Angela McGlowan – United States Congress

Angela McGlowan hails from the State of Mississippi and is running for the 1st Congressional District of North Mississippi.

A black conservative woman, Tea Party supporter and Tea Party spokesperson and a Tea Party favorite,  who is a Mississippi native.


Another gutsy woman!  “No deer in the headlights”!

Ms. McGlowan is a passionate speaker and a very remarkable woman who speaks her mind and is not afraid of the “establishment”!

A “breath of fresh air”,  one of the many  “new faces” of women running for political office for the very first time and she fully understands how the bureaucratic system of Washington D.C. works.

“Small business woman, motivational speaker, former political analyst,  who is multifaceted  and a best selling author of “Bamboozled”:  How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda.”   

She will face off against her two male opponents in the  Primary on June 1, the winner will go on to face the “Blue Dog Democrat” in November!

“In a recent “straw poll” by the Tea movement  held April 3-4, 2010, Angela garnered 70% over her two opponents,  who received a  20% and a 10% .”

We are living during “Historic Times” and if Ms. McGlowan wins her Primary and the election in November, this will be a first for the People of Mississippi and the State of Mississippi at the U.S. level! 

We wish Ms. McGlowan, the best!

For more information about Angela McGlowan and her campaign:


Christine O’Donnell-United States Senate

This is a companion piece to “A woman’s place is in the House..and in the Senate” posted by our own Betty Jean and contributed by Steve Maloney.


You Tube is a marvelous invention!

It gives the American People the opportunity to experience almost anyone and anything up close and personal.

Please take sometime to watch this video of Christine O’Donnell, who is running for the U.S. Senate for Delaware and her most passionate speech! 

Christine O’Donnell is just one of many women, who are running for political office, who have the will and the stamina to persevere in the political arena even against “overwhelming odds”!

This is a historical time in the history of our nation and anything is possible! 

This is the perfect time to replace the incumbents with more women in the House and the Senate and maybe, just maybe, someday, a woman will indeed be President and Commander in Chief !

If women want more of a voice in our government, the answer is to support women, who are not afraid of the “Lord’s of the Backroom”!  (Love her tag, it fits like a glove!)

“Kick the bums to the curb” in the Mid Term elections in November and beyond!

We need “fresh new faces and Patriots” to replace all incumbents!

For more about Christine O’Donnell or to help her campaign:

The Diana Lynn Harris Disappearance

Diana Lynn Harris was 27 years old at the time of her disappearance from the Big Pine Key, Florida in 1981.

Her daughter Christine Hill was 10years old at the time of her mother’s disappearance.

This is Christine Hill’s 30 year journey of her search for any information to the disappearance of her mother, Diana Lynn Harris. 


Diana Lynn Harris                   

My mother, Diana Lynn Harris, 27, disappeared from Big Pine Key, Florida, in October 1981.  I was ten years old at the time.  My brother and I were in Michigan, visiting our father.  After our mother’s disappearance, our grandmother raised us.

When I turned 17, I returned to Florida to begin my personal investigation of Mom’s disappearance.  I’ve been at it ever since.  Information I’ve recently uncovered leads me to suspect that my mother may have become a threat to an ongoing, major drug operation and that she might not have been the only person to lose her life for that reason.

I recently ran names connected to Mom’s disappearance through a search engine.  When I ran the name “Mark Ripin” – an ex-convict, who was questioned in regard to my mom’s case — I landed on the Real Crimes web site.  My heart dropped into my shoes when I discovered that Mark Ripin was also questioned as a possible suspect in the “Tom Stump Missing Persons Case,” and that several other individuals linked to my mother’s case are also linked to Tom Stump’s case.

On the web site I learned that Tom Stump disappeared from Sugarloaf Key, Florida, in 1995.  Like my mom, his body was never found.  At the time of his disappearance, Tom was married to Mark Ripin’s ex-wife, Bernie Ripin/Stump.  A few days prior to vanishing, Tom was telling people that he suspected Bernie of having an affair with radio talk show host Bill Becker. As soon as she was legally able to do so, Bernie married Becker.

I recognized some of the names on the web site and on the message board as people my mom knew back in 1981.  Mark Ripin, the ex-con; Mark’s then-wife Bernie; and their attorney friend, Mitchell Denker, were part of a tight knit group of friends who partied together — and some of whom actually lived together — during that time period.  My mom was introduced to that group by a new boyfriend, Gary Vincente Argenzio, who, I’ve now found out, was another ex-convict and a close friend of Mark Ripin.  Mark Ripen was then, and still is, a close friend of Bernie’s fourth and current husband, Bill Becker, who was Bernie’s live-in boyfriend in 1980 and again began living with her after Tom Stump vanished in 1995.

In October 1981, Mom phoned a friend in Michigan from a hot tub at attorney Mitchell Denker’s “party house” on Big Pine Key and told her that a big drug drop-off was scheduled and she was afraid the phone might be tapped.  She also mentioned guard dogs. That’s the last anybody ever heard from her.  I’ve since been told by someone in law enforcement that certain police officers attended functions at that party house and that some lost their jobs because of the activities there. 

My grandmother filed missing person’s reports in both Michigan and Monroe County, Florida.  Nobody at the party house reported Mom missing.

One week after Mom vanished, Gary Argenzio stole a boat that belonged to a man named Robert Thompson.  Mitchell Denker told me that Gary also stole two motorcycles from him and possibly a gun.  Mark Ripin has since told me that he and Denker owned a boat together, and Denker once allowed Gary to take this boat out and Gary ran it with no oil and blew the motor.  Is that why Gary took Robert Thompson’s boat instead of Denker’s?

Another vehicle that was missing was a car that belonged to Mom’s friend Donna.   Donna thought it was taken by a man named “Mark” who lived on No Name Key, which is where Mark Ripin and his wife Bernie lived at that time.  However, she also added that she believed that man was Mitchell Denker’s cousin, who worked at Denker’s law office.  It’s possible she may have confused Mark Ripin with Mitchell Denker’s cousin, Michael Gilbert, who died of a drug overdose in the ‘80s.  Which one was it?

After Argenzio ran off to Mexico, Denker allegedly found Donna’s car on a side road.  He has stated that he believes Gary Argenzio took the car, perhaps to transport Mom’s body, and claims to have checked it for forensic evidence and found none.  Denker is an attorney, not a forensic expert.  Why didn’t he turn the car over to the authorities for a professional work-up?

Detective Richard Conrady and Detective Lynn McNeil of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department were originally the lead detectives in Mom’s case.  In June 1995, when Mom’s case was being re-investigated as a possible homicide, Detective Phil Harrold questioned Mitchell Denker.  Denker told Detective Harrold that Mom was murdered and suggested that she speak with Argenzio’s friend Mark Ripin.  Ripin told him he believed Argenzio killed Mom and dumped her body in the ocean.

In July 1982, Gary Argenzio was arrested in Mexico, but he wasn’t charged with Mom’s murder.  Instead, (under the name “Gary Vincento”), he was charged and found guilty of stealing Robert Thompson’s boat.  Mitchell Denker’s cousin, Michael Gilbert, a member of Denker’s law firm, defended Gary Argenzio pro bono.  Argenzio was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison. 

In May 1990, I contacted Mitchell Denker by phone, and he informed me that he’d sold the party house in 1984.  He said he was going to Turkey on business for two weeks and to call him when he got back.  When I called him again, he acted like he’d never before talked to me.

In 1992, Gary Argenzio was convicted of another felony.  Five days later, he died in his Broward County home in Dania, Florida, allegedly of pneumonia. 

But I wasn’t going to give up.  Approximately January 1995, I again contacted Mitchell Denker.  This time he told me that he thought Gary Argenzio might have buried my mother in Denker’s back yard.  As a result of Denker’s new statement, I was able to convince the Sheriff’s Department to reactivate my mother’s case.  When questioned in June 1995 by Detective Harrald, Denker said it would have been impossible to bury a body in his yard because of the guard dogs and the coral.  Detective Harrald told me the yard had been cemented over so it could not be searched or dug up.

Mitchell Denker asked Harrold if his original statement from 1981 still existed.  When Det. Harrold assured him it did not, Denker and Mark Ripin informed him that Argenzio had admitted to smashing Mom’s head into the wall of Denker’s house.  Both men stated that they saw the hole in the wall with blood spatters, but Denker described the hole as being in his bedroom and Ripin described it as being by the back door.  Detective Lynn McNeil, who investigated the case in 1981, recalled no such damage.  She also told me that she and Det. Conrady had checked the woods in the yard for any evidence and had found none.  How could the back yard have had woods on it, when Denker said it was solid coral?

In July 1995 – at approximately the same time my mother’s case was reactivated – Tom Stump disappeared from his home on Sugarloaf Key.  The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department was investigating both the Stump case and Mom’s case simultaneously and was interrogating Mark Ripin in regard to both missing persons cases.  Yet apparently nobody found anything the slightest bit suspicious about the fact that the same man was linked to both cases.

In the summer of 2003, Mitchell Denker was convicted of two felonies —  Transporting Monetary Instruments and perjury.  He was sentenced to five months in prison and disbarred in the state of Florida.  This proof that Denker was as much of a crook as Mark Ripin and Gary Argenzio caused me to start wondering if all three men might have been involved in my mother’s disappearance.  I immediately requested that Detective James Norman of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department provide me with reports from their 1981 and 1995 investigations.  Det. Norman informed me that the files from 1981 did not exist.  I was not surprised to hear this, because my Grandma had been trying to get those files for years and had been told they didn’t exist.  I was stunned, however, to be told now that former Sheriff William Freeman had deliberately destroyed all case files from the years 1981-1983 and some from 1984.  Det. Norman said he couldn’t say why for sure, but had heard a rumor about a big drug bust called the “Big Pine 29” that occurred on Big Pine Key during that time period.  Mitchell Denker was the defense attorney for one of the suspected drug smugglers. 

I contacted Sheriff Richard Roth to ask him about Mom’s files.  Sheriff Roth told me that, in 1981, he was a detective and remembers this incident.  He said it wasn’t an uncommon thing back then for the Sheriff to get rid of old case files.  However, when Mom’s files were destroyed they were not old at all!  My Grandma was still communicating with detectives about the case.

But I did receive the reports from the 1995 investigation, which is how I got the names to run through the search engine.  When Mark Ripin’s name took me to the Tom Stump case, I posted a question on the message board, asking if anyone had heard of  “Mitchell Denker.”

Someone responded by quoting a post by Mark Ripin in which he cryptically asked:  “What’s the connection? Manny the shark hunter, Mitchell Denker, the lawyer?” (I’ve since found out that Manilito “Manny” Pluig, a shark hunter who swims with the sharks, was hired by Bernie Ripin/Stump/Becker to aid in the search for Tom.  The answer to Ripin’s question could well be:  “Both men swim with the sharks,” one literally, one figuratively.) 

Someone else posted a quote from Bernie’s deposition in which she admitted to living in Mitchell Denker’s house.  Since Bernie was married to Mark Ripin at that time, that would seem to suggest that they both were on the premises when Mom vanished.  Bernie has since told me she knew my mom and my mom showed her photos of my brother and me.  Yet, Bernie didn’t bother to report Mom missing, even though Bernie’s own husband said he saw a hole in the wall that was made by Mom’s head.

Another thing I find bewildering is that, when requestioned by police in 1995, Mitchell Denker — a practicing attorney who should know the law — stated that in his opinion there was more than enough evidence to indict Gary Argenzio for my mom’s murder, but the Sheriff’s Department hadn’t seemed interested in pursuing it.  He specifically cited Mom’s disappearance and missing body and Argenzio’s flight with Robert Thompson’s boat.  Yet, back in 1982, when Argenzio was tried for stealing that boat, Mitchell Denker’s cousin, a member of his own law firm, defended Argenzio for free, and nobody even mentioned my missing mother.  In fact, Mark Ripin testified in Argenzio’s behalf.

My mom was a wonderful mother, and I loved her dearly, but she led a difficult life.  After an abusive marriage that ended in divorced, she witnessed her brother shoot himself in the mouth.  She attempted to self-medicate by smoking marijuana, but that did little to erase the gristly vision.  She relocated to Florida in an effort to escape that awful memory, and continued to smoke marijuana.  But she never used hard drugs until she met Gary Argenzio, and I doubt that she had any idea what she was getting into when she started her association with that group of people.

I had my mother for only ten years, but I thank God for every one of them.  I have beautiful memories of my life with her. She worked hard, cooked wonderful food, and was never too busy to play with my brother and me.  She was a very affectionate mother and, no matter how tired she was or how weighed down by worries, she gave us unstinting love and attention.

My mom was my world.  For 25 years I’ve been trying to find out what happened to her, and I will not stop until I get an answer that makes sense.

Christine Hill (Diana Harris’s daughter) 

“I Am A Legal Immigrant”

In the Chicago Tribune’s Opinion dated May 2, 2010, titled: “Frustration of a legal immigrant – I am a legal immigrant” written by Steinar Andersen

I am a legal immigrant. I walked the walk pursuing the American dream.

I came to this country legally. I learned to speak English (and slang so that I could fit in) because I wanted to excel in this country. I graduated from high school in Carpentersville. I served in the U. S. Marine Corps for almost seven years.

And I worked hard to gain my citizenship. I went through the process of standing in long Immigration and Naturalization Service lines, only to learn the federal agency had lost my file. I endured the insufferable malaise shown by U.S. government workers on the other side of the counter.

But in 1983, when I raised my hand during my citizenship ceremony in San Diego, I felt a rush of pride for accomplishing something that’s rare in the world. Gaining citizenship in this country is like hitting the lottery. Today, I proudly display my citizenship certificate in my home because I earned it through a process dictated by this country’s rule of law and I abided by that process as difficult as it was.

And then came the first immigration amnesty in 1986 and millions of illegal immigrants were given legal status, despite breaking the law.

My hard work was cheapened by their sheer numbers. Sure, some of them had worked hard. But they didn’t follow the rules and were given the same thing I had labored for years to gain.

I am frustrated the media does not carry the stories of immigrants like me. Yes, some illegal immigrants are taken advantage of by some employers and by some of the American populace (all one has to do is look at who is trimming the bushes and mowing the lawns).

It has been said that it’s impossible to deport 12 million illegal Immigrants. However, if a guest-worker program was in place and laws holding employers accountable for hiring illegal immigrants were enforced, then illegal immigrants would be forced to gain guest-worker status.

Amnesty? Sure, if they go through the guest-worker program first.

And why not institute a national ID card?

As for what Arizona just did out of pure frustration with the federal government, I cannot blame the lawmakers there. I worked in Arizona for more than a year and saw firsthand the uphill battle Arizona residents are going through.

I am not bigoted. I am not racist. I am tired being led astray by a media hellbent on demonizing hardworking Americans who only ask for one thing: a clear, definable immigration policy with no loopholes.

I am from Norway. I will be celebrating Syttende Mai in a couple of weeks, where I will be waving my Norwegian flag from the sidelines of the parade route in Park Ridge and singing the Norwegian national anthem in Norwegian. And then I will go home with my family, speaking English, pinching myself that I am an American and lucky to be so.

And I will keep praying that one day the voices of legal immigrants will be heard as loud as those who may be hardworking, good people, but who broke the law coming here.

Steinar Andersen is an IT director for a logistics company and lives in Huntley.

Please checkout the inspiring comments to Mr. Andersen’s piece.,0,2603120,full.story

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for allowing Mr. Andersen to tell his story and thank you Mr. Andersen for renewing our faith in the knowledge that there are citizens such as yourself and those who commented to your post, who believed in the merits of achieving their citizenship through years of dedication. 

This right as a citizen of the United States of America is an “earned right” and it is a “proud privilege” to call yourself an American!

We have laws in place that should have been enforced long ago, to stop illegals who traffick in drugs and human contraband crossing our borders for the explicit purpose to commit crimes and demand “entitlements” that have not been earned.

If our politicians in Congress and this Administration cannot enforce our “Laws of the Land” then it is time to replace our lawmakers with those who can and will do the job of enforcing our LAWS!

The task that the State of Arizona has taken is a monumental task that should  never have come to fruition at the State level.   

This task should have been undertaken at the Federal level and Americans throughout this Country have acknowledged this fact and majority are 100% in support of the State of Arizona and it’s New Immigration Law.

“Voter Impose” each and every U.S. politician in the House and the Senate, Democrats and Republicans alike and replace them starting this November in the Mid Term elections with Patriots, who are not afraid to do their jobs for the American People!

U.N. Elects Iran On Commission To Women’s Rights?

“U.N. Elects Iran On Commission To Women’s Rights?”  –  You have got to be kidding! 
Since when did Iran become the champions for “Women’s Rights”?  The women in Iran are being persecuted!
According to Anne Bayefsky who wrote the article “Since When Is Iran a Champion For Women’s Rights?” on Fox News online dated April, 29, 2010.
In an effort to prevent Iran’s election to the Commission, the National Iranian American Council reported prior to the meeting: “in the past year, Iran…has charged women who were seeking equality in the social sphere…with threatening national security…Its prison guards have beaten, tortured, sexually assaulted and raped female and male civil rights protesters…In universities…the government is now banning women from key areas of study. Childcare centers are being shut down to hamper women’s ability to work…Women’s publications that addressed gender equality have been shut down. The regime is attempting to erase decades of struggle and progress.”
Iran originally wanted a seat at the U.N. Human Rights Council and failed to be accepted because of their far from “stellar records” which would have embarrassed the Council, so Iran was given a seat at the Commission on the Status of Women.   
Once again, women are to be “stripped of their rights” and “used and abused” at the hands of their tormentors!
Iran was elected by acclamation. It was one of only two candidates for two slots allocated to the Asian regional bloc – in other words, a fixed slate and a done deal.
What is the Commission on the Status of Women all about?
The Commission on the Status of Women was established in 1946 with the usual stated lofty goals. CSW was charged with “promoting women’s rights” and making “recommendations on urgent problems requiring immediate attention in the field of women’s rights.” The forty-five member states meet annually at U.N. headquarters in New York, boasts the U.N. website, to “identify challenges, set global standards and formulate concrete policies to promote gender equality and advancement of women worldwide.”
Since it’s inception in 1946, what exactly has the Commission accomplished?
For years the CSW has only ever adopted one resolution naming any country for violating women’s rights — you guessed it – Palestinian women’s rights allegedly violated by Israel. The Commission is “gravely concerned” about Israeli violations of Palestinian rights. The right to life of Palestinian women and girls subject to honor killings, coerced into becoming suicide bombers or child soldiers at the hands of non-Israelis somehow has never made it on to their radar screen. And the same is true of the rights of women and girls violated by any other specific state on earth but Israel.
Let’s face it, the U.N. and it’s so-called “illustrious board” could give a “flying fig” about “Women’s Rights”!
This is another example of just one more U.N. body created to do one thing and now doing the opposite, for which American taxpayers foot 22% of the bill. And it will continue unless those with their hands on the spigot in Congress finally decide to turn off the tap.
Notice Ms. Bayefsky’s words ” And it will continue unless those with their hands on the spigot in Congress finally decide to turn off the tap.”
The United Nations an organization that have been criticized by many over an extensive period of time and We the American People/Taxpayers are housing them in the United States and paying for their upkeep!
You can read the entire article of Ms. Bayefsky:
In the following article written by Mr. Abrams:

“Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,” said the respected cleric, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi.

You may also want to read Joseph Abrams article also on Fox News online:

Larry King “I Agree That Sarah Palin Should Pose For Playboy”

A piece posted by Greg Hengler in Townhall Blogs on April 21, 2010 titled “Larry King thinks Sarah Palin should Pose for Playboy”.
King has crossed the line and joined the ranks of the “buffoon” Letterman!
King was interviewing Sarah Silverman and goading her into making any “outrageous statement” that “popped into her head ” about Sarah Palin and out came the Sarah Palin pose for Playboy comment and King agreed!
More sexist comments of the many that is continually directed at former Governor Sarah Palin.
The Hollywood crowd along with the rest of their political cronies just can’t resist the urge to “demean and humiliate” Sarah Palin’s person!
I am disgusted by these personalities who are the “dregs of soceity” who find nothing wrong with demeaning women and using them as “sexual objectification” for  HIGHER RATINGS!

Bertha Lewis Former CEO of ACORN is Back!

Bertha Lewis Former CEO of ACORN is Back with a vengeance!
She was speaking at the Winter Conference of the Young Democrat Socialist on March 25, 2010.
Her primary job these days is to attack Conservatives and in particular the Tea Party Movement which she referred to in her speech as a “bowl movement” as the chuckles rippled throughout this group!
“Ripping off the mask of racism” , “circling the wagon, the Internment of World War II,  the era of  Jim Crow and Segregation and the Tea Party Movement were coming for the group”!
Her vitrol for The Tea Party Movement is quite evident and her agenda was to incite this group!