Human Rights withheld in America

By BettyJean Downing

An Open Letter to my colleagues working for Equal Rights.

What can I do to promote the Human Right still withheld to American women?

MY YEAR OF MOURNING is over and I am at a crossroads, saddened by the lack of response by women for women’s rights! I am deeply and personally wounded and I would like to share those thoughts with you to shed the frustration that almost caused me to turn my back on the ERA fight and women !

But alas after over 50 years, I can no more completely shed that fight than I can cut out my heart . It is however, with a very heavy heart that I continue.

During the 7 years that I have known and worked with most  of you, I have taken your advice and changed our name from FreeUsNow to a more uplifting and positive TheMajorityUnited and renamed the Radio station to WOMEN (Women Organized,motivated, and Empowered Nationwide) yet,  having spent over 100,000.00 of my own money all these years and energy – women would not step up and help in any way let alone to organize for ERA.

Large groups easily organize for a multitude i.e.  for gays who, God love em, comprise less than 10 % of the total population of both sexes, for illegals of all ages and sexes, for blacks, for thugs, for cop killers in jail or on the lamb, but where are the loud, protesting, sign carrying marchers for innocent women slaughtered daily at the rate of 4 a day every day, year in and year out?

We are so easily pacified by government run and or funded programs that do nothing to solve our problems or decrease the violence or the murder rate. The more VAW and DV. Groups That arise the more  funds are required to pay staff hundreds of thousands to run the programs  but that has not decreased the numbers just created many jobs. Where’s the no outrage! No one funds those of us who actually want to make change!

For rape every 24 minutes- no outrage! For beatings every few minutes- no outrage, in fact beatings if caught on video attract women wearing team shirts in support of pro sport abusers!

Blacks say they are targeted for walking while black but forget about the crimes and resisting arrest that precipitated some of these shootings.

Last year 143 blacks were shot by cops most in the commission of crimes or resisting arrest, Michael Brown found to be a thug having just robbed a store and roughed up the owner assaulted the officer and wound up dead. This brought on riots for months causing the burning down of a town in Missouri.

While ten  times 143 is 1430 the statistics are  365 x4= 1460 women were murdered just for being female and not just last year but every year!

During the last Iraqi war more female partners died at the hands of their men than did soldiers in Iraq during the same time period! Where are the signs Women’s Lives Matter? Or pictures of the victims labeled  ” I Can’t Beathe?

I ask you what can I do for the ERA but alas, there is little more any of us can do because we are not taken seriously in DC or anywhere because we are not united for women’s rights as a human right.

Clearly we don’t have enough self respect to stand up for ourselves, moreover, our women of color don’t mind being slaves so long as it’s not to whitey- they would rather be black minority than part of the majority and a women with equal rights.

Gay women rather have gay rights than equality which would afford them every opportunity under human rights.

Minorities rather be in minority groups than part of the God given Majority and gain of equal rights.

And so – we- you and I and others like us will fight to the death  to get equality for all but as Harriet Tubman so eloquently put it ” I freed a thousand slaves but I could have freed so many more if ONLY I could have convinced them they WERE slaves.”

Oh my dear ERA sisters, John Lennon was right “women are the niggers of the world” and like Tubman we can’t free them because we may never convince them that they are slaves.
IMAGINE The Majority United!

BettyJean Downing Kling MS. MEd.

Founder and President: TMU The Majority United
Founder and Host : W.O.M.E.N. Live on BlogTalkRadio
Founder: Free Us Now –
Founder: W.O.M.E.N. – Women Organized Motivated Empowered Nationwide
Author: Louisa’s Law: Reducing Violence Against Women
Lifelong: Crusader for ERA, Women’s Rights ARE Human Rights!

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