Calling All Women to Serve as “Daughters”…


Calling All Women to Serve as “Daughters”…
Monday, March 30, 2009


Free Me Now!

Free Me Now! is a Blog founded with the original Mission Statement of being “primarily dedicated to restoring democracy to our union”.But, something else happened along the way… somethng unimaginable for any Woman, especially Women who are also Mothers.

That “something” is that Free Me Now Founder, Betty Jean Kling’s two daughters, Denise Richardson, who was in the final stage of ovarian cancer, and Louisa Rodas, her sister’s caregiver, were attacked by the same man. In June 2008, Denise’s estranged husband attacked her with a hammer for refusing him her pain medication. He was released after spending three months in jail, only to attack again. According to reports, three months after his release, on December 15th, he broke into Betty Jean’s home, where Louisa was caring for Denise, and shot Louisa in the face with a shotgun.


Denise Richardson

Today, Free Me Now! is as much about Justice for all Women… and protection from Domestic Violence… as it is about restoring our Democracy. Without Women’s Rights, there is no true democracy – anywhere.Today, Free Me Now! is also about “Louisa’s Law”, named for her surviving daughter, still recovering, with a severe brain injury from the shotgun blast to her face and head. Denise lost her battle to ovarian cancer on March 7, 2009.


Louisa Rodas

Betty Jean Kling is about a lot of things when it comes to Women’s Rights and Democracy and pity isn’t one of them. Denise and Louisa’s lives were about a lot of thing’s also, including helping their Mother in her work when that something else happened

Therefore, it isn’t with pity, but with honor that Voices will be asking our readers to support Free Me Now! and Betty Jean Kling’s efforts – by symbolically standing in as Bettty Jean Kling’s daughters – in honor of Denise and Louisa – until we get Louisa’s Law passed…

It is exactly what Denise and Louisa would be doing, on behalf of All of US…

Thank You, Betty Jean, Denise and Louisa!

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  1. I am so deeply sorry… i am speechless.. may the Lord carry you and give you strength through this… i will keep you, Denise and Louisa in my prayers. xoxo

  2. Thank you- just keep fighting for a women’s rights ammendment ERA and to make violence against women a Hate Crime!
    Please pass the word around that we ust all unite and stand together. Just as Alice paul got us the vote – so shall we get us ERA and then stop the violence. Until we are Equal under the law we are lower than animals.

    Remember they would not send a beaten dog home with an abuser but they will a wife!

    • I have been almost 10 years free from my abusive ex~ he took so much of me and killed it.. taking time to gain confidence and know I can get by alone.. I try to inform young girls all the time the warnings and scars left by allowing someone to do this to you… took me along time but i finally said “ENOUGH”!

  3. Dear Ms Kling,
    I obviously am not a lady so I cannot be one of your “Daughters” being called for here.
    However, I read this sad tale and I express first my deepest sympathy to you over and for two beautiful young daughters. I can only say they would have made me proud as a father, so I can barely imagine your pride in them.
    THIS . . . is beyond a tragedy! It is a full out horror story of a corrupted, mindless, and heartless judicial system. I dare say the interpretation of the “letter” of some very lame, poorly worded, domestic violence law. When what was obviously needed was a justice/judge with common sense who would apply the “spirit of the law,” and kept the beast locked away.
    And I realize this is far too little far too late. However, from one man, to a saddened mother, not all of us are like that. I promise there are those of us who hate that representation of men and again, Ms Kling, I am deeply sorry and saddened for your pain.
    I pray COMPLETE justice will be served this time around and at some point peace will be restored to your heart and mind.
    With respect,
    Frank C. Vozenilek, Sr.

  4. Thank you Frank,

    I have 3 beautiful, now orphaned grandsons so believe me, I already believe all men are not like that. I know in my heart these three boys will not be brutes and abusers but kind souls like yourself.

    I also have a deceased son that I adored- he died of cancer 9 years ago at 34. He was not a brute

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind thoughtful letter .


  5. […] On this eve of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, BettyJean Kling is courageously at the bedside of her daughter Louisa Rodus. […]

    • Dear BettyJean, you are in our prayers. God is still the
      God of miracles, and I do believe He will work a miracle for you. No two people can carry the same cross, and you will see victory at the end of the road. God bless you and keep you ever courageous. We need Deborah type women in this hour.

      love, Julie and her husband Pastor Victor Affonso

  6. Thank You Julie and thank you for your post over at Planned Parenthood too! I always welcome those posts – I hope no one makes any contrary comments- I would hate that.
    Did you see my new mission statement.
    I am trying very very hard to bring all women together and unite the Majority by making abortion an issue that is not a Woman’s issue but personal issue amoung those who want it to be their issue . I do not want htis to be an issue put on all women – that is not fair to all women – why should we have it as ours if it is not ours?
    Not fair- where is our freedom of choice?
    Check out my mission statement –

  7. Domestic violence is a very bad thing. Violence against anyone is a bad thing. if your husband beats you, report it to the police. Then go out and buy a gun. Keep it with you and wait until after he hits you and shoot him. I have a carry and conceal license. If some gang banger attacks me in an alley I am going to shoot him. Its known as a .13 cent solution=] If you choose not to shoot him and to prolong your agony then just leave. go to a friends, take the kids, and again report it to the police immediately. I mean is this that hard? If I was being picked on at school and beat up by a bully I had 2 choices. Fight or go tell the teacher. Problem solved. We don’t need a female organization against violence. Everyone not just females have violent acts put upon them. It happens. Either deal with it or create a solution. Now I can only imagine the responses I am going to get about how its not that easy. How I am a mean man who thinks he can solve anything, and god only knows what you are going to say about me after you read my blog, but the choice is yours. Deal with it or end it. Make a decision. Easier than shopping for shoes.

  8. I am so sorry for your losses… mind just can’t imagine the depth of you losses. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Thank you so very much! Please join us as we fight for all women – and all citizens and for our country.

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed The Majority United FreeMeNow.wordpress The Majority United Radio Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

  9. What can I do to help?
    May God sustain you and lead you.
    Be strong and never waiver. We are behind you.
    I’m so sorry this happened.
    I lost my best friend in high school to domestic violence.

    • You can remain vigilent and join The Majority United as we all fight to restore dignity to our country and fight to restor dignity to women in media . We must stand together- be strong- and help one another – we can no longer afford to be divided by party politics which has kept us in two camps of 26% – not anymore- it is time we fight as one united group as the founders intended that this nation be independent of the government- a democracy represented by those we elect to represent us and serve us not the other way round.
      Join us as we take back our country!

  10. So nice to meet other women fighting for what they want, what is right.

  11. Nice to meet you- Pleaase sign up for our newsletter – we don’t want you to miss any news and we want you to know who will be our guests on the radio show Monday and Wed. night as well.
    Thanks for finding us and we are happy to have you.

  12. im sorry 4 yer daughters that they had a white trash, red neck, racist nazi for a mother. im sorry that yer estranged husband killed yer daughter & not u. im sorry that yer daughter had cancer & not u. at least the’re out of their misery. were still suffering from yer presence.

  13. Bro Joe, you are a despicable thing. Couldn’t call you a man because real men don’t attack people like you just did.

  14. I just love this web site. We need more like this. I am working with other mothers like me who left our abusive spouses only to lose custody to our abuser. Go to to learn more and to read my story. Good luck ladies and let me know if there is any way we can work together.

    • We certainly can work together- I have formed a coalition of women’s groups so while we can and should each have our own groups – we can and should all work under one umbrella call WOMEN- the Majority United. Welcome to the only group that never asks what party you belong to or how you feel about abortion or gay rights but instead says – welcome sister lets stand together and go arm in arm toward equality under the law and demand fair and equal treatment for all human rights due us as human beings in the greatest country in the world.

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United Founder: W.O.M.E.N. Sign up for our Email Newsletter http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio WOMEN Live Nationwide Mon & Wed 10 pm Eastern Call-in Number: ( 347 ) 838-8011 BTR Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize ! Connect with TheMajorityUnited:

      Connect with FreeUsNow:

  15. I meet amazing women with amazing stories all the time….but I have to say yours is unbelievable. I can’t imagine going through that, I have three daughters myself….
    I also have a son who is 22 years old now and I’m so proud of him for being a kind and loving young man. I didn’t raise my son to be abusive to women, but to appreciate and honor the women in his life.

    Thank you for fighting for justice!

    • Daniele, Thank you for your comments, I can hear so much emotion in them. We had justice this weel the abuser was sentenced to 30 years by a judge who understood and sentenced to the full extent of the law.
      It wan’t easy- I had to fight every day for three years. I had to beg strangers daily for help and letters to the judge- I had to saturate the web. I am still doing so and sadly only 3 women showed up in court by my side.
      It is urgent that women stand up for DV justice- it is almost as though we have given up expecting Justice. I am so pleased that you have noted that you have a son and you have raised him to respect women.
      My deepest appreciation to you for doing your part! We could also use you on the front lines to help us achieve justice as every 4 minutes a woman is brutalized by a man who does not honor her!
      Consider joining The Majority United and stand with us to bring Justice for all.

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