Women Rejecting Women Outrageous!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Readers- I need your help AGAIN! Will you please write a letter to women’s web contact@womensweb.ca
Sample letter bellow, and tell them if the Majority doesn’t unite we have no one to blame but ourselves when blood is shed or we are homeless. Below yet another example of why we cannot get much done and why women can sometimes be our own worst enemies.

Please write and let us know how many of you actually did so? Sample letter bellow. They need to hear from at least 100 women and men who care about stalking!

Yesterday I sent a copy of a Press Release and blogged regarding a Proposed Amendment to Title VII The Danger of “Working while Female”
regarding anti stalking. Let me introduce you to a site online since 2004 named Women’s Web. Please note they claim to be interested in disseminating such useful information and I would assume have an audience suited to it.

Launched in April 2004, Women’s Web is an online community by women for women. We offer resources to help women find self-esteem and the tools to empower themselves.
Women’s Web offers a wealth of information on contemporary women’s issues, health, pregnancy, parenting, relationships, and career advice.

Our Community
Our website includes not only information and articles, but also an online community consisting of message boards. By fostering a nurturing environment in which users can find woman-to-woman support and by inviting article submissions, we believe we can create content that is not only uniquely our own but that also allows girls’ and women’s voices to resonate with sincerity, conviction, and passion.


 Tuesday, November 2, 2010 10:35 PMFrom: “Women’s Web Systems Administrator” <contact@womensweb.ca>View contact detailsTo: DVMARTINLAW@yahoo.com

 PLEASE STOP SENDING US YOUR UNSOLICITED messages. While our site deals with domestic violence, we did not request to be added to your mailing list, and have repeatedly requested that you remove us from it. You have not done so.

It seems our only recourse is to continue, as you continue to send us the UNSOLICITED BULK MESSAGES, to report you for spam to your mail service provider in the hope that appropriate actions will be taken against your account to get you to stop this offensive behaviour.

Thank you.

When a group sets themselves up online and purports themselves to be a woman’s group and declares to disseminate important information including message boards and woman to woman support and invite article submissions I am astonished to learn that our advisory board member Dawn Martin Esquire received the following threat in response to her press release on a most important matter. When we reach out to another women’s group and risk being reported as a spammer, risk being tagged, risk being put on a hit list and prevented from disseminating our information in the future, we can clearly see the majority is not united and perhaps in competition which defeats its very purpose. Can you imagine a women’s group considering this press release offensive behavior?
Sample letter bellow.

Dear Women’s Web,

From your web site it appears that you support women’s issues. Specifically your site states; “Launched in April 2004, Women’s Web is an online community by women for women. We offer resources to help women find self-esteem and the tools to empower themselves.”

Attorney Martin is trying to assist women who are stalked in the workplace via her actions to reform federal law to include provisions to protect women from being discriminated against in the workplace if they are stalked.

Since the majority of women stalked in the workplace are victims of domestic violence who often have very low self-worth and self-esteem I find your response to Attorney Martin’s email rejecting her and her email to be “spam” to be appalling to say the very least.

Millions of women are struggling after escaping violent relationships to protect their families from further harm and they are not able to do so without income. These women are far too often stalked in the workplace many of them tragically lose their lives in the process.

To end the cycle of violence and to assist victims of stalking and abuse is why Survivors In Action and countless other organizations have supported Attorney Martin’s work to bring about protections for these same women in the workplace that will positively impact generations to come. To empower women.

The response of organizations like yours are the reason why today in the 21st century it possible for predators like domestic abusers and stalkers to continue to oppress women and force them to choose between their personal safety and their livelihood.

Those copied in this email are women’s groups, victims of domestic violence and stalking and these individuals and entities support the work of Attorney Dawn V. Martin to help ensure “no victim is left behind”.


Alexis A. Moore, President & Founder
Survivors In Action
4354 Town Center Blvd., 114-143
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
“No Victim Left Behind”
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