The shake-out from Tuesday’s debate has this tin-sounding rattle banging off the rafters around the word, BINDERS. I’ve read – all over FaceBook from my women friends who are Obama Supporters – that the use of the word “Binders” has proven to be the dog whistle only “bitches” can hear. Forgive what seems to be a kennel reference; but I’m wishing I could be in New York this weekend for the Dog part of the Dog & Pony Show Tour.

AKC Meet the Breeds, hosted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and The International Cat Association (TICA) will return to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City on October 20th and 21st, 2012.

And here I find the ONLY refuge to address what I’m seeing, reading and learning about Political Discourse regarding their reaction to Mitt Romney’s use of the word. Romney stated that he was handed “binders of Women” in response to his proactive soliciting of resumes and recommendations, from Women’s Groups, for qualified Women he could include in his Cabinet. In recounting the anecdote as an example of his record on gender fairness in employment, Romney gave Women who actually WORK the inkling that under his Administration, the view of strengths Women bring to the Workforce, fully half of our Economic Potential, will be an upgrade.

I consider Obama to be on a too-wide learning curve when it came to statesmanship. But my sisters have demonstrated an appalling stupidity that proves to me that they, like their “Eye Candy,” have absolutely NO BUSINESS engaging in political discussion.  Mitt’s description of the office product in which those resumes were presented was a great deal more business-oriented than were those women who made such a bizarre case out of it. In my thirty years working as a Temp or Temp-to-Hired-then-restored-to-Temp career, I’ve been tasked with ordering, labeling and filling BINDERS with papers organized according to a sort for ready reference. I’ve created BINDERS for Employee Handbooks, for Manuals, for Purchase Order hard copies, for Presentation Persuaders and for Programming Documentation.  Anyone operating a switchboard, relies on the ubiquitous BINDER with ALL THE PERTINENT INFORMATION to which I would need to refer.  Sheet-protected rosters, addresses, extensions, franchisees, directions to the location … trust me: Binders are still stocked by businesses who earn real money for their stock-holders and employees. In the day of the iPhone, anything so cumbersome as hard copy bound in a stiff, 3-Ringer most certainly holds little interest for the text-ers and the tweeters and the #Hashtaggers.

So, as breeds go, I’m an Ol’ Dawg. I try to behave myself like a good doggie. I keep the barking to a minimum. But I’m getting antsy listening to the indicators around me that I am – indeed – a member of a Sisterhood that encompasses some serious lines identified by specific traits bred into them for a purpose.

I’m a working dog, not a show dog. I read the comments of other feminists who don’t appear to fully grasp that the only thing keeping Women from being taken seriously is behavior that is not to be taken seriously.  At the Jacob Javitz Center this weekend, attendees will learn from traditionalists who seek specific traits in the dogs they choose for a specific purpose. A dog with a temperament that is suitable for households with children might not be the preference of a duck hunter in the market for a companion/retriever. A Long-Haired Cat with a playful disposition might be more than an elderly person would be able to care for, but would be just the perfect addition to a single professional’s household.

That being said, I reject being lumped in with any woman, no matter how representative her opinion or reaction is supposed to be, who would not extend courteous consideration to a candidate for President whose track record is proactive with respect to seeking out female candidates for high appointed office.   As Governor of Massachusetts, he treated Women with respect, solicited their input,  found and employed them in nearly half the positions available in his Administration.

Here’s a recommendation to the women who made such a Bogard of  his delivery.  Treat powerful men WHO CAN HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS with courtesy and you will be treated with a reciprocal courtesy.  His ACTIONS communicate a willingness to appeal to 52% of the population and possibly 60% of super voters.  Straighten up and comprehend the communication going on here.  A potential for a mutually-beneficial deal is on the table.  The Candidate is conveying, in the eye to eye diplomacy of business, that he is receptive to your input.  Don’t extend the basic courtesy of consideration, and it is highly unlikely that he’ll consider appeals for further consideration of your own agenda. Behavior that demonstrates such partisan contempt is conclusive admission of unsuitability for exercising power of any sort.

Really, I. Struggle. To. Choose. A. Word. To. Describe. You.

If I call you “Ladies” will you go into a Tasmanian rant? If I say, “My Sisters,” do I need to cover my head with a BINDER and duck? If I call you Girls, will a Tourettes-like eruption greet me in violent rejection?  Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

The reaction of SOME feminists to the Challenger’s use of the word, BINDERS concisely illustrated what men deal with when they’re just trying to be guys getting things done. I cringe.   Electing a President is very serious business. No one who comes off with such pettiness and foolishness in a business situation can then expect to be taken seriously as an Office Mate, Supervisor, Partner or Manager.

Feminists:  Recognize and respect your status as spokespersons for Women.  A carefully thought out and delivered response conveys both intelligence and integrity.  Women are relying on you to represent them respectably.  I recall how so many Obama supporters ignored the overwhelming evidence of Sarah Palin’s competence and reacted with grossly personal-based rejection.  They supported the very bias on which insufficient men rely to cheat women every day.  Crass, personal rejection is a major league dis-qualifier for business.  Whether one AGREES with a “gate-keeper” is not the point.  The entity represents your enclave into the realization of your dreams.  A good business person doesn’t want your friendship for social purposes.  He seeks your friendship in the business of recovering the Economy, Stupid!  Whether or not one agreed with Hillary had nothing to do with her qualifications to serve;  she was exposed to sufficient experience to prepare her to respond to the input from those who Consent to be Governed.  By her nature, she was a generous, responsible, hard-working professional.  But too often, the Women who supported her campaign degenerated into reactionary conduct that showed their ignorance and inability process power.  As Spokeswomen, our Feminist Leaders must demurer from rising to every bell, from jumping into the fray, and certainly from engaging in silliness unworthy of a National Presidential Debate.  Perhaps we’re treated like “Second Class Citizens” because our Leadership’s behavior is anything but First Class.

I’m bent, stapled and mutilated here. I want to think that the manners of a professional have been bred into me by the mentors and business owners who have employed me and political colleagues with whom I have served. But I flat-out cannot STAND IT that these females have leveled themselves with such a discouragingly cranky image of working women.

The Masks Laugh & Cry: This Is Great Theatre

The Riverdaughter Confluence site comments offered this gem.” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>  At 3:38 you’ll laugh out loud. (“To any Obama Supporters attracted to this blog for the Womens’ Rights issues, I apologize.) Many of us met at the PUMA Conference, and it’s just a

We Told You So

moment …  as for the final conclusion, email Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

it’s eerily quiet around here – hope all’s well

Are we all hearing rumblings about the 2012 Primaries and the left’s grousing that their guy has stiffed them repeatedly but he’s still their guy? It explains how those loser women who have aligned with the Left Wingers would go to jail (Dohrn)
rather than face a life without a male.
And the slightly bemused take most PUMA bloggers have to the “all crisis, all the time” seat-of-the-pants management style of Obama. It’s a bore, for sure. But the quiet foretells a storm of discussions about to launch the next President’s campaign. We know all about the numbers Women have and if they were so inclined, could easily elect the President they want. We know the stories about Violence against Women and Children and steel ourselves to process it along with our disappointment in those efforts into which we poured ourselves only to have our illusions shattered, our faith in Womankind undermined, our ability to stay pretty challenged. Is everybody getting themselves ready for the most unfeminine of behavior, extracting revenge?

I guess I just know it’s coming, and although I cannot tell you where it’s going to emerge, the ‘impressions’ dimpling the wall of illusion being thrown onto the big screen by the Prop-Him-Up-At-All-Costs Media has taken on a rhythm of Alternative Universe. It feels even more “inevitable” than the HRC story of 2008…anything you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon MUST, INEVITABLY, COME TO PASS. It won’t be the result of any “backs against the wall” determination, it’s like, already done. We’ll just “awaken” one day, and it will come together as smoothly as a cat slips under the door. You stand there and watch her do it and know you cannot possibly be seeing what you are looking at, but there it is,…coming together like a well-orchestrated block party. And we’ll all be there…or “There” as the Gardener might say.

It’s A New Day

Big surprise that the cowards, the Sharia / Quasi-Muslim / Radicalized males of the cult of threats of violence and terror have taken to the streets of London to call for continued abuse of Americans in their daily lives. Any visitor to the TMU site who read through the comments of the family of a man who died at his own hand after attacking the mother of his daughters has observed, in a nutshell, how the typical abuser fails to process information. A family culture of aggressive din fosters disruptive air around the household that prevents mindful understanding.

In the military raid that “removed our Bin Laden Problem,” American Forces eliminated the “wiggle room” enjoyed by incorrigibles who rely on bluster and threats to keep their victims in line. The initial response, outrage, is the UNPROCESSABLE DISCOVERY of an equally strong threat awaiting the abuser. Males who impose terror on their domestic partners with threats of violence parallel gestures to control the United States via the abuse of the American Psyche.

A threat is an admission of impotence. A person who flees from a life of responsible co-existence with fellow sovereigns by taunting, humiliation, describing sickening outcomes, is a person expressing a death wish. No American who has been reared in the culture of the descendents of the signers of the Declaration of Independence can “balance” the respect for the life of a fellow human being with realization of a threat to his own life and security by such a “fellow.”

The conduct of the radical muslim community has triggered the survival instincts of our fellow citizens. The media and exploitive politicians attempt to co-opt the effect of the threatening abusers by contributing to the irrational din calculated to disorient, suppress and distract people from uniting to act in their own best interest. It takes centered, focused people to navigate the atmosphere of oppression and to stay “on purpose” and live their lives. It is important for a threatened people to confront threats to their survival with a “No Nonsense” choice to eliminate the threat.

The shocked men of the radicalized Muslim cult are expressing what we know to be impotence and fear of the American Community unleashing the power of the dignity of a People. Driven, not by hatred or violence, but by the determination to preserve the quality of life and our freedom, we share a unity with the ‘underworld’ of humanity no longer willing to indulge the abuse. The killing of Osama Bin Laden was a statement. It was not the “Death” of Osama Bin Laden; he was killed by American Men of integrity, respect for authority and strength. His reign of terror was repudiated, his psycopathic mind – the incubator of increasingly horrific threats – was snuffed in an instant. According to reports of the mission, he was “confused” and incapable of responding to the threat on his own life. Although esconced in a compound built to protect his vile existence, his “protection” evaporated in the presence of prepared, informed, trained armed men equipped to come face to face with the monster who has been the unwelcomed crasher of this Country’s most important moments for ten years. In the presence of those whom he valued, where he was “at home” living his life, he was confronted with the disruptive, threatening violence he so routinely imposed on us.

Any Wanna Be who aspires to replace him as America’s Number One Enemy can expect this Force of trained “seales” to outpace him with inventive schemes. No longer paralyzed with fear and dread, Americans have determined that a “life” under the thumb of a violent, cruel murderer is no life worth living and any “danger” presented by such a threatening entity is only in his mind, as the victim of that threat has already died to the life so oppressed. Retaliatory attacks advocated by the “muslim brotherhood” are, likewise, expressions of impotent rage at being beaten at their own game. The notion of American Military Coverts operating within their own borders has galvanized the mobs in the Sharia-abiding world.

Really? It offends them to discover that determined men on a mission are living – undetected – in their midst, planning attacks on their cherished institutions? Can you tell us – for the cameras – how does that feel? Can you imagine, in your testosterone churning defiance, what it will feel like when that reality becomes what you face each day with a complicit media blaring unrelenting reminders to you of angry, crazy gun nuts plotting and planning your demise?

Morph Osama / Obama – The TommyKnockers Play

In the media overdrive to forever credit Obama with the demise of the September 11 mastermind, the tongue slips between the brain and the microphone far too frequently for it to be anything but hilarious. A bit by Jimmy Kimmel, now on YouTube shows how the Media is dragging its collective lip over all of it.

The Basillon in the Chamber of Secrets could kill one with its yellow snake eyes, but those spared by the interference of reflection, survive. We lament, here, so often, the lack of heft demonstrated by the imposter who usurped our “inevitable” 44, but this week, in the crush of coverage concluding the 9 and one half-year agony we suffered each time the CIA-trained “freedom fighter” of the Afghani Caves taunted us, punctuating our most important days and observances, our “trusted media” stutters, falters and – frankly – screws it up with an equal inevitability.
I’m uneasy that the President’s name is a mere letter different from the hated Bin Laden. But the Press people, who have been saying the “One’s” name with apparrent pleasure for so many months, cannot seem to separate their hero from our enemy. Ironically, the decision to take the life of the Icon, as made by the President, has so blurred the distinction in the Lexicon of the Lamestream, that the names are all but interchangeable. Bad, hard-to-process Omen. Like Parrots who merely mimic, these mouthpieces have their pieces shuffled and cannot predict the order in which they will be spit out to the recording devices.  The Pressure of the World-Wide Reaction/Response to the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden has a way of impacting on that which it has produced. In the rarified atmosphere of the shock and unexpected shift in perspective this announcement brings, the energy of focus centered on the detail-by-detail documentation proceeds at an uneven pace, for sure. Let us keep this scene in mind when we plan and implement such things in the future. At some point, everybody who is on record as reporting this event will be dead, their garbled attempt to stoke the President’s Cred compressed into a comedy of errors with a slant so bizarre I just don’t know what to make of it.

Awaiting Obama’s National Security Announcement

Critically important part of the world, involving the United States, something that important that the President of the United States will go into the East Room and address the Nation, the world. CNN is speculating via Blitzer, that it’s something they’ve been “looking forward to,” but they’re not going to speculate or guess….. the world will know very soon, as early as possibly 10:45 P.M. On a Sunday Night, after sending the Press Corp home for the day, calls them back for this very significant announcement. So much for No Drama.

Scurrying to the Comfort Zone of the Classroom

His Facebook “lecture” has taken on the look of his campaign stops: backed up by unquestioning admirers applauding his every phrase. The Lecturing Administration never notes the poor results the pupils get on their quizzi. Mid Terms? Uhh…Professor: I do conclude that you and your “Faculty” booted those more certainly than did Sarah Palin of the Katie Couric question “What Papers and Magazines do you Read?”

No longer expecting an intelligent review from the Party: the DNC IS Obama & Company. Shows you, though, doesn’t it, that Women who supported Hillary Clinton had totally lost their sense of humor. Each pundit reference to HRC as the “Wife” or Mother or cranky, demanding Female Authority Figure was meant to be a white flag of surrender to the “Inevitable” President.

We can now laugh at ourselves for the failure of the Wimminz to just find the boys mildly amusing, send them back to their football games, their garages and their action movies while we took over the Country’s reigns.

Majority United can still get it together. This is funny. Not tragic, but actually eye-opening reason to smile understandingly and take this burden of leadership off the shoulders of our Kids’ Elementary School Principal. The JOB at hand demands hearty stock: the level of commitment to “love” that takes us through the nine months of gestation, delivery and post-partum recovery.

They weren’t demeaning us: they were actually floating a “We Trust You to Kick Our Ass When We Need It” stroke of conditional surrender. We are supposed to be intuitive, sense rather than see it outright. If that were the criteria, any man could figure it out. We were operating from a leadership “style” that conducts a campaign via the young, hormone-driven political professionals who bring high energy and ambition to their political jobs.

It is not amusing to recognize that the Obama / Plouffe strategy is to appeal to the young, to mislead the inexperienced and to energize the Face Book Nation to twist their parents’ arms again to get them to endorse, fund and elect him. He is pitting the Kids against the Folks with much the same technique a Professsor would use in a College Classroom: your “grade” is mine to accord you contingent upon the deference you accord me over the duration of the semester. So there you have it: Obama surrounds himself with “Students” who failed to read their History and are now permitted to register in the School of Hard Knocks. Unlike Jack Kennedy who owned a Classics infused mind, or like Bill Clinton who possessed the intellect of a dominating gamesman, honed in the Governors’ Mansion over two terms interrupted by a commuppance, the President / Guest Lecturer has been forced – by Egalitarian Fairness of the Fourth Estate, to rotate out those seats in the Press Box to non-adoring, scrutinizing, assignment performing/submitting scholars building carreers rather than sucking up for the “A.”

A good grade in the Obama / Plouffe Classroom viewed from the wider, long-term angle of the Graduate School of Reality and Life In The Big City isn’t enough to get it done. Sure – Dad’s going to give them the money to register, but when those grades – protected from the bill payers by the Registrar’s Office Student Privacy rules drop them out, it’s not, now or ever, DAD’S responsibility. Except in the sense that the failed college kid is now Mom & Dad’s for the forseeable future.

When Professor Obama appeals to his classes for unqualified loyalty, to “get in the faces” of any who question his analysis and to demand the Affirmative Action President be nurtured and encouraged by the Know Betters in the supporting roles around him, he is saying to the WOMEN of this Country that the only thing that matters in this entire experience is his PRETTY FACE!!! He now wants to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, having supplanted the first Black President. He now wants this game he’s acquired to become the game of the 2012 Campaign. Don’t worry about Leading: just look pretty. We can take care of everything. We don’t want you to break a nail. We will lavish you with gifts, squire you to the finest restaurants and provide you with the wardrobe, transportation and entertainment that shows the world you’re special. You are Daddy’s Little Girl and anybody who challenges that will answer to Daddy….which makes you want to ask the President / Princess: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

We ask, not out of disrespect: it matters only until we assess whether we can take him or not, thus determining our next move. I saw that working the door at the Clark Bar with Barry Bonds after a Pirate Game in the early Nineties. Bonds, Bonilla and the rest of the team were in the private party room celebrating a team mate’s birthday the day I was “Guest Bouncer” at the post-game celebration. My mentors, Jeff & Marty, had prepped me to know what to look for as fans came in. My manager, the Boss who had given the O.K. knew us from the Steel Gym and was gratified that hiring bouncers who weren’t big, heavy handed bruizers of the dubious wit, but rather, obviously trained, strong men who did the work of lifting and nutrition training, remaining sober and alert at the Gate.

When I took up my perch at the entrance to the Clark Bar that Fourth of July weekend, I expected Jeff to face me and we would carry off the post-afternoon game duties without a challenge…until Bonds emerged from the party room wearing his “Gold’s Gym” shirt and gold chains, bracelets and diamond earrings. It was “my day!” and here was Barry Bonds, MLB Star, millionaire and legacy, crowding my debut! I had won my opportunity via the hard grind of opening the gym at 6:00 a.m every weekday, then going off to my regular job after which I returned to the gym for my own work-out. Ah! The “life” of sacrifice and intent. So here was BARRY BONDS “guesting” on my other stool, blowing the minds of the fans entering the post-game celebration. WTF? wasn’t in the lexicon back then, but that’s what they were thinking; trust me. Bonds, who was a shit to Pittsburgh Fans and who arrogantly ignored the promotion efforts made by the Pittsburgh Baseball Club and Manager Jim Leyland, who brushed off auto-graph seekers and who NEVER delivered in the playoffs, now talking about how much money he’d command on the open market when he became a free agent and that the ‘Burgh was the LAST team he’d “perform” for.

Surprised but not really; I saw this for what it was … the standard bullshit I got from the guys I worked with at the Pirates’ ticket office. This wasn’t about the money, not about the respect, not even about the Game or the Girls who wanted to get into the game. This was a flat-out crude guy, as low class as Darryl Strawberry or Dock Ellis, thinking that everybody lived by the code of the ‘hood, and preferred to see a guy – ANY guy, occupying the seat wherever one existed. Offering his seat to a Lady was the ultimate proof that the guy had her under his thumb, that she would never notice his limitations as long as he first withheld it from her forcibly, then made a gallant show of “offering” it to her. Unbeknownst to her, the gesture was a show, for his buddies, cooked up in the back room for their solicitous amusement in the Eddie Haskell tradition. They KNOW I can and do kick their ass. They know that they owe their stardom to my indulgence of their “boy” behavior and they HOPE that game will never end.

So, relax, guys. I know the game. I give you the choice: spend all your time monitoring MY moves and horning, crowding, forcing yourselves into the space I’ve earned, or get something YOU can’t have…which will soon bring me to my next post…

To Be Continued…

In Behalf Of American Innovators: “Obama: You’re Fired!”

And take Chuck Schumer with you.

Over the years, I have enjoyed episodes of “The Apprentice” and its Celebrity Edition with a mix of sneering at Trump for his extravagance and appreciation for the creative nature of his challenges. The Business Format is the underlying theme of each project by which the serious competitors hit the pavement of New York City with a Team of Buy-Ins loaded for Big League Commerce.

The bigger, quintessentially American flavor of Trump’s media tour to test the waters for his Presidential bid is the articulation of what every hard-working American understands. For a sixteen week Television season, the “Game” is the same as Survivor: whether at Tribal Council or in the Board Room, somebody is eliminated for whatever reason the Tribe/Donald decides. Yes, he’s a little capricious and a lot motivational. Like Jack Kennedy’s view of his heroic Naval Career: “They sank my boat:)”

Trump’s history is one of three marriages, several bankruptcies, a sexist holding in the “Miss Universe” Pageant and the respect of the Hollywood Liberals who don’t question his policies – that’s what they hire Agents to do for themselves! In a word: Trump’s Tacky. To all of red-blooded America, nevertheless, he’s not pretending to be smart: he pays Attorneys millions to be smart in his interest. He’s the Success Story George W. Bush WISHES he could be. He doesn’t just blow the Tax Payers’ money: he sets a challenge, chooses the most qualified people he can find for the project, gives them a budget and evaluates their input, results, relative value vis-a-vis the larger corporate culture and provides the “performers” with immediate feedback and recognition.

Whether he is elected President or not is absolutely immaterial to me. If the Women of the Left were truly schooled in the Art of Backing the Winner, they would prevail on the Obama Administration to appoint Trump Ambassador to China and inspire everybody to get serious about who we really are in this Game. For a tough guy from the Chicago Mob, Obama has very little going in the “Collections” Department. “China OWES us!” claims Trump. You cannot go too far in this Country before finding a massive heart of agreement with Trump’s contention. If Obama truly understood being taken seriously around the world, he’d stop picking on professional women and the little guy and get Eye To Eye with the World beyond his Ivory Tower.

But he hasn’t “got IT” and the dictators of the world know him to be a “wanna be dick-tater” who amuses them with his Mob-Apprentice naïveté. Citizen of the World is not an ignoble moral standard: it ranks right in there with bringing-a-gun-to-a-knife-fight Common Sense over Courage. When a worthy competitor gets in a room with the business men of China, Korea, South America or anywhere else the Stock Market is influential, it will be a meeting of minds, not a photo OP for a novice whose idea of Swimming With The Sharks is in a protective cage. No such water wings for the Donald: he’s got his Game going, his books on the Art of the Deal and other Entrepreneurial How-To’s, his scars, his littered-with-the-remains of theorists path to Success and

    his own

gilded airplane, helicopter, beautiful wife, and adult children living out his legacy.

Just as with Bill Clinton: when Trump travels, the World’s Welcome Mat will be out EVERYWHERE ON EARTH for two reasons: They know they’ll make out in any deal they cut with the Big Guy and they are thrilled for the opportunity to match wits with a True Challenger. The “Lions Play With Lions” concept is no more clearly communicated than this. “Donald Trump!” invite the deal-cutters of the Universe, “Come On Down!!!” … and as a commissioned sales woman who has worked with the Editors and Publishers of the daily newspapers of the United States, I can assure you there are Sharks in these waters licking their chops at the “news” this celebrity can generate.

Frankly; from my experience, I would suggest that in a Republican Primary which includes Donald Trump, and all the accomplished Business People he will showcase, fundraising will be elevated to a new level of Patriotic Responsibility that brings in – not only cranky black celebrities spinning race bait at every turn, but an incredibly interesting collective of mentally healthy Community Organizers who operate through the local business community to make every citizen a participant in their success. Trump is a proven force for motivating and entertaining. His campaign promises to incorporate all the techniques and ideas his Television series has tested and tweaked over the seasons he’s been on the air as well as the behind-the-scenes discussions he’s had with real Executives and Successful Business Owners, buyers and sellers. His “show” will have even the jaded Europeans riveted.

When the Cloward-Priven “Collapsists” try to take out the Capitalists, it will be a fair game – indeed – to have an armed opponent stepping up to defend our way of life. I have no doubt that the “Brother” in the White House will be stripped of any and all influence when a true Brother of the “Color of Success” takes his ball to the court.

Evan Bayh Joins Fox News as a Contributor

Senators who have also served as Governors discuss the “leadership” emitting from the White House. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Bayh of Indiana can take positions evolved from both levels of political office. On the Curvy Couch, Bayh gives the President a measure of leeway to deal responsibly with the debt ceiling and the budget. While allowing that Obama is holding out, “Waiting for the critical moment” before stepping in to lead like the Goose Honking from Behind, and begged off criticsm of the OOO with assertions that all be worked out at budget-passing time. Manchin, on the other hand, asks questions about how this is any way to govern?

Daily KOS: Eat This!

Manchin is in the mix at the moment, not retired from it, so he has skin in the blame game. He left the WV Governors’ Mansion for the Senate to impact the process, having rejected the Progressive Agenda, deployed Blow-Away Gun imagery in his campaign to succeed where so many democrats did not in order to be the Voice of Honor the Press cannot.

Bayh, now a Fox Contributor, debuts today with a PR savvy offering of ‘no negative’ to enter the Mix on the Other Side as a melting pot of good government. Unlike many, MANY other democrats who submitted to the craven cash call of the Obama Campaign, Indiana’s former Governor remained faithful to Hillary Clinton as both a Super Delegate and as a Friend. His accomplishments as a governor who succeeded in navigating Indiana to higher ground with Unions and Public Employee pension issues without fanfare asset his substance to viewers of Fox. He elected to leave the Senate and didn’t seek re-election because, like Bart Stupak, had found the ground beneath his feet un-sustainable. Pressures from the Left had become so offensively personal that in order to preserve traditional Democratic Faith, Bayh, LIKE SARAH PALIN, chose an unconventional but self-respecting alternative.

Seeing him on Fox News this morning, I feel reason is returning to the Democratic Party. While half-assed Liberals claim credit for the 40 hour work week, (NO, that was the DEMOCRATS.) Womens’ Rights (No, that was WOMEN getting up on their hind legs and earning it for themselves in the FACE OF OBNOXIOUS REJECTION WITHOUT CONSIDERATION FROM MEN.) and Clean Air, they fail to recognize that the Moderates, Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Greens and Libertarians, were able to restrain their personal attacks on those with whom they disagreed for long enough to find common ground and advance in the best interests of ALL by choosing their battles and giving a little everywhere they could.

The Left and those who would have you believe that they are victims of godless Capitalists are nothing more than Psychos terrified of competition. It is inconceivable to them that a mind open to new ideas or views from another perspective is the stuff of which successful lives are made. Instead of endlessly applauding themselves with superlatives about their historic gravitas, they would do well to adopt a measure of – if not humility – then certainly a reasonable recognition of all the support they received (and which they notoriously don’t reciprocate.)

Baye performed functionally (that is to say: WORKED) as Governor of Indiana and left the state better off than when he found it. He did so with the coordinated, RESPECTFUL inclusion of all factions who came to the table and accorded each a portion of his success. The Obama Administration can’t get itself out of the Frat House, off the College Rah! Rah! stage and conducts communication with the Voters as though none of us live beyond the boundaries of the crime-addled inner city.

That “New, Hipper, more Urban” Democrat described by Donna Brazile was nothing more than a white ball in the Fraternity Induction Vote giving the Affirmative Action Candidate a chance. What we of the middle still don’t buy is the notion that the thin resume presented by their Guy was something we were not permitted to question. What Left Wing Wealthy Family hands the recently graduated son the Presidency of their Revenue Stream Company without at least putting the kid through the motions of learning the family business? The Administration’s Honeymoon with Congress is over, the Maid of Honor has been restored to Minority Leader and the time has come for the Bride of the Boogie Men to retire the Veil of Illusion and learn to cook and keep house.

If that isn’t the sort of “Marriage” the Left sought from bedding Mr. Cool, then maybe they should just get him a job and keep him out of trouble, cause he sure ain’t making a serious go of the Union. He leaves all the work to Mom & Dad and heads for the gym, the golf course or a vacation jaunt with zero connectedness to any sort of professional discipline and comprehension of his duty.

I’ll be watching for the real meat of what I expect Evan Bayh has to say, along with the Hope that when her term is up, Hillary Clinton will also join the Fox Network and become a Cultural Warrior or maybe even a regular on Red Eye:)

Lara Logan: A Lesson In Corporate Competition

I was stricken by the difference between the fates of two CBS female on screen “talent.”

Few statistics exist about sexual assaults on female correspondents in combat zones, in part because so many are loath to report attacks for fear of losing their beat.

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Logan had been detained, blindfolded and isolated, by Egyptian police the previous week and admitted to vomiting throughout the events that preceded the ejection of her and her crew from the country. She hadn’t – I gather – the appropriate documentation from her own network and State Department to substantiate her contention that she was there as a journalist.

The manic effort to return to Egypt to be “part of the story” is revealed in her interview with Esquire in which she acknowledged the risk both to her person and to her crew’s ability to even conduct their mission once they were back in the country. It is in this context that I assert the concern that beautiful, … no, glamorous women in the media aren’t even real in their own minds. Lara suppressed her own survival instincts to do this coverage and demonstrates an absence of something MOST women acquire once having survived a life-threatening experience. We all grow up in one split second as we confront how close we came to death. Our first concern, ALWAYS, is our children. We all ask, Who would provide for them? And in that moment, no matter how long it has been since giving birth, we become mothers. Bearing babies, a universal portal experience, becomes Mothering in the real world when we choose between the allure of a world of success and the satisfaction of knowing your kids are in good hands: YOURS. Logan’s experience failed to unravel the guise of illusion with which she had surrounded herself as a part of the mainstream press. Her work, undoubtedly, transcends the juiceless pulp dispensed by Katie and her studio colleagues, but she performs in a hack system of low-budget, profit-driven, corner-cutting chumps trying to “scoop the competition” willing to be anything but professional in this kid’s approach to covering the news. She and her producer, her husband and her private security overlooked some important matters she should have addressed, RESPONSIBLY, prior to returning to Egypt. In the absence of answers that satisfied her need to know she had covered those bases, Logan should have returned to her vortex, given thanks for her good fortune having been removed from the country because, to her captors, her story didn’t cut it. She pushed her luck, took a risk that, dispite that factors to show she calculated that risk, she dismissed, without legitimate consideration, and allowed herself to be driven by the story. Thus, she BECAME the story and the denoument should be an unravel that opens not only her eyes, but those of CBS brass who need to re-define the qualifications that determine professionals in Journalism.