PUMA’s divert attention from Obama


PUMA’s rock the Floor at Invesco Field before leaving Denver.  We are finally on our way back and sh0uld arrive on Tuesday night.


We are so sorry you all did not stay and join 4 brave soldiers. We got hold of NOBAMA gear – we obtained 3 Floor credentials for BJ, Robin and our favorite guy Pat and proceeded to the coronation.


When Obama came to the podium we donned our NOBAMA and PUMA gear and traipsed up and down every isle and tortured the Obamites. We walked around the stage, separated from Obama by only the secret service men. It was as if we were in The Sistine Chapel during High Mass dressed in a devil costume carrying a pitchfork. I do not think any of them heard a word he said as they were horrified that the four of us dared to appear and commit heresy at the coronation. Some tried to have us thrown out, but the police stood firmly on our side.


YES we DID. Sorry you could not be there!




Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Stephanie Tubbs Jones 1949 – 2008  I Will Miss Her Fighting Spirit

Tell me why?

When I went to find a fitting tribute for Stephanie Tubbs Jones in Google just now – I got a generic listing for her website? I would have thought I would have had to spent hours trying to decide which one was the best to chose from- but there were none! Tell me why only Hillary supporters are scurrying to put up memorials and testimonials for Jones? 

Please see what we did for her:


Tell me why? When I went to find information or any news about the assassination of Arkansas Party Chairman Bill Gwatney last week there was little or no information on that? Hell a hold up
at 7-11 with a 30 minute car chase would get more coverage!
See what off media did for him:


After publishing a story on the Bill Gwatney murder in Arkansas last week, new information surfaced in an email to TheCityEdition.com. On the day before the killing, Gwatney may have told the group petitioning DNC delegates forSen. Clinton’s name to appear in a  roll-call vote that he would sign on to the drive. Evidently he is  the only state chair to do so, Most other members of the Arkansas delegation were also indicating to organizers they would support her. Sen. Clinton won the state on Feb. 5th by 44 points, her biggest  margin nationwide. Significantly, in a roll call vote at the  convention, Arkansas is one of the first states called, with a  potential for starting a bandwagon effect.

Tell me why? We give a damned about how many hours  John Edwards spent with his mistress one night ? Or who bailed out Casey Anthony this morning compared to why these two Democrats are suddenly dead and how that affects delegates and how they might or might not switch their votes in Denver this week? Turn on TV any Channel see what Main Stream Media and Cable feed you!

Tell me why? This should not be considered a message to Hillary she dare not consider accepting the nomination even if handed it on a silver platter at risk of bringing harm to others.

Tell me why? We had wall to wall coverage of Tim Russert’s, life story for  7 days straight 24 hours a day? How was this man who was famous in the end for foreseeing Hillary’s demise while missing his own early demise a greater story than the assignation of these two great Democrats who were obviously fighting for democracy rather than fighting to obscure it. Here is Main Stream Media

Tell me why? We have Super Delegates and Delegates who refuse to listen to anything negative about Obama but oh so willing to listen to anything negative about Hillary? What are they afraid of finding out? We Know which ones have financial gain – we know we can not reach them but we are hoping to reach the patriots and shame those who are on the take. 

Tell me why? Conservative writer Stanley Kurtz—researching an article for the National Review about connections between Barack Obama and former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers—made a big mistake. The poor man took a wrong turn on the Chicago Way. Now he’s lost. This is mayor Daley’s doing
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-kass-ayers-thurs-21-aug21,0,714266.column?page=1 This story broke today 8/21/08 Why is the Man who said he would be so open so secretive?

 Tell Me Why?

Patriots stand up!  Shouldn’t we all be asking Why? 

Free US Now !

Just Words?


“The One” In his own Words!


I will just let the anointed one speak for himself!


He does it so damned well!


Yes He Can!


Is he Still “The One” you been waiting for?




The Old Byrd is Judas ll


Have you heard that Super Delegate Robert Byrd WV came out and endorsed BO after Hillary won his State by 41 points?

Just read this in last chapter of Fredosso’s book:

“On March 29, 2005, the newly elected Senator Obama sent out a fundraising email through MoveOn.org on behalf of his friend and mentor, Robert Byrd of WV. Within 24 hours, more than 15,000 donors had contributed a total of $634,000 to the aging Democrat.”

Give me a break – she landslides the state and the Old Byrd turns to Judas- yeah that is what has become of our Democratic Party.  The Superdelegates are for sale ranging from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand based on seniority this old Byrd raked in a mighty hefty sum but then he had a mighty hefty large Hillary state to sweep under the carpet didn’t he!  The Bastard! 

Crying Unity while on enemy Payroll


Dear Patriots ,

Last week I got this letter from Alexandra Trabor telling us how deeply she labored over her decision to finally switch to the Obama camp and how she finally decided to take the position of woman’s outreach and how she was asking us to follow Hillary’s lead. Quite frankly I pissed me off because I saw right through those Obama talking points and the garbage they are trying to get us to swallow. They still think they are talking to idiots.


I sent that letter right out with my take on it. Immediately that started a flurry of backlash from

                      Olivia Anne Morris Fuchs —–Business—– Kentucky Home Life Building 239 South Fifth Street, Suite 1700 Louisville, Kentucky 40202-3248 (502) 587-7700=Business; 587-7800=Facsimile oamfuchs@aye.net Team Hillary Kentucky Founder & Director Hillary Rodham Clinton Kentucky        Pledged Delegate to the DNC 2008 Convention S-129 Democrat Precinct Chair__    ___________ 


“Dear Bernie & Betty Jean, Oh my, PLEASE DON’T hurt our Alexandra.  She is one of the loveliest, kindest, most elegant people in the universe who worked herself crazy to support Hillary all across the country from in DC and then right here in Kentucky BECAUSE she was so valuable to Hillary and because Hillary knew how hard we had worked for her in Kentucky.  She is a paid political worker by vocation who has moved on to the currently active Democratic Candidate.  I promise she is having a hard time and needs our love and support as she, too, tries to make a transition.  I implore you to reconsider, please, please.  Olivia Anne”



Now I sent an apology thinking perhaps I had been too strong and restated my case that If Ms Tabor had a right to state her case and invite us to ask question . I had the same right to state mine and that there was no malice intended – this was politics  and each side has a right to appeal to the delegates likewise.  Next I got tears. Then I got a copy of a letter Bernie sent calling this a war of the grassroots against the ‘politically experienced Dems’.


 You mean the suck-ups Bernie? much of his characterization regarding the way the party treated grassroots- I must say is right on target – good job Bernie on that front but we are neither naïve nor has our passion gone over board we simply are real patriots not party suck-ups.


“Olivia,I think that the frustration that the grassroots feels is a product of Hillary’s abrupt turnaround after she suffered such horrid behavior that went unanswered.  Politically experienced Dems have moved on, the grassroots have not.  And the litmus test is and will remain–if you back Obama you are the enemy.  It is as simple as that.  There will never be unity for the grassroots.  The offenses were so eggregious and unanswered by the Party that a demand for purity is the result.  Now that is the analysis I give it, not my personal POV.  And whoever is caught in this crossfire is collateral damage.  Because this has happened twice I have decided to not forward any more calls for action aimed at persons not at the very top of the Party.  But, we have many instances of treachery in many state delegations and to inexperienced eyes any fraternization with Obama is a sin of magnum proportions.  Naive?  or Passion gone overboard?
I can tell you that the action on the roll call will lead to a very hard backlash when Hillary delegates capitulate to Party and switch to Obama.  There will be no catharsis.  It will be Vesuvius and Etna, not Serendipity and Harmony.
Most grassroots going to and observing Denver expect Hillary to win on the floor.  It will be insane.  The void has been filled with a nihilism born of the treachery at the RBC, the duplicity of the DNC, the misogyny of the MSM and Hillary’s heroic warrior woman campaigning.
All her good women followers like you and Alexandra should have felt this and backed away from the Party moving forward with Obama.
I can tell you from the emails I get and the temperature of the rising anger that nothing will quell this but the defeat of Obama.
Women want his head and Dean’s and Pelosi’s and Brazile’s.  The genie is out of the bottle.  Hillary taught them to never give up, and they will tear down the Party before they ever rejoin it with these persons in charge.

I apologize again for sending the info out.  But toiling in the garden of the serpents will get some people bitten.  This is the environment.  We can not control the anger of these women.  It may dissipate over time, but I sincerely believe we will see it go after office holders all over the country for years if they collaborated with this cabal in the Party. 

If the Democratic Party is to survive, they had better pass Hillary’s Universal Healthcare and the ERA, and make sure none of Hillary’s stalwart supporters like Rangle, Lee, Tubbs are not attacked in any way.  This will look like the War of the Roses otherwise.

I owe you again. And I will help you in any way I can, Olivia.  Your devotion to the Clinton’s is unparalleled, and your work for the Kentucky Party is legend.  And I respect you and value you for that.”




(Bernie Gagliano- bernie4hillary@gmail.com)


“On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Olivia Morris Fuchs <oamfuchs@aye.net> wrote:

8/15/08Dear BettyJean,
I don’t have the time right now to explain myself as you asked.  Perhaps, Bernie will do that for you and will tell you why we have been so busy in Kentucky with a Delegate Challenge which we filed with the DNC against an Obama supporter who was appointed to a Hillary delegate slot by our KDP Director.  My complete contact information was at the foot of the message I sent to you.  You sent no information about yourself as far as how to contact you, or I would have called you, immediately, and begged you to send a message of addition or correction.
I know that Hillary Clinton, herself, treasures the help Alexandra gave her, and always will give her.  I know the “how” of Alexandra’s being where she is now.  I know whether she is happy or is nearly reduced by this whole experience and desperately trying to be a professional.  I know that being targeted as an “evil doer” who would “use” women is more than most women could stand.  I know Alexandra, and count her a dear friend made only in the course of helping elect Hillary.

We got her to Kentucky when no other state got a “woman’s coordinator” for 2 reasons:  (1) Hillary loves Kentucky and Team Hillary Kentucky and our state Chair, Jerry Lundergan, and our Director, Jonathan M. Hurst, and (2) when I was trying to get women to the first in the history of the universe all Women’s Summit for Hillary for fundraising purposes in October, 2007, Alexandra was the best I’d ever known, and I begged Hillary to let us have her, and she did.  Alexandra was a whirling dervish of wonderful work for us here in Kentucky in delivering women’s votes and women to work and to fund this historic effort.  So, it nearly broke my heart, and it has been broken so much recently that I didn’t know it still was able to have such a pang, when that lovely young woman was the target of your message.  So, I did what I always do when I see a wrong and an injustice–I spoke up!”






Finally I started getting calls in camp that they passed this nonsense all over the place and I had enough of it so I fired this one back.



Please Ladies –while I never meant this to be an all out attack on those of you who have given in to the Democratic unity crap – I would like to be a bit more gentile, however, we are not playing bridge here. I already explained I was not trying to attack and I apologized for coming on strong and what I got back was a litany of tears.


So I will try again to tell you that just as in the case with Obama – I shant be quieted because I am afraid to tell the truth – the truth is that we had the right candidate in Hillary and the DNC selected a lesser candidate and we should not succumb to the party wishes under any circumstances.


Anyone who does so has become a pawn to the party!  Our allegiance is to God and Country. Please Olivia and Alexandra stop with guilt trip we have already had far to much of that with the white guilt trip and we do not need any more of it- if you want to lead by guilt you are simply not ready for the major party politics. You have got to learn to play with them big boys.


This is a matter of honor and patriotism and it is not for crybabies – so suck it up and act like patriots and not sissy girls – go watch Iron jawed angels and stop this caterwauling now! If you can’t stand the heat go back to baking cookies and leave the politics to real women who are ready for real politics! It pains me to see any democrat reduced to pawns for the party but it particularly disgusts me to see women doing as their told on command.


I don’t understand your objection Olivia- we are all patriots here fighting for our nation are we not? After all that you have done – to now try to persuade everyone else to fall in line where do either of you get off trying to prevent me from having that that very same right to step up and try to persuade those same folks NOT to.


Now I have heard enough of this whining to last me a lifetime. Gird up and start fighting for your nation and forget the party that sold you and the nation down the damned river.   


Go ahead and give it your best shot with your second choice inferior candidate and allow me to give it my best shot with what was your first choice because you darn well know she is and was The One after all.


This fight is not over – not by a long shot and if the DNC takes this from her and if you help them – – we will turn on this party and help the opposition take the DNC down! We will because we must.


So here is your choice return democracy to the Democratic party and nominate the candidate the people wanted – or risk the election. It’ s just that simple. We have just as much right as the rest of you do – we are fighting just as hard as the rest of you did.  We worked just as hard as you – we pounded the streets- we spent our time and money and we were as faithful- in fact more so- since we stayed faithful, you folks caved in . So how dare you pull tears and guilt on us?  I am sorry this is so hard on you – but then you made your choice – no one twisted your arm any harder than they twisted mine – I held strong and you don’t see me crying about it. Big girls don’t cry so stop it!


Go read that June Speech again Ladies – Hillary told us in her speech to never let anyone talk us out of what we believe in! So what was that you believed in anyway?


I still believe in the same things I did before the forced her out! If you really knew Hillary you would have heard that line and headed it- She wanted us to go where she could not!



Then I get this from my right arm and decided all of you should know the rest of the story and decide for yourselves what you think! I think I stinks to high heaven!


I never heard of her.  SO–I googled her:


Traber’s listed as a Hillary donor:




Now–that also lists her employer, Nancy Jacobson Consulting.  Nancy Jacobson is Mark Penn’s wife and she used to work for Evan Bayh. Check out this story:




Anyhow, sounds to me like this is all about political connections and not loyalty to Hillary.


S – Stands for Bettyjean right arm.


Bernie was right after all the grassroots are not politically experienced and I will tell you something else we are not – We are not on the pay rolls of those connected to politicians like most Trabor and of these folks are but we know a machine when we see one so Olivia save your tears girl they are wasted on grassroots- we can’t be bought – we are not for sale at any price. Our allegiance is to God and/or Country not to party and/or money.


This conversation is now over – once I found out this is a machine I am working against – I no longer have any interest in dealing with it – machines have no heart soul or conscience- they can not be aligned to country the are like slot machines that collect money and give nothing or little back.


Bettyjean Kling –

A Very Proud Grassroots American Patriot Free US Now


Below are PA Dems that show know about this perhaps they would change their minds if they knew it was a machine appealing to them and not a real democrat dealing from the heart as she appeared to do in her heartfelt letter.



akessler@wolfblock.com ; barbzs@yahoo.com ; bcooper@wcupa.edu ; bdonahower@yahoo.com ; bradkop@yahoo.com ; burnsjb@co.washington.pa.us ; butkovitz1118@msn.com ; cacooke42@gmail.com ; carolf126@comcast.net ; cgeorge@pahouse.net ; cod3699@cup.edu ; colleen@burketts.org ; connie.slye@gmail.com ; cottage82@gmail.com ; cparker@pahouse.net ; d.fillman@afscme13.org ; d.kinross@verizon.net ; Dan.Onorato@alleghenycounty.us ; DauphinDemsDiane@comcast.net ; dbarnes@montcopa.org ; debra4303@comcast.net ; dfrankel@pahouse.net ; dhart@bacweb.org ; dscott@dc47.org ; dtive@tivelobbying.com ; edsdc85@yahoo.com ; erafalkomcnulty@comcast.net ; glawrence@lowey.com ; gnealh@gmail.com ; greg.scott2@gmail.com ; gregoryhold12@hotmail.com ; guridy@aol.com ; guys@bedford.net ; hendrce8@yahoo.com ; herrlk@embarqmail.com ; hizzonr@msn.com ; hkinser@wojdak.com ; hratner@verizon.net ; igolfwt@aol.com ; infosundaysun@yahoo.com ; j.tait@afscme13.org ; jamesrsheppard@gmail.com ; jardini@alltel.net ; jjordan@pft.org ; jjsnyder@windstream.net ; jlynch@mercyhurst.edu ; jmhoeffel@comcast.net ; joeknox@comcast.net ; jsellers@lu19.com ; jsinnott@erie.pa.us ; jtarka1293@aol.com ; jtesterman@psea.org ; kkcampbell@local108rwdsu.org ; klborski@comcast.net ; lam@millesq.com ; leslie.k.carter@phila.gov ; lfarinella1421@hotmail.com ; litz@mbcomp.com ; lmcleaish@psea.org ; lorrib433@aol.com ; maa@hangley.com ; mal@ekmelaw.com ; maria.q.sanchez@phila.gov ; mariaciuf22@aol.com ; marjorie@sas.upenn.edu ; mbtasco@aol.com ; mbuflaw@netzero.com ; mcdermo427@aol.com ; mcrossey@psea.org ; mdivecchio@eriecountygov.org ; mibbutters@yahoo.com ; michelebortner@comcast.net ; mxg2@psu.edu ; nicknewe12@aol.com ; npmills@comcast.net ; pastorquann@bbcforchrist.org ; peggygrove@comcast.net ; pgiding@philaflcio.org ; psjanvey@aol.com ; rjsestak@sestakforcongress.com ; rlw@patreasury.org ; Rob@robhop.com ; roie929@aol.com ; rovnerr@dial-law.com ; rubyehusband@verizon.net; chw307@comcast.net; hratner@verizon.net


Dear Friends,

I want to thank you again for all of your hard work on behalf of Hillary Clinton during the presidential primary here in Pennsylvania.  You recruited your friends, knocked on thousands of doors, made millions of phone calls and won a resounding victory for us here in the Keystone state. You brought your mothers and daughters to our campaign events and showed Hillary each and every day that women in Pennsylvania believed in her. 

Thank you for helping us make history! 

Because Hillary’s message resonated with you all so strongly, you know that we must also fight on. I spent the early part of my summer grieving our loss and missing all of you and my campaign family – but after reading Hillary’s amazing June 3rd speech (I was crying too hard during the actual one to really listen!) I realized that this election is too important to just sit on the sidelines. The stakes are simply too high.  As of this week, I am the new Women’s Outreach Director in Pennsylvania for the Obama campaign.  As Hillary said “The way to continue our fight now – to accomplish the goals for which we stand – is to take our energy, our passion, our strength and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States.”  

It’s great be back in Pennsylvania – and although this time I am working for a different candidate, I am still working for the same party and fighting for the issues that I believe in so strongly. So I would like to ask you to join me in fighting for equal pay, a stronger economy, affordable healthcare, better education for our children, and a brighter future for all of us.  This decision was hard for me, but I am proud to follow Hillary’s example. Hillary, like so many women, sees the bigger picture and thinks about how her actions can achieve the greatest good. She is blazing the path for the rest of us women by traveling across the country stumping for Barack Obama. If she can do it, we can too. 

I am asking you to follow her example. Inspire your daughters to know that not only can any woman be president, but every woman can pick herself up after she was knocked down and keep on fighting for what she believes in. Women should never be counted out or counted down. Let’s make Hillary proud and show her that the voices of women in Pennsylvania still count and all those 18 million cracks in the ceiling are not only still beside her, but will continue to fight for what she believes in.

In the next few weeks, we are planning on celebrating the 88th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment when women finally got the right to vote. We will honor this historic day with voter registration drives to make sure that every woman still counts and then end the night with watch parties of Hillary’s speech at the Democratic Convention. We are also planning on creating Women’s Unity Leadership Councils to ensure that we have a Democratic victory in Pennsylvania in November.

I want to make myself available to all of you for any questions, concerns, complaints, suggestions or even just the opportunity to chat and reconnect. Feel free to call me anytime at 717-222-7697.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes Always,


P.S. If you are interested in signing up for Women for Obama, you can go to the following link http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/pa 


What Really Happened in Arkansas?



On 8/15 in the Free US Now newsletter I asked the above question. It lost me  2 more souls who thought I went off the deep end and even got me accused me of talking ‘this thing’ too far. I obliged them and said – I sure hope you are right for the sake of our country. Below for your consideration a reminder of my foolishness followed by … well I will let you decide.


What Really Happened in Arkansas?

  • What really happened in Arkansas?
  • Why is the Edward’s affair bigger news than the fatal shooting of a top Democratic Delegate?
  • Was this prominent delegate about to stage a walkout for Hillary at the Convention?
  • Has Chicago style politics escalated to murder and a convenient cover-up?
  • Ask yourselves where this story disappeared to and why?
  • Why wasn’t this 30 minute chase televised on TV like every other chase has been?

Folks this should have been big news –very big news – the fact that no one is talking even his family sends shivers down my spine and reeks that this could very well have been a hit and a message. I get that message and I don’t like it one bit.

We damned well better wake up and fast- and if I disappear after this statement – well I guess you will all know why- it’s because I had the audacity to stand up and question what is going on? Paranoid?
Maybe – maybe not! All I know is that this is news and we should be asking questions- and no one is.

I will stand up for Democracy and the 1st. Amendment if I have to stand alone!







By Webster G. Tarpley


Washington, DC, Aug. 13 — This afternoon, Arkansas Democratic Party 

Chairman Bill Gwatney fell victim to what was evidently a political 

assassination. Gwatney was a major ally of Hillary and Bill Clinton, 

and was a leader of the strongly pro-Clinton Arkansas delegation to 

the upcoming Denver Democratic National Convention.


Gwatney’s Arkansas delegation was known to be a hotbed of anti-Obama 

sentiment, and was reportedly ready to walk out of the Denver 

convention if Senator Clinton were not to be treated fairly by the 

Howard Dean- Donna Brazile DNC leadership.


Observers in Washington are now asking whether the assassination of 

Gwatney can be read as attempted intimidation of the anti-Obama 

forces now gaining strength before the Denver convention.


Is the death of Bill Gwatney part of an Obama body count which 

already includes the names of Donald Young (the murdered gay 

choirmaster of Rev. Wright’s church) and possibly others?


For further information, be sure to see:


Read the comment thread after the above post to catch a glimpse of Obama supporters’ mindset!


Want to know what kind of campaign Obama is really running- and who pulls the strings?
Learn the truth here:


and here:

“Obama the ODM Candidate”:
3 Part in-depth investigation of Obama’s true connections and campaign methods EXPOSED:




Check out the numerous internet links in this EXPOSE which verify this is all FACT not just theory! 




Dean calls GOP ‘a white Christian party’



Is this slip the admission to my assertion that the DNC threw Hillary under the bus in favor of Obama as part of a plan they hatched 7 years ago when they first put Obama on the fast track in this plot to divide Americans the Whites against the Blacks once more? You bet your ass it is! 

Wasn’t it Dean that made remarks that were divisive regarding the north and south during his campaign when he ran? I am not going to sit by and allow the DNC to break this country into the blacks and the white – this is not a civil war- we are Americans all not blacks vs. whites – not men vs. women not Christians vs. non Christians – we are Americans All!.

Damned Howeird Dean and this plan to destroy and divide this country into two camps like this!

I am not going to let this go until every soul in American has heard about it – so please read it and tell it far and wide! The GOP are our brothers and sisters – they are black and white and Christian and non Christian and so are we Democrats Wake up America – There is a new war within the DNC ranks brewing – stop it now! Stand up for Democracy while we still have one!



Worth repeating from a earlier post

Finally, The Missing Link!

In March 2008, as I waited for the polls to open in Ohio, I wondered why the DNC had turned against Senator Hillary Clinton. I just couldn’t fathom why they would allow the media and pundits to all but call the race over and pressure her to step down. Here we had the most qualified women to ever run and even the women in office abandoned and stood quietly by while she was mistreated.

I am not going to belabor all the ways this tenacious woman soldiered on bravely through it all we watched her incredible struggle against all odds and we watched as they methodically chipped away every vestige of hope she had of leading this nation forward.

I was stunned and hurt and unable to believe that I watched democracy crumble before my very eyes and was not sure why! 18 Million of us are mad as hell and want to do something about it and many of us doing something.

Today I found some information that for me answers why this happened. Funny I blogged last week that the far right should be discouraged from bringing up their right wing issues this time because in order to win this election we have got to appeal to the center.

That – I think was Hillary’s error. The DNC apparently has decided that they can’t win elections without fighting fire with fire. Let me explain. It has to my attention that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is not foreign to the DNC – in fact the DNC is practically run by the granddaughter of black liberation theology! You read that right! Shocking? Yes and TRUE

            Now read the full story: Once in a Lifetime (Let Leah Daughtry Hold Me Down) Shtuey, http://ohmyvalve.blogspot.com/2008/08/and-you-may-ask-yourself-how-did-this.html


Free Me Now