-destroy mission to eliminate supporters of HRC and Pawn-cum-navigate their King in Eleven-Level Chess. They prooved that paid BlackWater Mississippi Moon Men had no earthly connection to the duties and spiritual precedents of the Oval Office. None-the-less, because they existed and were “cleverly” deployed by David Phluph to disrupt the Caucuses and Primaries, the PUMA People were “Checked,” but only on the level where “they” could play…..
…Pitiful little Trolls: the “Harry Potter” fans – and especially the membership of the “Order of the Phoenix” were neither stalled nor deterred by the Kreachers of the Obama Campaign. I now understand why the O lived so fatuously in his “I Won” bubble once inaugurated. It was all he had.
In his speech in Manitowac, yesterday, the Co-Manned In Chf spent a moment feathering his “Sputnik” moment. Apparrently, (and coincidentally, he swears) that… “Almost 50 years ago, a chunk of metal came crashing down to the earth, right here! I,I,I promise you, we did not plan this originally…Press won’t believe me… It turns out that it was part of a satellite called, “Sputnik”... and, says Steve Duchie and his son, since that was not planned, it was QUITE the coincidence, eh?
Steve D: Yes, Indeed! “No Kidding. They still remember the spot, over on 8th Street, in Manitowac, where it came down back in 1962.”
Brian K: “Right, so I’m sure no one was hit by it, right? …Sputnik landed in 1962; No Problem?”

Steve D: A 20 pound chunk fell on the street…in the middle of the night.”

In 1962, I was in 5th grade in Saint Domenic’s Parochial School, and remember how the nuns decorated the tree at our get-away-day Christmas party with a tree topper that was, in fact, a glittery silver ball with sparkley little projectiles sticking out of it in every direction. At lunchtime, I recall as though it were today, Sister Aquina, the school principal, leaning over among the 1st Graders pointing out “the little Sputnik” to them. She was smiling and communicating to the 5 and 6 year olds, that the Russians were no longer able to strike fear into the hearts of Catholics. Whether the rest of the world appreciated that, the nuns were a dyed-in-the-wool Advanced Warning System for:
“The Russians are coming!”
“The Russians are coming!”
The Religious Community knew the Communists as cruel invaders of churches and classrooms who murdered and imprisoned teachers who fed the “Opium of the People” Lennin despised.

Here was Sister Mary Aquina, whom I was taught to consider to be a VERY smart woman, a “daddy’s girl” mentored in managing men by her father in Rankin, PA where she grew up. With her awesome nature of generosity toward the uneducated, my 8th grade teacher and future boss had no qualms about pointing to the scientific performance of the Russian Space Program as a breakthrough for the entire world. Ah! Educators. Earn an “A” and all is forgiven…thus the 6th grade boys discerned the way to a powerful Academic woman’s heart: do one thing right. Shades of Janice Joplin, “Cry, Baby!” When the “Woman” in charge goes “Boys Will Be Boys” on us, it’s Crap Sandwich City, learned the girls. Insight into the Black Hand was thus stamped into me. In that same school, where I discovered that no woman had ever occupied the Oval Office, my Convent Catechists assured me that the Constitution didn’t stipulate that the President must be a male. It just never worked out that any woman had been elected over the nearly 200 years of the Republic. “Could a Woman ever be President?” I wondered. It might be up to me to change that “rule,” the Nuns assured me. And so it was, that I always looked to the “Alternative Universe” when I found myself – like a rat in a maze – being run around in circles with “No Exit For Women!” nazis stabbing my feet, shouting in my ear, disorienting my progress and slamming doors in my face.

Of course, it’s a symbol, meant to assure me that I Am Loved. The men in my life made these hurtles deliberately difficult for me to set me up for success. On the floor in aerobics class, I pleaded for mercy from the “bitch” instructor who kicked my ass every morning, because I wanted her to kick my ass and drive me ever more deliberately to a new level of fitness. On the selling floor, wise managers delighted in strong saleswomen egging the guys on to avoid being outsold by a girl. Somehow, a few of us “performers” understood this game and revelled in play. In the world of Sarah Palin, the game remains the GAME. Thanks to “First Dude,” nothing shakes her confidence, nobody “gets to her” to milk her of her power. Palin, unlike the Occupant of the Oval Office (OOO for short) IS a PERSONAL POWER into which she has built herself over the years of taking it as it comes; not crying, “Pourquoi Moi?”
Indeed, boys will be boys. And men, once they get their asses kicked by “The Bitches,” will clean up their act and conduct themselves as gentlemen. This Economy is now driven by Women. The Electorate is at least 52% Women. WOMEN, as truly successful men know, are “The ONES who can get it done. (So fuck you, Oprah!)

The Republic, Founded by our Fathers, is primed, by those who love us, for a take-over by Women. The symbols of a final bridal dance taught me these things. The bride’s mother removes her veil... (opens her eyes to reality.) The bride’s father joins Mother and Daughter, Bridesmaids, Brothers and Sisters to form a circle around the Bride to perform one final gesture of resistance to prevent the Groom from taking away their Little Girl. It’s bittersweet, yet the Family knows it must let her go,… to live her own life, …to form her own family, and expand by doing so, the Love in the Universe.

In her gracious heart, Sarah Palin firmly understands this tradition, and – God Delights In Her Doing So – she goes about digging back when the Trolls attack. Pretty Girls just “seem” to find out early … how to open doors with just a smile.” Smart Girls just know to stay clear of boy-crazies and stay focused on their work. Nothing any guy might do can divert a Woman Called To Serve. With God as her Witness, Sarah Barracuda knows the Republicans don’t know any better than the Democrats. So concerned with the Debt, they had no such qualms when Bush was conducting his disastrous policies, and Women Who Do Books never lost sight of the Triangulation of Bill Clinton co-opting Ross Perot’s issue, taking the concern seriously enough to put the country on the right track, despite his “democrat” status. Kitchen Table Economists are neither snowed by the O, nor concerned by his poor choices. Divinely attuned, we who pray for guidance and give thanks for each day, are reassured that THEIR choices are THEIR responsibilities, and we are responsible for OURS. That abortion issue? It’s not about Abortion: it’s about CHOICE. As you choose better, your choices improve. As you “boot” the right choices, your subsequent choices are reduced accordingly. As we observe these spendthrifts, we have the sense to protect our own interests, preserving them in Mama Grizzly fashion, from those who don’t appreciate our worth. In her days on the campaign trail, Sarah Palin – not unlike Hillary Clinton – had the proverbial kitchen sink slung in her path along with everything else. Her Title IX traditions prevented her from making Hillary’s mistake, putting loyalty to a “Party” ahead of her wicked sharp sense. Running her miles, sweating and recreating herself made the Governor a great Sport. Hillary, while accomplished on so many applicable levels, lacked the one area of inter-relate-ability Palin brings to this Game: GAMESWOMANSHIP.
Observe: The HILL. Level It! The great thing about the GAME is this: it’s meant to be PLAYED. The Women who are cheerleaders and fans of the Guy MAY BE WON by the Winner, and nothing in this world is more certain!

Women who revel in the GAME learn a very special secret once they get out in front and away farom the frenzy. The Great Guys, the fun ones, the ones worth the moniker, “The One” are delighted in you, too! Of course, the GREAT Guys know no girl’s ever going to beat them when they’re on their game. But no human being is on their game all the time. We all take a turn. We sort of “work the draft line” and give our all for the ALL. The GREAT Guys know that the WOMAN’S turn is coming and they CANNOT WAIT for the girls to take over. Saint Anthony: thank you in advance for helping us find those great men.

Where’s the Birth Certificate?

BettyJean Kling,

I am not a Birther, Lou Dobbs is not a Birther, my dear friend Paulie quoted below is not a Birther and there are a lot of others who for the life of us just find it common sense that our president show his long form birth certificate along with all the other documentation we require to know about the background of this man who wants to be president. But when we asked we were called racists and Birthers.

 I only know that I can’t apply for a driver’s license without 6 points of proof in NJ. I also know, as a citizen of the United States, I certainly cannot apply for any substantial job without an extensive check of my credentials. As a teacher I had to jump through hoops to get a job to teach and I certainly had to show my transcripts.

Apparently only non-citizens and illegal aliens are exempt from this scrutiny – and Barack Obama. I for one do not ever again want to hire a president or a Representative who is not accountable to “We the People who employ them for a complete elucidation of their qualifications beginning with long form birth certificate, college transcripts and whatever else I want to know about her or him.  This question of qualification must never be allowed to surface again. It must be clarified before the name is put into the race.

Whatever the reason for the distraction from providing the appropriate illumination in Mr. Obama’s case, clearly there now arises a Birther movement that must be answered and many of us who otherwise were not involved will not demand a complete accounting for all records beginning with the long form and including all transcripts, the Birthers have been asking for.

 It is not unreasonable under the following circumstances. Paulie wrote the following and I fully agree.

As you all know, I am neither a “Birther” *(I can’t wrap my mind around why any U.S. Citizen—other than Angelina Jolie—would choose to have a baby in Kenya– in 1961??); nor am I a fan of Rush Limbaugh. However, it is unbelievably ironic to me that these people –excoriated as nutters and half-wits by Obama and his friends in the media—turn out, actually, to have a case.

For anyone not following this (and I confess I just saw this), apparently the Democratic Governor of Hawaii vowed to put an end to the ‘Birther controversy’ by tracking down a copy of Obama’s actual hospital birth certificate—except it turns out—Governor Abercrombie can’t find one!

Apparently, there’s a “little notation” in the records, but no document.

I mean, this has got to be a little uncomfortable for Anderson Cooper, David Shuster, Rachel Maddow (not to mention virtually every writer at Salon and HuffPost) etc. who’ve vented such spleen ridiculing these people.

Too funny, no? *except for its ‘novelistic’ possibilities


I personally believe Lou Dobbs lost his job at CNN because he questioned why Obama did not produce the long form birth certificate and get it over with.  I believe they waited a reasonable time then let him go so as not to make it obvious but that is the reason. I also believe – we should not let this man run again without insisting that he provide whatever we ask for. I hope Rush Limbaugh- who may or may not be a loon – sticks to his guns and makes this happen- I was not a Birther and I have no idea where this man was born but I do know he is not above the law and If I have to show 6 points of proof to get a drivers license – he should show whatever the hell we ask for to run the most powerful country in the world.

 What say you?

Top-rated talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday questioned why new Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has not gotten support from the White House in his efforts to resolve the doubts of so-called “Birthers” about Barack Obama’s place of birth.

Limbaugh also says he finds it “stunning” that Abercrombie still can’t prove Obama was born in Hawaii as he maintains.

Abercrombie has stated that he wants to put to rest assertions that Obama may not have been born in the United States and therefore is not eligible to serve as president, assertions fueled by Obama’s lack of a hospital-generated birth certificate.

But Limbaugh noted that Abercrombie now says “a hospital generated birth certificate for Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health”. He said efforts were still being made to track down definitive vital records that would prove Obama was born in Hawaii.

“Remember, he started out, the whole reason for doing this, was to get it off the table so it wasn’t an election issue for 2014.

“But he’s done the exact opposite now. How many of us could get away with saying, ‘Yeah, there’s a little notation somewhere there in the archives, but we can’t find the birth certificate.’”

Limbaugh compared Abercrombie’s vow to demonstrate Obama’s Hawaii birth before he knew he could produce the birth certificate to a lawyer granting immunity to someone before knowing what the person was going to say.

Regarding Obama’s supposed Hawaii birth, “they still can’t prove it,” Limbaugh said.

“It is stunning to me. The governor of Hawaii vowed when he took office that he would do his best to end the debate over Obama’s birth, which began in 2008 during the presidential campaign.

“Where’s the president on this? Where’s the president’s vow to end the debate over his birth. We’re going on four years on this. It keeps intensifying.

“Where’s Obama? Where’s the White House? Is this guy flying alone? Neil Abercrombie on his own on this? So much of this is difficult to fathom, to believe.”

Read more on Limbaugh: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

Why the left hates Sarah Palin

By BettyJean

It takes a great woman to humble herself as Robin did to accentuate Sarah’s accomplishments in such a magnanimous way.  Who does this for a woman you don’t even know, let alone for a women so many others go out of their way to hurt.  Ahhhh but there is a place in heaven for Robin of Berkeley. Below nothing compare to the full story – go read it and support her blog! This is a woman who supports women!

Robin of Berkeley
American Thinker:

People on the left hate Palin for one simple reason: because she is everything they are not.  She is their polar opposite because her life journey has diverged from the prescribed liberal path.

Palin was raised to be self-sufficient and independent since “idle hands are the devil’s tools.”  Little Sarah was up at the crack of dawn, hunting with her dad; in sharp contrast, liberal kids like me were still fast asleep. 

Palin didn’t have life handed to her on a silver platter, like so many in the ruling class.  Instead, Sarah balanced school, chores, jobs, and sports.  While liberal girls like me were glued to the boob tube, Sarah had no time for sloth.

Palin attended church with her family on Sundays. On Sunday morning, young liberals like me were recovering from Saturday night.

From her devout Christian upbringing, Sarah learned to be a good girl.  In contrast, I learned everything I needed to know about how to be a modern girl from the monthly Playboy Magazine, which was conspicuously displayed on our living room table.

Sarah dated and then married her high school sweetheart; I learned that my body was a commodity that I “owned.”  And I could use my body — and allow it to be used — to temporarily still the pangs of loneliness.

There’s a lyric from a Matt Maher song that always moves me to tears.  It’s when he cries out to God: “Where were You when sin stole my innocence?”  

When I hear these words, an unspeakable pain cuts through me.  I feel the ache of something stolen from me — something precious, never quite recovered.  And there are countless others out there, similarly robbed, though they have no idea what has gone missing.

And then, out of the blue, Sarah Palin, like a majestic bird in flight, swooped onto the scene of a depraved and deprived nation.  With her children and grandchild, her religion and her patriotism, Sarah is the antithesis of everything the progressives stand for.  Palin is not just pro-life, but she emanates life — and good, clean living.  

Read the full story here:

But she’s an eagle when she flies

By: BettyJean Kling

Tonight I sat here still crying about something that I could not accomplish and still feeling like a failure for dreaming an impossible dream. This has been going on for several months now, I am not used to the word can’t and certainly not accustomed to the concept back-off let alone the term quit. But there comes a time when you realize that maybe we really don’t need a new mousetrap after all.  

I am trying to sort out how much of my 62 years of being me do I have to relinquish to move on? I feel like this is what I was born to do cause it’s all I have ever wanted to do and enjoyed doing so much that I would do it from sunrise to sunrise  day after day without pay, sacrificing all and suffering humiliation for. It’s a passion that I even thought I had all the time in the world to solve and one that everyone would welcome. How odd that it seems clear to me what some of our problems are and what we need to do collectively to fix it—seems totally impossible for most other women to even consider.

NOW—lost its way a long time ago when it sold out to a political party and cast off half of the nations women to the wind right on queue. The men set them up and said “jump” and they did. Now instead of a majority united, the movement for women’s rights for ALL women DIED.  

Lack of Majority Unity for Independence, equality and the demand for a level of respect of WOMEN …  Gave us “Bitch, Whore, Slut, Cunt, Ho, and Witch” Instead of equal rights for all, we are all stuck with the choice of some~ Bettyjean Kling 2011 —  dontchloveit?

Anyway, nearly 40 years of watching the media increasingly sexualizing our youth so that it is normal for our children both male and female to internalize as fact that our girls and women are nothing more than disposable sex objects to be used and abused. Have you seen the Jersey Shore or heard about MTV? MTV’s ‘Skins’ — PTC Wants Kiddy Porn Investigation |

Then 20 some odd years ago, I tried my hand at third party politics full well knowing the two party system is no friend to women. I wrote The Patriot Plan: Voter Imposed Term Limits, Vote em out vote em all out. ( I was Tea party before the Tea Party)  I ran for assembly as an Independent twice. Both sides tried to recruit me. I helped Ross Perot with his two Independent campaigns I was and still am the National Sect. of the American Reform Party

In 2007, I joined the fight to put Hillary Clinton in office as the first female president of The United States. Why?

1-      She was the most qualified candidate running from either side
2-      I hated Baby Bush- I know what a horrible reason that was
3-      I wanted to see the first woman in office be as courageous, smart and stellar and tireless as Hillary. 

I was only hesitant about her because she stayed with Bill. I had a hard time accepting that- she could have been a model for women never to accept that treatment again. But then I read her books and satisfied myself with the idea  that she kept her vows. And no other women in the near  future could fill her shoes so weighing that against the quality and qualifications of the men to pick from – it was a no brainer! Looking back now – I was still right based on the choices given.

Our problems are with all the career politicians – I was also right about that 20 some odd years earlier.

In 2008, Disgusted with all prior efforts to help women , as FreeMeNow, I founded The Majority United, (TMU).  I was told good luck trying to get the left and the right to agree on anything. It’s like herding cats literally. It’s a cat fight- and I got hell for calling it that BUT it is what it is.

Now 2011- I am about to be 63—I started this thread telling you I was feeling like a failure but I am ending up feeling like a winner.  I may not have created a group of millions of women —  yet!  But hell, I have had thousands and thousands, I have had millions of hits, my ideas have been seen and heard, that’s more than a lot of people get to do about their dreams!

I have met thousands of really great women, I have interviewed nearly a thousand, I now have friends all over the world- even Australia!

 I have stood my ground about holding women and children up, have refused to allow Sarah, Hillary or even that Nancy Pelosi to be degraded as a women on my sites. I am richer for all the wonderful women who have volunteered their time and effort with me and for other women. And I am dedicating the following video to all those wonderful ladies I call sister – keep up the good fight.

 I dedicate this incredible video to you for all your help for the past 3.5 years.


Palinoia: a lesson on woman’s derangement

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

UPDATE 7:18 PM : You must read Robin of Berkley – American Thinker

She puts this rant to shame and shows me that I no longer have the stomache for this. I’m burnt out. Done , finished, can’t handle this trying to help women anymore- Thank you Robin of Berkley!

I just read a really good piece that confirms my suspicions about why people treat Governor Sarah Palin the way they do. The reason, however, doesn’t matter because … there is never a good reason to treat another human being the way Ms. Palin is treated.

I am so disgusted by the failure in our society for having anyone available to step up and properly denounce this unseemly behavior.  I want to scream obscenities and shake people and slap faces and call POTUS ugly names for not admonishing the nation for this outrageous and un-American behavior.

 If our President is this lame, where in God’s good name is the Pope, to call on our church leaders? Surely someone somewhere? Why haven’t her friends the Grahams called out to that to heal itself of this ungodly behavior?

Faux Feminists can’t say they are for women while they help with the onslaught.  Conservatives can’t be doing the Lord’s will. Obviously it’s about jealousy from the women – women who can’t stand the fact that she has it all and looks like she does and actually enjoys her life too! There she is in her leather suits looking better than a body has a right too, while also being able to cook, clean, hunt, and have babies, and work outside the home as the Governor of a state and have a brain?

Afraid she sets the bar too high?

I didn’t think it could be done either – but it obviously can – and she obviously has a real life with real problems too, a Down syndrome baby, a daughter whose real life problems had to be aired and discussed by the whole world.  

 I also get the part men and women alike can’t stand a woman who stand up to the biggest and the best of them – even telling POTUS he hasn’t got the cajones.  Frankly, she has more balls than most Americans have.

IMHO, Palin’s problem is men are afraid their balls will shrink and women are afraid more will be expected of them and they may have to grow a pair.  The haters call her a moron.

Hypocritical Bastards. The duplicity of the Left is frightening – are they schizophrenic or dim-witted or just plain take the rest of us for fools?

Just exactly where are these  haters sitting right now, how much in their bank accounts, how many positions straight up the ladder have they held, and have they run for VP of the US lately?  Who’s the moron?

It’s one thing to not like the women’s politics—it’s quite another thing to be so damned jealous of another woman that you would … 

For three years I have worked my finger to the bone trying to unite women from both sides of the aisle and God love them many have come. I formed a 501(c)3, and several wonderful women run groups have also joined our efforts but I keep hitting the same roadblock each time I stand up for Sarah Palin. Some balk, some quit. Well I am not going to stop standing up for Sarah or for any other human being who is mistreated and since that doesn’t suit enough women– is going to take one step back for every step it takes forward. I guess this organization’s odds of success are only 50/50 at this time. Not my kind of investment- I have already vested a fortune and frankly – I have fallen in love with almost every women I have met and worked with but we were born women and my dream of uniting women is lost on an era of women no longer existing in  numbers large enough to pull it off.

We don’t need another girls club; we already have enough Liberal women’s groups and Conservative women’s groups. We have minority women’s groups, we have hate groups, love groups, uppity groups and every damned group you can think of including the one and only WOMEN’s group founded and created to unite all women regardless and in spite of all the above but it fails to gain ground precisely because too many women prefer to run in packs like wolves, and klatch in their gossipy little groups or form cliques devastating for odd girls out who are ostracized.

And so they shall remain as they please. “They” said it couldn’t be done – “They”   were right- it can’t.

Someone much more articulate and less aggravated with “They” than I, wrote a hell of a good article- Read it here:

Palinoia, the Destroyer
What’s behind the left’s deranged hatred?

Palin Death Threats: Odium from the Left surmounts the stench of rotting fish

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

The opprobrium brought upon America by the hateful behavior of the pigs who write and those who tolerate the following behavior under the guise of first amendment need hang your heads in shame. Each day that goes by makes me ashamed to be associated with the left, what a bunch of Pigs. And the women- well any women who would allow this to go on to one of her sisters should never again wonder why she is considered a second class citizen – it’s because she acts like one! Great work sisters- I am speechless… No I’m not I just remembered that famous quote: First They came for the Jews – Pastor Martin Niemoller—look it up

I am going to steal its cadence!

First they came for Hillary,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Liberal.

Then they came for Sarah,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Conservative.

Then they came for the Independents,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an Independent.

Then they came for the rest of the women
and there was no one left to speak out for them.

YouTube Video Calling for Palin’s Death Spurs Outrage
Friday, 14 Jan 2011 10:22 AM

  “Why couldn’t Sarah Palin get shot instead?”
  “I hope Sarah Palin dies an ugly death and takes her moronic hate with her.”
  “Can somebody please shoot Sarah Palin?”
  “I hope Sarah Palin gets cancer and dies in the next two years.”
  “Sarah Palin should be shot for her encouragement of fanaticism against Democrats.”
 “Join us in praying to God that Sarah Palin contracts cancer and dies.”
  “Sarah Palin is the single most dangerous threat to the future of the human race. Somebody bloody shoot her.”

Read more on YouTube Video Calling for Palin’s Death Spurs Outrage


Robin Carlson: Gone Too Soon

Robin Carlson: A Celebration of Her Life
Robin Carlson invited you · Share · Left to be with the Lord on January 2, 2011

Robin and BJ in DC

Robin Carlson and my Denise were both suffering Cancer at the same time , My denise lost her battle two years earlier and I will never forget how guilty Robin felt that she survived – she almost could speak with me. I tried to comfort her and let her know it was ok and I was happy to have one beautiful girl left but somehow it just was never the same. Just recently I was trying to find Robin for fear that she might be in bad shape again – I wish I had found her in time to comfort her before she left. I am now pretty sure my two girls are rocking around up there feeling a whole lot better that what they were battling through on this earth.

 We will miss you girls here but God love you and keep you till we meet again and I am in peace knowing you rest without pain and without fear and no more CANCER .

Is There A Doctor In The House – Or The Senate?

By Joe Klock, Sr.

As the story goes, this guy goes to his Doctor for the umpteenth time with the same urgent complaint:

“Hey, Doc, I’ve been coming here for months and I keep feeling lousier and lousier. I’ve never felt worse in my whole life. What’s wrong with me, anyway?”

As this story goes on, the phriendly physician (we strive here for consistency) pauses and phrowns (see foregoing) before he replies:  

“Well, the truth is that you’re dying, Pal. In fact, you’ve been dying for a long time and you’re damn-near dead right now. I’m surprised that you even made it here today.”

The Patient (screaming):

“Nearly dead? How long have you known that”

The Doctor (calmly):

“Oh, for quite a while. Actually, as long as I’ve been treating you.”

The Patient (not at all so):

“My God, man, why haven’t you told me?”

The Doctor:

“Well, two reasons. First of all I didn’t want to upset you and also, I was afraid I might lose you as a patient if I prescribed nasty medicine.”

Okay, it’s a silly yarn, but it’s too true to be good if applied to the so-called “entitlements” (e.g., Social Security and Medi-whatever) so resolutely being shielded by our elected reprehensibles on Crapitall Hill.

On each and every day for the next two decades, ten thousand Baby Boomers will reach the age of eligibility for full retirement benefits – the Brass Rings of Geezerdom. But, like the early masons in so many pyramid schemes of yore (and the lucky few who got in and out before wiley old Bernie made off with all that loot), it will be a dream come only temporarily true for the newly old.

As noted in an earlier column (write for a copy), only the first feeders at the public trough will be paid out of what is, in reality, a “Phantom Phund,” one which will go broke well before the younger oldsters approach the Grim Reaper.

The others, unless Congress performs major (and painful) surgery, will get the finger, instead of a handout, in the not-so-sweet bye and bye. Because, folksies, them-there “entitlements” are at death’s door, but our legislative doctors don’t have the stones to tell us so and prescribe the bitter medicine and hurtful therapy that’s needed – desperately and now!

Here it is – once more with feeling, and no fooling:

The real money carefully set aside in past years by you-all and I-all as a “phund” to pay future benefits was raided, raped and piddled away over subsequent years on expenditures having nothing to do with IOU’s to us-all in the program.

It was (fraudulently, sez I) replaced with IOU’s from Uncle Sam, payable by future generations who have nothing to gain beyond bailing out public servants with degrees of integrity that would make pickpockets  look like philanthropists.

The truth, buried underneath a mountain of bureaucratic bullscat and financial sleight-of-hand, is that their ain’t no easy way out of our current problem; and it IS ours, unless we choose to fob it off on our defenseless begats and grand-begats.

It will take one, or a combination, of the following prescriptions to cure the present malady and  prevent it from becoming a congenital American plague:

– Raise the retirement age for those able to qualify for gainful employment.
– Increase the tax bite on those who are still productive.
– Scale back existing programs that are unrealistic.
– Pay benefits only to those genuinely in need of financial aid..
– Initiate draconian penalties on dirtbags who swindle the system.
– Narrow the scope of services provided.
– Fire the gutless governmentniks who know only how to kick cans down the road.

As to that last item: We, the people (or are we sheeple?) need only grant to those in power the time between now and Election Day, 2012 to diagnose our national maladies, prescribe remedial therapies and present us with the bill.

If the entire House of Reprehensibles, and fully a third of the Sinate [sic], fail to take meaningful action between now and then, we have an opportunity – read solemn obligation – to kick their asses out.

We can only then – but not until then – replace them with political doctors who subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath – to heal, rather than do further harm. (Enough with the Hypocritical blather they presently proffer!)

We may not like the necessary treatment, but it beats the poo-poo out of a lingering death for our nation and/or a lifelong plague on those beloved begats.

Freelance wordworker Joe Klock, Sr. ( winters in Key Largo and Coral Gables, Florida and summers in New Hampshire. More of his “Klockwork” can be found at