Time for Hillary to Run? Stupid asses at the KOS

By: BettyJean

Please note – this ass states he will vote for Obama again! WTF did they expect from a community organizer whose best asset was his lying mouth? They had Hillary they threw her under the bus. If they had any sense at all they would rise up and impeach this imposter right now but instead this jackass says – “if I have to vote for the lesser of two politicians I’ll vote Obama again”. Then we wonder why this country is in the shape it’s in?

When the majority of voters are this stupid and this stubborn… God help us all! 

Time for Hillary to Run….. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/7/23/886810/-Time-for-Hillary-to-Run

by NMDanFri Jul 23, 2010 at 05:19:20 AM PDT

It’s time for another change…

The whole Shirley Sherrod thing was the final straw for me.  Obama emphasized making pragmatic decisions but is obviously so hyper sensitive to polls and politics (another thing he claims the right does but he doesn’t) but it’s obvious they made a “jump the gun” decision instead of attacking the right wing noise machine and their antics.

I live in a state where the Democrats outnumber the Republican’s three to one and most of my friends are disappointed who worked their asses off to get Obama elected in hopes of another FDR that would take on the big business.  We are wordless, stunned and disappointed.

Obama has turned out to be another politician that duped us.  Shame on me for believing the hype!!!

NMDan’s diary :: :: What is even more disgusting is how the right wing media continues to attack and attack and Obama just takes it, he’s looking like a wimpy kid that won’t stand up to the bully!!!

  • I’m ready to jump ship, I won’t vote for any right wing hack in 2012 and if I have to vote for the lesser of two politicians I’ll vote Obama again but I suspect that many will stay home and we will lose…

    So Hillary, if you are out there, if you are reading this, you are the only hope we have to saving the White House in 2012.  

    Hillary can rally the base and get the independents back on our side!!!

    P.S.  What is even scarier is if Hillary doesn’t run and Obama gets beat in 2012, Justice Kennedy get’s replaced by another Alito or Roberts!!!

    Would you vote for Hillary over Obama…

Absolutely, Obama is a nice guy but we need someone else….  
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No way, I sticking with Obama to the bitter end…  
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Supporting Hillary:

As the dew is drying off the roses and the repulsive gossip book of fabrications attempts to divert our attention from the failures of Obama, a curious phenomenon is occurring. More and more unlikely supporters are coming to the fore to repudiate this negative Hillary campaign rhetoric. While they never raised a finger to help her while she waged her valiant effort alone but for the voters, perhaps watching a true champion fight fair compared to what they have come to learn about Chicago style dirty politics, (not at all the change we were promised) has not only given them food for thought but no stomach to sit by or help them do it to her again. She did not deserve it then and she sure as hell does not deserve to be his scapegoat now! It’s called having a conscience – I guess there is hope for America!

To Heilemann, Halperin and Politico: I’ll Proudly Defend Hillary Clinton, On the Record

Peter Daou
Political consultant, former adviser to Hillary Clinton

Ben Smith writes a cover story for Politico titled Game over: The Clintons stand alone. The piece is based on John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s ‘Game Change‘, the latest in an ever-expanding series of 2008 campaign books — none of which, in my view, capture the entire story of what happened in that historic Democratic primary. (I include in that assessment David Plouffe’s The Audacity to Win, which is undeniably a definitive version of what transpired inside the Obama campaign from the perspective of an exceptional campaign manager, but overlooks key reasons for Hillary Clinton’s defeat and doesn’t articulate the full scope of the online commentariat’s impact.)

I am reading Game Change now and will update this entry once I’ve completed the portions about Hillary Clinton but I wanted to post something immediately in response to the Politico story.

Ben Smith is a savvy, well-connected reporter and Heilemann/Halperin are about as plugged into Beltway culture and DC power centers as anyone can be — whether that’s good or bad I’ll let others judge. I became acquainted with Halperin during the campaign — and with Smith — but never spoke to the former about the book, nor with the latter about his article, so I’m coming to this as an outside observer. I don’t dispute that Heilemann/Halperin have high level sources. I just want to be sure their readers get an accurate picture of Hillary Clinton’s conduct during the campaign.

Smith’s Politico article makes the case that the Clintons have few remaining defenders:

What’s notable about the highly publicized release of “Game Change,” however, is the virtual silence from the Clinton camp. The lack of public outrage seems to mark the sputtering end of what was once known as the Clinton political machine and underlines a fact that onetime Clinton loyalists acknowledge: The book’s primary sources about the former candidate and current secretary of state are her own former staffers and intimates. As a result, there is no campaign of veteran Clintonites spinning the press corps and trying to pre-emptively discredit the book’s scathing depiction of Hillary Clinton as a rudderless candidate and a cheerleader for vicious tactics against eventual winner Barack Obama. … “Game Change” peels back a decade of careful renovations off Hillary Clinton’s carefully constructed public face, casting her in the terms that defined her at her lows in the mid-1990s: scheming, profane, sometimes paranoid, often tone-deaf.

Here’s my response: as a former adviser and a senior staffer/department head at her presidential campaign, I’ll proudly defend Hillary Clinton and I’ll do whatever I can to counter lies, smears and mischaracterizations.

Let me start by recounting how I first got to know her. Nearly four years ago, I was asked by her long-time communications maven Howard Wolfson to join her senate campaign. I was very happy running my site, the Daou Report, and advising a number of organizations in the then-nascent field of digital media consulting. I considered it an honor to be asked, but I knew it was a life-changing decision. Heeding Howard’s warning that once I became part of ‘Hillaryland’ anything I said or did could become a media story (examples here and here), I had a series of conversations with people I trusted and whose unique perspective could help me make an informed decision.

I discussed it first with close friends and family.

I then spoke to Joan Walsh at Salon, who hosted/supported my site and always gave great advice. I spoke to Arianna Huffington, who openly warned me against giving up the world of blogging to join the Clinton team. I spoke to David Brock at Media Matters, who had a long history with the Clintons and understood the media landscape in great depth. I spoke to John Kerry, who I respect deeply and for whom I worked in the bitterly contested 2004 election. I fought on his behalf when he was trailing badly going into the 2004 primaries, and after he won the nomination, I lived, worked, ate and slept in his war room for the epic battle against Bush/Cheney/Rove. He understood and taught me the rigors of a campaign better than anyone I knew. And because one of my overarching tasks for Clinton was to connect her to the netroots, I spoke to bloggers like Digby, Markos (Kos) and others to get a sense of the challenge ahead.

In the end, I couldn’t miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to work with one of the most dynamic, inspiring women in the world. And even though the entire focus when I joined her was on the senate campaign, I, like many others, was looking ahead to the 2008 race. I’ve blogged for years about the pervasive abuse of women and the rampant sexism that affects our world, and the idea of electing a woman president was beyond exciting.

Our first meeting was set for 15-30 minutes but lasted over an hour. Contrary to the myth that she was clueless about the Internet, Hillary was well aware of the importance of technology, of the role of the online community, and most importantly to me, the value of a strong progressive infrastructure centered around blogs, CAP, Media Matters and the like. We discussed the Middle East and my childhood in Beirut during Lebanon’s bloody civil war. Not unexpectedly, she knew virtually everything about every topic we discussed. And she was as down to earth and funny as anyone I’d ever met in politics — or outside politics.

A week later, fighting flared up in Lebanon. Very early on a Sunday morning, my home phone rang. I answered groggily. It was Hillary, calling to make sure my friends and family in Beirut were OK. That’s the person she is, the person I encountered throughout the campaign, privately and publicly.

But this is not about psychoanalyzing Hillary Clinton or probing her personal attributes — others have made a living doing that. It’s not about making her out to be a saint. Nobody is. This is about describing how she ran her campaign and how she treated her opponents when the cameras and microphones were off.

Was I on every call and at every strategy session? No. Can I vouch for every single thing said and done at the campaign. Of course not. But having participated in countless senior strategy meetings, crisis management and rapid response drills and emergencies, “war rooms within war rooms” (a term used by Heilemann/Halperin), debate prep, calls, emails and private conversations with the candidate, and having slept with my BlackBerry under my pillow and been stationed at the center of her communications operation for the duration of the campaign, I can confidently state that Hillary Clinton did not push for ‘vicious’ or dirty tactics against any of her opponents, nor did she encourage or ‘cheer on’ that behavior from her staff. The ethos of the campaign, which she conveyed in word and deed, was that she would win because she was best prepared, worked the hardest and had the most compelling ideas.

She was centered, dignified and focused throughout, although her frustration and pain did show through at some moments. She knew the media environment was stacked against her, against any woman. She knew what she was up against and drove forward into the furious headwinds of sexism and rightwing-fueled Clinton-hatred.

For Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t about being a woman, it was about being the best.

The unraveling of her huge lead in the polls in late 2007 is an incredibly convoluted and harrowing tale of words, actions, decisions, interpersonal dynamics, internal campaign struggles, dysfunctionality, careless mistakes, leaks, “surrogates gone wild,” (my term for overzealous supporters), reactions, underreactions, overreactions, strategic/tactical brilliance and incompetence, emotional highs and lows on the part of all the candidates and campaigns. Anyone who tries to reduce it to a few pivotal moments or to a simple character narrative does history an injustice. It was literally a minute by minute unfolding, accelerated and complexified by millions of online activists and commentators, who could shape and reshape conventional wisdom in a matter of moments. Any single decision could have changed the course of events — and of history. I have little tolerance for critics who simplify the whole election as some sort of reflection of the supposedly terrible character of Bill and Hillary Clinton, conveniently ignoring the Obama campaign’s brutally effective hardball tactics and overlooking the infinite dimensions — and messiness — of a presidential image/message war.

The fact is, both campaigns slogged it out, played rough, and one came out victorious. And it would be wrong to act like only Hillary faced historic obstacles. Barack Obama was a formidable candidate and opponent who faced almost insurmountable odds. He deserves all the credit for winning and even more credit for appreciating Hillary’s value when the contest ended.

Still, it’s important to state for the record, contra Game Change (or at least Politico’s interpretation of the book), that if anything, Hillary’s campaign let her down, not the reverse. Nor was it just one person’s fault. Her entire senior team bears responsibility. I take responsibility for the role I played. It’s easy to demean her when you’re an anonymous source for a book (and an easy way to absolve oneself of guilt), but let’s get real: far too often, she carried the campaign through sheer force of will and through an endless wellspring of personal fortitude.

Nobody wants to relive 2008, but history is being written now. Generations from today, students will read about a historic campaign where barriers were shattered, and I for one, don’t want the wrong story to be told.

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It takes a set of balls

This rant contributed by: Barbara

We all remember the T shirts “Sarah Palin is a Cunt”. The signs” Hillary Iron my shirt, Cook my dinner but not in the White house.”

Here are the T shirts I will be wearing during the 2012 election especially if Sarah Palin will be running. That is Governor Cunt to you. Proud to be a Cunt also. Cunts know how to stimulate the economy. Dicks only think they know how to. Obama is a Penis.

Why will I be wearing such trash? Because I believe those who are fighting sexism and misogyny need to take hold of the power of the slurs that are used as the weapons against us.

Just as racism did with the slurs used as weapons. Maybe women need to greet each other with “Hello my Cunt.”

Let’s have a T shirt that says SHE is a brilliant Cunt. And He is a stupid Dick Head.

We tried saying we do not like it when you call us names like bitch, whore, slut and cunt. So pretty please don’t do it. They seem to enjoy it more when we are angry. The ultimate fighting weapon “You’re a Cunt” is brought out for the drag down, knock down, women are the lowest form of life battle. Yet, they seem to envy it, hell they write songs about it, look at pictures of it. I think there is a lot of Venus Envy going on. http://pumapac.org/2009/07/03/venus-envy/

So maybe we need to embrace it for the powerful tool it is. As Dances from Puma says why is it always about who has the balls? Madame President was not to be because she wasn’t born with a set of balls; Hillary needed to grow a set in order to get elected. I am thinking the Vagina is more powerful than a set of balls. A vagina can give birth to another human being, and as Murphy says “They (men) are the beginning and the end of themselves” I am tired of the sexism I am tired of the misogyny directed at me because life revolves around sexual organs.

Especially since the one I do have is considered to be weak and stupid. The one I do not have is considered to be strong and smart and I should not only aspire to grow a pair of balls I am encouraged to grow a BIG pair for the bigger the better. We heard as women ran for this country’s highest office, not a lot about qualifications and experience but “Hillary can’t be president because she is a bitch who makes men feel castrated” She will not be able to handle foreign policy because Hillary has no balls. Obama got elected because he is the proud owner of a pair of BIG Balls.

HillarynoballsClinton was chosen as Obamahasballs Secretary Of State. We were told Sarah can’t be Vice President because she has no “real” experience and besides she is a Cunt. The Beauty Queen Cunt VS Senator Balls. Obama/ Biden got elected because 4 balls beat 2 balls.

Balls won because it takes balls to do….well, just about everything. Balls mean the owner is strong and powerful. If you do not own a pair of balls you are stupid and weak. This is what I have been hearing my whole life and I am tired of hearing this crap. I do not believe balls are superior and I want other women to stop believing. “IT takes Balls” So Stop using that term to define strength. Why continue to believe the myth, the legend of the power of the balls? Women have been giving them their power with our belief that “balls” are the keys to the Kingdom when in truth; the power is not in the keys but in the door to the Kingdom and the door lies within Venus. Change the belief, Change the locks.

A few minutes into writing this Sarah Palin began a speech (no teleprompters) resigning as Governor of Alaska. She feels she cannot govern while having to defend the constant barrage of frivolous lawsuits and personal attacks on her and her family.

The media is having a field day speculating WHY? And I am thinking didn’t she just say WHY? She said she cannot do her job because they will not let her do her job. She is attacked personally not politically. Political attacks are reserved for male politicians and we all know Sarah is a Cunt and has no balls so she and her family are attacked personally.

The DNC just released a statement basically calling her a whining woman with no balls to stand the heat of politics. Before the speech was over the bloggers were busy with “Quitter, NO Balls” and “Good Riddance Cunt”

May I remind others this woman has been dragged through the fires of personal attacks while a Republican male Governor of NC who disappeared for 5 days in order to spend time in Argentina with his mistress is sitting in office like a proud peacock? In NY a Congressman who attacked his girlfriend with a glass and drove her bleeding to a hospital out of his district is sitting in office like a proud peacock. That is just this month list of “It takes balls to be a politician.”

No personal attacks on them, not one joke, David Letterman. No heat forcing them to do the right thing and resign because their balls got in the way of their being able to do the job they were elected and paid to do.

They are too busy setting fire to the Palin family. Todd Palin is attacked because he lost his balls because “He stays home while Sarah works” This condition is known as losing your balls to a woman syndrome. In the Book of Balls there are chapters written about this sometimes fatal condition. Poor Todd, I am not sure if it is worse to not have balls or to have had them and then lose them especially if a woman is the cause of the loss?

Maybe that was why Hillary was so feared? She had the ability to not only be a ball buster but a ball taker. Goodness. Sarah not only has no balls for the job, she is also a ball taker. She may become a ball buster if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut about sexism and misogyny.

Sarah is also deranged because she had the audacity to resign because she is a lame duck Governor and she didn’t want to collect a pay check while not be able to do the job she was elected and paid to do. That takes guts, Sarah is gutsy, but guts aren’t recognized in the Book of Balls. It’s a gutsy move to resign and stand up for what you believe is right and God forbid address the double standards for women as well as the media’s obsession with balls and how having a BIG pair makes them “tingle”. No, it is better to have balls, because balls are not only recognized they are superior and women are being driven crazy trying to grow them. Yep, for the men it’s about showing their balls and how it takes a BIG pair to stay in office after you have committed adultery or a crime and collect a pay check while you aren’t doing the job you’re being paid to do.

Think about it. This is what it comes down to Cunts have no business in public office, especially if they intend to sit in the White house. It takes balls to sneak out of town and cheat on your wife; it takes balls to beat up your girlfriend. It takes even BIGGER Balls to remain in office after having done so.

But Sarah doesn’t have balls, remember? Because of her Ball less condition she actually wanted to do the job she was elected by the people of Alaska to do…..Imagine that? Sarah cannot do her job effectively because she is too busy defending her family against the free for all base less attacks that will not stop. So Sarah the Cunt resigned rather than collect a pay check for doing a job she isn’t doing and we are all better off for her having done so.

Because we would rather have balls in office even though they are liars, cheaters and abusers, than a Cunt who did her job and was trying to still do her job but for the scandal of having a daughter give birth out of wedlock, having herself given birth to a special needs son, and OHHHHH believing she was qualified to be VP without a pair of balls and believing she could run for President in 2012 against Obamahasballs or Anyonewithballs.

Are you going to accept this? Are you going to continue to allow women to be dragged through the fires of hell of personal attacks? Are you going to stand up and say if you want to play mine is better than yours then mine is truly better than yours? It doesn’t lie, cheat, steal, abuse and it is certainly qualified to sit in the White house.

Besides I am Changing the Locks.

I am fed up so Call me a cunt I no longer give a crap, I hated that word it made me physically sick, I couldn’t even write it. I now understand I need to embrace it because it is the only way it will ever sit in the White house.

So I end where I started and I can’t help but wonder would it have made a difference if for every “Sarah is a Cunt” T shirt there were 10 of us wearing T shirts that “I am proud to be a Cunt also “? Or Barack Obama is a Penis, a Dick Head.

Take the weapon and use it ourselves? Take the power to the Kingdom. Oh and I have added a 2012 T shirt “Good Riddance Penis, I have Changed the Locks.”

Hillary Receives 2009 “Following In Her Footsteps Award” at UN Breakfast

Cross posted from AlwaysForHillary
Monday, May 18, 2009

Today I had a wonderful time and got to see Hillary again after not seeing her since January. It was so good seeing her – like seeing an old friend. She actually remembered me, too! After all the times we met, this is the first time she acknowledged she remembered me. This breakfast was held in the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations. There were over 300 people in attendance to honor our wonderful Secretary of State.


In 1998, First Lady Hillary Clinton founded SAVE AMERICA’S TREASURES, a public-private partnership established to mark the new millennium by preserving and honoring our historic and cultural legacy. Out of this effort came HONORING ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: A PROJECT TO PRESERVE HER VAL-KILL HOME, a joint venture of the National Park Service and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Save American Treasures program.

Today Hillary received the 2009 Eleanor Roosevelt: FOLLOWING IN HER FOOTSTEPS AWARD. More than any American, Hillary Clinton embodies the legacy of this award’s namesake. Over a pioneering career of almost four decades, she has broken new ground for America women and inspired millions more across the globe. As First Lady visiting Beijing in 1995, she courageously declared that “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights,” challeging the status quo and investing her extraordinary intelligence, humanitarian ideals and personal courage in the effort to improve the status of women.

Now as Secretary of State, Hillary continues to champion the cause of human rights, creating a new Office of Global Women’s issues to shine a bright light on the world’s most vulnerable human beings. With exceptional dedication, strength and stamina, this wife, mother, daughter and world leader has followed in and expanded the footsteps of Eleanor Roosevelt.

I also had the opportunity to meet our new Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was very kind and friendly to all she spoke to and she also gave a lovely speech about Hillary before Hillary was given her award. It was appropriate since Kirsten “followed in Hillary’s footsteps” in taking over her seat in the senate. There also were other politicians there, including former Mayor Dinkens, Carolyn Mahoney, and Jerry Nadler.

After spending several hours with Hillary’s devoted fans, she was then going on to speak at the commencement ceremony at Barnard College. From there it was back to Washington, D.C. to host a dinner for a foreign dignitary. Hillary’s days are full and exhausting and that only makes me feel that she truly cares about the people who were there for her today as well as her devotion to this foundation that Hillary founded.


Anything but That

I remember standing in the beautiful National Building Museum in Washington DC  on Saturday June 6 2008 surrounded by Hillary supporters crying my heart out as Hillary suspended her campaign. I was listening for a line or a few words I could cling to and I did but truthfully – the words that she and others kept saying over and over rang hollow. Every time I heard ‘her race proved women could do anything’ every time Obama said ‘Hillary’s race proved to his daughters that they could be anything’  all I could say was “anything but President of the United States.”


There are video’s of me all over the internet crying my eyes out – I am not one given to crying easily but I knew that day that something big was dying, just as I knew on May 31st that Democracy died at the RBC dog and pony show.


Still I forged ahead to Denver and fought for Hillary to be on that roll call even while she was out fighting for Obama tooth and nail. We still held out hope and hung on every unsaid word waiting for the weight of 18 Million of us to come crashing through those cracks but we never did. Today I read a piece that may explain why we didn’t break through- perhaps there were no cracks at all!

The Glass Ceiling Holds Strong

By Marie Cocco

WASHINGTON — It is time to stop kidding ourselves. This wasn’t a breakthrough year for American women in politics. It was a brutal one.

The glass ceiling remains firmly in place — not cracked, as Hillary Clinton insisted as she tried to claim rhetorical victory after her defeat in the Democratic nominating contest. It wasn’t even scratched with the candidacy of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee — unless you consider becoming an object of national ridicule to be a symbol of advancement. As divergent as these two women are ideologically and temperamentally, as different as are their resumes, they both banged their heads — hard — against the ceiling. Both were bruised. So was the goal of advancing women in political leadership. 


Yet American women are a majority of the population and a majority of the electorate. They earn more than half the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a level of educational achievement far exceeding that of women in developing countries. There must be some reason we don’t do any better than women in impoverished, rural regions of the world where cultural norms oppress women.

Maybe it is because our culture isn’t so different after all.


I know now that this was not our year, after all, to put a women in the White House but it was the year to wake up and come to our senses. We have not come that far BABY! We still have a long way to go and we didn’t even know it!


Free US Now Radio comes to you two nights a week and we are devoted to democracy, equality and human rights. Please tune in Monday at 8 PM  Eastern
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http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNowCall-in Number: (347) 838-8011


Idella Moore is founder and Executive Officer of a national, single-issue, non-partisan organization whose mission is to finish ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  This amendment would guarantee legal equality to men and women and should it be ratified it would become only the second constitutional guarantee for women.  The only other right that women are explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution is the right to vote.


Idella’s support for the Equal Rights Amendment began in the 1970’s but it was in the early 1980s, while a student at Florida State University, that she became an active grassroots participant during the last intense efforts to get Florida to ratify the ERA.  Like millions of others, Idella was devastated that the amendment was not ratified by the deadline, June 30, 1982.


It was in protest of that ratification that Idella moved to England in 1982 and remained there for the next decade and a half.  She and her family returned to the US in the late 1990’s but it wasn’t until 2002 that she learned there was a renewed campaign to ratify the ERA.  Within a few months, she formed her org. Initially founded as a Georgia group, because of overwhelming demand, a year later hers became a national organization.  It is the only, national single issue ERA membership organization.  It now has an online membership representing men and women in 49 states, from all political parties and across all age groups. 


Idella does a great deal of research and writing about the ERA and gives presentations to organizations at the local, state, regional and national levels.  Today, hers is either leading, guiding or giving technical and advocacy assistance to campaigns in 13 of the ERA unratified states.


FreeUsNowPassERA Radio Monday 8pm est

Link is – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNow

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Hillary Supporters Unite

To all my Democratic friends who worked so hard for Hillary and who now may be angry with me for continuing to pursue them with vigor to vote for McCain. Let me say a few words if I may. Please give me the courtesy of reading this through.


You own your vote and I respect that and I always will! That is what America is all about! I remember how hard we fought for Hillary and I remember why we did. We were committed to Hillary because we believed she was the best candidate of all those running and as a centrist she would bring America the change we needed and longed for. I do not have to enumerate her qualities or the reasons we fought for Hillary – you know full well we may never see a candidate of her stellar qualities again in our lifetimes.


Had Hillary left that party – would we have followed her?  You bet- many of us would not have stayed for the party sake after what they did to her and to us. We would not have stayed just to vote for Obama – I am sure of that! Therefore we do not have an obligation to either the party or the candidate Obama.  We do have an obligation to America and the Constitution of the United States of America for which it stands.


Just as we fought to try to win votes for Hillary I am trying to win votes for  McCain/Palin because I believe it will help defeat Obama. Having said that, I firmly believe you have the right to vote your conscience and I hope you honor my right to fight like hell right down to the last second to try to defeat Obama in the only way I know how and that is to gather as many votes against him as I possibly can full well knowing that he is stealing votes.


Just as I love and honor you and your right, I beg you to respect and   honor mine and – thank God we are all Americans! God Bless America and I hope we are still Free and Democratic after this election is over!

This is my fear or I would not be doing this — In my heart I fear that Obama and his ilk would have total control over



  • the Oval Office
  • the House
  • the Senate
  • the Treasury
  • the Commander-in-Chief on the Armed Forces
  • appointment of all the lower court Judges
  • appointment of up to 3 Supreme Court Justices
  • control of the Media.

That is a powerful lot of unfettered control to hand any one MAN. One man that we really do not know. One man that has not had any real experience and has virtually stolen the election and you darn well know he did just that! Don’t you think?


Are you really willing to hand the ENTIRE country and every bit of power over to ONE MAN and this party with what you know about them? Is that what our framers intended?  Think about that- where is the balance of powers?


Is McCain fit to lead the nation? You know he is fit to lead and he has served his county since he is 17. In addition with all the other powers in Democratic hands, we will have the checks and balances needed to be sure there will not be another 4 years of Bush. There it is – the answer you have needed. We need McCain for checks and balances. We can control him with Dems in control of the House and Senate.


McCain in the White house  guarantees us only 4 years and pretty much guarantees us another shot at seeing Hillary run and we know if we have an all woman race that would be something to see. And we know who would win in a two woman race. We also know who would win should the Dems run a man against Sarah so what’s the harm here that we should take a chance with 8 years of the possibly Anti-American Obama? There is only one thing to be afraid here and that is Obama!


This one man with very little experience would control our precious United States and his past is virtually unknown except for his shady past associations. These are the only associations we know he has or has had. Let us name a few- Jeremiah Wright, ‘Tony’ Rezko, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Kwame, Kilpatrick, Meeks, Pfleger, Khalid Al Masour aka Donald Warden, Rashid Khalidi,. Farrakhan, Percy Sutton, ACORN and on and on and on.


His college and University records are sealed. The records of his benefactors remain sealed. Whenever details are found out about his lies he immediately scoffs them off as a spin.  Please understand that unless we do everything in our power to elect his opponent – we can not be assured we can stop Obama and it is our duty to stop Obama if we love this county.


We may not want to vote Republican, we may not agree with McCain or Palin. But we MUST stop Obama or we are taking a chance on losing America!


Please understand that leaving the top blank and voting down ticket could probably result in the Party GIVING those votes to Obama.  


Remember what they did in Michigan– they decided that votes that were not even cast for Obama must have been intended for him so they gave – yes they gave him those votes – votes he did not earn – please in the name of Democracy do not leave the top blank if you vote down ticket the Party WILL give them to Obama – I am sure of it!


Please reconsider – for the sake of your country. Our troops give their lives and blood every day – what will you give on Nov. 4? Can you hold your nose and shed something to stop Obama from destroying Democracy so that the troops who have given their lives to preserve our freedoms have not, since 1776 died in vain? That is what is at stake! 


Thank you for allowing me the honor of reaching out to you as friends who will always be on the same side as Americans who really love our country. No matter what happens in the end, I count you as my friends and fellow patriots.

Woman Against Woman

By Bettyjean Kling

Dear Betty…to think that you would vote for Mcain just because Hillary did not get in is appalling. How could you as a woman want to possibly see Palin in office at all? She will set women’s rights back 5o years. I know you are disapointed about Hillary. alot of us are but it’s time to get over it and move on. Please do not send me anymore emails as we are not on the same page. I wish you alot of luck and my prayers continue for your daughter.


I want to thank you for the prayers for my daughter – prayers are always welcomed and one who prays will surely be led by God in all ways, we hope! Below you will find my reply- It will seem extreme, – it is. I have taken much time away from my daughter with her permission as we both believe our country is worth it.


We both want our lives to mean something or else we would have come and left nothing behind- hence you will notice great passion in my response. I hope you will understand that passion is not meant to be an attack on you but on what I consider to be your

misconceptions and talking point accusations. Thanks you for your prayers and I hope you take in my reply the passion and love of country that I penned it.


I will honor your request to remove you from the list however, I can not and will not let your comments and questions go unanswered.


1- What in God’s good name makes you think I am voting for McCain as you claim? “just because Hillary did not get in”


I have repeatedly said over and over and over again that this is not about Hillary. And to say that Hillary did not get in is laughable- Hillary was pushed out and Obama was carried in. But what I argue today with you is your choice to cling to the premise that is my voting for McCain because Hillary did not get in as you phrased it. I take umbrage that you make such an accusation. Can you please explain to me what right you have
to twist my reasons into Obama talking points? Have you read my heart wrenching writings about what the Democrat party has become? Have you read about what this party has done to voters – delegates and others? Have you paid attention to the way they have stripped away voter’s rights via threats and intimidation? Do you care about the future of our country? Can you get over the Hillary part of this and focus on what is still
going on and how he is running the campaign and how that bodes for how he would run the government and how dangerous that is?  


2- As to how I could want to see Palin in as a woman at all?


What in the world are you talking about? As a woman I am thrilled to see a woman run and win a high office. I am thrilled to see a woman who has made her choice and expect it to be honored. I am sick to death of women who believe in choice so long as it is their choice. You get over it! You want to end war and save whales and wolves and polar bears but have a problem with this woman right to be pro life. Women do not turn on one another like cats in the street. Women should support one another and I for one find it appalling to attack other women because of her religion, personal beliefs or family values. Republicans have all had this same platform and been in office  for most of the last 40 years and now all of a sudden we are going to attack this women – and this women is going to undo what no Republican man has undone? Give me a break!


Do not ask me why, as women I would pick this woman – at least ask why I would go Republican – but to ask why as a woman I would pick this woman shows that you are woman bashing another women and that is of the lowest order. You are the reason women are still not where they should be. Its women like you who keep us down – women like you who belittle and make us small- I am appalled that you would even admit it! SHAME ON YOU!


3- As to she will set women’s rights back 50 years?


How is she singlehandedly going to set women’s rights back 50 years? Do you even understand politics? Do you have any clue how things work at all?  Do you just go around voting based on sound bites or are you savvy about how the government works? Sarah Palin alone or with John McCain can not possibly set Woman’s Rights back 1 year let alone 50. Wake up – you are being used! All these women’s groups are living high on the hog in high society – they have sold out to the Democrat party – if not you would have the ERA bill by now.


You would have equal rights and equal pay by now – You don’t why? Since the 60’s all they do is keep you happy protecting your Abortion rights! What else have they brought you? Nothing! Wake up. They allowed Hillary to be battered and bashed and never whimpered. Why? Because they are in up to their pretty little plastic faced heads enmeshed in the democrat machine now!


Don’t you see that having a woman as a vice president whether Democrat or Republican will do more to empower all women and women’s issues in general than any single issue or that tired argument that has no chance of being overturned anyway. For 50 years men from both parties have been using Roe v. Wade to control women. The Republicans have reigned for most of those years and it has not changed so women need to take stop allowing themselves to be politically manipulated by it. Only then will it really be our own damned choice.


               “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t 
                 support other women”         ~ Madeline Albright


 4- As to my getting on the same page and getting over it-


Same page as what? Same page as the new Stepford wives, the
Come Home to Dean’ women have become? Getting over what? Get over the fact that the Democrat party has dissolved into a cut-throat non democratic party? NO I WON’T!


Oh I will remove you, but don’t you ever accuse me of voting for McCain just because Hillary did not get in. Don’t you ever tell me to get with the program. Your kind would have joined the Nazi party and killed millions your kind would. And don’t you ever tell me to get over it. Our founders gave me this right and I will not throw it away for you or anyone else – not now not ever – No I won’t.


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