She plays like a girl

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Katie Reyes this is your day young lady and we celebrate you. Why is it since 1984 when young ladies were permitted to play in the Little League, we have only seen fifteen so far in the World Series. Still are daughters are told they are lesser than, that to play in sports dominated males. This fine young lady has proven yes there are women out there who are more than comparable. I say we need to encourage are young women they to can excel at sports also. Maybe in some way it would show them that plastic surgery and slut wear is not the only way to rank in this society, because that is the message that is being pushed to our daughters out there…
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She Plays Ball Like A Girl, In the Little League World Series Katie Reyes is being hailed as “the first girl game-winner” in a Little League World Series game. Katie became the hero with a two-run single that won the game for Canada!

Obviously, precious few girls have been permitted to play. Since 1984, that would be all of 15 girls playing in the Little League World Series. This year, there were all of 2 girls. As far as we know, the first girl to play in the LLWS was Kathryn Johnston. Back in 1950, she passed as a boy by tucking her hair under her hat and using the nickname “Tubby.”

”They didn’t know I was a girl, and my brother didn’t say anything,” she said. ”If I had told them my real name, they wouldn’t have let me play. So I told them my name was Tubby, from the male character in the cartoon strip ‘Little Lulu.’

”I played a couple of weeks and then I talked to my coach. I said: ‘I really need to tell you something. I’m not a boy. I’m a girl.’ He said, ‘That’s O.K., you’re a darned good player.’ So I ended up playing the whole season at first base and became sort of a drawing card, because everybody wanted to see a girl play.”

Game-Winning Hit by 13-Year-Old Girl Could Be a First
Published: August 25, 2009


As the First basewoman she drove in the winning runs and caught the last out at first base

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (AP) — Katie Reyes hit a two-run single in the top of the sixth to help Vancouver, British Columbia, rally for a wild 14-13 victory Tuesday over Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, in the Little League World Series.

Katie Reyes had three hits and three R.B.I. on Tuesday.

The Little League president, Stephen Keener, and other longtime tournament officials said they could not recall a girl having the winning hit before in a World Series game.

“I was excited. I was shaking,” Reyes, 13, said about going to the plate for her big hit. She finished with three hits and three runs batted in.

Playing first, Reyes also caught the last out. She joined her happy teammates jumping on the mound after Canada won its last game of the series. Both teams had already been eliminated entering Tuesday.

Canada rallied in the sixth, when Anthony Cusati hit his second homer of the game, a two-run shot that cut the deficit to 13-12. After loading the bases, Reyes drove in the winning runs.


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Urgent- DO NOT ALLOW this to happen again!

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The following photo essay is a repeat of what many of us saw in the primaries- we cannot allow this in America! Do not allow this in America. This may be our very last opportunity to be free- if we lay down we will lose this – let us not go down without a fight!
Go to every town hall you in your district, arrive early, insist on being admitted, refuse to sign anything, take pictures, do not go alone, document everything , carry a voice recorder and camera. Remember – your representatives are supposed to represent you – if they do not – remember that and start to groom someone for the very next election and let them know that very night.

Organizing for America Stages Show in Denver

Denver –  August 29 2009 – The Obama administration has sent out Organizing for America – the successor organization of Obama for America, which was Obama’s campaign organization, to drum up support for his unpopular Obamacare initiative. The coast to coast bus tour arrived in Denver Friday.

Shockingly, opponents to Obamacare are being bullied, and consent manufactured by the White House and Obama activists. Although the White House denies their single payer goals, that seemed to be the main message at the rally in Denver, where the message was carefully controlled.


I arrived early at North High School for Friday’s, Organizing for America rally in Denver. OFA community organizers were hard at work. 


This organizer was instructing volunteers to hand out signs to anticipated crowds. Ed Perlmutter is scheduled to speak to his constituents about Obamacare. 


Here, hand-manufactured signs on sticks are mixed with a ream or two of signs without sticks. Approximately 50 signs. In boxes are printed signs with UPS One Day Air receipts on them. From D.C.?  Maybe.


Here another organizer gives similar instructions. Another 50 or so fake grassroots signs waiting to be distributed.



I went to the adjacent street, West 32nd Street, and here is what I saw. 








Some media showed up after a while and zeroed in on the guy with the Ted Kennedy sign. The reporterette at center showed no interest in interviewing the man on the right or others. 



I checked back at this same area about 20 minutes later to find that the Astroturf Brigades had arrived in force and were beginning to be a nuisance. 



These two are Organizing for America people sent from the high school staging area which is approximately 300 feet to the right of the green shirt.



This proud DenverCrat was eager to pose for my camera. I’m pretty sure he made his own sign, which took tremendous initiative no doubt. 



Much to my chagrin, he began to berate anyone who made eye contact with him. He spoke, er, bellowed eloquently enough. He sounded like Ted Kennedy on the campaign trail. He marshaled many of the main democrat talking points quite admirably. 


Democrat Party passion and a tightly clenched fist. With a makeover, he’d be a perfect candidate.


These green shirts blocked the north entrance to the high school parking lot. All who wanted to enter to hear Representative Perlmutter had to go approximately 1/4 of a mile to the west entrance. They said everyone had to sign in for security reasons. Following is an email from a severely disabled Denver Prager Listener Group member:

“I was at that rally and was parked inside the fence because I had arrived very early. I walked outside the west side of the fence to meet friends and then re-entered when they called and said they were on the other side of the parking lot. The “green shirts” came toward me with their clip boards and wanted to know where I was going. I told them I was going to my car and they reluctantly let me pass. When I got to the other end of the lot, several “green shirts” approached me and asked where I was going. I told them and they also reluctantly let me go past. When I met my friends I told them what had happened and that I was really afraid of those people because they came across so aggressively. One of my friends found a couple of police officers and he told them I was afraid these people wouldn’t let me back in to get my car. The officers talked to the “green shirts” and they were quite irate that I felt the least bit intimidated by them!! Well, a couple of hours later the Obama Bus arrived and a little while after that I needed to leave. One of my friends offered to walk me to my car. When we got to the gate the “green shirts” had tied yellow “CAUTION” tape (it looks like police tape!!) across the entire gate opening and it took a couple of minutes for my friend to convince them that I was just going to my car and he was walking with me. 

It is so deplorably dishonest for these “astroturf” bullies with their professionally printed signs and buttons to forcibly extract signatures from people and then for Perlmutter (my Congressman also!!) to knowingly use those signatures ~ I believe that in any other arena this would be fraud!!!” 

The woman who wrote this lives in constant extreme pain and is not a threat to anyone.  


I headed over to the west entrance to see what was going on. I passed a group of grassroots supporters of Obama on the way. Others in the group had signs which were foul and offensive. Disgusting, really. So I have spared you the necessary after-viewing shower by not showing their photos.



A young mind is a terrible thing to waste.



At the western entrance I asked this young man what kind of liberal he is. “Jeffersonian” he replied with a big grin. 

Below is the processing area inside the gate. Everyone was required to give name, address, phone number and email. Media had to sign a separate form with employer name, etc. I put “Pravda” as my employer. The tables on the left contain clipboards where all the information is gathered. Anyone who did not want to give their data was asked to leave under implied threat of police escort.




Outside the line proceeded very slowly even though there was no security check whatsoever. Only data gathering. In this line I saw one person with a homemade pro-Obamacare sign. She can be seen below center in red. The two ladies on the right were told by two greenshirts they would have to leave their signs outside. 





Here is an email forwarded by  another Prager listener:

“I just returned from a rally for health care reform held at North High School in Denver. As Erin and I were entering the staging area we were approached by people carrying clipboards. We were told we could not enter without signing our name and address on the form. I asked why they needed this information and was told they must know who was entering the area.This was a tax payer supported high school property hosting public speakers and I was being denied entry unless the clipboard form was completed. I was very uncomfortable with this request and remained outside the chain link fence to listen to the speakers. The first speaker was my very own repesentative, Ed Permutter who thanked all who had signed the clipboard form and stated that all these signatures would go on to to Washington showing support of the Obama Health Care Plan. I could not believe what I heard. Never was it stated that this form was a support of the health care plan. I just wonder how many people were dooped into signing this when they do not support the bill or do not know enough about it to make a decision.People carrying signs supporting the bill were permitted entry with their signs, those opposing had to remain outside.

 Whether you support this bill or not please ask yourself……do I live in a free country where all are welcome to a public forum without restriction? Can a petition obtained with deception go onto Washington in support of a bill that no one can understand? Do our elected officials respect the wants of the people or are they ramming their agenda down our throats?”

In some third world countries this is a common union scam tactic. Invite workers to a meeting, sign a book at the door and they are trapped into the union without ever being asked if they wanted to join. When enough workers are signed in their employer is shoved aside and the union sets up shop. Very sneaky.



This is the scene of the podium from the photographers stand. 





The union workers were out in full force. 



Here we see a green shirt distributing signs to astroturfers. This is the last step to create the “grassroots look’ that is the goal of David Axelrod. This creates a false positive impression among the television audience. Not all signs found willing Astroturfers and were ignored. Some people came to hear their representative, not to play partisan stooge. 


Some in Canada argue that national single-payer healthcare as a human right, was enshrined in Canada’s first constitution, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 . In 2005 the Superior Court of Canada ruled that the Canadian government was in violation of every Canadian’s basic human rights. Canadaian Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin, wrote that “Access to a waiting list is not access to health care.”

A fundamental human right was violated here at this rally. And that, of course, is the now apparently antiquated right of free speech which was enshrined in the first American Constitution in 1791.





Astroturf by Axelrod.


An organizer drones on as the crowd awaits the arrival of the OFA bus carrying Rep. Perlmutter. The bus is late. 

A commotion in the parking lot caught my eye. A green shirt aggressively berates two dissenters in the parking lot .


They are ejected by two male organizers in red shirts. While still on school property, the two ladies decided to hold their ground, resisting excessive trampling of their rights as law abiding Americans. 



This is a standoff. Who would have thought a scene like this could occur in America? 



The red shirts stay to monitor the situation(above background left). At no time did I see these ladies argue or fuss. They appeared only calm and insistent on their rights.



Meanwhile, the Astroturfers who were sent to confront the legitimate dissenters on W 32nd St, are now among the crowd waiting to cheer Perlmutter.


And here’s the bus. Police were positioned around our hardy dissenters, for the safety of the public no doubt.


WHOOPEE!!! Let the show begin!




The bus was followed by several black SUV’s. Looks like Tony Soprano sent some of the boys over in case things got out of hand. 


Perlmutter ranted about fighting and fighting and human rights and the Constitution. 



Organizers positioned this banner to block the view from the two camera stands. Should have sent a taller green shirt. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men…



R.E.A.L. on Women’s Equality Day 2009 in DC

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)
Contact: Jeffrey Imm,

Thank You to all those who support our Women’s Equality Day public awareness event in Washington DC on August 26 at the Washington DC Freedom Plaza, including representative from ERA NOW, NOW Maryland, NOW Virginia, and Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.).

We reached out to many people leaving work to update them on the urgent need to support Constitutional equality for all American women through the Equal Rights Amendment, which states:

“SECTION 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

“SECTION 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.”

“SECTION 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.”

It is such a fundamental human right and such a simple message that R.E.A.L. was able to publish this on business card size handouts to distribute to the public!

For more information see R.E.A.L. information and postings on Constitution Equality for Women.

YouTube Video of Stills and Video from Individuals at Public Awareness Event

[Online photo gallery of photographs of August 26 public awareness event taken by Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)]

Obama and the Thugs

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If any side has been guilty of astroturfing at townhalls, it is Obama supporters.  People posing as doctors have turned up at various events, hailing the President’s plan, only to be found out later.  Vandals smashed windows at the Democratic Party office in Denver early this week.  More astroturfing, apparently.  As Gateway Pundit has detailed:


The young vandal who smashed windows at the DNC headquarters in Denver on Tuesday worked for a democratic politician, was paid by a SEIU-related front group, and was arrested at the RNC convention last year in St. Paul.


Honestly, I never thought I would live to see the day when a president one-upped Nixon.  But this Obama thuggery gets worse by the day and our once-valiant mainstream press just yawns and accuses the innocent. 


Even Richard Nixon never, as far as we know, went so far as to orchestrate manufactured news, advise his supporters to “get in their faces” or use taxpayer dollars to promote political causes.


What in the world is this Country coming to?


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Did Teddy’s Liberalism trample on The Constitution?

Bettyjean invites your interaction as we ponder this question?

Remember when liberal wasn’t a dirty word? Today as I watched Ted Kennedy’s funeral I was reminded of the positive things Teddy did, of the reasons that I was once a liberal. Liberals once did great things for ordinary Americans, people of color, the poor, children without health care, and women who needed a champion. Liberals brought us justice for many. Could it have been wrong to pass civil rights, or health care for children, or equal pay for women for example?

Because of the Ted Kennedy those who didn’t have a voice finally had one but for the past 30 years it seems ordinary Americans were forgotten and the special interest groups took and held precedence over all else.

Below I have listed some of the advocacy groups he championed. He had his hands in over 1000 pieces of legislation and wrote over 300. Where did he – where did we – go wrong in applying liberalism in the name of justice for all and yet in doing so trample on democracy and our Constitution?

Political positions

Senator Kennedy’s political positions are reflected in his advocacy for minority groups regarding racial justice; women’s reproductive rights; gender equality; age discrimination; immigration; gay rights; and civil rights

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of democracy is eternal vigilance”

We believe our founders meant the government to be one of the people for the people and by the people not of the party for the party and by the party. We the people while concerned about many issues are more concerned about Democratic process that has been abrogated.

“Should the ISSUES that have come to define the Democratic Party to liberals or the Republican Party to the conservatives be the reasoning we accept either the party’s propaganda or edicts? Even if it means sacrificing such as The Constitution and our core values of respect, honor, loyalty and democracy itself?

We are told to vote for a democrat to protect the Supreme Court, abortion, environment and human rights, issues, and we are told to vote for a conservative to protect life and family values, but what if it is fear mongering designed to keep us in line? What if issues usurp democracy as a means of achieving a goal of power over the concerned governed? Should it be rewarded with your vote by going with the party and against our best interests and against the Constitution? If citizens fall in line have they sold the long term goals of their values, for the temporally “hold us in line” issues that keep us fighting among ourselves and under control?

These are salient questions to ponder because we are being asked to vote party line each time any proposal is put before the people. It is clear issues are no longer decided by Constitution but by demagoguery and brute force over the power of the people.

Why? I leave this for you to ponder and hopefully, begin asking questions and challenge what has transpired when either party holds the majority, or as in this case hold all three houses of power and the media.”

Patriots serve the Constitution. Our Founders designed a system of checks and balances and gave us a wonderful set of rules to abide by and gave us the First Amendment so patriots say it loud – The Majority United- 535 tyrants vs. 300,000 do the math – it is time to take our country back.  

Let us not forget whilst we do good unto others that we not hide behind that good that we are meanwhile trampling on the greater good. The greater good being freedom. Do good unto others by making laws that protect people from the harm of others and if needed taking money out of your own pocket and give to those of your choice – but do not decide for me who I will give to – again I say – mine is not yours to give! In America we believe in Freedom of Choice! Read again The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence and leave ‘We the People’ to the pursuit of happiness through life, liberty and independence as promised us and a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Sex Slave In California

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He kidnapped her and kept her as his sex slave. When she was not sexually servicing him, she “lived” in a coffin-like box beneath his bed in sunny, sunny California. His wife knew all about it.

No, I am not talking about the ordeal of Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped in 1991, when she was 11-years-old and who has just been rescued after an eighteen year captivity in the northern California home of Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

I am talking about 20-year-old Oregonian, Colleen Stan, who in 1977, was kidnapped by Cameron and Janice Hooker, buried alive in a coffin-like box and enslaved for seven years in southern California. The Hookers were a well-liked couple who had two children. Cameron was a mill-worker at a lumber company. Janice was the kind of wife and mother who sewed, crocheted, and entertained friends.

Here’s what the “average, well-liked” mill worker did to Colleen Stan.

He sadistically raped her, but he also handcuffed, blind-folded, hung her by her wrists, gagged her, repeatedly near-suffocated her, chained her to a rack, whipped her if she cried out, starved her, beat her–and always kept her chained, both hand and foot, and confined in the box. It worked. After six months, Colleen was “broken.” Thereafter, Cameron allowed her to become the family’s house slave too.

Janice Hooker? Well, Janice wanted to stay married, wanted to please her man, but could not endure his enormous sadism. So she agreed to a substitute, a sacrifice.

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