Mission Statement

I am the founder of The Majority United (TMU) and Women Organized Mobilized Empowered Nationwide (WOMEN). I host The Majority United radio show on BlogTalkRadio (BTR) Monday and Wednesday nights 10 PM Eastern. 

Our TMU topics deal with Women; their history, women’s rights, ERA, violence against women/children, stalking and the many vital issues that affect the lives of women and their need for equal representation in our government and in our justice system.

There is a real need to bring women vital information from a non-partisan perspective. Aren’t we all a little tired of being handed a steady diet of partisan rhetoric about how women should behave and how they should feel? Our partners and guests are passionate about bringing women valuable information that can empower them, save their lives, preserve their rights and inspire them to reach for a better future for themselves and their daughters.

We have offered the very best of folks to speak to our audience offering help, resources and solutions to a myriad of the problems facing us today. We have been on the air for four years, hosting Senators, members of Congress, the Executives and directors of women’s organizations.

We have heard from doctors, lawyers, TV and radio and movie producers. We’ve had numerous NYT number one bestselling authors. Past speakers include; Doctors of Medicine, Psychologists and military, current and retired officers and personnel.

Some of our guests are typical women now turned activists and those who have experience as victims of crimes. We’ve had women leaders from round the world and have also hosted numerous male counterparts who have long allied themselves to women’s causes, empowerment and equality.

Again, we are non-partisan and our goal is to help women and children and to unite women’s groups into a coalition that will work together toward justice for all. Each of us deserves to take their rightful place in American life as first class citizens.

TMU is currently supporting several women’s groups working toward passing new laws; Linda’s Law – NY, Louisa’s Law – NJ

So far we have never asked for a membership fee nor have I mentioned we would appreciate donations. I have exhausted nearly $100,000 of my own savings to keep the newsletter, the web, the blogs and the radio show going but I was recently forced to cancel our Constant Contact Newsletter service. I am now struggling to maintain a presence and continue growing our coalition.

I need volunteers and, please make a donation to my not-for-profit organization, The Majority United. We accept PayPal, Major Credit Card or, please send a check to

The Majority United Organization
c/o: BettyJean Kling
10 Aida Court
Lodi, NJ 07644

Please help me continue this work and maintain a presence by making a donation today.
Thank you and best wishes,


WomenOrganizedMobilizedEmpoweredNationwide.com (“WOMEN“) 


Empowering Women to Unite & Mobilize !
To Restore The Constitution and Ensure Equality for All.

1- Achieve an  End of Violence Against Women and Children.
2- Achieve Equality, Opportunity and Justice for All – this is a Human Right.
3- Achieve Representative Government of the people, for the people and by the people as intended by the Founders.


2 Responses

  1. I love the slogan you are using at the top of your web page. See http://www.nownys.org and click on “store”. They have the tee shirt with that slogan.

  2. Billie Jean-It’s so great to have you back on the radio. The woman guest on your show who gave the analogy of our fight comparing it to physics and implosion should be your co-host. She has one of the best minds and articulate voices ever. Her insights can only complimet you! Go BJ! Let’s get her as your co-host. Please! (she said she was 56) that one! (Cheryl?)
    Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to tell my story and even how I fought with you as I was on your “fight back” mailing list during the primaries and you have helped me on some off my fights.

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