How Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg Flunks Journalism

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

OK – I am ready to have it out again – can we have an honest discussion about this. I tend to think the truth lies somewhere in the middle between what Sarah wrote in Palin’s new book,
America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag,
and Michelle Goldberg’s assessment of How Palin Flunks Feminism

The governor-turned-reality-TV-star’s new book dives into feminist history—distorting and misunderstanding it every step of the way, says The Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg.

First – someone better clue Goldberg in on Wikipedia- stuff there is not written in stone Michelle—even Sarah can go in and change history on Wikipedia! Talk about being worried about distortions – this gal is relying on Wikipedia for Pete’s sake for her history! YIKES!

“As so often with Palin, it’s hard to tell whether ignorance or dishonesty is at work. Perhaps neither she nor her ghostwriter had time to read up on women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, presented here as a pious Christian conservative. But couldn’t one of them at least have perused her Wikipedia entry?”

Then she leads you to believe that Palin is lying and distorting Susan B. Anthony’s abortion position. It reads thus:

“America By Heart packs a lot of deceit into a small package. Indeed, it’s an object

lesson in the power of right wing propaganda to create imaginary histories.”

Followed by this:

“Palin also tries to claim Susan B. Anthony for her side. The idea that Anthony was anti-abortion is a cherished one on the right; one anti-abortion political action committee calls itself the “Susan B. Anthony List.” “Susan B. Anthony saw the fight for the rights of the unborn as part of the broader fight for women’s rights,” writes Palin.”

And then lays the conclusion that Palin is distorting the facts on others who wrote those conclusions entirely having nothing to do with Palin’s book.

“Again, not really. As Ann Gordon, the editor of Anthony’s papers, and Lynn Sherr, one of her biographers, wrote earlier this year, “We have read every single word that this very voluble—and endlessly political—woman left behind. Our conclusion: Anthony spent no time on the politics of abortion. It was of no interest to her, despite living in a society (and a family) where women aborted unwanted pregnancies. “

Read it at The Daily Beast:$eB7SwhTB8V8yUCz-wH$lK/dail2


Clearly Ms. Goldberg flunks journalism but is queen of distortion and as for being a feminist- she doesn’t even know what the word means. Clearly she is not a woman’s woman – she is a political lemming!

As for the term Feminist and the vote:

The question was – Is Sarah Palin a Feminist? The article presented parts of her book to have you believe she is not and then asks you to vote. I voted yes but the results showed most readers either fell for the ruse or are lemmings!

One has to know the term Feminist and its meaning- obviously these voters know neither to have voted no in such large numbers.  Let me set the record straight.

 A Feminist plain and simple is the belief that females are equal to men! 

To suggest that Sarah Palin is not a feminist meaning she does not think she is equal to any man is a laugh a minute.  No doubt in my mind she thinks she and many of us are equal – she probably also thinks many other women are idiot lemmings and she would be right about that too! Damned fools would believe anything you read!

Finally, I suppose most voters in this poll were Democrats, and Liberals but they certainly were not feminists who stand up for other women – regardless of the political affiliation, religious beliefs or ability to unite. Most of Sarah’s book readers will be Conservatives and Republicans and they certainly were not feminists who stand up for other women – regardless of the political affiliation, religious beliefs or ability to unite. Both conservatives and Democrats have an awful lot to learn and until they do – feminists will never achieve equality- we are holding ourselves back by remaining in two separate camps fighting over abortion. You will fight to the death and never win!

How Palin Flunks Feminism packs a lot of deceit into an even smaller package. Indeed, it’s an object

lesson in the power of left wing propaganda to keep women divided over abortion.

Sarah: Retard is ok if used in satire. Ooops!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

If we ever hope to take our country back and have honest Government – we are going to have to be honest ourselves with ourselves and each other. We can’t be giving free passes to those we like and turning the other cheek to candidates or hopefuls- that is how we got OBAMA!

Sarah blew this one and the best thing she could have done but did not do was admit it before it got out of hand. She had a perfect opportunity on O’Reily last night but she chose to lie and then given a second shot she danced around it. I heard her give Rush a pass and I heard her lie about giving him that pass and then dance around that lie. I stayed up to hear it the second time.

It is never ok to use the R word is what she said last night — she is right –but that is not what she said the first time she was asked about Rush using it. Instead she let him get away with it saying he was using it in satire and now many satirists are making fun of special needs folks and it is Sarah Palin’s fault. She owes that community one hell of an apology for opening up the flood gates. Instead everyone wants to blame the comics- yeah they are low for doing it but their point is not lost on me and it ought not be lost on you.

Instead everyone is jumping on the bandwagon coming out on her side saying Trig is off limits! He is- but it’s about time we stop using that little boy and all the other special needs people to promote Sarah! Enough is enough. It is time that all this foolishness stops and satirists stop using it to get to her too. What in the hell is going on when both sides have to use innocent people to promote the foolishness of politicians. Enough already but satirists we already know have no lines – Sarah knows that too, that was her point and she should have known better – oh wait – that’s right – she did. Oooops!

Step up to the plate Sarah and say you are sorry for giving an ok to satirists to use the R word! If it’s ok for Rush it’s ok for all and you gave that OK!

Has the New Agenda Lost Its Way? Part 2

A six part series by:
BettyJean Kling
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In Part 1 – Accentuating the negative, we pointed out that our experience has been that Amy Siskind, far from encouraging a grassroots organization, is running The New Agenda in a hierarchical and elitist “top-down” manner. Rather than appealing to the intelligence of American women, she expects people to accept her agenda without doing any thinking for themselves. We also introduced a NOW 50 state membership drive for March.
Please consider this — we are talking about $40.00! We do not have another turn-key 50 state organization, built for this type of bottom-up membership, just sitting there begging for the masses to walk in and be heard. Please read the six-part series and understand that we already have an organization with a *democratic* foundation. Time is of the essence. Join NOW March 1st.

Instead of fighting over NOW as it was, NOW as it should and could be is up to us. If you are waiting for someone to hand you your every wish without contributing some hard work then you will probably always settle for what you get, like it or not. I propose something quite different: a mass membership so big and so strong that either the existing leadership will have to reflect the membership needs, or we vote out that leadership and replace it with management that reflects the wishes of the majority of the new membership.

Please consider this — we are talking about $40.00! We do not have another turn-key 50 state organization, built for this type of bottom-up membership, just sitting there begging for the masses to walk in and be heard. Please read the six-part series and understand that we already have an organization with a *democratic* foundation. Time is of the essence. Join NOW March 1st.

Part 2) Lack of focus.

Again, TNA began last year with a great strategy: untie women from the Democratic Party and instead shop around a list of priorities that either party can promise to take on and thus gain TNA’s support. Unfortunately, TNA doesn’t seem to be following through. Look at The New Agenda from the perspective of, say, the Delaware Republican Party looking for an edge in the run for Biden’s Delaware Senate seat (reputedly being kept warm for Beau Biden on his return from Iraq). If the Republicans are trying to figure out whether it’s worthwhile to court The New Agenda, they’ll want to know two things: what do we have to give, and what do we get? Neither is very clear at TNA. For example, if the Delaware GOP does not have a female candidate appropriate for the position who wants to run in 2010, should they not bother trying to get TNA’s endorsement? Which of the goals listed on the website are the most important, and does a politician needs to support certain of them, or even any of them, to gain The New Agenda’s endorsement? For example, would someone holding Gov. Palin’s political positions — nearly all of which diverge from TNA’s stated goals — be eligible for TNA endorsement nonetheless? What is the policy on endorsements anyway?

Those are just the question on the “what do we have to give?” side from a Republican politico’s perspective. Then there’s the “get”: The New Agenda seems to get some CNN interviews and quotes in local papers, but does it have a national mailing list of members that would be worthwhile for the Delaware GOP to obtain for fundraising and get-out-the-vote? How big *is* the membership? (Big enough to be worth taking a position, for example in favor of increased funding to Biden’s signature Violence Against Women Act, that may lose some conservative votes?)

There also isn’t a clear line drawn about what The New Agenda is willing to tolerate in terms of misogyny or sexism by men in politics. The New Agenda was widely perceived as giving Senator McCain a “pass” on his past errors like publicly joking about rape ( and making fun of an teenage Chelsea Clinton, as well as Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno ( Yet The New Agenda was very angry about Jon Favreau’s being photographed rubbing the breast of a cardboard figure of Clinton and called for Favreau to be fired from Obama’s staff – even though Favreau, like McCain, apologized and admitted that he was wrong. Then after a humiliating media dressing down from CNN, ( , Amy Siskind, did yet another turn-around without consulting any of the other executive members leading to an exodus of at least 8 original founders and the banning of many original members.

To mark today’s International Human Rights Day – a day designated to affirm the rights of all people, The New Agenda called on White House speechwriter Jon Favreau to turn his bad behavior and poor judgment into a global good by volunteering at a battered women’s shelter

“Instead of a summary dismissal of Favreau, we believe more good could be gained by opening a national dialogue on domestic violence,” said Amy Siskind, co-founder of The New Agenda. “If Favreau were to mark today by making a public apology and volunteering at a battered women’s shelter it would show authentic contrition and channel the deluge of negative public attention he continues to receive toward a productive end.”

It is important for an organization that seeks influence to be unmistakable in what kind of behavior will require just an apology, and what kind must be answered with loss of office. Otherwise, like NOW and other women’s groups during President Clinton’s sexual harassment and sex scandals, TNA will get dragged down by claims of inconsistency, partisan favoritism and worse.

How The New Agenda Lost Its Way! Part 1

A six part series by:
BettyJean Kling
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In honor of Women’s History Month and in advance of my ambitious March Membership Drive on behalf of your local NOWnow chapters,  I bring you the following 6 part series as I ask you to join your local NOW organization beginning March 1. By joining NOW in massive numbers we can shape the agenda of an already existing 50 state organization that has been working for women’s equality and advancement for over 40 years. NOW isn’t perfect, but it is structured so that we can work from within it to make it ours and it better.

Part 1 Accentuating the negative 

The following series of posts is intended to provide constructive criticism of The New Agenda. TNA still has a chance to become a significant national organization, but the longer it remains a “top-down” entity run on the whims of a single person, the less chance it has to make an impact. In particular, its campaign of denigration against Kim Gandy and the National Organization for Women — spreading false rumors about Gandy’s having been unwilling to endorse Sen. Clinton the Democratic primaries, and about NOW’s having failed to protest the treatment of Clinton and Gov. Palin by the media — threatens to divide politically active American women into opposing camps based on a conflict of personalities. This is completely the wrong direction for TNA to take. Now is the time to use the energy and enthusiasm generated by the 2008 election to elect more women to local, state and national office; get more women appointed to executive and judicial positions; ensure that women are not left out of massive federal programs to encourage lending, entrepreneurship and employment; and drive for legislation to protect women’s rights at the workplace, their safety in the home and streets, and their health, reproductive choices and otherwise.

Until TNA shapes itself into a viable national organization, NOW remains the best conduit for women’s activism on these issues, and should be supported. You can join today at the national ( or local ( level, take action on legislation ( and work with NOW PACs to empower women in politics (

The New Agenda, which began with a list of very specific “asks” and the promise of support for whichever party would deal favorably with those requests (, has begun to decline in its ability to be relevant for a broad spectrum of American women. An underlying lack of transparency, accountability and access has manifested itself recently in several ways.

Accentuating the negative. TNA has been criticized by several feminist blogs lately for declaring Kim Gandy, president of NOW, to be an unacceptable choice to lead the Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor. TNA’s statement on the matter contained no specific explanation about why Gandy would be wrong for the job; it simply insulted her (

The New Agenda believes that while serving as President of the National Organization for Women, Ms. Gandy did not represent the women whom she was elected to represent. The New Agenda believes that Ms. Gandy used her role primarily to advance her own career interests.

The New Agenda would endorse the following candidates for Director of the Women’s Bureau:

  1. Anita Perez Ferguson, Former President Natl. Women’s Political Caucus
  2. Mary Beth Maxwell, Founding executive director of American Rights at Work
  3. Ellen Bravo, Former National Director of 9to5
  4. Robin Leeds, Winning Strategies

These candidates have represented and worked for women’s rights as opposed to their own self-interest.

While all four of these other women also are accomplished and talented, at least one of the candidates (Anita Perez Ferguson) has no experience whatsoever in labor issues, yet is deemed superior to Gandy, who

  • used her law degree to litigate sex discrimination employment cases;
  • served on the drafting committees the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which gave women the right to a jury trial and monetary damages in cases of sex discrimination and sexual harassment;
  • testified before Congress about the problems facing undocumented workers who are women;
  • lobbied to make Wal-Mart a more women-friendly workplace;
  • literally stood with Hilda Solis, the nominee for Secretary of Labor, in testifying and rallying for more ownership by women of media outlets.
Amy Siskind, happy with her own agenda

Amy Siskind Miscalculates the intelligence of American Women. She appears to be an elitist with an agenda which expects people to accept her say-so without doing any thinking for themselves.

The New Agenda thus far has not stated why Ms. Gandy is unacceptable. When a commenter on The New Agenda’s blog asked for the rationale behind TNA’s animus toward the president of NOW, TNA president Amy Siskind replied, “[W]e very purposely chose to not list line items as to why we do not endorse Gandy. But suffice it to say that it was unanimous (less one) amongst our Founders group who are prominent women from around the country and perhaps, through our connections, we know more information than you know. Could that be?”

The elitism typified by Ms. Siskind’s response to a reasonable question – a juvenile sort of “nyah nyah, *I* know but I’m not going to tell *you*” – seems far better calculated to drive potential TNA allies away than to attract them into becoming part of the community. Ms. Siskind did not even give a courteous reply such as, “I’m afraid our decision was based partly on confidential information that we are not free to publicize at this point, but I will follow up with publicly-available information that also weighed in our decision, so that you can judge for yourself and hopefully come to the same conclusion that we did.” Instead, Ms. Siskind expects people to accept her say-so without doing any thinking for themselves.

Indeed, an elitism at odds with a true grassroots attitude has become Ms. Siskind’s trademark at The New Agenda. An entire section of The New Agenda website is devoted to the gender balance of the Obama Cabinet – an important issue, but the 21 seats available in that Cabinet are not available to 99.99% of all Americans, regardless of sex. That 99.99% instead is concerned about keeping their jobs or finding new ones, making their rent/ mortgage, caring for sick family members and otherwise living real life outside Capitol Hill and Wall Street. Their lives are affected by the people in government, but having women as the Secretaries of Defense, Energy, Interior, etc. will not make a crucial difference in whether the average American makes it through this recession with life, health and dignity intact.

Because of that, The New Agenda’s call for President Obama to dismiss Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner for his tax problems ( ) – after those problems had been fully disclosed and Geithner nonetheless confirmed by the Senate – verged on irresponsible. Geithner’s work as Sec. Treasurer has not been impressive thus far (one cannot resist comparing it to Secretary Hillary Clinton, who appears to have revitalized the State Department simply by walking in the door (, but calls for his departure, based on an issue that already has been thoroughly dissected and debated, do no service to women or to America generally. Geithner should be out at Treasury if he fails at his job, but he shouldn’t be pushed out prematurely just to have a woman considered as his replacement, particularly when done without suggesting someone who would do the job (restoring faith in the markets) more effectively. Urging that type of reckless destabilization in a time of financial crisis is not an action that would be taken by an organization that feels a serious sense of duty toward American women.

Anything but That

I remember standing in the beautiful National Building Museum in Washington DC  on Saturday June 6 2008 surrounded by Hillary supporters crying my heart out as Hillary suspended her campaign. I was listening for a line or a few words I could cling to and I did but truthfully – the words that she and others kept saying over and over rang hollow. Every time I heard ‘her race proved women could do anything’ every time Obama said ‘Hillary’s race proved to his daughters that they could be anything’  all I could say was “anything but President of the United States.”


There are video’s of me all over the internet crying my eyes out – I am not one given to crying easily but I knew that day that something big was dying, just as I knew on May 31st that Democracy died at the RBC dog and pony show.


Still I forged ahead to Denver and fought for Hillary to be on that roll call even while she was out fighting for Obama tooth and nail. We still held out hope and hung on every unsaid word waiting for the weight of 18 Million of us to come crashing through those cracks but we never did. Today I read a piece that may explain why we didn’t break through- perhaps there were no cracks at all!

The Glass Ceiling Holds Strong

By Marie Cocco

WASHINGTON — It is time to stop kidding ourselves. This wasn’t a breakthrough year for American women in politics. It was a brutal one.

The glass ceiling remains firmly in place — not cracked, as Hillary Clinton insisted as she tried to claim rhetorical victory after her defeat in the Democratic nominating contest. It wasn’t even scratched with the candidacy of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee — unless you consider becoming an object of national ridicule to be a symbol of advancement. As divergent as these two women are ideologically and temperamentally, as different as are their resumes, they both banged their heads — hard — against the ceiling. Both were bruised. So was the goal of advancing women in political leadership. 


Yet American women are a majority of the population and a majority of the electorate. They earn more than half the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a level of educational achievement far exceeding that of women in developing countries. There must be some reason we don’t do any better than women in impoverished, rural regions of the world where cultural norms oppress women.

Maybe it is because our culture isn’t so different after all.


I know now that this was not our year, after all, to put a women in the White House but it was the year to wake up and come to our senses. We have not come that far BABY! We still have a long way to go and we didn’t even know it!


Free US Now Radio comes to you two nights a week and we are devoted to democracy, equality and human rights. Please tune in Monday at 8 PM  Eastern
when we welcome Idella Moore for the full hour. Number: (347) 838-8011


Idella Moore is founder and Executive Officer of a national, single-issue, non-partisan organization whose mission is to finish ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  This amendment would guarantee legal equality to men and women and should it be ratified it would become only the second constitutional guarantee for women.  The only other right that women are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution is the right to vote.


Idella’s support for the Equal Rights Amendment began in the 1970’s but it was in the early 1980s, while a student at Florida State University, that she became an active grassroots participant during the last intense efforts to get Florida to ratify the ERA.  Like millions of others, Idella was devastated that the amendment was not ratified by the deadline, June 30, 1982.


It was in protest of that ratification that Idella moved to England in 1982 and remained there for the next decade and a half.  She and her family returned to the US in the late 1990’s but it wasn’t until 2002 that she learned there was a renewed campaign to ratify the ERA.  Within a few months, she formed her org. Initially founded as a Georgia group, because of overwhelming demand, a year later hers became a national organization.  It is the only, national single issue ERA membership organization.  It now has an online membership representing men and women in 49 states, from all political parties and across all age groups. 


Idella does a great deal of research and writing about the ERA and gives presentations to organizations at the local, state, regional and national levels.  Today, hers is either leading, guiding or giving technical and advocacy assistance to campaigns in 13 of the ERA unratified states.


FreeUsNowPassERA Radio Monday 8pm est

Link is –

Call-in Number: (347) 838-8011


Sarah is Stupid

BettyJean answers Master Degreed Teacher voting Obama based on Sarah’s stupidity!


“this all made MSNBC (the quote liberal media) and it was denounced immediately as terrible and not appropriate even if they didn’t like sarah Palin (which they do not) so not everyone turns the blind eye and ignores the sexism.  But just as I say that, I will add that she to me is a disgrace for a VP candidate and you can call it sexism or my love of Obama but I call it smart and that is something she is not.  I don’t think they cover that enough.  It is not about experience and you will email me back, it is about brains and I want the people in charge of my country and well being to be smarter than me and I graduated Summa Cum Laude.  so that is my opinion and if people don’t like it or want to call it sexism so be it.  I don’t need these emails, my mind is made up and has been.  Sorry.” 


Well gee whoever wrote this poorly constructed tirade and has the nerve to brag about graduating Summa Cum Laude deserves only one response from me.  When she can rise from mom to a Mayor, then to Gov, and then to VP candidate, I’d say you have some standing to question this woman’s credentials and wisdom. Until such time as you have climbed that ladder of success on your own merits without the assistance of the Chicago mafia or the political machine- I’d say you really have no room to talk , moreover, she is obviously smarter than anyone who has not achieved what she has so far – which by the way includes me!!

Pardon my candid answer, however, to call this woman brainless based on whatever you learned from the biased media (quoting MSNBC tells us a great deal) without really knowing her is tantamount to what they did to Hillary in reverse – and you really ought to know better. You did not like it when they did this type of thing to Hillary yet you tolerate it when they do it to a woman from the other party. You are not a solution to sexism – you are part of the problem and they will be using sexism to prevent women from the rightful place in high offices because of stupidity – but it is not her stupidly – it’s yours and others like you! Wake up – smarten up and see that this is pure sexism and pure politics and stop allowing them to use you! It’s women against women hurting women!


As a dual Master Degreed Teacher, I know better ways to test intelligence than the way this gal chose to do so. I feel sorry for the kids she teaches if she prejudges her kids the way she prejudged this candidate – she has no business in the classroom. And learn how to construct a sentence before you ask Sarah to be smarter than you.


I was stunned when I learned from a mutual friend that you are a teacher holding a masters degree and use that to talk down to our mutual friends as if you know better who they should vote for.  Obviously you do not.


She and I both grew up in WV but I think she has forgotten where she comes from. The people in my state have struggled and some of them are lucky to have graduated high school. But they have every bit the value that you and I have and their voting choices deserve respect just like ours does. Just because you disagree with it, doesn’t mean they are “dumb.” “Since the primary it has gotten even worse because of things like the attitude you read in her email. Last spring she threw around her educational credentials as a reason to justify her choice of Obama. Basically she said that because she has a Master’s degree she knows what she is talking about and anyone else does not. At the time I blew off that comment but over the days it started to bother me.”



I am not a kind soul hiding your name – I am a kind soul hiding the identity of our mutual friends. Shame on you. I did this to prove just how hateful Obama supporters are and just how divisive Obama is!


Congratulations, you have aggrieved the friends you have grown up with and instead as you so eloquently wrote and I quote “or my love of Obama” And now you are instead aligned with Obama and his friends. Let me name a few- Jeremiah Wright, ‘Tony’ Rezko, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Kwame, Kilpatrick, Meeks, Pfleger, Khalid Al Masour aka Donald Warden, Rashid Khalidi,. Farrakhan, Percy Sutton, ACORN and on and on and on.

A Feminist? You betcha!


Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

Below see Governor Sarah Palin’s speech. I choose to believe she means what she says – why shouldn’t I? It is clear that this woman is her own person and she has made her own choices and she has climbed the ladder of success on her own merits. She was not cultivated as a politician – she owes no one any favors and she is one of us with all her differences – she is woman watch her roar.


And as my PumaPac friend Murphy wrote,


Yesterday, Sarah Palin made the most explicitly feminist political speech by ANYONE running for national office in the last 20 years. She said,

“Women of my generation were allowed finally to make more of our own choices with education, with career, and I have never forgotten that we owe that opportunity to women, to feminists who came before us,” Palin said. “The belief in equal opportunity is not just the cause of feminists, it’s the creed of our country — equal opportunity.”


As Democrats, we likely disagree with Sarah Palin on many things, not least of which are environmental protections and corporate reform. But as WOMEN, how can we not read these words and be inspired?



These words indeed are the words of a true feminist- make no mistake – none of us are in full agreement on every issue- but I believe we can all agree – she is a feminist?


“When it came time for choosing, somehow Barack Obama just couldn’t bring himself to pick the woman who got 18 million votes in his primary, and that seems to be too familiar a story isn’t it?” Palin said at a rally in Henderson, NV on October 21. “How it is for so many American women that the qualifications are there, but for some reason the promotion never comes?


“You’ve got to ask yourself why was Senator Hillary Clinton was not even vetted by the Obama campaign?” Palin continued. “Why did it take 24 years, an entire generation from the time Geraldine Ferraro made her pioneering bid until the next time that a woman was asked to join a national ticket?”


“In the long history of our country, 74 people have held the position of President or Vice-President, and why have the major parties given America only two chances to even consider a woman for either office?” Palin asked. “This glass ceiling, it is still there, but it’s about time that we shattered that glass ceiling once and for all.”


“Out on the stump he talks a good game about equal pay for equal work, but according to the Senate pay roll records women on his own staff get just 83 cents for every dollar that the men get,” Palin said of Obama. “That’s 9,000 dollars less every year that he pays the guys. Does he think that the women aren’t working as hard? Does he think that they are 17 percent less productive?”


“The working women of this country, those who work inside the home and outside of the home, they’re overlooked by politicians in Washington, and Barack Obama hasn’t given us a single reason to believe that he would be any better.”


“I’ve been very, very blessed to have a husband who’s supported me along the way. He’s a great dad who doesn’t disappear at bath time or run from diaper duty, and I appreciate that,” Palin added. “But a lot of women have it much, much harder than I’ve had it. And they need child care, which today can cost some families a third of their household budget. And they need reforms in labor laws that allow greater flexibility in the workplace, including more tele-commuting. And they need a tax code that doesn’t penalize working families.”


“Women of my generation were allowed finally to make more of our own choices with education, with career, and I have never forgotten that we owe that opportunity to women, to feminists who came before us,” Palin said. “The belief in equal opportunity is not just the cause of feminists, it’s the creed of our country — equal opportunity.” ~ Gov. Sarah Palin


I Join Murphy in asking you to please pass this on to every women you know and ask her to have another look and decide how much longer we will wait for a THE perfect women to show up?  You know the woman that will appeal to everyone in the country — apparently that is what we are looking for right? Hillary wouldn’t do for half the country and now Sarah will not for the other half. Stop the insanity and let’s give this woman-the same opportunity we have always given the men we have elected – when’s the last time you agreed totally with any one of them?  



Go Sarah Go!


Another Rant by Bettyjean Kling:

Ahhhh, did ya see that debate last night? I like Joe Bidden and I am a Democrat so I thought he did a great job. He did not attack Sarah – he did not make any major gaffs and he spun the facts the way politicians always do. had this been any other race – i would have been all so very pleased with the job Joe did and so would you and you know it!

But- there was something different about this debate and this race – very different for us Democrats this year – many of us were rooting for the other side- why?

Well – we were because for the first time in maybe a long time we put party politics aside and looked at things from a different perspective. We decided that party politics was not the be all and end all – not this year and sadly – maybe never again. No- this year – we must put country first.

Our party in an effort to take back the White House stooped lower than the other party has and without our permission to do, so selected a candidate who is attempting to brainwash the masses and take away our inaliable rights.

Our party- violated women’s rights and eliminated a much stronger candidate in order to ensure they could get their own way against the people and usurped the rights of the people. Our party left us.

This year we find ourselves a people without a party – a people fighting against the shell of a party that was in order to break the backs of those who took it over. We the people have little recourse but to join with the another party in order to defeat those who would take away that which our founders fought and died to give us.

So last night – when a scrappy, smart, terrific gal from Alaska with a few issues that did not quite match mine stood her ground against Joe and promised to give me back my government- I rooted for her! When she gave us her spin on things from her party that is expected I took them with the same grain of salt I have always swallowed when the Dem spin.

And I loved the fact that with five (5) weeks under her belt in Washington world the outsider from Alaska held her own against the good old boy who has known the insider ropes for well over 30 years.

Yes – you did a good job Joe and you were a gentleman and I appreciated that and respect you for that but Sarah won my heart Joe. Not because she knew more but because she stood up to you and and stands up for all of us and says we are coming at cha! And ya know Joe- I believe her- I just don’t believe you.

One thing you drove home over and over last night was the track record – well Joe- you have one too. That track record tells the whole story – you can’t hide. First you said one thing about Obama and now you are saying something else.

In addition, our party made it clear there is no place for women at the top in our party, Clearly we had a stellar candidate who would have won this race hands down against anyone the Republicans would have run. Clearly she garnered more votes in the primary than any other candidate in history but this party not only ran her out – they allowed her to be mistreaded and violated leaving only the rRepublicans to come to her defense.

Finally, in the Republican Party there is room at the top for women- Go Sarah Go!

Women Count- Revisited


Another Rant by: Bettyjean Kling


Hopefully, you all remember that last week I challenged ‘Women Count’ to cease leaning toward Democrats or risk losing our support. I challenged them to count all of us- whether we are left, right or center and stop pigeon holing us by assuming we all need to be reminded that while we do not want Sarah Palin spoken ill of she still has Issues Women Count assumes they have a right to alert us about!  How dare they point these positions out for us as if to say these are our positions or our only issues? We can think for ourselves – we do not want Women count or anyone else reminding us what issues make this particular woman a no no. What are we mindless idiots? By count did you mean in numbers on the democratic ticket? I thought women count meant we count as viable human beings for who we are and how valuable we are just for being women just as we are not right or left  or a number on a ballot. Were you trying to empower us as women or as Democrats ?


“Much will be said and written in the days ahead about Gov. Palin’s views on issues, and we urge you to consider these positions with depth and thoughtfulness – she is anti-choice, pro-gun, and pro-big oil.” ~ Women Count’ 



Well that argument may be moot now at least for outward appearances but let us not be fooled based on what was last week and their failure to admit why the change of heart – I say we be vigilant. In other words – I want to se deeds not just words. Show me the beef!


Major parts of the letter for your review are below. I published this letter far and wide after they failed to respond, including their email addresses and urged my readers to write and ask them to join with me in calling for non partisan representation in our women’s groups.  


The New Agenda, coincidently got quite a bump at the same time by The Washington Post and low and behold, ‘Women Count’ seems to have gotten the message. Unfortunately, they did not give credit where credit was due – that would be me and you folks. Keep up the good work – we are after all THE women who count!


* NOTE : The New Agenda: Amy Siskind refuses interview with MSNBC until there is a public apology by both Oberman and Matthews to America women for their sexism.

Way to go Amy!

Our new campaign: “i’m a woman. i have issues.”


I would like t think this was one of the letters the new campaign was designed around:


I went to you site today and while you are willing to defend Sarah against sexism I detect you are also cautioning us to remember she is a Republican and reminding us to keep her right wing policies in mind – as if anyone will let us forget them. Are you still leaning left?


Much will be said and written in the days ahead about Gov. Palin’s views on issues, and we urge you to consider these positions with depth and thoughtfulness – she is anti-choice, pro-gun, and pro-big oil. 


Since you asked for our opinion and if you visit my blog and read the comments I and others are getting you will see that women are tired of choosing one side or the other and want to be free of this reminder altogether now. If women really count – then count all women – women from both sides of the aisle.


I was hoping you WomenCount would stay neutral. I have been barraged by women group mail and email that berates the right and their views and then I get the same treatment from the left denigrating the left for theirs. It will never end and we will never move forward or be free so long as we are held hostage to this game. I must say that women today are only exposed to the extremes from both sides and that is simply not fair. This is what keeps women from truly moving ahead. Can’t we just be women instead of left or right – just this once – can we try it on for size and see if we like the way it fits?


I have just joined The New Agenda which promises to be non partisan. You can either lean toward the Dems or come to the middle but my support both financially and through my outreach on blog talk radio, my newsletters, my website, my email and blogs – I am going concentrate my efforts and support toward those where women will be most empowered to be free and not held back nor compelled to walk lockstep with others against gaining positions in government which will truly give them the power to chart their own destinies and that of their daughters and granddaughters.


If you agree that we need women’s groups to be non partisan, reach out to the founders of Women Count and encourage them to Free US Now and let us choose without prejudice. I know these women and their hearts are in the right place. They started out like us wanting things to be fair for Hillary but we are all women and it needs to be fair for all of us. The DNC made it impossible for Hillary- Let’s not punish Sarah and all women for god knows how long while we reward the DNC at the same time for what they did! Who will dare to run a woman again after this?


*Please blog this far and wide – cross post and let Women Count know you appreciate this change of heart.