Steinem’s roots


This piece offers several very quotable paragraphs about Gloria’s discoveries while working as a Playboy Bunny.  She evolved to write:,+do+something+outrageous&source=bl&ots=XyCvvfK80y&sig=XAU2Qq2m-fUc8krQ4qaaMtXkoCc&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result#PPP16,M1


… and this one has been edited as the result of remaining in print for over a decade while the world has changed.  We need to interview Steinem to get insight into how a woman who could write this could be as dismissive as she was towards Sarah Palin.

Palin describes herself as a feminist but performs as one with incredible acumen!


Those whose work formed feminist politics and in many cases, did more harm than good, should learn something from both Sarah and Hillary’s experience.  Most particularly: the ‘power brokers’ of NOW and other “establishment” figures of the advancement of women’s’ interests need that same mirror held up to themselves with their own words super-imposed on their views… posing the question: how could a person who wrote this to motivate women to succeed, take the action we observed during the 2008 election?





NOW, Gloria, NARAL — Ladies – You are fired!

Another Rant by:  BettyJean Kling


Let me tell you why this issue will never be settled! You ladies who run the woman’s groups don’t want it settled. You have nothing else to fall back on do you? Didn’t make any contingency plans girls? You are stuck in the 60’s and we are way ahead of you now.


During this election cycle when using the terms Pro Choice and Pro Life, I got funny looks from a lot of the ladies I volunteered with and I was not sure why. I believe Pro Choice means I have the right to choose Pro Life meaning – I would not get an abortion under any circumstances and I would teach my daughters that life is sacred.


I also believe in birth control and I think that the RU486 is a good idea so that if a female is raped or makes a mistake she can take a pill before a life has a chance to begin. For me that is what I thought Pro choice was. I did understand that some women would abort  after that and within the first three months and I decided that I would leave that to God to judge although It hurt me deeply – I choose to hope that other solutions such as adoption would take the place of abortions and am happy that so many have. In this day and age we don’t need abortions anymore – we have so many other options now.


Well at age 60I learned something new; the terms have been clarified for me. Choice apparently doesn’t really mean choice it means Not Pro Life. It means stay away from any woman who is Pro Life, It means that any women who does not agree with them is dangerous and must be prevented from holding high office- indeed she must be destroyed. It seems that these women’s groups are sending messages that tell women that this issue is the be all and end all issue of their lives.


Higher pay, higher offices, attaining respect from men, the media and our representatives is unimportant. Sticking together about anything but our reproductive rights is off limits, fighting for equal representation in our nation is not important. For 40 years we have had this reproductive right and that is all we need. It must be – what else have they gotten us?


Screw everything else- or maybe the truth is – these women who run these groups – or should I call them high society run clubs – have little else to fall back on? Anyway – its worry out for them isn’t it – they are getting the respect they want and need – they have the stature they were looking for – they are flitting around all happy and living fine. What about everyone one that they have voting against their own best interests?


I got this letter which started off as a single issue plea against one  candidate and basically assumed that all women should be on board with them against McCain and by extension- against Palin- No they didn’t say so but I got  this after Palin – joined the ticket. I am not stupid. And this is beyond the pale.


This approach is simply is wrong. When they send a letter to a women not knowing where she stands in the first place they are sending a message that they assume if she is a women she must unite with women and she stands on the side of abortion- how do I know – ?  You decide!



Remember: Elections Have Consequences

In McCain’s Own Words

One Major point:


Voted to end “the Title X family planning program, which is credited with helping prevent over 9 million abortions”  by making comprehensive voluntary family planning services readily available to all who desire such services. (


Now – this was in response to some of the pieces I have written lately about how women have been their worst enemies – first not standing up for Hillary and now coming out against Sarah. I guess when all else fails they pull unity heart strings huh? Well this was not a unity heart string for me. I have never belonged to these groups. I was grateful that they stepped up for us in the 60’s until I saw that they benefitted more then they benefitted us. What have we got to show for it? Look around Gals. We get less Pay then men- what’s changed?


We are now called Bitches! On TV- in the news- in the papers, in the music, we are shown half naked – all naked. We do not have full representation in government- we are no longer respected openly therefore we don’t have any more respect now then we did then. All we have is more work!


Thanks Gloria. You get facelifts and media lights and we get more work, more wrinkles and a new name and we have given up our apron strings for G strings – and who really benefitted? So now we don’t have 12 kids anymore instead we work 8 hours for the man without the same pay and we come home and work then dance for our husbands on poles! Great work Gloria! Smile big for the Camera Girl!


If this is what we have to pass on to our daughters and granddaughters – let’s not. I want to pass on to my daughter – equality. I don’t want her to be less than a man – like a man or for a man. I wan t her to be empowered to be all she can be and that included President of the United States if that is what she wants and that includes if I taught her to be Pro life! I never want another man or Woman to call my daughter a Bitch – do you? Do you want your daughter or her daughter held back over reproductive rights?


 If not stand up now and stop the insanity NOW.  I think that what has happened to women and the women’s movement this election cycle is very sad and we need not look much further than these woman’s groups to see who is to blame. One caveat- the religious groups!


I understand, the argument that some will have that the wacky fundamentalists are just as crazed but wait  – look at the language these woman’s groups used and see why the religious groups were offended- you do not have to be a religious fanatic to take offence at this language- you just have to read confused when you read and hear the democrats want to saves whales and are against killing wolves and Polar bears but are upset with Republicans because they prevented 9 million abortions. Just try to see it from their side.


If the radicals from both these groups stopped with the inflammatory rhetoric and left the rest of us out of the middle it would not be a problem – they won’t so we have to remove ourselves from these issues once and for all.

Either we are going to be held hostage to the extremist from either side or we are going to break free and empower ourselves to be all that we can be? Now that is Change I can believe in and the Choice I have been waiting.  NOW, NARAL, Gloria, Ladies – You are fired!


Just as I was about to hit Publish I got this and its worth passing on:

The Palin Effect
Her enemies are bellowing like a wounded moose.
by Noemie Emery
09/29/2008, Volume 014, Issue 03“Now that the dust is beginning to settle from the whirlwind descent of Hurricane Sarah, it may be time to stand back a little and assess in perspective what the moose-hunting beauty from Wasilla, Alaska, has wrought. Things will change between now and November, but she has already had a sizeable impact, and four major themes do stand out:…”…xzuuj.asp?pg=1