Detective John Falcone: casualty of blatant disregard for women.

BettyJean Kling

They not only owe Detective Falcone a parade of sorrow – they owe Jessica Welch one too and we women outnumbering the officers should be marching in it!

There is a pandemic, 4 women a day are slaughtered at the hands of an intimate partner who has been beaten before and who the law has released onto the streets to kill her. Friday afternoon Jessica Welch was murdered by her husband in the City of Poughkeepsie. One of our TMU WOMEN coalition members Maria DiBari was given an opportunity to voice our position and restate the need for one of many law’s we true advocates of victims have brought forward to no avail.

I urge you to read the article, create a login and lend your support to Maria and to Linda’s law. We have finally been given an opportunity to be heard on what has become a national story and where no other women’s group has shown any interest. Please back up Maria and by extension you will be helping TMU and the WOMEN coalition show we are there for the women’s issues that really matter and are not being addressed. The stunningly deafening silence, if continued, will result in the continued increase of preventable deaths of women.

And women will die – ho hum and occasionally an officer will die too and there will be grand honors for the hero while herstory is lost and no one admits the officer died as a result of failure to protect her in the first place. The officer was a needless casualty of the blatant disregard for women.

They not only owe Detective Falcone a parade of sorrow – they owe Jessica Welch one too and we women should be marching in it!

In summary:

Mr. Welch had previously assaulted his wife, violated a stay-away, was charged with third-degree assault, was jailed on $1,000 bail which he posted himself, three days after that, confronted his wife, was charged with a felony, was jailed with $20,000 bond on Friday Feb.20, was also freed on bail on the same date and drove to Poughkeepsie where he killed his wife and an officer.

When are we going to stop reading about these tragedies in the paper? When will we actually take action and have time for domestic violence issues in this country, in this state, and in this community?

MajorityUnited wrote:

We need Maria DiBari involved at the state level in domestic violence issues and solutions. Obviously those currently in power at domestic violence state and local agencies have not adequately addressed these important issues.
4 Women a day die at the hands of their intimate partners but very few make national news because it is a ho hum story until a police officer is also murdered. Why isn’t there just as big a parade of sorrow for every young mother who is sacrificed to her husband or lover?
We need survivors who are more interested in results than politics or paychecks in this positions, Maria is one such woman who has been fighting for justice for women.
Yes there was an officer killed and yes they came from all over the country because he put his life on the line, God bless our officers, Let’s not let him die in vain –Let us all stand up for the innocent women and children worth dying for as this brave officer saw fit to do. And let’s hire Maria and others to do the job.

Please support Maria and leave messages at:

Support women journalists who are changing the conversation: but you won’t find them at Women’s Media Center

Another Rant by: BettyJean Downing Kling

I had just got done ranting about NOW and other women’s groups about the lack of support on the pandemic that is killing women and here comes Jehmu Greene’s group with this latest testament to their dedication to women’s issues. What really got my blood boiling was their timing. We just had a women journalist beaten and gang raped in Egypt and here they are pushing a San Francisco comedy!

WMC – kiss my ass! Inequity in the arts indeed—the inequity is in the journalistic integrity of liberal media and liberal women who would sell their sisters to the devil to keep their name in lights and stay in bed with the party who allows them to survive at the cost of their conservative or moderate sisters.

The play, no doubt, is wonderful and I support Ms. Rebeck and her comedic spin on what we are up against in the workplace whole heartedly, in fact I too will give it a plug, but has WMC forgotten the meaning of journalism? Where in hell are you in updating women and girls on the pandemic of atrocities growing against women and girls across our nation? Where the hell are you? You are not changing the conversation – you simply added a women’s group to the media but it’s the same old biased media coverage with the name women’s in front of it.

Now for the plug on some comic relief on the not so funny truth about how women remain second class citizens with the blessing of liberal women who continue to turn the other check. How do I know that? If the majority did not tolerate it – it would not be happening! That’s how! There are more of us than there are of them – too many of us are just too damned stupid and weak to unite and demand it stop!

EXCLUSIVE: Lingering Inequity in the Arts–A Comedic Take
By Emily Wilson

Theresa Rebeck’s new play, “What We’re Up Against,” at San Francisco’s Magic Theatre, opens with two men talking about a new hire in the architecture firm where they work—a young, ambitious, talented woman.

“What do we want another woman for?” Ben asks Stu, the firm’s manager. “We already have one.”

Far from being excited about their new colleague Eliza’s talent, her co-workers are outraged by her ambition. Eliza knows she’s better at her job than most of the people there, and she doesn’t stay quiet about it. She doesn’t accept being stuck in the worst office and not given anything to do.

“I want to work,” she says repeatedly, unimpressed by everyone telling her that no one really gets to do anything for the first ten years. Rebeck, a playwright and novelist, who also writes for TV and the movies, wanted to look at men and women and what happens in the workplace.

“We aren’t a country that cares about excellence anymore,” she said. “We care about internal politics.”

NOW: Major Force Behind War on Women

BettyJean Downing-Kling

Is my tax dollar paying this scumb bag to teach our kids?

Are your tax dollars paying this scumb bag to teach our kids?

Terry O’Neil, NOW’s stunningly deafening silence, if continued, will result in the preventable deaths of women. Your failure to call out your cronies when they sexualize women gives them your seal of approval and our expressions of disgust. The major force behind the war on women is the women who will not stand up for other women!

While NOW and other liberal women’s groups are spending 98% of their time raging against anti-abortion public funding that may impact *28% women aged 15-64, that is 100% of the time they spend ignoring the problems that beset every woman all of the time.

For example: Nearly 5 women die each day at the hands of their intimate partners, 8 Million more are beaten and raped by their lovers. A woman is raped every 6 seconds in the USA.

It is estimated here that, as of 2008, about 28% of U.S. women ages 15-64 have had abortions. This figure has risen from 2.8% in 1973 to 11% in 1980, 19% in 1987, 24% in 1994, and 27% in 2001.

NOW’s statistics are a half decade out of date and remarkably low compared to the facts I have quoted.

**In 2005, 1,181 women were murdered by an intimate partner. That’s an average of three women every day. Of all the women murdered in the U.S., about one-third were killed by an intimate partner.

2005, women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes every year.

More than 600 women every day in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006.

NOW sends out newsletter every week to beguile women about abortion and the need to hold on to the right to their own body. NOW influences women to believe this is the most liberating and fundamental issue of womanhood. Apparently rape is not a problem – you can abort the blob of cells after all.

They will alert readers of every jot and title about each lawmaker and every fart they lay. They know every piece of legislation that might take a tax penny from abortion but they can’t update the information on the real crisis – the pandemic that threatens the lives of 5 women a day here in the US or the torture of 96 a day who are battered, or the millions of women losing their children at the hands of Family Courts who are at war with women and mothers, or with sexism and misogyny rampant within the media and the Liberals and especially the Democrats.

To hell with NOW — your stunningly dangerous efforts to promote abortion to the detriment of all other issues and including all women from all ideologies are resulting in the preventable deaths, battering, torture, degradation, slavery and sex trafficking of millions of American women and children. Count up the percentage of time you spend on abortion compared to that you spend on the real problems 90% of women face 100 % of the time. Come out from you quarter million dollar paycheck, and start giving real time to real women and real needs. You admitted it yourself- “A recent poll shows abortion ‘barely registers’ among voter priorities” so why is abortion your top priority? Is that how you keep moderates and conservatives out, or how to hold on to your dwindling base?

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mai Shiozaki, 202-628-8669, ext. 116

U.S. Catholic Bishops Major Force Behind War on Women
Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill

February 23, 2011

The collusion of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has led to an open declaration of war on the women of this country. The bishops have long sought to enshrine into law those policies of the Catholic Church that subordinate women. And they don’t care how badly women get hurt in the process.

In the last election, the bishops helped to elect legislators that would do their bidding, which includes enacting dangerous and discriminatory bills denying women safe, accessible and affordable abortion care and family planning, even encouraging hospitals to let women die in the name of ‘life.’

A recent poll shows abortion ‘barely registers’ among voter priorities, and yet Speaker Boehner has declared barring federal funding for abortion care a ‘highest priority’ — responding not to the call of his constituents but to the demands of the bishops. And it turns out abortion isn’t the only target, as evidenced by their stunningly dangerous efforts that, if enacted, can and will result in the preventable deaths of women:

The Inconvenient Truth


As our dear leader so eloquently put it I am “wee wee’d up”

In no particular order of what has me wee wee’d up I begin with Global Warming. Here in the North East snow is still measured in feet.

Months of snow, ice, sleet, hail and freezing temperatures has me asking WTH is up Al Gore? Maybe the polar bears need to just be relocated to the Hudson River as it is frozen solid and shows no signs of melting any time soon.

In Buffalo NY Muzzammil Hasan who stabbed his wife 40 times and then Beheaded her was found guilty of 2nd degree murder seems the jury couldn’t decide if it was premeditated or not. So that has me asking WTH is up with that? Islam has been premeditation the murder of women for thousands of years. But I guess the jury believes that “honor killings” are only a stereotype we have of Islamic men and he just pulled the “I will cut her head off to defend my honor” out of thin air.

In Pakistan a 14 year old girl died after receiving a 100 “lashings” her punishment for her having been raped by a grown man. The question on the minds of many in Pakistan is not why was the girl punished, but how did the girl actually die? I am asking WTH is up with that? A child was raped then the child was punished for having been raped and the society that raped and punished this child needs an answer for this … What was the cause of her death and should the law be changed to limit the lashes to under 100? Never mind why are they punishing victims?

In Egypt Reporter Lara Logan was brutally gang raped and the response has been “yawn” or questioning why was a woman reporter covering a story in Egypt when it’s so dangerous for women in Egypt? So I am asking why isn’t anyone asking WTH is it so dangerous for women in Egypt? Or better yet why is it so dangerous for women… on this planet?

At a union rally in Wisconsin one of the signs featured said this “If Teabaggers are as HOT as their FOX News casters then I’m here for the Gang Bang”

My friend Thomas sent me a text “Where is NOW??” I replied… NOW??!! BWAHAHAHA.

But I am thinking Thomas deserves a better answer, so Yes Thomas you would think that the National Organization for WOMEN would speak to Misogyny just like CAIR speaks to “Islamaphobia” and the NAACP and Sharpton and et al speak to “Racism” but NOW seemingly prefers to ignore misogyny hoping the violence will just…end. Sadly, if the sign said ” I am here for the Lynching” or I am here for the Qur’an burning then we’d have a shot at addressing violence directed at another human being. Do you get it?? NOW is just hoping things will Change.

Anyway I was sleeping soundly knowing the polar bears are safe because it was snowing again when I got an email from my friend Diane who is in Haiti, she said that thousands of women are being raped in the camps that were established to keep women safe after the earthquake so I am thinking can anyone put me in touch with Al Gore? Or the global warming/polar bear organization that may have some free time on their hands now that global warming is no longer an issue and the polar bears are safe? I need to ask if perhaps they could speak for women who are being raped, murdered, tortured all over the planet. Maybe we can make a documentary and call it “The Inconvenient Truth

I realize it won’t win anyone a Nobel Peace Prize but hey it worked for the polar bears.

Radical women stole the words feminist and choice

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Dear Sisters,

If you are familiar with me and my group- you know that I was all over this country fighting for Hillary because I believed she was the very best candidate from either side running for office in 2008. I was devastated that her party sold her out but not surprised, I was disgusted that the women of her party tolerated it and like battered wives voted her abusers into office as a reward for their deplorable behavior.

I believed in her and as an Independent I believe in no party for party sake but I put country and womankind first. I never hid that from anyone. I have been a FEMINIST from birth – and I will not accept that a FEMINIST walks lockstep with any ideology set up by radical women from either side. I know I am equal to every other human being and worthy of justice and respect and I have demanded it from birth and have fought to free myself and my sisters from the second class status our brothers  have forced us to submit to in and out of the religious and political sectors.

As the majority of the population, women have succumbed to the tyranny of either the church or political rule rather than rise above either and stand shoulder to shoulder and take our rightful place in society. Foolishly they have been brainwashed into believing there is an either or choice. I have never thought choosing between column A and column B was an adequate alternative for me Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Pro-Choice is a misnomer, I used to say I was Pro-choice before I realized it meant I had no choice but abortion. The liberals who stole the word feminist along with the word choice have one hell of a nerve refusing ¾ of the world’s women use of language rightfully theirs. As an Independent, I know the truth, but I have coined a new phrase for the preferable option and it is “Freedom of Choice”.

The right cannot fathom relinquishing their “feminine” roles, aborting their children, becoming lesbians and hating a man which is what radical women have successfully turned the women’s movement into. Thanks to the voices in the Left wing crowd who will be sure to bring abortion, gay rights and man hating to the fore to make sure they drive away most women! If they really believed in God who gives free choice and will do the judging – they would not do these things that prevent most women from enjoying the saner conservative women.

The Left cannot tolerate conservative women who are happy to be stay at home moms, have large families, and let their husbands take the lead. In that crowd, there are also radicals who must call Liberal women baby killers and dykes and must protest outside abortion clinics and some even murder abortion doctors setting up a fair shriek from the other side in their own defense.  What they don’t realize is that most women are not radical! Most women have children, husbands and professional lives these days and do it all without the benefit of fair pay, equal rights, under tolerable conditions and with the proper respect.

TMU WOMEN- have busted our buts for nearly 4 years trying to bring together those women! Women who refuse to be pigeon holed either left or right. WOMEN who are sick and tired of being labeled and boxed and forced to chose! WOMEN who are tired of watching their sister being raped in Egypt while the Radical Left and Right do nothing and the rest of us think you have NO VOICE!

Do you realize that you have a group that will speak for independent you? THE MAORITY UNITED -WOMEN, will speak for you! TMU will never ask if you are Pro anything regarding you reproduction- we don’t care how you vote either – that’s why they have curtains on voting booths!

What we do care about is your rights as a woman or child and we care that you get justice as a citizen of the US.

I have been mercilessly attacked by the radicals from both sides — I’m still standing! I will bet you there are more of us then there are of them!

If you do nothing- nothing will be done! I can’t do this alone — will you sit there and just talk and just write and just fight among yourselves and just point fingers back and forth? 

We all know the problem.  I have thought of a solution! Leave the problem, the troublemakers, to their own devices while the majority unites and does the real work.

 We can do this! Spread the word– I am not quitting– how about you?

Are you going to continue to let NOW speak for you, if they don’t? Will you let Family Matters, Concerned Women for America, speak for you if they don’t?

TMU- Freedom of Choice: Fighting for human rights for all women.


Empowering Women to Unite & Mobilize !
To Restore The Constitution and Ensure Equality for All.

Our WOMEN will
1- Achieve an  End of Violence Against Women and Children.
2- Achieve Equality, Opportunity and Justice for All – this is a Human Right.
3- Achieve Representative Government of the people , for the people and by the people as intended by the Founders

Uppity stupid woman: and radical females who eat or otherwise kill, maim and destroy their own

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

For years I have tried to entice women to unite. Why? Because as a majority of 52 % we wield enough power to end the violence and injustice against us if not worldwide- then at least here in the US. I am 62 years young and I have watched women liberate themselves from the kitchen and from street corners and from back alley abortions to any mans backseat or bedroom, dance poles and a planned parenthood on every corner. Liberated? I think – not so much … maybe more of us are just free for the taking now. Free as in free of charge.

I used to think I was Liberal because I was a true FEMINIST who never thought I was less than ANY man.  I am still sure I am just as valuable, just as good, as worthy as competent and equal in every way however- I am now being told by some liberal women that unless I am for abortion, I am not a FEMINIST! Huh?

Unless, I am Pro-Choice, meaning fight to the death for abortion rights, I am not only not a FEMINIST but I am persona non gratta! I always believed Pro-Choice meant that every women was entitled to her own choices in everything  she wants to do in life—I guess I had Pro-Choice confused with Free-Choice? In any event, I now understand the these gals are not Liberal at all they are communists who believe you must walk lock-step and believe what they tell you to believe – or else.

The Majority—52% is made up of females but there are radicals females who eat or otherwise kill, maim and destroy their own! I call them uppity stupid women because they would destroy women kind rather than allow women to have the freedom of choice. They are dangerous because you can’t reason with them at all, if you try, they will go for the jugular. I have had one—accuse me of causing my own 2 daughters grief because I did not abort them.

Check this out: Uppity asks where is the Dem Party and the Dem women’s groups- Good question – to bad I didn’t realize she didn’t want a real answer! 

Batsh*t crazy animals blame the Jews for their sexual assault and beating of Lara Logan in Egypt

Posted on February 16, 2011 by Uppity Woman

…American journalist Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted by a huge gang of animals. WHERE IS OUR PRESIDENT???????? You know, the guy who is  supposed to be “What a Feminist Looks Like”?????? Where is the dangerously politically correct  NOW and why are there not 20,000 women marching in DC right now, demanding justice for the most despicable of crimes all women dread the most? Laughingly, I add: Where is the Democratic Party and the Regressives Progressives, the  faux Party of Women?

Check this out: Her first commenter blames the Conservative women, the church and of course has to bring abortion into the picture! Of course that pisses me off and I respond  –  I call a spade a spade and they go berserk.

  1. ProudMilitaryMom, on February 16, 2011 at 11:45 AM said:

Why are there not 20,000 women marching in DC? Indeed- where are they? NOW??? Emily’s List?
Nowhere to be found. PC is going to kill us all. The younger women who SHOULD be the ones marching have been brain washed into believing the PC crap that all cultures have their own mores and values and are equally acceptable. NOT!
The “church” can get a 100,000 to march every year in frigid Jan temps to protest the one bill that guarantees a woman’s control of her own body. Oh wait- that is WHY they are not marching in droves.

Believe me- if there was a march called to protest the governments silence on this- I would be there! I might have to crawl or rent a wheel chair but I would get there somehow.
The young women most likely to suffer if savage sack enforcers get a hold here?
Haul videos and the latest “smart” phone.
Excuse me while I go barf.

Check this out: What the hell does abortion have to do with this and wasn’t the question- where are all the Dem’s? Where is NOW? Etc. etc? Of course that pisses me off and I respond!  Iam only allowed to agree at this blog- if you do not agree you get attacked!

freemenow, on February 16, 2011 said:

There should be wild outrage in every press outlet in this country and in between the outrage, there should be INVESTIGATIVE reporting on the infiltration of Honor Killers and Sharia abusers right here in the USA.

And the reason there isn’t is because Women – the 52% majority – aren’t united because you gals are still bitching about your goddamned vagina’s – have at it girls- everyone else is!

I knew if I read this I would find you blaming conservatives for fighting abortion to b e the problem- look in the mirror! Get over it – get with the real program and let’s unite and get the fucking media and government to do its Job! Orrrrr keep whining about abortion while they rape the fuck out of us.

Check this out: I call a spade a spade and … Like I said it’s not freedom of choice it’s their choice or Look out…

  1. You know something, freeme? I am sick and tired of you coming her shitting on my blog. Say goodbye and get the hell out of here.

  2. Uppity Woman, on February 16, 2011 at 12:56 PM said:

    Make that get the FUCK off my blog.

  3. ProudMilitaryMom, on February 16, 2011 at 12:59 PM said:

    Biting tongue, breathing, counting, biting tongue again, counting counting In through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth. AHHHHHHHH
    Ok! I did good!

  4. Uppity Woman, on February 16, 2011 at 1:00 PM said:

    Don’t waste your time, Mom. Enough is enough. Imagine the nerve of someone swooping down, bossing everybody around and telling people what to think. Like a rattlesnake. Sniper.

    You can have fun doing the flushing, how’s that?

  5. ProudMilitaryMom, on February 16, 2011 at 1:04 PM said:

    While I was counting and breathing you took care of it!
    Hey- I thought I did well! I knew you were going to get it- so I just did my calming routine and Voila! You got out the instant banishment dust! Thank you!
    Now then-
    About that moderator penguin…….

  6. Uppity Woman, on February 16, 2011 at 1:08 PM said:

    Well it would have been deserved if you hadn’t. This is not the first time, but it’s going to be the last. Snipe at us once, shame on you. Swipe at us twice, shame on us. What nerve.

  7. ProudMilitaryMom, on February 16, 2011 at 1:13 PM said:

    OOOH- flushing! got it!
    Followed by a dose of Tidy Bowl.
    There! (washing and sanitizing hands

It’s fitting that Uppity Woman uses a Cat for her picture- She is a real Cat fighter. Meowwwwww!

ProudMilitaryMom, I just buried my father- he was a World War ll – highly decorated War hero – we had a full military service. I am a proud military daughter and a proud military mom but I don’t run around on somebody else’s honors because – I am proud of my own. If you are so proud of your child’s service I suggest you ask why they serve and learn that it is so that I can have free speech and not be cut off and called names because I disagree with you. I allow free and open speech on my blog , so you are welcomed to come on over and debate this with me- I will not flush you or your left wing ideas but I will debate them with you in hopes of uniting women for the purpose of ending the injustice against womankind!

Shame on you – you dishonor the service of your child.

Lara Logan: A Lesson In Corporate Competition

I was stricken by the difference between the fates of two CBS female on screen “talent.”

Few statistics exist about sexual assaults on female correspondents in combat zones, in part because so many are loath to report attacks for fear of losing their beat.

Read more:

Logan had been detained, blindfolded and isolated, by Egyptian police the previous week and admitted to vomiting throughout the events that preceded the ejection of her and her crew from the country. She hadn’t – I gather – the appropriate documentation from her own network and State Department to substantiate her contention that she was there as a journalist.

The manic effort to return to Egypt to be “part of the story” is revealed in her interview with Esquire in which she acknowledged the risk both to her person and to her crew’s ability to even conduct their mission once they were back in the country. It is in this context that I assert the concern that beautiful, … no, glamorous women in the media aren’t even real in their own minds. Lara suppressed her own survival instincts to do this coverage and demonstrates an absence of something MOST women acquire once having survived a life-threatening experience. We all grow up in one split second as we confront how close we came to death. Our first concern, ALWAYS, is our children. We all ask, Who would provide for them? And in that moment, no matter how long it has been since giving birth, we become mothers. Bearing babies, a universal portal experience, becomes Mothering in the real world when we choose between the allure of a world of success and the satisfaction of knowing your kids are in good hands: YOURS. Logan’s experience failed to unravel the guise of illusion with which she had surrounded herself as a part of the mainstream press. Her work, undoubtedly, transcends the juiceless pulp dispensed by Katie and her studio colleagues, but she performs in a hack system of low-budget, profit-driven, corner-cutting chumps trying to “scoop the competition” willing to be anything but professional in this kid’s approach to covering the news. She and her producer, her husband and her private security overlooked some important matters she should have addressed, RESPONSIBLY, prior to returning to Egypt. In the absence of answers that satisfied her need to know she had covered those bases, Logan should have returned to her vortex, given thanks for her good fortune having been removed from the country because, to her captors, her story didn’t cut it. She pushed her luck, took a risk that, dispite that factors to show she calculated that risk, she dismissed, without legitimate consideration, and allowed herself to be driven by the story. Thus, she BECAME the story and the denoument should be an unravel that opens not only her eyes, but those of CBS brass who need to re-define the qualifications that determine professionals in Journalism.

Italy: Berlusconi indicted in prostitution probe

Contributed by Lisa Thompson

This article provides an update on allegations that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi the debauched womanizer purchased sex from a minor. The Moroccan minor, a known prostitute denies having sex with the Prime Minister however, she is shown on video but does NOT deny that he has showered her with luxuries and expensive gifts.

Apparently it is not illegal to have sex with an underage girl so long as he does not pay for it. Consequently, the lavish gifts amount to paying for it! An Italian judge has ordered him to stand trial!



Italy’s Berlusconi indicted in prostitution probe
By COLLEEN BARRY, Associated Press Colleen Barry, Associated Press

MILAN — Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, who has dodged corruption trials and no-confidence votes with the skill of an Olympic athlete, faced a potentially fatal challenge to his power Tuesday when a judge ordered him to stand trial on prostitution and abuse of power charges.

Berlusconi is going on trial April 6 in Milan on charges that he paid for sex with a 17-year-old Moroccan girl and then tried to cover it up. Berlusconi has been in court for a number of business-related charges, but this is the first time the 74-year-old billionaire businessman is being tried for personal conduct.


Italy: Berlusconi, Basta the bunga bunga

Contributed by Lisa Thompson

Here’s an article concerning Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi providing some background into his reputation as a debauched womanizer of worst ilk. Abolition!


“Bunga bunga” has entered the Italian lexicon as slang to describe Berlusconi’s debauchery, shouted in war-type by those newspapers that aren’t part of the premier’s vast, privately owned media empire. But where Egypt’s youth-led revolt succeeded in bringing down a dictator, the democracy that is Italy appears incapable of rousting this aging creep.

He pays for the company of underage girls. He throws lavish bacchanals at his palazzos — likened to brothels — from Rome to Milan and a hideaway villa in Sardinia. He’s being divorced over his alleged dalliances with jailbait. He uses political muscle to intervene in police investigations. He champions bodacious TV presenters, starlets and beauty pageant contestants for public office.

And BJ asks: where is the outrage among US women and the support for the women of Italy who are demonstrating in the millions for his resignation? SHAME on us- I am with Italy and the Italian women and their men who stand shoulder to should in the streets demanding respect for their females!

Berlusconi’s bunga bunga gets women fuming
Published On Sun Feb 13 2011
By Rosie DiManno Columnist

Basta the bunga bunga.

One needn’t be bilingual to get the drift. It’s Italianese: Enough with the orgies, the Lolita prostitutes and the old satyr rutting.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been notoriously leading with his Johnson — Giovanni? — for years, growing increasingly sybaritic and scandalizing as he approaches his 75th birthday, unapologetic and defiant and counter-thrusting as always.

READ MORE:–dimanno-berlusconi-s-bunga-bunga-gets-women-fuming

Italy: Millions demand respect and dignity for women

Contributed By: Lisa Thompson

Silvio Berlusconi faces nation's women as a million protesters take to streets

Italians are the first country worldwide to stand in defense of the human rights of women. While the rest of the world takes weeks to amass a nearly a million (mostly men) to their squares to demand political freedom, Italy amasses a million on Day one – most of them Women demanding RESPECT for women!

The aim of the rally was for women to protest at how their dignity and the image of the country had been offended by the media tycoon’s obsession with young girls.

Mr Berlusconi was said to have watched the rally on TV but made no public comment.

Mariastella Gelmini, the education minister, said: “It’s just a small protest from trendy radical chics,” while another minister Daniele Santanche said: “It’s a shame there is so much hatred towards one man.”

Dear Friends:

Here is an update on the scandal involving Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. You may recall that he is accused of buying sex from a minor.

The reporting indicates that there were widespread protests in as many as 230 Italian cities, as well as locations in Japan and France! The Telegraph reports that, “Demonstrators, including prostitutes and nuns, carried banners saying: ‘Berlusconi resign now’ while another said ‘No prostitutes, no Madonnas, just women.’”

This is a stirring uprising. May this be the beginning of new era of respect and dignity for women in Italy!


Italians Protest Over Berlusconi Scandals

Published: February 13, 2011

ROME — With signs reading “Enough!” and “We want a country that respects women,” thousands took to the streets across Italy on Sunday in coordinated demonstrations against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, but their outpouring of frustration did not look poised to bring about political change.

The demonstrations — called “If not now, when?” after a Primo Levi book about the Holocaust — captured the frustration of Italians angered at the role of women in Mr. Berlusconi’s Italy, as well as a deep pessimism about the future and what they see as a growing divide between the country’s ills and the government’s concerns.