Are we having fun yet Hillarcrat’s?

Another rant by: BettyJean Kling

 Ok- I am blowing my top and God only knows what my fingertips may come up with this time- all I know is I have just about had it with this nonsense!  I have only one two part question concerning when enough is enough!


The TV – the papers – the radio – still blaming Hillary – poor Obama – I am sick of it and we want her in his cabinet? Why so he can beat her up till they all get tired of it – or find another women they like beating up better? 


It is obvious that the Dem Party, Obama, the Obots and the media will never tire of using Hillary as their favorite whipping post so my question is when will she tire of taking it and when will we tire of idolizing her for standing there and accepting it?


I want you to know that I am sick and tired of getting my teeth kicked in by Hillary supporters every time I mention this as if I must put her before country, that would be tantamount to treason for me.


While I wholly heartedly supported Hillary as my candidate and as a woman and a human being, I am disappointed in what she has chosen – yes chosen– to allow the DNC to force her to do – or do to her.  


Furthermore, I would not want to see her as SOS because I believe she would be serving at Obama’s pleasure and subordinate to him rather than as an elected representative of the people of NY. I don’t think this would be in the best interest of the country any more that supporting Obama or the DNC this year was in the best interest of the country.


As SOS she would be subject to carry out all his wishes and liable for all his mistakes – she would ultimately be humiliated by his foolishness and could be drummed out of politics with no where to go.


Hillary was a stellar candidate who was forced out of first place by a corrupt DNC and I will never forgive the Party for what they did and I just can not get over the fact that they took this proud women and made her do for him what no male candidate ever was forced to do – step down and not only support him but lay her self open and vulnerable to feminine scorn for his sake!


She not only went above and beyond – leaving her debt aside but went about raising money for a man who already raised an obscene amount of money on his own and whose campaign bragged about that unendingly for the entire campaign season.


Finally, the agony that resulted for millions of women who had looked up to Hillary and through her had finally summoned up the strength to stand up and fight for the first time in their lives – who watching her — forced to submit to the DNC — with a smile work for the party and the man who battered her may very well have set women in politics back another 24 years.


Whatever the reasons Hillary had to dissolve back into her party and to back what millions of us agree was the illegitimately selected candidate and whatever her reason for voraciously campaigning for and getting 75% of her supporters to concede and vote against democracy – is not mine to judge- but it is mine to refuse to follow suit or to justify or to honor.


I will not, for any reason, support a party or a candidate that abrogated the democratic process or anyone who would support any who did. When we ask our soldiers to risk their lives for our freedom – it is democracy that they are risking their lives for – not party politics and not sexist politics and not racial politics. No- they lay down their lives for Democracy and nothing less!  If you think I am wrong fine but I did not say it first – argue with Susan B Anthony – she did.


“No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her”
Susan B Anthony 1872



Team Obama thinks Hillary Clinton’s people to blame for State speculation

Updated Thursday, November 20th 2008, 3:08 AM

WASHINGTONPresident-elect Barack Obama‘s camp, well practiced in keeping secrets, is increasingly frustrated by a steady stream of leaks that insiders suspect come from confidants of Hillary Clinton, the Daily News has learned.

Just as ex-President Bill Clinton pledged Wednesday to prove there are no new skeletons in his closet that could derail his wife’s chances of becoming secretary of state, top Obama sources suggested loose-lipped Clintonistas abide by their rules: If caught leaking, you will pay the price.

“They have been strategic about what they leak each day,” said an Obama insider, who acknowledged word around the transition office in Chicago is that Obama himself is miffed at the leaks. “This [leaking] isn’t coming out of our shop,” added another irked Obama official.

The Obama team blames Clinton’s side for initially disclosing last week’s secret Hillary trip to Chicago to meet with Obama and a more recent report that the negotiations were going well.

Asked directly about the leak issue, a Clinton spokesman declined to respond.

A former Clinton aide who is not in the Obama camp said while the New York senator has been known to sanction leaks by her minions, the spinners this time may be freelancing without her blessing.

“Whoever is doing it on her end is ruining it for her,” the ex-Clintonista said, adding that the stakes are high because the job has likely become more important to her with each passing day.

“It will be an earthquake if she doesn’t get this,” the source said. “She has spent her capital. She is like a stock that lost its value before it could be sold.” That doesn’t mean the deal has gone south, but if it does, the leaks will have damaged her. Obama chiefs have warned staff if they get caught in unauthorized leaks, they will be fired and will not be offered administration jobs.

One internal Obama memo obtained by The News says: “We realize these requirements may appear Draconian, but so soon after the election, with the transition effort just being organized, it is important that no one who was involved with the campaign and the policy committees be speculating in public on these sensitive matters.”

At a New York ceremony renaming the Triborough Bridge after Robert F. Kennedy, ex-President Clinton said he will do “whatever they want” to cooperate with the vetting of his wife for the job at State.

“This is a deal between [the] President-elect and Hillary …but I’ll do everything that I can,” Clinton said.