I am Woman Hear me Roar


Dedicated to the Jackasses who insist I hate Hillary and Men I’m just asking for a little R E S P E C T for all women

By BettyJean Kling


Women have always been so misunderstood. The minute we try to get some respect we are immediately shut down. Today I got a comment to one of my posts entitled reply “anti-male sexist much?”


I love my 2 sons and my 6 grandsons and my sons-in law (well 2 of them anyway) and I cry for my son Mikie daily who passed 8 years ago. No I do not hate men – I although I am not liking Mr. Anonymous who didn’t even have the balls to sign his name.

Anonymous said…

Geesh!! Anti-male sexist much?

That this long after your so-called candidate (presuming we’re still talking Clinton and not Palin) lost, and lost BIG in the primary you are still whining, wringing your hands and moaning hugely betrays your feelings of female privilege.


Clinton LOST LOST LOST by all rules agreed to by all parties before the contest ever began to the better candidate. Just because she has an “innie” instead of an “outie” does not qualify her to be selected over the one rightfully elected.


This election WAS historic. For the record, it also would have been historic, although tragic had it been won by Clinton or McCain (due to Palin).


If you honestly believe women are so “oppressed,” you need to read some unbiased authors like Hoff-Sommers or Farrell.


·          Battered women have advocates and shelters in every large US city. Battered men have one shelter in California and one help line in Maine.

·          Women in divorce get custody almost 100% of the time they ask for it. Men get to “visit” their children and pay backdoor alimony aka child support.

·          The second a man is (falsely or not) accused of rape, his name is plastered throughout the media. Should the allegation prove false, she is almost never publicly identified.

·          Women criminals who murder their children get counseling and probation. Men criminals who murder their children get prison or death.

·          Women homeless get shelters and vouchers. Men homeless get a newspaper and an underpass.

·          Girls who get statutorially raped by men get a “victim” label and their abuser prosecuted. Boys who get staturorially raped by women get a “lucky #$#$” label and their abuser returned to their community.

·          Men make up 99% of on-the-job fatalities — to pay money to court, and sometimes directly to, women who work comfy inside jobs or often not at all.

·          In a committed relationship, women get the choice to work full time, work part time or stay at home. Men get the non-choice: work full time.

·          It is recognized as racism that blacks die years younger than whites but not as sexism that men die years younger than women.


It just goes on and on, once you open your eyes to it. By refusing to acknowledge it, you only perpetuate it. November 12, 2008 7:01 AM  

And this jackass has the nerve to ask me if I am “anti-male sexist much?” Yikes – he answered this post with this canned speech before the pressed were even cold I can tell he is a card carrying “anti-female sexist much!”

Why is it always about everyone but us – why are we always last? I like to say I was born a feminist because from my earliest memory – I always knew I was treated differently and I did not like it.  I always asked why? And the answer was always the same. “Because you are a girl.”  My reply was also always the same- So what?

I have been married a few times – I’m not real good at it- they always say they are going to understand my 100% concept but they never do – so I keep my end of the bargain and when they break the contract – I’m outta there!

You know if couple each gave 100% – doing for one another would be great then whatever we did would never seem menial but done of love and concern – but when what we do for the other is demanded – expected and disrespected or taken for granted – and we are mistreated because of our choices – it becomes a problem.

I chose to keep all my children and to stay home and raise them- I chose to put my education on the back burner – I chose to do traditional things while my friends became professionals early on in life. I say chose to put my life on hold but truth be told I had 4 kids and a divorce by 19, I started so damned early I missed the sixties altogether and I’m  running around doing all those things – less the drugs  so far- in my sixties instead.

Today my sisterhood and I – we all stand together equal in strength and character and value as we should. Some conservative- some liberal and some independent. Some married- some divorced – some never married and some gay. Some with children and some childless. I finally caught up with these women thanks to Hillary and for that I will forever be grateful to the 60 year old who pulled us all together and reminded us what we started fighting for in the sixties and never got and why we need to start the women’s movement again.

Can you hear me now?