“Cock” vs “Down There”

When I ask students what they call a penis and a vagina in everyday words, two responses stand out: “cock” and “down there.”

The difference is telling. Cock: Cocky, proud, boastful, swaggering, self-satisfied. Image of a strutting cock, eh, rooster.

But “down there”? Unspeakable. Embarrassing. Shameful.

Male sexuality is something to brag about, while female sexuality is something to hide.

The difference is reflected in Zestra’s difficulty getting ads on TV for a product that arouses women’s sexuality – while songs of “Viva Viagra” fill the airwaves.

The New York Times reports that TV networks, national cable stations, radio stations, and Web sites like Facebook and WebMD have all resisted airing ads for Zestra. Some agreed to broadcast ads in the early morning when most people are asleep. Some wanted disclaimers: “Not for people under 18.” Most felt that no amount of tweaking could make the ad suitable.

Many stations want to remove the words sex and arousal. Yet “An erection lasting more than four hours” is O.K.?

The manufacturer believes the resistance comes from our culture’s discomfort with women’s sexuality.

Meanwhile, normal processes of the vagina are shrouded in secrecy. Ads for one brand of sanitary napkins simply said, “Modess … Because.” Ok, that was the 70s. But even today women are embarrassed when tampons fall from their purses. Ever hear anyone say they had a “visit from Aunt Flow” when their period started?

Because female sexuality is deemed dirtier, more evil and more unspeakable, insulting slang for the vagina packs a bigger punch than slang for a penis.

Call a man a dick, and you’ve called him an idiot. Dictionary definition of dork: a whale’s penis. So a dork is a giant penis – an even bigger idiot.

But a cunt cuts deeper, moving into deeper disgrace.

Whether “down there” or “cunt,” it’s just degrees of shame.

We think that women will enjoy sex as much as men? In this atmosphere? It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Georgia Platts

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What is a Conservative woman?

By: BettyJean Kling 

Tune in tonight at 9:30 pm Eastern- lets hash this one out: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freemenow/2010/09/30/the-majority-united

This seems to be the year of the Conservative woman. What is a conservative woman in Politics? If we look at Meg Whitman and Carley Fiorina and Jan Brewer we see strong liberated women and that’s a completely different picture than if we look at let’s say Christine O’Donnell  or Sharon Angle who are different from Nikki Haley. It seems we put all conservative women into the same box and label it “CONSERVATIVE” clearly all these women don’t fit into one box or one category. A common thread among many of these women is their life as wife, mother, and successful businesswoman rather than career politician. If we add Sarah and Michelle into the mix we see two other totally different women one a lawyer with 8 children, one a journalist with 5 children, both politicians who have been very busy all their lives in their communities. From PTA to the podium they fight for their family, and their country. Gee what a novel idea!

Some of these women have strong religious beliefs and it’s pretty obvious this has not wrought havoc on them – their children, their communities, the places they work or govern. Indeed they have excelled and prospered in spite of the fact that they have strong religious beliefs. They are able wives, mothers, professionals and politicians all without breaking a sweat or feeling like inadequate women or slaves to men. These women look free and liberated to me!

As founder of The Majority United, I am ashamed of the way they are treated by other women, by women who call themselves LIBERATED! What the hell are you liberated from – common sense? Liberal, liberty, libertarian, and libertine all trace their history to the Latin liber, which means “free”.  So Ok you are free but don’t think for one minute these women are not free to make up their own minds and not free to pass you up in everything they say and do and this year they will be writing laws in Washington and in state houses across the nation. She who lives in glass houses should not have been throwing stones!

From another recovering Democratic voter like myself and there are millions of us:


A conservative woman in American politics in 2010 is the result of the Democrats’ abusive treatment of white women in the past two years. What they fail to realize is that the largest segment of the U.S. population is white women.

The US Census Bureau statistics might be rigged after the latest Census information gathering…but according to the last Census Bureau population statistics, white women are the largest segment of the population.

White women are also the least served segment of the population. And now, they are the scapegoats, from Hillary, to Sarah to Christine O’Donnell and Jan Brewer. Any time a white woman wants to instill some clarifying, healthy order to the chaos or some sanity to the insanity, the left wing media verbally assaults and character assassinates her.

Left wing women have not come to the aid of their sisters. They are consistently MIA. When the going gets tough, left wing women aren’t there to help.  Their cowardice is another reason conservative women are rising faster than liberal women.

Liberal women are slaves to the DNC whereas conservative women have more independence through the Tea Party. There is no Tea Party equivalent to keep the dictatorial DNC in line.


Tune in tonight at 9:30 pm Eastern- lets hash this one out: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freemenow/2010/09/30/the-majority-united

Anti-Stalking LawsPass Jodi’s Law

Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine

Sign the petition: http://criminaljustice.change.org/petitions/view/pass_jodis_law_sb_414_anti-stalking_legislation

From the petition text:

“Targeting: The President of the United States, The U.S. Senate, and The U.S. House of Representatives
Started by: Teresa Coppola

Stalking affects 3.4 million people in the United States each year and often leads to more dangerous crimes. Twenty-one percent (21%) of victims are physically attacked by the stalker, with 46% of victims reporting their biggest fear comes from not knowing what will happen next. Stalking always leaves its victims feeling terrified, frustrated, isolated, depressed and vulnerable.

Stalking is a crime in all 50 states. Stalking is a serious, yet greatly misunderstood crime that completely destroys its victims’ sense of security, causing them to no longer feel safe in public and in their own homes. Stalkers are extremely unpredictable and may turn violent at any given time, something every stalking victim fears.

Current federal anti-stalking legislation is extremely limited and needs to be modified to include new technology that is frequently used as a means of stalking and harassment. Early intervention is vital, as the risk for violence increases the longer the stalking behavior(s) are allowed to continue. Stricter penalties for stalking need to be enforced, not only for severe and long-term cases, but also for initial stalking behaviors and newly reported incidents. Pass “JODI’S LAW” so that anti-stalking laws will be strengthened nationwide, which will also lead to even stricter enforcement, sentencing, and greater public awareness in general.

I beg you to review and support “JODI’S LAW” (SENATE BILL No. 414) in order to make America a safer place for women. Had these laws been in place in 2007, Jodi LeAnn Sanderholm would most likely still be alive today. These murders are preventable and the power is in your hands.

On January 5, 2007, Jodi Sanderholm was murdered by a stalker who, as court records have shown, had been stalking her for TEN years. As Jodi’s family and friends were left wondering how this could happen, more information was being released regarding multiple events that should have led to this monster’s arrest prior to Jodi’s death. Almost 20 women had complained about him in the past, reporting to law enforcement that he had followed, grabbed or harassed them in some way. However, due to the way the laws in 2007 were written, police were left with no options until it was too late for Jodi.

Jodi was an incredible young woman in many ways. Her life was cut short long before its time and she was not allowed to truly fulfill the impact she was bound to make on this world. However, her untimely death has led to important legislative change in Kansas and New Mexico, as well as a major increase in stalking awareness. These legislative changes were named “JODI’S LAW” in her honor. It was a desire to not let Jodi’s death be in vain that caused the birth of a movement that has changed lives.

Jodi’s stalker did not give any indication or warning to suggest he would become violent. He never left notes for her, nor did he confront or threaten her in any manner. He simply followed her and spied on her from afar. Yet, her stalker took her life on January 5, 2007. This is proof that stalking is unpredictable and dangerous and that no stalker is ever “harmless.” She was with him for at least 5-1/2 hours and likely knew the entire time that she would lose her life that day. Please do not allow this to happen to another innocent person and their family.

Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

Sign the petition: http://criminaljustice.change.org/petitions/view/pass_jodis_law_sb_414_anti-stalking_legislation

Why Are Men Surprised by Breakups?

Over the years I’ve dated men who’ve ogled other women. Actually, only four men behaved that way, most weren’t so rude. When I told them their behavior bothered me, it had no effect. One responded, “Someday you’ll have a breakthrough and get over it.”

Instead of breakthroughs, I broke up with each of them. They all were shocked.

Sometimes the surprise happens differently, as when men “hear” me say that I like what I don’t.

When I was in college at BYU some of the students believed that although Mormons no longer practice polygamy (only “Mormon Fundamentalists” do) polygamy was the way of Heaven. (A religious instructor told me this was folklore and not theology. I haven’t been to church in years and don’t know what the common view is now.)

Still, I heard men say they couldn’t wait to have many wives up in Heaven. Put off, I asked men how they felt about polygamy. I told one man that it pissed me off. But projecting his own interest onto me, he was certain that I was as intrigued by the idea of heavenly threesomes as he was. I was mystified. He was surprised when I broke off our relationship.

Breakups can be harder on men than on women. Partly because men are more likely to be surprised.

Why are they so often surprised?

The male role seems to be in play. Men are less relationship-oriented, so they are less likely to monitor their relationships. Men learn that they’re not supposed to listen to women. Not helpful! Taught to constrain their emotions, men are less able to read the emotions of others.

Women are commonly objectified, too. When men see women as objects, sex toys that exist for their pleasure, men don’t experience women as having feelings. They lack empathy and can’t feel women’s pain.

Additionally, men often have more power in society and in relationships. How could this hurt them?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported studies showing that power decreases empathy.

People moving up the ladder of success are typically considerate, outgoing, agreeable and extroverted. Nice “guys” do finish first.

But once in power, things change.

One researcher compared the effect to brain damage, saying that people who hold a lot of authority can behave like neurological patients with damaged orbitofrontal lobes, an area of the brain that’s crucial for empathy.

I’m not saying all men behave this way, but it’s an interesting observation.

Still, the scales of power are tipped in men’s favor, often because it feels natural and normal to many men and women. So it’s interesting that even limited experiments, like asking people to describe a time when they felt powerful, could make them more egocentric.

Power keeps people from hearing points of view that differ from their own. So when a woman says she’s unhappy, and her partner feels she shouldn’t be, he may not sense her suffering even as she tells him about it.

Power diminishes empathy. Lacking empathy, some misread their partner’s feelings.

Then its surprise! Bye, bye baby.

Women, if you’re having issues, perhaps this will help you to understand what’s going on. Maybe you can have a conversation (if he’ll make an effort to talk to you.)

Men, if you want to keep your relationships strong, recognize women as full partners. Be attuned and listen to them. And be empathetic and alert to your partner’s emotions.

Georgia Platts


Elizabeth Rider. Our Voices. Wadsworth. 2000

Jonah Lehrer. The Power Trip.” Wall Street Journal. August 14-15, 2010

Ever Wanted To Be A Woman? What Men Say

Every quarter I ask my women students if any of them had been tomboys when they were little. Many hands enthusiastically shoot into the air. The women often have fond memories of their time climbing trees and digging in the dirt.

Then I ask men students if any of them had been sissies. The class bursts out laughing. One hand might sheepishly creep up.

One man claimed the question was unfair since the word “sissy” is stigmatized but “tomboy” is not.

Actually, there isn’t a non-stigmatizing word for a boy who acts like a girl. And there’s a reason for that. Any boy who acts like a girl takes himself down to a lower status. He becomes demeaned.

A girl who acts like a boy, on the other hand, doesn’t harm her social standing. At least not until she gets older and the behavior takes on lesbian overtones.

Another student thought I was exaggerating the problem. For his term paper he asked men and women on campus whether they had been tomboys or sissies, and whether they had ever thought about being the opposite sex.

When he asked women if they had ever wanted to be a man, or wondered what it would be like, many said they had. When he asked about being tomboys when they were little, they often reminisced on that happy time.

But when he asked men whether they had ever wanted to be a woman, or been curious about what it might be like, stunned reactions were the rule: “What!? Are you serious?” When he asked if they had been sissies when they were young, men turned an angry eye and asked, “Are you looking for trouble?”

He’s lucky to have finished his research and still be alive and in one piece.

This is just one of many examples of how we “gender rank” men above women in our society.

What difference does it make?

Ranking men above women affects many areas of life. It affects what men and women think they deserve – with men thinking they deserve more, and women feeling they deserve less. This isn’t necessarily conscious, but we can see the results: Women tend to give men more power in relationships and men tend to expect greater power; women are less likely to ask for a raise; men take up more space; the list goes on. It’s all about empowerment and disempowerment.

As we shall see, gender ranking also affects sexuality in various problematic ways, ranging from slut-shaming to sexual abuse.

Stay tuned.

Georgia Platts

Sexualizing America 5 of 12

BettyJean Kling

I have been called on the carpet more than once for a comment taken as an assault on women. I would like to try to clear this up today not just with my words but with pictures – you can’t deny. I have said over and over we are raising our children – both our sons and our daughters to believe our females are objects! Specifically sex objects and lower than human sexual toys at that.

Now you may say – I teach my children better than that. I know- so do I but not everyone does and your child may be a victim of someone who doesn’t. I have a daughter who brains were blow out by a guy who had no regard for her or her sister. He bludgeoned one’s head in with a hammer and shot the other in the face with a shotgun.

Statistics show that nearly 5 women a day are killed by men they love and trust. Untold numbers are beaten, 1 in 4 are date raped in school and the women have come to expect this and probably think they deserve it. They are brainwashed by the media to believe it. Males likewise are brainwashed by the media to think it is acceptable. Pornography is no longer six – it is barbarian torture.

Liberal women have given in to the male marketing and sexualization of women in order to diminish them into sexual objects not to be taken seriously and to allow them to be used and abused. My entire Sexualizing America series is based on that thesis. Glamour – as posited is one thing but sexualized, demoralized and dehumanized is another.

Men are rarely seen sexualized to the demeaning degree as are women and those who are — are certainly not taken seriously and allowed positions of power. Look what they did to Levi Johnson. They took his clothes off and turned him into a joke. Pictured here is the self described hottest reporter alive, and we saw how they treated her compared to how they treat other lady reporters who go into the locker rooms. You might now want to admit it ladies but I would say she asked for it compared to the beautiful and appealing Erin Andrews
did not advertise herself as hot or stick her wares into the camera!

They called Hillary and Sarah a Cunt and a Bitch but no one called Obama a Prick or a Bastard. He was called good looking, and even sexy but never in a sexually derogatory way. They did not place him on a cover in a bikini like a piece of meat, instead he was portrayed as Superman and described as “This is what a Feminist look like” by Ms. Magazine. Most men are taken seriously, allowed to apply for any post or government position and are not sexualized and degraded yet liberal women seem to feel that it is submissive not to allow their bodies to be exploited. I don’t get that. To truly be equal they ought to be able to get to the top without having to use their bodies – just as men do – that would be equal. Instead women are sold ideas to be equal they must degrade themselves. To be equal ladies do it the same way every other successful person does it !

Let’s think about this! How many men have been in power who have used sexuality to get there? None –that I can think of!

Now how many women have been in power? Substantially fewer! How many used sex to get there? None that I can think of!

Common sense tells me if more men are in power and they do not allow themselves to be sexualized – sexualizing oneself does not lead to power!

Common sense tells me women are objectified and sexualized by the men in power and they are not in power so sexualizing oneself does not lead to power and certainly not to EQUALITY which I have already stated there is no indication leads to power!!!

Bear with me on this – if Men have achieved power without use of sexualization and the few women who have achieved power have not allowed themselves to be sexualized, doesn’t it seem reasonable to deduce women don’t have to reduce themselves to sexual objects to achieve equality to be powerful or to be liberated. We have been brainwashed – No – we are not asking for it if we are beaten and/or raped- I am not by any means blaming the victim. I am blaming us for not raising women’s standard in the eyes of us all . Look at the ads- is this how we want to see females portrayed? Is this what we want in from of our babies eyes from the minute they are born? Have you really noticed these ads yourself? Have you thought about the rise in the defamation of females in music?

Now tell me what is wrong with the way powerful women visually conduct themselves? Did you ever see Hillary, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merckle, Queen Noor, Michelle Obama, Princess Di, Queen Rania, etc. etc. ever dress like sex objects? How do our Court justices dress? How does any powerful woman dress?

We have been sold one hell of a line of goods – think about it. They sell us this idea then berate us for doing it. What- is the first thing they accuse women of being? We have lost all creditability. Our liberated women will not stand up for our conservative women nor will our conservative women stand up for our libs. We are a divided country. We are fighting like cats and thus we all lose!

Look at the ads, that I will be showing in my series Sexualizing America 1-12. Look what they are doing to our children, look what they are doing to our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, we are not just sex objects – we are objects of scorn. Look at the ads then look at these powerful women and tell me what is wrong with this picture? Tell me why all women should not get this and unite to fix it?

The ads below show you how we are hurting both boys and girls and how they look at themselves and each other . This is not cute – this is dangerous- if you think it is cute – there is something very wrong and I do not want your influencing America’s children! Those of you who agree with me – had better get with it – NOW! I expect comments and many of them!

Somebody please tell me what the hell this LEGO’s ad is about?


Advertising is a pervasive influence on children and adolescents. Young people view more than 40 000 ads per year on television alone and increasingly are being exposed to advertising on the Internet, in magazines, and in schools. This exposure may contribute significantly to childhood and adolescent obesity, poor nutrition, and cigarette and alcohol use. Media education has been shown to be effective in mitigating some of the negative effects of advertising on children and adolescents.

Several European countries forbid or severely curtail advertising to children; in the United States, on the other hand, selling to children is simply “business as usual.”1 The average young person views more than 3000 ads per day on television (TV), on the Internet, on billboards, and in magazines.2 Increasingly, advertisers are targeting younger and younger children in an effort to establish “brand-name preference” at as early an age as possible.3 This targeting occurs because advertising is a $250 billion/year industry with 900 000 brands to sell,2 and children and adolescents are attractive consumers: teenagers spend $155 billion/year, children younger than 12 years spend another $25 billion, and both groups influence perhaps another $200 billion of their parents’ spending per year.4,5 Increasingly, advertisers are seeking to find new and creative ways of targeting young consumers via the Internet, in schools, and even in bathroom stalls.1

Research has shown that young children—younger than 8 years—are cognitively and psychologically defenseless against advertising.69 They do not understand the notion of intent to sell and frequently accept advertising claims at face value.10 In fact, in the late 1970s, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held hearings, reviewed the existing research, and came to the conclusion that it was unfair and deceptive to advertise to children younger than 6 years.11 What kept the FTC from banning such ads was that it was thought to be impractical to implement such a ban.11 However, some Western countries have done exactly that: Sweden and Norway forbid all advertising directed at children younger than 12 years, Greece bans toy advertising until after 10 PM, and Denmark and Belgium severely restrict advertising aimed at children.12

Sexualizing America 4 of 12

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Give me one good reason for these ads? Sex sells? If so what is sexy about women being captured enslaved or bruised? Tell me who is buying these products- they are very expensive products and these are very expensive ads- – this is what we are force feeding our citizens and wondering why our police officers, our lawyers, our judges, our doctors, our men, our boys, our women and our girls are brainwashed to believe about females. See it 24/7 everywhere you look, hear it, all day every day everywhere you go and soon it just becomes normal. Normal to all who see it – live it!

Are the things you see and hear about females really normal? Are these images normal? They are certainly typical these days! Yes they are! The advertisers pay oodles for these ads- they couldn’t unless the product sells- no one wastes millions on ads that don’t work. Why are our females buying this?

They have normalized it! The females who normalize it are getting younger and younger and the males who normalize it is also getting younger and younger. SHAME! These are the doctors, lawyers, judges, police and the men who will be dealing with us and our daughters in the future! And we wonder why we have 16% representation in our government – and why they get away with calling Hillary a Bitch and calling Sarah a Cunt?

And we wonder why men are released after beating their wives and girlfriends? And we wonder why the women drop charges to try and save their lives realizing they will not be taken seriously or be protected by the courts or find safety from the police?


DO Women Like Sex Less Than Men?

Responses to my post asking why women like sex less than men included:

  • Says who?
  • I think it’s the opposite – I think women like it more
  • I don’t think anyone can know who likes sex better

Or as one reader put it, “The overwhelming majority of men and women get their attitudes and desires for sex primarily through the natural, healthy desire to have sex… Women are equal to men and thus capable of every form of behavior that men engage in.”

To which I respond: no and yes (in that order).

Women are certainly capable of enjoying sex immensely. In some societies women are highly orgasmic and inclined to engage in sex with great frequency, as with Tahitians and American Indians before contact with Europeans.

But highly orgasmic women in America? Not so much – at least not by comparison.

Of course women are capable of having great sex. But the extent to which they actually do depends on factors other than just what nature brings them. Repression plays a role, and so do sexual objectification and male dominance (all will be explored later).

Do women like sex less? Consider this research on sexuality in America:

On the orgasm front three-quarters of men say they “always” have an orgasm, but just 30% of women do. One quarter of women don’t usually have orgasms. In the casual sex of hook-ups the rate is lower, especially for women. Sociologist Michael Kimmel (Guyland) surveyed college students on their most recent hookup. Only 44% of the men reported having an orgasm, and only 19% of the women did.

The more orgasmic a person is, the more they report enjoying sex. Not surprisingly, women report liking sex less than men do. A Chicago University study found that men have more interest in sex at all ages. And an ABC News Primetime Live survey found that 83% of men “enjoy sex a great deal,” while only 59% of women do. That same study found that while 70% of men think about sex every day, only 34% of women do.  

Women also experience more sexual dysfunction than men. A report from the Archives of Internal Medicine showed more than one quarter of young women feeling weak sexual desire. While research at the University of Chicago found that 32% of women (but only 15 -17% of men) have low libidos. Not surprisingly, 40% of men say they would like to have more sex than they do now, but only 28% of women feel the same way.

For more evidence of gender difference in sexual interest, see my post: Sex Research: It Doesn’t Fit Me, It Must Be Wrong

I wonder if men ever sit around confiding to friends that sex ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve listened to these kinds of conversations with many groups of women, yet it’s hard to imagine men doing the same thing.

The difference in the male and female experience is due mostly to cultural forces. The difference in the female experience between modern Americans and ancient Tahitians is entirely due to culture.

Yet many people think our society has no negative effects on women’s sexuality.

Maybe that’s why we don’t do anything to create change.

Georgia Platts

Backward Nations: US heads the list

BettyJean Kling

Women are 52% of the world’s population and deserve 52% of representation in each boro, town, city, state and in the nation. Indeed worldwide women are the majority and should be equally represented and should be heads of state as often as not. The US lags behind because of it is a backwards 3rd world country in terms of sexism and misogyny.

In this day and age any country where women are not equally represented and when a woman cannot run without being called a Bitch or a Cunt there is rampant sexism and misogyny. When this behavior is tolerated and goes punished there is a double standard that cannot be explained by any other rationale, unless of course the male counterparts are called pricks and bastards. I do not recall our current POTUS, the illegitimate son of a bigamist being called a prick bastard — do you?

Meanwhile, for over a half century worldwide women have held the highest offices in the land but not in the US. Not even close, we still have only 16% representation in the 21st century. When our women do run they are treated worse than criminals and are dragged through the dirt mot able to rely even on their own party for help, indeed it is usually their own party to begin the crucifixion! SHAME!

List of Women Presidents, Prime Ministers and Heads of State 

In order of the year they took office:

Sirimavo Bandaranaike, prime minister of Sri Lanka – 1960, 1970, 1994

Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India – 1966, 1980

Golda Meir, prime minister of Israel – 1969

Isabel Peron, president of Argentina – 1974

Elisabeth Domitien, prime minister of Central African Republic – 1975

Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of Great Britain – 1979

Maria da Lourdes Pintasilgo, prime minister of Portugal – 1979

Lidia Gueiler Tejada, prime minister of Bolivia – 1979

Dame Eugenia Charles, prime minister of Dominica – 1980

Vigdis Finnbogadottir, president of Iceland – 1980

Gro Harlem Brundtland, prime minister of Norway – 1981, 1986, 1990

Milka Planinc, federal prime minister of Yugoslavia – 1982

Agatha Barbara, president of Malta – 1982

Maria Liberia-Peters, prime minister of Netherlands Antilles – 1984, 1988

Carmen Pereira, acting president of Guinea Bissau – 1984

Corazon Aquino, president of Philippines – 1986

Benazir Bhutto, prime minister of Pakistan – 1988, 1993

Kazimiera Danuta Prunskiene, prime minister of Lithuania – 1990

Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, prime minister of Nicaragua – 1990

Mary Robinson, president of Ireland – 1990

Ertha Pascal Trouillot, interim president of Haiti – 1990

Sabine Bergmann-Pohl, president of German Democratic Republic – 1990

Khaleda Zia, prime minister of Bangladesh – 1991, 2001

Edith Cresson, prime minister of France – 1991

Hanna Suchocka, prime minister of Poland – 1992

Kim Campbell, prime minister of Canada – 1993

Sylvie Kinigi, prime minister of Burundi – 1993

Agathe Uwilingiyimana, prime minister of Rwanda – 1993

Susanne Camelia-Romer, prime minister of Netherlands Antilles – 1993, 1998

Tansu Ciller, prime minister of Turkey – 1993

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, president of Sri Lanka – 1994

Reneta Indzhova, interim prime minister of Bulgaria – 1994

Claudette Werleigh, prime minister of Haiti – 1995

Sheikh Hasina Wajed, prime minister of Bangladesh – 1996

Mary McAleese, president of Ireland – 1997

Pamela Gordon, premier of Bermuda – 1997

Janet Jagan, prime minister of Guyana – 1997

Jenny Shipley, prime minister of New Zealand – 1997

Ruth Dreifuss, president of Switzerland – 1999

Jennifer M. Smith, prime minister of Bermuda – 1998

Nyam-Osoriyn Tuyaa, acting prime minister of Mongolia – 1999

Helen Clark, prime minister of New Zealand – 1999

Mireya Moscoso, president of Panama – 1999

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, president of Latvia – 1999

Tarja Halonen, president of Finland – 2000

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, president of the Philippines – 2001

Mame Madior Boye, prime minister of Senegal – 2001

Megawati Sukarnoputri, president of Indonesia – 2001

Maria das Neves, Prime Minster of Sao Tome and Principe – 2002

Beatriz Merino, prime minister of Peru – 2003

Luisa Diogo, prime minister of Mozambique – 2004

Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany – 2005

Yulia Tymoshenko, prime minister of Ukraine – 2005

Michelle Bachelet, president of Chile – 2006

Micheline Calmy-Rey, president of Switzerland – 2006

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, president of Liberia – 2006

Han Myung-sook, prime minister of South Korea – 2006

Portia Simpson Miller, prime minister of Jamaica – 2006

Pratibha Devisingh Patil, president of India – 2007

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, president of Argentina – 2007

Borjana Kristo, president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzogovina – 2007

Zinaida Greceanii – prime minister of Moldova, 2008

Dalia Grybauskaite – president of Lithuania, 2009

Laura Chinchilla – president of Costa Rica, 2010

Kamla Persad Bissessar – prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, 2010

Julia Gillard – prime minister of Australia, 2010

Sexualizing America 3 of 12

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Give me one good reason for these ads? Sex sells? If so what is sexy about women being captured enslaved or bruised? Tell me who is buying these products- they are very expensive products and these are very expensive ads- – these is what we are force feeding our citizens – our children are getting bombarded with these images. Haven’t you seen them? They are in magazines in Dr. offices- in the newspapers, on bus and subway walls. Your kids have seen them – they know all these makers – every one!

What are they selling and why are they selling it this way and why are they spending this much to do it? And why are our females spending so much to buy it? Why?

Because they are used to it – they have been raised on it – they know no other way. We have failed them – both the girls and the boys. Just as women under Sharia law allow themselves to be covered from head to toes and to be beaten and treated as animals – and just as their husbands beat them and treat them like dogs our women expect to be treated like this and our men expect to react like this. It is our fault- we have raised our children to accept this as normal!

Look at these ads – is this normal to you? When did we stop having any respect for ourselves in this country? When did we lower our standards this low?


Why is this woman's face bruised to sell a purse? And why is it wrapped around the head of her naked body?


Why is this women bound and gagged and this is total living? for whom- her captors?

And what is this supposed to be selling and to whom? What a degrading ad- what woman is buying a purse  that depocts her as a horse ith a bit in her mouth? 

Barely old enough to be out of softball practice or a teen bedroom - he soon tires of sex games in favor of Game Boy and can't even un glue long enough to release her or pay attention that she wants loose? ?Is she free to even ask?


So what pray tell are they selling here that warrents this scene?




A picture is worth a thousand words . I have thousands of these pictures – My photo essay will be 12 parts and have 200 photos. By that time- you should be convinced that we must unite and mobilize against this outrage! We are not lower than animals- We deserve respect- but before we can ask for it – we must respect ourselves. Think about that statment!