Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman, Jihadic Style. President Obama, Please Read This

From Chesler Chronicles April 30th, 2009 1:22 pm

While I was enjoying some sunshine in Savannah, (more to come about that), World War Four continued to rage blithely on.

Al-Qaeda in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and North Africa, threatened terrorist attacks against Germany and Holland and threatened to kill a British hostage (captured on the border between Niger and Mali), if Britain does not release a radical Muslim preacher.

The Pakistani Taliban shot a couple dead for alleged adultery and their execution in Islamabad was captured on a cellphone; Egyptian police arrested a Muslim woman for having married a Coptic Christian; in Lahore, a Muslim husband killed his wife for failing to bear a son; in the Punjab, a Sikh physician-husband amputated his wife’s hand and that of her cousin with whom he suspected she was having an affair.

So much for male terrorists in foreign lands.

Last week, as I carefully smelled the roses in Georgia, there were three carefully organized explosions on one day in Iraq, which killed a total of 80 civilians. One explosion was carried out by a woman in a black abaya, holding a 5 year-old child’s hand, (probably not her own). She killed herself and 28 other Muslims in a crowded market in a Baghdad slum. The civilians, many of whom were other women, were waiting on line for free flour, cooking oil, tea, macaroni, and other staples that the police were handing out. Of course, police officers died as well.

Many people have written to me, surprised, outraged, perhaps demoralized by the fact that this latest Muslim-on-Muslim atrocity was committed by a woman and mainly against other women.

As the author of Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman, which is just now being released in a new edition with a new Introduction, I am, unfortunately, not surprised. Please recall how quickly the mainstream media covered the “sensational” use of rape by the male members of Al-Qaeda as a way to recruit female human bombs. At the time, people seemed surprised by the fact that Samira Jassim, an Iraqi woman, played an essential role in the further exploitation of these rape victims.

Although women depend upon each other for emotional intimacy and social stability, they are also highly competitive with, mistrustful of, or hostile towards other women. Like men, women have also internalized sexist beliefs. Are women really sexists? Of course they are. A study of 15,000 people in nineteen countries on five continents found that women hold sexist views just as men do. However, some studies suggest that women with low self-esteem are more likely to internalize negative views of women which may account for how such women treat other women: With cruelty rather than kindness.

In addition, women are expected to compete mainly against other women, not against men, and they do so both directly and indirectly (through slander, shunning, and “backstabbing.”) In the Third World, especially in war zones, the female-female aggression is far more direct, often fatally so.

I have written a number of articles about Muslim mothers who have participated, both directly and indirectly, in the honor killing of their daughters; and about female Muslim suicide-homicide bombers who have specifically targeted other women and children.

For example, in 2008, in Iraq, one of four female homicide bombers entered a tent that provided shelter to weary female religious pilgrims. She sat down, read the Koran with them, and left a bag behind that, moments later, blew them all up. Please note that she targeted weary, religious Muslim women.

Thus, I was dismayed but not surprised when a Sunni, Al-Qaeda plot emerged, one in which male terrorists raped eighty Muslim girls and women, then turned them over to Samira Jassim who patiently, persistently, “maternally,” persuaded the rape victims, (many of whom had been targeted because they were depressed or mentally ill), to “cleanse” their shame by blowing themselves and other Muslims up. Twenty eight women did so.

In an interview with Dr. Anat Berko, the author of The Path to Paradise. The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and Their Dispatchers, she pointed out that there is “always a woman” behind the female suicide bomber, who functions like a “pimp or a Madam in a brothel.” Potential women suicide bombers are never alone again, they are always accompanied by at least one, usually older woman, who encourages, manipulates, guards, and supports the potential shaheeda–just like a mother might do.

In a culture in which girls are raised by women whose own mothers did not value them as they did boys, women may hunger for attention from an older woman–even one whose sole purpose is to ensure their jihadic death. In Dr. Berko’s book, there is a frightening example of how all the jailed, intercepted Palestinian female suicide bombers obeyed and respected one of their own: a woman who was the harshest, angriest, most mentally ill amongst them. Sadly, perhaps this most reminded them of their own mothers.

In a terrible sense, “Madam” Jassim, only exaggerated, by a bit, what is routinely and normatively done to many girls and women today in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, and increasingly in countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, etc. After all, Jassim played the Evil Stepmother in a culture which fears, despises, shrouds, genitally mutilates, force-marries girls to their first cousins, and perpetrates honor killings. How different is collaborating in their rape and helping them find glory through jihad? In a sense, some may actually view this as a quantum career leap for women.

Like Madam Jassim, when women are trapped in highly patriarchal cultures, they may gain the only approval and power possible for a woman by vigilantly policing themselves and other women to extol and support the patriarchal status quo. This is true in terms of issues such as veiling which, for women, is the visual shorthand for “jihad” and extreme religiosity. I fear that we will see many more Evil Stepmother/mothers like Samira Jassim and many more raped, traumatized, exploited, ideologically empowered, and ultimately suicidal-homicidal daughters.

Attention President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton: Supporting the pro-democracy and pro-woman’s rights forces within Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, and on the West Bank and in Gaza, might go a long way to reversing such ongoing tragedies. If America genuinely believes that women are human beings entitled to certain, God-given and “inalienable rights,” now is the time to share that view with the leaders of these countries.

Hate Crimes Bill to Protect Pedophiles

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Help- I am struggling to get violence against women adjudicated as a hate crime because I believe big bad mean men who hate women deliberately use their size, brute strength, power, and the laws etc.etc to brutalize women. I believe they hate women, despise them , view them as lesser and believe women deserve to be ill treated and battered as despised creatures. Now I am told that I am laughed at for proposing a Hate Crimes law for women but the Democrats consider Pedophiles worthy of that honor?

April 29, 2009

Protecting pedophiles

Jan LaRue

If House Democrats have their way, pedophiles will be included in the Hate Crime bill, but not veterans and pregnant women. Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains :
“The House of Representatives will vote this week, possibly tomorrow, on a hate crimes bill championed by gay groups that includes pedophiles under the rubric of sexual orientation. This is the ultimate confession: liberal Democrats think of pedophiles as indistinguishable from homosexuals.
“When this subject came up last week in the House Judiciary Committee, an amendment to the hate crimes bill that would have excluded pedophilia from the definition of sexual orientation was defeated by Democrats along party lines, 13-10. This was considered good news by gay organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, left-wing groups like the ACLU and various Jewish groups like the ADL.
“The debate is over: for liberals, child molesters should be given the same rights as homosexuals. Moreover, they should be given more rights than pregnant women and veterans; the latter two categories were explicitly denied coverage under the hate crimes bill. Even worse, an amendment that would bar prosecution based in whole or in part on religious beliefs quoted from the Bible, the Tanakh (Judaism’s sacred book) or the Koran was defeated by Democrats along party lines, 11-8. In other words, religious speech may be denied First Amendment protection.
“There would be national outrage over this if the media were to report on it and the public were allowed to weigh in on it. But the clock is ticking and freedom and morality are hanging in the balance.”

To verify the vote tally click here

Thomas Lifson adds:

Where are the homosexual rights groups on this insulting conflating of pedophiles with homosexuality? Although NAMBLA used to have a float in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, they were thrown out a few years ago, when the public took note. Since then, it has been my impression that nearly all gay rights groups resented any implication of a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia.

If the Democrats are alleging such a connection, surely there will be a backlash.

I urge NOW to Push ERA instead

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Perhaps I am confused but I thought NOW National was set up to represent ALL women across the nation? Hey Kim if your numbers are down and if the organization is not growing maybe you ought to look at the reasons why? Could it be that you are stuck in the 60’s? This century’s women want more than the same old issue driving their politics. How about pushing for ERA and then let women decide for themselves what issues are most important? NOW’s issues have divided women into two camps for long enough- it’s time that the 53% voting bloc be brought together over a unifying subject rather than focus solely on the divisive issue of reproductive rights.

How about urging Obama to get moving on an issue few can argue with the human rights issue of gender equality. I can see no more worthy a goal than that for this president at this time and no less should be expected. With ERA as the foundation, all other issues will basis from which to springboard. We have waited 88 years since Alice Paul drafted it and yet NOW refuses to even broach the subject? Why? Kim Gandy, It appears you as President of NOW have removed the most important item from the top of the president’s agenda- ERA! I urge you to put it on the table NOW!

NOW Urges Obama to Protect Women’s Reproductive Rights Statement of NOW President Kim Gandy

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mai Shiozaki, 202-628-8669, ext. 116; cell 202-641-1906
April 30, 2009

It goes without saying that the combination of war, economic collapse, piracy and a potential pandemic may have removed many important items from the top of the president’s legislative agenda, including the Freedom of Choice Act. But I urge President Obama to maintain his public support for this critical legislation, which he enthusiastically endorsed during the campaign.

We look forward to working with this administration to put President Obama’s understanding of the complex realities of women’s lives and decisions into actions that will preserve and protect those lives and decisions, while advancing the worthy goal of reducing unintended pregnancy.

Chávez funds Gender Equality

Contributed by: Louise Downing

Comments Please ?

I don’t care why Chávez does it – I care that he does it. Women now have
an electoral law that increased the representation of women to nearly 40% in state and legislative assemblies. 40 % !!!!

Venezuela Turns Women’s Affairs Ministry Into Full-Fledged Ministry

March 10th 2009, by James Suggett – Venezuelanalysis.com

La Cantera, a collective of women cultural workers, performed folks songs and poetry along with President Chavez Sunday in honor of women. (ABN) Mérida, March 9th 2009 (Venezuelanalysis.com) — In honor of International Women’s Day Sunday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced that the Women’s Affairs Ministry, which was created last year as an extension of the National Institute of Women (INAMUJER), will now have its own budget and central office, and the name of the ministry will be changed to include “gender equality.”

“The Ministry of Women’s Affairs will become a ministry with a budget,” said Chávez during his weekly talk show Aló Presidente. “What’s more, it occurs to me that it should be called the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality, since these are two distinct and complementary things.”

Last year on March 8th, Chávez designated the president of INAMUJER, María León, to head up a new ministry dedicated to defending and extending women’s rights nation-wide. But until now, the ministry did not have a budget independent of INAMUJER.

Chávez dedicated Sunday’s broadcast of Aló Presidente as well as “Chávez’s lines,” the opinion column the president publishes in more than two dozen newspapers across the country every week, to women’s issues.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Without the true liberation of women, the liberation of the people would be impossible, and I am convinced that an authentic socialist should also be an authentic feminist,” Chávez wrote in his column.

During the show, a collective of female cultural workers performed several folk songs dedicated to women. Then, with their acoustic guitars strumming in the background, Chávez recited a poem about a battle against the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez in the early twentieth century, drawing a parallel between motherhood and the struggle for national liberation.

Women’s Affairs Minister María León, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nicia Maldonado, Telecommunications Minister Socorro Hernández, Communes Minister Erika Farías, PSUV leader Ana Elisa Osorio, National Assembly Deputies Iroshima Bravo and Nohelí Pocaterra, and other female political leaders accompanied President Chávez on his talk show Sunday.

In honor of International Women’s Day, this group of women ceremoniously placed a bouquet of flowers at Venezuela’s national pantheon where independence hero Simón Bolívar’s remains are buried.

Minister León highlighted the achievements in favor of women’s rights since Chávez took office in 1999. These include an extensive Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence, legal recognition of the economic value of household work, the creation of a women’s bank and other programs to finance women-led businesses, and an electoral law that increased the representation of women to nearly 40% in state and legislative assemblies.

León also pointed out several important tasks in the coming years in order to further strengthen women’s rights in Venezuela. These include the pending passage of the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Pensions for Homemakers in the National Assembly, and the expansion of popular education programs to provide sex education to youth and deepen gender consciousness in the general populace.

“As long as the subordination of women exists in our collective conscience, men will continue thinking they can violate the rights of women. The collective conscience must be shaped to bring about equality between men and women,” León declared.

One of the Women’s Affairs Ministry’s top agenda items this year will be the promotion of women’s committees in the tens of thousands of local community councils across the nation, to allow communities themselves to shape solutions to problems such as domestic violence, and to facilitate the denunciation of domestic abuse to local authorities, according to León.

Also Sunday, León said the central office of the Women’s Affairs Ministry was inaugurated in Caracas, and a sister office called the Institute of Formation in Socialism and Gender Equality was inaugurated in Aragua state.

In an interview on the state television station VTV, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nicia Maldonado spoke of the unique ways that indigenous women in Venezuela have benefitted from the government’s support for indigenous communities, including a recent housing project in the Yukpa communities of the Sierra de Perijá.

“Long live indigenous women! We salute all women worldwide and in our country because here we continue in the vanguard, struggling so that gender equality exists, so that we can construct a better world of equality, where sexism is broken along with capitalism,” said Maldonado.

Meanwhile, in Caracas and in several other major cities, a diverse array of rural and urban social movement organizations marched through the streets. In a dispatch titled “Men and women weaving socialist conscience for our mother Earth,” the marchers drew the connection between women’s issues and the deepening of Venezuela’s revolutionary process on all fronts.

The marchers also said they were demonstrating in honor of women who had died struggling for their rights in the past, including the 140 Italian and Jewish immigrant laborers in a textile factory in New York who burned to death in the infamous “Triangle Fire” in March 1911.

International Women’s Day began in the early 1900s, and was observed nationally in Venezuela for the first time on March 8th 1944.

Obama speaks for himself – or does he?

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Words matter- let’s hear it from his own mouth. I’ve heard that he needs a teleprompter to sound intelligent and suave– we hear that he hems and haws and says ummm a lot.–I have also heard that his press conferences are comprised of preset questions in order to help him get through without looking like a stumbling buffoon. Well let’s see what happens when the teleprompter goes down and there is no one there to … well let’s just say no one there to bail him out of an embarrASSing situation!

By the way, I would bet a pretty penny that most of my readers could have picked up this part of the speech without a hitch –since we have heard it a thousand times- but this cool cat dude was so frazzled without his teleprompter he couldn’t even pick up a simple concept such as this – instead he wandered around the stage like a fool babbling and searching everywhere for his words –err his teleprompter.

Please note had this happened to Sarah – she would have been labeled an idiot and the news would have played it over and over and over again 24/7. Of course it would not have happened to Hillary – she doesn’t need a teleprompter. Change we can believe in huh- yup this is change alright and I can see it for myself with my our eyes and hear it with my own ears too bad Obamites are too blind and deaf to see or hear what is right in front of them. While jets all over the world Teleprompters and all the media just keeps spinning things Obama’s merry way!

ENJOY! Here is our Illustrious leader in all his glory!

A message for Peter Thiel

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Now that we know that women can reproduce without the male chromosome, albeit, they can only reproduce other females – I say lets! After a few years of teaching and ingrate like this that they would become extinct while we the females would and could continue on forever without the assistance of a single one of them perhaps they would understand it is they that are dispensable! It is jackasses like him that we can do without not the women’s vote!

Facebook Backer Wishes Women Couldn’t Vote
of Form

By Owen Thomas, 2:53 PM on Tue Apr 28 2009, 37,058 views

Peter Thiel, foremost among Silicon Valley’s loopy libertarians and the first outside investor in Facebook, has written an essay declaring that the country went to hell as soon as women won the right to vote.
Thiel is the former CEO of PayPal who now runs the $2 billion hedge fund Clarium Capital and a venture-capital firm called the Founders Fund. His best-returning investment to date, though, has been Facebook. His $500,000 investment is now worth north of $100 million even by the most conservative valuations of the social network.
On the side, though, his pet passion is libertarianism and the fantasy that everything would be better in the world if government just quit nagging everybody. But, now he’s given up hope on achieving his vision through political means because, as he writes in Cato Unbound, a website run by the Cato Institute, all those voting females have wrecked things:
The 1920s were the last decade in American history during which one could be genuinely optimistic about politics. Since 1920, the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension of the franchise to women – two constituencies that are notoriously tough for libertarians – have rendered the notion of “capitalist democracy” into an oxymoron.
So there you have it: The problem with women is that they don’t vote like their menfolk tell them. We would have so much more freedom, Thiel suggests, if only we’d deprived women of it.
You may wonder: Is Thiel on drugs? The answer, according to Thiel, is yes:
As a young lawyer and trader in Manhattan in the 1990s, I began to understand why so many become disillusioned after college. The world appears too big a place. Rather than fight the relentless indifference of the universe, many of my saner peers retreated to tending their small gardens. The higher one’s IQ, the more pessimistic one became about free-market politics – capitalism simply is not that popular with the crowd. Among the smartest conservatives, this pessimism often manifested in heroic drinking; the smartest libertarians, by contrast, had fewer hang-ups about positive law and escaped not only to alcohol but beyond it.
“Positive law” is Libertarian-speak for laws which proscribe certain activities, such as taking drugs. Translate Thiel’s language, and you’ll see that he’s saying anyone in his generation who wasn’t taking drugs was an idiot. Which squares with rumors we’d heard about Thiel during his PayPal days, especially while he was fitfully coming out as a gay man. With a life like that, we can understand Thiel’s visceral dislike of the government. But what did women ever do to him?


 Should this actually happen, this simple action will make a strong statement.

I am told the story below is true I am not so sure but it may come to pass under the current regime. After all POTUS spoke at Georgetown U last week and had the nerve to request statue of Christ be covered. I say whatever your religion – you are entitled to it but if you are going to speak at a Catholic University you do not go into their house and not respect their God after going to Far East and bowing in respect to their King!

But what do I know? I figure anyone who would bow to a Muslim King who allows 37 year old men to accept 8 year old brides as a gambling debt payment could at least respect that stature Jesus Christ is held in at a Catholic University. Based on that and his comments that America is not  a Christian country, anything is possible and dare I say probable.

For those of you who really do not care about religion- that’s fine too my beef is not over the religious aspect alone it is as much over these two facts –

1-     If we are to believe we are a government of the people for the people by the people, why are these things done by our Government without ever discussing it with We The People?   

2-     Carolyn Cook reminds us -if true it would replace the only currency that featured a woman on it. We have many great women – we are ignored She must not be removed– it must stop. NOW! Need I remind you- Any woman’s visage place on our money would not look like any other president either or does that line just work for Obama?

Please consider this… Refuse to accept these if and when they are handed to you. I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead.  The lady just smiled and said ‘way to go’, so she had read this e -mail. Please help out…our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!!   

U.S. Government to Release New Dollar Coins ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ is gone
 The female Image has been replaced by a male image
No one bothered to ask our opinion. 
For any one of the above reasons
Please refuse to accept the new dollar coin as change if offered.


Please refuse to accept the new dollar coin as change if offered.


After 20 yrs’ beating 3 wives/kids, bail reduction denied

Bail reduction denied for Jeffrey Poliskiewicz, accused of beating estranged wife

by Colin McEvoy

Wednesday April 22, 2009, 1:44 PM

A Northampton County judge refused to lower the bail today for an Upper Mount Bethel Township man accused of beating his estranged wife.

Express-Times File Photo | SUE BEYERHeidi Markow of the Beginning Over Foundation talks as Melissa McShane and Michele Hawk
stand nearby during a recent protest at Northampton County Courthouse. McShane and Hawk are the wife and ex-wife of Jeff Polisikiewicz, respectively.
http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/easton/index.ssf/2009/04/bail_reduction_denied_for_jeff.htmlPoliskiewicz pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor charges for beating his wife, Melissa McShane, in 2008. In exchange, the district attorney’s office agreed the felony charge.

The attorney for Jeffrey Poliskiewicz, 43, said because a felony aggravated assault charge was dropped against his client, his $300,000 bail should be reduced.

But Judge Edward Smith, who himself set the high bail amount in February, cited counseling reports that Poliskiewicz tended to go into “uncontrollable fits of rage” in reaction not only to his wife, but also his children.

“It would be incredibly reckless to reduce this bail,” Smith said before denying the motion.


Jeffrey Poliskiewicz

McShane urged Smith not to reduce the bail, testifying Poliskiewicz dragged her through a field into a barn, where he shoved her head into a wall, threw her onto hay and concrete and repeatedly beat her with steel-toed boots.

“He also said he was going to chop me up and put me in a bag,” McShane said tearfully. “I will never forget that day.”

McShane also described how Poliskiewicz assaulted his 13-year-old daughter by choking her and placing a hand over her mouth and nose.

Poliskiewicz, who has been incarcerated since February, appeared in court wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. He admitted he assaulted his daughter for not telling him the location of his son, who had fled the house earlier that evening.

“It was just an out of control circumstance and I’m deeply, deeply sorry, Your Honor,” he said, before starting to cry.

Defense attorney Nicholas Sabatine said Poliskiewicz has re-established contact and visitation with his daughter since the incident and has followed court orders not to have contact with McShane.

Sabatine also said pre-trial services recommended a bail of 10 percent of $10,000 after the guilty plea, and that Poliskiewicz was not a flight risk because he would likely face probation upon his sentencing.

But Smith said he could be a flight risk because the maximum possible sentence is 21 years in prison. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 5.

McShane and Heidi Markow, founder of the Beginning Over Foundation and an advocate for McShane, left the courthouse immediately after the sentencing.

Markow previously criticized District John Morganelli for making the plea deal, claiming it would set Poliskiewicz free and that he was guilty of more than he was being prosecuted for.

“The truth is not being said,” Markow said before the bail hearing.

Give President Obama a grade

Time to be heard- Let’s step up to the plate!

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29493093/ Give President Obama a grade

Live Vote

If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get?

He gets an A
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Vote to see results

I was not surprised to see even though it is MSNBC 55% of the vote is not good! Only 39.6% rated his performance acceptable

If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? * 2,615,265 responses

He gets an A=33%
He gets a B=6.6%
He gets a C=5.2%
He gets a D=14%
He gets an F=41%

Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

I agree not scientific but it is of the people !

Stop Family Violence Activists

Contributed by: Irene Weiser www.stopfamilyviolence.org

Thanks to your quick response a couple weeks ago, over 80 members of the House of Representatives signed on in support of full funding for lifesaving Violence Against Women Act, and Family Violence Prevention and Services Act programs.

Now Senators Leahy and Crapo are circulating a similar “Dear Colleague” letter in the Sentate – asking their colleagues to sign on in support of full funding for VAWA and FVPSA.

Domestic violence and sexual assault programs are facing a crisis — state funding and donations are down, while demand for services is skyrocketing. Shelters are operating over capacity and are turning victims away, calls to the National Domestic Violence Hotline have increased dramatically and news of family violence mass murders have become an almost daily occurrence. Full federal funding of all victim service programs is essential.

ACT NOW! Click here to send a free, pre-written message to your Senators urging them to sign on to support full funding for VAWA and FVPSA programs.

Thanks for your quick response on this. Together, we can .. www.stopfamilyviolence.org