A Proper Burial


Warning: Graphics are disturbing and not suitable for everyone- BJ inserted them!

Prayer said over Osama Bin Laden’s dead body.

O Allah, forgive our living and our dead, those who are present among us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our males and our females. O Allah, whoever You keep alive, keep him alive in Islam, and whoever You cause to die, cause him to die with faith. O Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him, keep him safe and sound and forgive him, honor the place where he settles and make his entrance wide; wash him with water and snow and hail, and cleanse him of sin as a white garment is cleansed of dirt. O Allah, give him a house better than his house and a family better than his family. O Allah, admit him to Paradise and protect him from the torment of the grave and the torment of Hell-fire; make his grave spacious and fill it with light. O Allah, do not deprive us of the reward and do not cause us to go astray after this.

Osama Bin Laden has been given a proper Muslim burial, he was anointed and wrapped in white and the prayer to Allah was said over his body before being buried at sea all within the proper Muslim burial time of 10 hours.


Was there anointing of oils, forgiveness of sins, prayers to God, Buddha, Jehovah, final blessings and proper religious burials for the 911 victims of his religious Jihad? He was properly buried within 10 hours and those he murdered have not been properly buried in 10 years.

Mr. President, I would like you to think about that when you campaign at Ground Zero on Thursday. When you stand not at a watery grave but at a grave made of rubble in the heart of a city that knows Osama Bin Laden did not deserve the respect you afforded him. You did not want to offend Muslims with an improper Muslim burial. What Muslim or any civil person would be offended that a mass murderer did not receive the proper religious burial of their practiced faith?

The “proper Muslim” burial given to mass murderer Osama Bin Laden should deeply offend Muslims. Frankly, those concerned with what they consider to have been an improper Muslim burial for a mass murderer are offensive. Their concern is that Osama was not buried facing Mecca. The concern should be that this terrorist did what he did in the name of Islam. How do defend Islam as a religion of Peace and then embrace the Jihad of Osama Bin Laden?

The faith of Osama Bin Laden was respected to ensure he was properly buried yet that twisted faith of Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the mass graves upon which you will stand asking for the votes of the mothers and fathers and wives and children of those murdered by the man you anointed in the oils of Allah…the last words of those on the civil airplanes that flew into the buildings that once stood proudly above your head were. Allah Akbar. 

Those buried at your feet were not wrapped in fresh white linen they were wrapped in jet fuel and concrete. They were not prayed over they were cursed. Look up to the empty NY sky for proof of that…slowing falling to earth holding the hand of the be damned Infidel. 

Mr. President as you stated “we are not at war with Muslims” but as you stand at the site of Jihad remember the man who received a proper Muslim burial Osama Bin Laden, brought the war to us. 

Mr. President…the martyr was not buried at sea the martyr all 3,000 of them are buried at your feet.


Vilsack, Jealous, Obama, and Breitbart: Enough Shame to Go Round and Shirley Sherrod Pays the Price

Another Rant by Bettyjean Kling

The NAACP recently came out and denounced the Tea Party as a racist operation and all it’s citizens members by association as being racists because they (the NAACP members) assert they have seen some racist signs displayed therefore all tea party persons must be racists.

Andrew Breitbart discovered a tape of Shirley Sherrod giving a speech in which she appeared to be racist and the audience reaction was the point of the tape. This Tape was not about Shirley and the NAACP knows it- the whole tape was never going to stay buried- Shirley was never intended to look like a racist – the crowd ‘s reaction and the NAACP  failure to denounce the same was the target ! If the NAACP intends to denounce the entire Tea Party for a few  signs  then it follows  someone should have stood up last March and quieted this crowd or denounced  the racist reactions of the crowd as well. That was the point.

I am not defending Breitbart- because he cost this woman her job by posting the tape without explaining what the point was and that was unfair to Shirley . Last night he said he was ambivalent to her – well I am not ! Shame on you Andy B, apologize and start finding men to use it is not apparent that most of your spy work features a women doing the wrong thing or the brunt of you wrath.

While I do appreciate your work Andrew- I am sure you can find an equal number of men to out in your quest to shed light on injustice where ever it rears its ugly head! I too am overwrought with the false racism charges that take away from the real problems but lets not let them win by stooping to their level or by shooting off our own feet. never let em see you sweat Andy!

POTUS jumps the gun again! Racism where it does not exist rears its ugly head. NAACP blames FOX  – why not– and poor Shirley Sherrod is out of work!  She was fired based on a partial story- great country America under the dictator and chief! He automatically took the Professors side against a white cop but in this instance – this lady was given no opportunity to defend herself.  Will POTUS never learn?

Let me get this right .

A black male professor – and a friend of POTUS gets the benefit of the doubt and the president himself can call the white cop a racist in error and they all get to have beer at the white house BUT a black women confesses to racist thoughts 24 years ago while she explains how she learned not to be a racist and gets her ass fired in an instant on orders from the White House?

Shirley Sherrod is not a racist  and her comments were taken out of context and yet again the president jumps to conclusions without any evidence.  This time it’s a women who gets thrown under the buss.

 Get the whole story folks. The lady  helped this man – he did not loose the farm – they became friendly and the farmer is coming to her defense. She had a racist thought but repented – haven’t we all?

 The bigger story he of the use of the tape was the audience who yukked it up thinking she got even with whitie only to find out she was telling them racism is wrong!

But even now that the truth is known, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and President Obama are refusing to reinstate Sherrod.  This kind of political cowardice is beyond shameful.

The truth is The Left jumped the gun AGAIN and now they want to blame that on the right. BriAndrew Brightbart aired the tape including the part where Shirley saw the light. The idea was to show that at an NAACP meeting recently, Shirley’s speech was interupted by the audience who applauded what appeared to be a racist act.

NAACP had the entire tape and could have reviewed it and would have know that Shirley clarified it  and this tape was never meant to hurt Shirley but to show the NAACP still harbors its own racism and therefore should not be jumping on the Tea party for a few rougue characters that might voice  such opinions as did this audience.

Furthermore, the NAACP president, was probably at this meeting and know  what happened. If we was not at this meeting he was certainly aware of her  speech as she has given it often by her own account at various NAACP meeting for the purpose of showing why racism is wrong. Jealous conveniently scapegoated this women and this incident in order to cry Racism yet one more time against FOX and the Tea party! This was not about Shirley  and they know it- the whole tape was never going to stay buried- Shirley was never intended to look like a racist – the crowd ‘s reaction and the NAACP  failure to denounce the same was the target !

But before  anyone could make the point Shirley Sherrod was forced out of her job by the Administration who is now lying about it!

We need to call on the White House to immediately give Shirley Sherrod her job back, Once you’ve taken action, please tell your friends and family to do the same — the more people who know the truth about this story, the better.

Americans Rising: November 2, 2010

 Posted by John at 9:35 PM-POWERLINE
America Rising : An open letter to the Democrat Polsters

This video doesn’t exactly represent our point of view–we never fell for Obama’s “hope and change” scam–but it does speak for many millions of Americans. It’s nicely done. We’ll see a lot more of this kind of populist calling of Democrats to account between now and November:

UPDATE: Apparently liberals have been trying to drive this video off YouTube. IF -The original link no longer works; this one does, for now at least: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2010/01/025329.php

Obama with Tareq and Michaele Salahi in 2005

Contributed by CeCi


I knew there had to be a “Paul Harvey” version to this story.  See the White guy in the white suit? Now see the blond in the white dress?  See the Guy in the middle? Hmmm-m-m! This picture was taken June 9, 2005.  It seems Obama has known these two phonies for awhile, at least from the time he was a Senator.  They’re getting all the press now as being “party crashers” and The secret service is taking the fall.  Funny how this hasn’t come out in
The press, don’tcha think?

No wonder the couple who crashed Obama’s State dinner last week keep Insisting they were invited guests.  They know Barry from way back when he was still an Illinois Senator.  Is Obama trying to throw the Secret Service under the bus?

Tareq and Michaele Salahi snapped the pic above with Obama at a “Rock The Vote” event on June 9, 2005 (also attended by John Mc Cain.with whom the
Salahi’s also took a pic).  McCain won an award for his work on campaign Finance reform.  Obama won an award for “forming a multiracial coalition in
Winning his seat.”

Michaele Salahi is getting quite a ribbing in the press for lying about being a Redskins cheerleader, but Tareq is the more interesting of the two to me.  He has ties to Palestinian terrorists.  Tareq is a board member of the ATFP- American Task Force on Palestine , which has quickly scrubbed it’s site of the fact.  Thank the Lord for Google cache.

And just who are the ATFP?  The ATFP has ties to Chicago , ties to Muslim radicals, ties to Hamas, and ties to Saudi Wahhabists.  It is arguably the American wing of Hamas.  The group’s co-founder is Rashid Khalidi, the guy purported to have helped finance Obama’s Harvard education and who was also instrumental in getting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at  Columbia University . During the Beruit war, Khalidi was a PLO spokesperson.  After the war, he came back to teach at the   University  of  Chicago .  He is a Virulent critic of  Israel, and [was] a strong supporter of Fatah terrorist Yassar Arafat.  Obama has referred to Khalidi as someone who challenges his “own biases.” Why do the same dubious tentacles seem to continually surround Obama?

The fact that the ATFP is scrubbing information on Salahi from their website suggests possible damage control coordination between the ATFP and the White
House.  If the ATFP was acting independently, there would be no reason to scrub Salahi’s name from their site.  It looks like Salahi was an invited guest to the dinner, that he was “outed,” and the administration had to come Up with a rational excuse for his presence.  Now the Salahis want to sell their story.they’re a little broke these days, but they still live VERY high on the hog.

The Secret Service has already apologized for the incident, but they may clear their names if the Salahis start singing… If someone with ties to The American wing of Hamas can get face to face with the President without The Secret Service realizing it.that is a major security lapse.  However, if Obama’s people knowingly allowed Salahi in and are now throwing the Secret Service under the bus to cover themselves, that would be a major scandal. Some in Congress are calling for an investigation.

Something is VERY fishy in this White House, AND THE SMELL GETS WORSE EVERY DAY!

Obama’s Transition Team Terrorist

Contributed by CeCi

Remember the “paper” condemning “right wing extremists”? 

If Republicans return to their conservative roots (elephants don’t forget!)or a third party assumes that mantra, perhaps it will consider adding to “Don’t Tread On Me” with Remember … (as in the Maine) Obamacare, Cap and Trade, TARP no Stimulus no ?, Cash for Clunkers, 25,000 New Jobs (not created but saved? Oops, that includes anyone who got a raise, oops didn’t Congress give themselves a raise as well as made sure their healthcare benefits remain unchanged no matter what happens to yours?), Afghanistan Indecision – 10 weeks and holding, FT. HOOD – All Change You Can Believe In!

Do you remember the Homeland Security paper (April 2009) that warned about “right wing extremists” and the threat that they may pose to the government? Among other things, the report said, “The return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.” That is on top of warning about, “The possibility of violence by unnamed “right-wing extremists” concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty.” Read here for more… http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=94803 

Isn’t it strange that citizens like you and me can be referred to as terrorists, yet a Muslim mass murderer can’t be?  It is politically correct to trash U.S. citizens and America as a whole, but it is hate talk, bordering on a terrorist act, to speak out against an administration that is destroying what we and – especially – our military has fought for generations to preserve. Why is the Department of Homeland Security using the “T” word when talking about our troops when they refuse to call the actual terrorists what they are?

Now get this… Nidal Hasan, the killer at Fort Hood, was on 0bama’s Homeland Security Transition team, part of the same group responsible for moving Homeland Security toward white and conservative groups as being “dangerous.” The report that Hasan took part in was released just six months ago.

The file attached below names him on page 29 as a participant. It is a long report, so I have extracted a few excerpts for you to see below. No wonder they are trying to cover this whole thing up and say he had post- (that would actually be pre-) traumatic-stress syndrome. Our government is actually trying to convince us that PTSD is contagious! 


The second item below states that the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee (one of eight lawmakers in the House and Senate who are briefed on intelligence activities deemed too sensitive to share with the full intelligence committees), is being denied access to “critical information” being withheld by the Obama administration on the Fort Hood murders allegedly committed by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan . He is demanding that the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Director of National Intelligence preserve documents relating to the incident for use in potential congressional investigation.

“President Obama said people should not jump to conclusions about what happened at Fort Hood, but the administration is in possession of critical information related to the attack that they are refusing to release to Congress or the American people,” Hoekstra said in a statement. “I intend to push for intense review of this and other issues related to the performance of the intelligence community and whether or not information necessary for military, state and local officials to provide for the security of the post was provided to them.”

The Michigan lawmaker sent a letter Saturday to the top administration intelligence officials, saying he saw “serious issues” with their performance related to the Fort Hood murders, and indicating that the intelligence community had refused to comply with his request to review certain information related to the case.


Founded in 2003, The George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) is a nonpartisan “think and do” tank whose mission is to build bridges between theory and practice to advance homeland security through an interdisciplinary approach. By convening domestic and international policymakers and practitioners at all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and academia, HSPI creates innovative strategies and solutions to current and future threats to the nation.

Issued May 19, 2009

Recommendations The President should:
employ a strategy that amplifies voices within the Muslim world that seek to counter radicalization and recruitment, and that exercises care regarding the use of lexicon;
foster respect for and adherence to international law in the form of longstanding, fundamental and widely accepted norms; and
engage productively with international organizations and institutions to build security abroad


Flynn urged the next administration to identify the things Americans value and to reinvest in them, because these are the same values that the rest of the world admires. Crowley specified, saying it was imperative for the next ad-ministration to practice transparency and the rule of law, which means closing Guantanamo Bay. HSPI Director Frank Cilluffo went further, stating that we ought to abandon the label “Global War on Terror”, which has the effect of elevating our adversaries and isolating our allies. In response, Crowley agreed and suggested the British term, “struggle against violent extremism,” as a more viable” alternative. Fundamentally,” said Flynn, “We must step back and be an open society that engages the world.” 

 In the current “information tempest,” America is required to communicate more effectively in a variety of new ways. U.S. public diplomacy must be nimble in an era where winning public support is “increasingly more important.” Among her recommendations towards that effort, Lord proposed “USA World Trust” a new non-profit organization to complement current U.S. public diplomacy efforts. With a goal of bringing “together new voices and talent,” Lord sees the World Trust as a dynamic agency that could tap into existing expertise and “translate it into useful formats for public diplomacy professionals” in the field. The new organization would also work with the private and non-governmental sector, provide grants and experiment with new media technology, all while bringing together U.S. government, private and foreign “media professionals in a way that is not currently possible. 
During the question and answer session, a question was raised concerning specific goals of U.S. public diplomacy within larger foreign policy objectives. Lord responded with several suggestions under the theme that the U.S. can and should legitimately try “to inform and advocate for specific policies overseas.” Her suggestions included “promoting values that are not exclusive to the United States, such as disgust of suicide bombings and promoting free trade,” helping people overseas better understand America, and incorporating a public diplomacy dimension into all U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives. In response, von Hippel noted that she is “more concerned with America understanding other cultures better, and less concerned with foreigners understanding Americans.”


 Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the ranking Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Monday that the Obama administration has been withholding “critical information” on the Fort Hood murders allegedly committed by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan and is demanding that the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Director of National Intelligence preserve documents relating to the incident for use in potential congressional investigation.

“President Obama said people should not jump to conclusions about what happened at Fort Hood, but the administration is in possession of critical information related to the attack that they are refusing to release to Congress or the American people,” Hoekstra said in a statement. “I intend to push for intense review of this and other issues related to the performance of the intelligence community and whether or not information necessary for military, state and local officials to provide for the security of the post was provided to them.”

The Michigan lawmaker sent a letter Saturday to the top administration intelligence officials, saying he saw “serious issues” with their performance related to the Fort Hood murders, and indicating that the intelligence community had refused to comply with his request to review certain information related to the case.

As the ranking member on the House intelligence committee, Hoekstra is one of the so-called Gang of Eight–a group of lawmakers that included the leaders of the House and Senate and the leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees–who are briefed on intelligence activities deemed too sensitive to share with the full intelligence committees.

“Over the past 24 hours, I have been made aware of information from the intelligence community that suggests the possibility that serious issues exist with respect to the performance of U.S. intelligence agencies in connection with what appears to have been a terrorism-related attack on Fort Hood, Texas by Nidal Malik Hasan,” Hoekstra wrote. “I am disappointed that the administration has not been more transparent with the American people.” 
Hoekstra’s letter was addressed to Dennis Blair, the director of national intelligence (DNI); CIA Director Robert Mueller; FBI Director Leon Panetta and Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

“Given the potential seriousness of these issues, I am troubled that the intelligence community has not been more immediately forthcoming with the congressional oversight committees and has refused to provide specific information I have requested to review in connection with this matter,” said Hoekstra.

According to a committee source, Hoekstra’s conversations were with Blair, and the congressman was told that the additional information he requested would not be shared at this time.

As a result, Hoekstra requested that the CIA, FBI, NSA and DNI preserve all documents relating to the Fort Hood attack and related matters for potential investigation by Congress. 

“I am requesting that you immediately issue a preservation order to all personnel in your agencies with respect to all documents and materials related to the Fort Hood incident and any related investigations or intelligence collection activities, including other potentially related threats,” Hoekstra wrote. “The record must be clear and complete with respect to these matters, which I am beginning to fear will require significant and serious oversight activity by the Committee.”

In a statement released Monday, Hoekstra explained why he sent the letter to the intelligence chiefs.

“I have requested this information be preserved because I believe members of the full committee on a bipartisan basis will want to scrutinize the intelligence relevant to this attack, what the agencies in possession of that intelligence did with it, who was and wasn’t informed and why, and what steps America’s intelligence agencies are taking in light of what they know,” he said. “At some point, it becomes necessary for us as a nation to address the uncomfortable threat of homegrown terrorism and radicalism, and Congress has an obligation to review how federal agencies are handling and disseminating information related to the threat.
“The horrific shootings at Fort Hood are a tragic reminder of the potential deadly consequences of the threat posed by homegrown jihadism and the failure of the government to adequately respond to it,” said Hoekstra.

Thirteen people died and 29 more were injured after Hasan allegedly opened fire on the Fort Hood Army base… http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/56879


Check out this new YouTube video and pay particular attention to the last few frames.

Let’s Play a New Version of Where’s Waldo a/k/a/ Obama

Since the President has been unable to make a decision with regard to Afghanistan, I decided to find out what he has been doing since General McChrystal provided his report on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  Here’s a handy, dandy chart I constructed and will try to update for you. 

How many of these events can you name?



08/31/2009 Golf at the Army-Navy Country Club
09/01 Ramadan dinner celebration
09/02 Obama departs for Camp David
09/03 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/04 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/05 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/06 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/07 Obama travels to Cincinnati, OH; Addresses AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic
09/08 Obama attends meetings at WH; speaks with 9th graders with Sec. of Education Arne Duncan; delivers back-to-school speech; attends Sotomayor’s investiture ceremony; Obama and Biden meet with Reid and Pelosi; Obama and Biden meet with PGA Champions of America
09/09 Obama appears on “Good Morning America”; speaks at Walter Cronkite’s  memorial; addresses joint session of Congress
09/10 Obama delivers remarks on health insurance reform; meets with Cabinet; has lunch with Biden; meets with Congressional Black Caucus; meets with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, meets with Sec. of State Clinton; Sec of Treasury Geithner; meets with Senate centrists; welcomes Pittsburgh Penguins to WH
09/11 Obama observes moment of silence; delivers remarks & participates in a wreath laying ceremony at the Pentagon Memorial; attends meetings at WH
09/12 Obama gives speech in Minnesota; holds rally on health insurance reform
09/13 Obama appears on “60 Minutes”; Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/14 Obama travels to NYC, NY to deliver speech on the financial crisis
09/15 Obama travels to Youngstown, OH to visit GM plant; attends fundraiser in Philadelphia, PA for Arlen Specter
09/16 Obama attends meetings at WH; meets with Canadian PM Stephen Harper; hosts event on Olympics, Paralympics and Youth Sport; meets with Gen. Colin Powell; meets with Sec. of Defense Robert Gates; delivers remarks at Congressional Hispanics Caucus Institute’s 32nd Annual Awards Gala
09/17 Obama attends meetings at WH; holds rally on health insurance reform; awards Medal of Honor to Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti; hosts viewing of “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”
09/18 Obama attends meetings at WH; meets with recipients of Sec. of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award
09/19 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/20 Obama appears on 5 Sunday news shows – Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/21 Obama travels to Albany, NY and NYC, NY; tapes interview with David Letterman
09/22 Obama delivers remarks at UN Sec. Gen. Ban Kimoon’s Climate Change Summit; bilateral meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu; bilateral meeting with Palestinian Authority Pres. Abbas; trilateral meeting with Netanyahu and Abbas; attends lunch with Sub-Saharan African Heads of State; bilateral meeting with Chinese Pres. Hu; delivers remarks at Clinton Global Initiative; attends UN Sec. Gen. Ban’s Climate Change Summit Dinner
09/23 Obama holds bilateral meeting Japanese PM Hatoyama; addresses UN General Assembly
09/24 Obama welcomes leaders to Pittsburgh, PA for G-20 meeting and dinner
09/25 Obama holds news conference; attends G-20 leaders lunch and plenary session; meets with British PM Gordon Brown; holds news conference
09/26 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/27 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
09/28 Obama attends meetings at WH
09/29 Obama attends meetings at WH; meets with NATO Sec. Gen. Anders Fogh Rasmussen; meets with Sec. of Defense Robert Gates
09/30 Obama attends meetings at WH; tours NIH laboratory in Bethesda, MD; signs Arnold Palmer Gold Medal Act; meets with national security team on Afghanistan
10/01 Obama attends meetings at WH; Obama leaves D.C. for Copenhagen for Chicago Olympics pitch
10/02 Obama in Copenhagen to make pitch for Chicago to IOC for 2016 Olympics bid
10/03 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/04 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/05 Obama attends meetings at WH; delivers remarks with SEIU members and doctors; meets with Sec. of Def. Robert Gates
10/06 Obama goes to National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) in Washington; meets with Republican and Democratic House and Senate members to discuss Afghanistan
10/07 Obama attends meetings at WH; Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack; Pelosi and Reid; Biden and national security team; hosts event for local middle school students to star gaze
10/08 Obama attends meetings at WH
10/09 Obama attends meetings at WH, including one with his national security team on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
10/10 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/11 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/12 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/13 Obama attends meetings at  WH; Obama hosts “In Performance at the WH: Fiesta Latina”
10/14 Obama at WH; Obama delivers remarks at Ritz-Carlton celebrating Edward M. Kennedy Institute for United States Senate
10/15 Obama in New Orleans for a stop and town hall meeting; Obama in San Francisco for DNC fundraiser
10/16 Obama goes to College Station, TX for forum on community service with  Pres. George H.W. Bush
10/17 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/18 Day-off; Nothing on schedule?
10/19 Obama attends meetings at  WH; meets with National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge winners & Sen. Ken Conrad
10/20 Obama travels to NYC for DNC fundraiser
10/21 Obama attends meetings at  WH to meet with Kerry; goes to Newark to campaign for Corzine
10/22  Obama attends meetings at WH; video conference with Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry , U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan; has lunch with Pelosi; meets with Sec. of Treasury Geithner; meets with Sec. of State Clinton
10/23  Obama travels to Boston, tours a research laboratory; delivers remarks on clean energy at MIT; delivers remarks at a fundraising reception for MA Gov. Deval Patrick;  arrives in NYC; tours small business in Stamford, CT. with Sen. Dodd; delivers remarks at fundraising dinner for Sen. Dodd; returns to WH

Let’s see just how long this list gets.  Any guesses or bets as to when a “decision” on McCrystal’s request for additional troops will be made? 

Our military forces deserve better!