Women settle for crumbs at the liberals table as Dems continue war against women.

BettyJean Downing

VAWA watered down as part of the war against women, Democrats set the table and Republicans drink the kool-ade!
100 Years Ago, women took to the streets and demanded the right to vote. What will you fight for this year? We the women of the free world are the majority, and yet not only are we not covered under the Constitution of the United States, but we ostensibly need a Violence Against Women Act to protect us. Yet with the new act, we are forced to share what little funds we have with Gay men and non-citizens, as well as with any other peoples our government can find to share the already paltry sum amongst!

Still hanging after all these years? Free us now! ERA to free women - we are the niggers of the world!

Still hanging after all these years? Free us now! ERA to free women – we are the niggers of the world!

How disgusting that we, the women of the greatest country on earth, need an act specifically created to address the violence directed against us in the first place. But now, to have to share it with others totally negates the reason we fought for specific protection in the first place.
Is there nothing our government holds sacred for the female majority of the population? Are there not hate crimes in effect for gays? Are there no other recourse acts to be drafted for others in need that we women, who die at the rate of 4 a day, need to share our pitiful sum, stretch our already overtaxed resources to the breaking point, when not even a dent has been made all these years in lowering the staggering numbers of women who suffer and even die from gender related violence?
What was wrong with the Violence Against Women Act before the Democrats decided to alter it and force the Republicans to sign on or risk being held responsible for denying women protection? Once again, women are being used as pawns. And once again, we settle for crumbs at the Liberal table!
Where oh where were the women while this travesty against women was going on? How many of our own daughters must be slain, battered, and raped before we realize that we have once again laid down for the man and his political machine rather than for our own benefit?
CRY for the women who are dying so that the Liberal can continue to allow havoc to be wreaked upon women and blame it on a war coming from someplace else, when it actually comes straight from the liberal table set by the Democrats and their molls!
Shame on the conservative men and women who refused to step up and fight for all women—who refuse to expose this travesty for what it is. Shame on all those who repeatedly sell out women in the name of government!
Give us an Equal Rights Amendment. Free Us Now!

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  1. Betty Jean, I am a liberal. I agree with much of your article, but I am a liberal. Without liberals we wouldn’t have SSA, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or any other entitlements. It was liberals who got women the vote. Quit blaming us for all this country’s woes. Republicans today are not the party of Lincoln. Many of them are regurgitated Dixiecrats.

    • I am a woman first not liberal or conservative and it was not Liberals who got women the vote it was women who got women the vote! Women working together. In the sixties it was both liberals and conservatives who fought for ERA and then the liberals bought some of the women off with foolish ideas and the conservatives bought off the rest with even dumber ideas the facts are they were terrified that the majority would use majority power to rule themselves so they divided us and with that same rhetoric that worked then they hold us by the short hairs between our legs until today. Foolish girl- you are woman and yet you remain enslaved by the label Liberal! IMAGINE the majority united and powerful and able to decide these things and more without being pigeon holed and settling for nothing else. You are making this a women aginst women and playing right into the hands of the man! Just like a good little girl huh? I dont give a rats ass for Republicans or Democrats – But let me ask you this – what man working his way to the top is relying on entitlements to get there? STand up and take what is rightfully yours as a first class citizen and stop groveling at the feet of man for crumbs when we the majority dont have to settle for second class anything let along welfare- and food stamps! I want my daughts to have it all not the free bee crumbs that man will dole out to the little women!

  2. Vote women!

  3. Ms. Downing, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Learn your facts! First, ERA or the equal rights amendment was defeated by Phyllis Schlafly and STOP ERA along with the Religious Right!!! Second, the 2013 VAWA protects all women, lesbian, Native American, etc. against violence provides $1.6 billion toward investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposes automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allows civil redress in cases prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted. It does not, as you claim, protect gay men. You, Ms. Downing, need to get your facts straight and you need to use facts versus your uninformed opinion!

    • Miss Knowyourfacts, what is your point besides that you get your facts from fricken Wikipedia? Obviously I am uninformed while you are well informed by of all things wikipedia, be that as it may what exactly am I am IDIOT about?

      Am I am idiot about the fact that we women are calling each other idiots as you so clearly proved instead of fighting for the ERA as you also proved?

      We do not have ERA not because Phyllis Shaffely single handedly beat it although you are correct she had the help of the religious right – God have mercy of their stupid asses. We don’t have it because we stopped fighting for it and gave up. We don’t have it because we allowed the political parties to play games with us women and use us like pawns in their games. We don’t have it because we fight like cats and can’t talk to each other civilly- we call each other idiots instead of talk to each other and try to learn . We don’t have it because we rather be patriarchal than matriarchal God forbid. We don’t have it because we rather be in the all boys club than with other women and because we fall for the bullshit politicians tell us about each other.

      We are cats and we fight each other for the entertainment of men! We are idiots who have fallen victim to the political monster that vs the religious monster that rules us. You think you are free thinkers – think again- you are ruled by one or the other by a slave to either is still a slave!

      God forbid a women like myself stands up to call it out she is viciously attacked and called IDIOT- by liberals and conservatives alike. But Imagine if we were to stand together as did the women who got us the vote? Imagine that? But NO- because we are too busy fighting each other over something we already have and are not about to lose – we will forever remain second class citizens in this the greatest country on earth. Slaves either to the left or the right never to be free to be truly free and independent and pro-choice about whatever the hell you choose!

      For example – abortion is the law of the land and since it has become law we have had more Republican administrations than Democratic ones and yet – women have not lost that right – nor the right to Birth control and yet here we are still fighting over those two items that we already have instead of the one item Equal rights under the US Constitution, we never had – still need and don’t bother to even teach our daughters that we are missing.

      The point of my article which I believe I have the right to write and you have a right to disagree about is that we need equal rights and we are not asking for it- its not on the table. We are settling for less. My question is why are we settling for so little and accepting it as if it were GOLD! Why are we not demanding more representation? Why when women run are they treated like pigs and called whores, bitches, cunts, and sluts so that many don’t bother to run?

      And as far as VAWA covering gay men- It is you that is grossly misinformed. The VAWA absolutely covers Gay men as it covers the entire LGBT community. The G in LGBT stands for Gay men!

      With ll due or undo respect, I think it is you who needs to get informed. Get off wikipedia and start reading the truth. Here is one place you might start:

      http://www.washingtonblade.com/2013/03/07/obama-signs-lgbt-inclusive-domes tic-violence-bill/

      Finally, This VAWA bullshit is just another way to lead women into a false sense of security- all the money goes into running the organization and making fat cats, another bureaucracy and lots of noise but there is no evidence to date that VAWA has led to a decrease in the overall levels of violence against women. Its just another false sense of security and more tax dollars but women are not getting any safer at all. What we need are tougher laws and we need the laws enforced. Instead of ripping women and children from their homes and hiding them in shelters we need to put criminals in jail and keep them there.

      Forget this false war against women – What we need is ERA. What we get is more of nothing that we actually need. Hense we are settling for crumbs. Stop settling and start demanding what we really deserve. When you settle you get less than you deserve. Our daughters deserve as much as our sons do!

      BettyJean Downing Kling M.S, M. Ed

      Founder: The Majority United Founder: W.O.M.E.N.

    • Do you realize we need three more states to ratify the ERA? Just three more! Are you male or female ? What is your interest here and would you like to do something besides bitch at me to help women?

      BettyJean Downing Kling M.S, M. Ed TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

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