Bipartisanship? Or just Dems facing 2012 after the of 2010 landslide

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Democrats Join Republicans Insisting On Spending Cuts Tie In To Debt Limit Increase

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 09:56 AM PDT

With a national debt of over $14 trillion, government spending out of control and the very public battle between political parties showing Republicans insisting on spending cuts and Democrats fighting against them, the White House now needs Congress to increase our debt ceiling.

Republicans in Congress have insisted that any increase be tied to more spending cuts and a fiscal plan that shows Congress is serious about reducing the debt.

The Senate is still controlled by a Democratic majority and any deal made on raising the debt ceiling which includes spending cuts, will have to include Democratic support and it looks like that support is there.

Wapo reports:

The push-back has come in recent days from Sens. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a freshman who is running for reelection next year. Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) told constituents during the Easter recess that he would not vote to lift the debt limit without a “real and meaningful commitment to debt reduction.”

Even Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), generally a stalwart White House ally, is undecided on the issue and is “hopeful” that a debt-ceiling bill can be attached to a measure to cut the federal deficit, said her spokesman, Linden Zakula. Klobuchar is also up for reelection next year.

Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.)releases a statement explaining why so many Democrats are joining with Republicans to insist deficit reduction be a part of the package.

“As catastrophic as it would be to fail to raise our debt ceiling, it’s even more irresponsible to not take this opportunity to own up to our unsustainable spending path,” Sen. Mark Udall (Colo.), another Democrat challenging the White House, said in a statement his office released this week. “If we don’t take action to reduce our deficit spending, Congress will be facing this same debt ceiling vote in the near term – still with no end to our deficits in sight.”

Polls conducted by a variety of sources, from January 2011 (Reuters) and as recently as April 2011, (CBS News) show that there is consistent opposition by Americans voters to raising the debt limit.

In 2012, 23 Democratic Senate seats are in play and 10 Republican Senate seats, so decisions made now will be watched and judged and will undoubtedly be a factor in how constituents vote in those elections.

Resurgent Republic:

President Obama’s policy of raising the federal debt limit without any preconditions relating to limiting spending, i.e. a “clean debt limit,” is supported by only one-out-of-ten voters, the least popular option of three presented in a Resurgent Republic survey conducted jointly with the American Action Forum.

The second-ranking option overall is “not raising the debt limit under any circumstances.” That option places second among Independents and Democrats, and is the top preference for Republicans.

The preferred option, drawing support from a plurality of voters overall, is “raising the debt limit, but only in exchange for substantial spending cuts and a commitment to reduce the deficit.” The days of “routine” debt limit increase votes may be history, with voters holding firm views about the debt ceiling vote in a time of concern over the economy and a pervasive view that “we have got to stop spending money we don’t have,” as has been seen in previous Resurgent Republic polling.

The Democrats listed above understand the Republicans in Congress enjoy an overwhelming amount of public support to lower the deficit, cut spending and get our fiscal house in order.

They understand this because their chances at being reelected depend on it.

Semi-related :

McConnell turns the tables on Reid in budget fight

“I understand that the Majority Leader would like to have a vote on the House-passed Ryan budget and we will,” Mr. McConnell said in a statement. “But we’ll have a vote on the President’s budget at the same time. Since there is no Democrat budget in the Senate, we’ll give our colleagues an opportunity to stand with the President in failing to address the problems facing our nation while calling for trillions in new spending, massive new debt and higher taxes on American energy, families and small businesses across the country.”


Silliness is as silliness does: Look at his behavior on Oprah

BettyJean Downing Kling

Is appearing on Oprah and at $30,000.00 a plate fund raisers while tornados rip the country apart and hundreds die the more important things Obama was referring to?

Open thread.

So with all the serious problems going on here and overseas; major Cabinet replacements (General Petraeus and Secretary Gates etc.) Wednesday, tornado activity for the 10 days killing hundreds citizens, the gunning down of 9 in Afghanistan, the economy, the oil prices, jobs, the 14 Trillion dollar debt, and the budget debate, Obama comes out to contest a dispute with a one he calls a carnival barker on his way to Oprah’s last show where he is taped further jesting about the very “silliness” he is supposedly to busy to be bothered with on his way to three $30,000.00 a plate fund raisers for his 2012 election campaign?

Gimme a break- even his most fervent followers have to see this as bullshit, if he really has serious things to do – he should be doing them instead of answering this question now or raising funds for a campaign now. Even his most ardent  voters must care about the aformentioned issues and the country? Even the most devoted Democrats have to care about the future of our country enough to put party politics aside as have the Republicans and said ENOUGH already. This is not about an election this is about running a country and I don’t mean running it into the ground by either party.

The damned BC should have been shown a long time ago instead of creating a carnival atmosphere to grow and if he were taking care of the problems mentioned above – he wouldn’t need a billion dollars to get reelected! A standing president is usually always re-elected—good grief we elected Bush again didn’t we?

Isn’t it time yet that we realize that we have had two bad Presidents in a row and they came from both parties? Forget the parties, save the county! These are TWO wings from the same VULTURE!

Millions and 3 years later – finally the long form Birth Certificate


Move along now… Here it is — Obama releases his Long form Birth Certificate because he does not have time for “silliness”

He needs time to golf, vacation, campaign and chat with Oprah.

The last 3 years of the countless lawsuits, the millions of dollars in legal fees, the denials of Hawaii officials that they NEVER EVER issue a long form BC have finally ended with here it is—wait for it –“silliness”.

And all it took to end the silliness was Obama writing a letter to ask for a copy of his long form birth certificate. Did I say MILLIONS in legal fees? Now – how is that for silly!!

Anyway, the Donald is happy about the release of the BC. but now he wants to see Obama’s school records, especially the admissions records from Occidental…if that is not silly I don’t know what is… we all now know that Obama was born in Hawaii, he was born a US citizen so what’s to be learned from school records??

Could it be some silly people believe that US Citizen Obama applied for and received aid as a foreign citizen? Nahhhhh – how silly!

Geez, He does not have time for this silliness. Oprah is waiting.


Gang raped at 11, handicapped child was lured by a female accomplice

BJ Downing Kling
Contributed by Liz Baca

An 11-year-old girl gang raped last month in a Moreno Valley park was developmentally disabled, with the mental capacity of a five-year-old, newly released court documents reveal.

A Moreno Valley police search warrant obtained Friday also showed that at least part of the attack by a man and six boys was videotaped on a cell phone and that the victim had been lured to the park from a nearby middle school.

The girl was able to identify one of her attackers by his tattoos, and she was able to identify the older girl who lured her to the park from Vista Verde Middle School, according to the warrant. Police initially said she was lured from a shopping center.

According to police, the older girl met the victim in front of the middle school and led her to a shopping center and then to the park. Butler told detectives that Hull grabbed the girl by the arm as he led her with the other boys into the men’s restroom.

The boy who recorded the rape was later arrested. He was laughing and joking while questioned by officers, according to the warrant.

He denied he was a gang member. Other suspects said he was bragging about videotaping the gang rape on his phone.

The girl reported the attack to police at a shopping center about 9 p.m. She was given a rape examination and was found with several injuries. She first identified Sykes through a photo lineup when she recognized tattoos on his arms and shoulders.

Five other warrants were served April 7 at various homes in Moreno Valley in connection with the attack.

Police have said the Southside Mafia gang was started in Moreno Valley and that it has a history of burglaries, marijuana sales and physical assaults.


US Liquidation Sale Needed

By: It’s Me Louise

As a business woman for the last 6o years, it all seems very simple to me. When your business is sinking in debt- you sell off what you can – pay off your debts and cut up your credit cards. So what is the problem with the managers of our country?

America is just one big business after all and it was being badly mismanaged and run into the ground and now instead of using some sound policies to save it – we are allowing the managers to dig us deeper and deeper in debt.

As the owners of this enterprise- I say we order the managers to liquidate immediately and to fire all unnecessary employees from the bloated nepotism held positions. Sell all our infrastructure, toll roads , bridges, airports, AmTrack and museums.

We are currently 14 trillion dollars in debt, we the people need to reign in Washington DC and our big spenders before they run our beautiful country clear into bankruptcy.

First, let’s put the “We the Peoples” Social Security and Medicare on the back burner for a while and lets first talk about cutting out all the waste fraud and abuse and all non essential employees and cut the paychecks of the overpaid so-called elected representatives and their bloated benefits.

Next, we need to stop funding countries that hate us.

In addition, we need to renegotiate our trade deals and force China to stop using funny money.

Finally, we need to liquidate some of our assets immediately. That would include Real Estate such as the Hawaiian Islands. Surely Hawaii should be worth several trillion dollars?

And what about all our government land? For example, our government does not need to own our National Parks, let’s privatize them. That should bring in several trillion dollars and the parks would cease being an albatross around our necks and provide private sector jobs instead of government jobs.

Just think about the trillions of debt we are in right now and think of the mounting debt we are accruing minute by minute on the interest alone on the past debt if we don’t liquidate.

One last note:
No one seemed to have a problem selling our ports to foreign nations regardless of the terror threats,  so selling off our infrastructure shouldn’t be a problem but if it is them I suggest we sell wisely.

Obama Pledge: $35,000.00 a plate fundraiser for Camp Lejeune?

BJ Downing Kling

Last night the Commander and chief went to a fundraiser costing 35,000 a plate. He and his funders are always wanting to spread the wealth around.

So I am waiting to see how he plans on spreading it around the ravaged SOUTH! That money could do a lot for the folks in the south who are without a place to sleep tonight or have to bury their children. It could help the buy formula and diapers for the Marines babies at Camp Lejeune. So show us you compassionate Democrats who want to spread the wealth around how you plan to spread last night take around? Where are all those Hollywood bleeding hearts with all that money and compassion this weekend? And who the hell is stopping the rich democrats and progressives from giving Uncle SAM more of their own money?

As you no doubt are aware, a terrible tornado ripped through Jacksonville, NC this past weekend wreaking havoc on the town and on Camp Lejeune.  We have been informed that the Tarawa Terrace II housing area at Camp Lejeune has been heavily damaged and over 40 Marine families have been displaced or otherwise lost many personal items including food.  100-200 families have been affected by losing power which may be off for some time.

The violent weather began Thursday in Oklahoma, where two people died, before cutting across the Deep South on Friday and hitting North Carolina and Virginia on Saturday. Authorities said seven people died in Arkansas; seven in Alabama; six in Virginia; and one in Mississippi. North Carolina’s state emergency management agency said it had reports of 23 fatalities from Saturday’s storms, but local officials confirmed only 21 deaths to The Associated Press.

An apparent tornado passed near a Virginia nuclear power plant, knocking down power lines. Dominion Virginia Power said backup sources including diesel generators kept electricity going to maintain both units at its Surry Power Station. The tornado didn’t hit the two nuclear units, which are designed to withstand weather, earthquakes and hurricanes, the company said.

More than 240 tornadoes were reported from the storm system, including 62 in North Carolina


American citizens denied a permit to peacefully protest in AMERICA: are we now bowing to foreign kings and false gods right here on American soil?

BJ Downing Kling

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. — President Thomas Jefferson

I do not like the burning of the flag, nor the burning of the Bible, Koran or any other religious articles, idols and prophets. I also despise pornography by consenting adults but there is one thing I hate even more and that is loss of my US Constitutional First Amendment rights because of terroristic threats we face from Islamic radical fundamentalists.

Radical Islam kills and beheads innocent people indiscriminately and non radicals Islamic people fail to condemn them but instead rail against those of us who see the burning of the Koran or the characterization of Mohammad as nothing worse than the of burning the bible or effigies and mischaracterizations of our Lord – a shameful disrespect and contempt to be ignored. One lone man occasionally blows up an abortion clinic and one man killed and abortion doctor and no Christian held these people up as martyrs they were held accountable under the law.

Islam has no respect for human life, if it had, it would call out murder over and above the burning of paper regardless of the words imprinted on that paper. If they cannot- their Koran and Mosques and their radicals do not belong in America where we value life over images and holy books and buildings. Here, where we are loathe to be prevented from free speech for fear an innocent will be murdered in retribution for the words or actions of another we have no control over under our Constitution.

When we, the people of the United States have to fear a radical people who condemn and shame all of us for the actions of one and yet we are admonished for condemning any of them for the actions of scores of their radicals who they continually fail to condemn—we have to question the common sense of that behavior on our part. It is not common sense and it gives license to those using this tactic to continue to make fools of us. This is a two way street! Apparently these folks have more rights to demonstrate in their streets like wild animals than we do to peacefully demonstate in ours!

KABUL — At least 12 people were killed in Afghanistan Friday, most of them foreigners, when a United Nations compound was stormed by Afghans enraged by a Florida pastor’s burning of a Koran, according to Afghan officials.

Eight foreigners were killed after demonstrators protesting a reported burning of the Muslim holy book stormed a United Nations office in northern Afghanistan, opening fire on guards and setting fires inside the compound, officials said.

Thousands of protesters mobilized after a midday sermon, then surged toward the offices of the United Nations in Mazar-e Sharif, northern Afghanistan’s largest city and normally a bastion of calm.

Some in the crowd broke into the U.N. office and attacked the staff, killing security guards and members of the U.N. mission, officials said.

For example One pastor burns a Koran and all of Islam demands an apology from our entire country and Obama gives it while radicals retaliate by killing 11 innocents, beheading 2, and we do not demand nor do we receive willingly, any apology from Islam? Instead this pastor is now denied a permit to hold a protest outside a mosque?

An American Citizen denied a permit to peacefully protest in AMERICA? Denied for public safety? We are held hostage to a people who cannot be trusted in America to act like AMERICANS? Indeed- are we now bowing to foreign kings and false gods right here on American soil? Jones and others have NO PLANS to burn a Koran – they are planning to peacefully demonstrate as is their right to do. I wish I could join them. We must not give up our rights to a foreign radical people under any circumstance.

Dearborn — Dearborn denied a permit Wednesday for Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones’ planned protest outside the Islamic Center of America on Good Friday.

Jones could be arrested if he goes ahead with the protest outside the mosque without a permit, said city spokeswoman Mary Laundroche. She added that the permit had been denied for “public safety reasons.”

Jones said he had not received notification that the permit had been turned down but that he was undeterred.

Jones is due in 19th District Court in Dearborn on Thursday to answer prosecutors’ claims that his demonstration could cause a riot and demands he post a “peace bond” to cover police costs.

Dearborn officials said Jones can still demonstrate at one of two “free speech zones,” including City Hall. Before denying the permit, city officials expressed concern about public safety, traffic and disruptions to nearby churches.

Jones isn’t likely to relent. He’s said for weeks that he plans to demonstrate outside the Ford Road mosque with or without a permit. Earlier today, Jones said the mosque is the ideal site for his protest against “radical Islam” and Sharia, or Islamic, law.

“There is no place better than there to present this message,” said Jones, the pastor of the Dove World Outreach center in Gainesville, Fla.

Jones said he is planning to bring a pistol to protect himself in case of violence, but has no plans to burn an Islamic holy book.

“We are coming there totally in peace,” said Jones, who said he will be joined by several other people including a rabbi.

Earlier today, Dearborn Mayor John B. O’Reilly Jr. released a copy of an “open letter” he wrote to Jones in a last-ditch effort to persuade him to cancel his protest.

In the three-page letter released to the media, O’Reilly urged Jones to conduct his demonstration at one of the city’s “free speech zones.” O’Reilly also questioned the logic of protesting Sharia in Dearborn.

“Our commitment to the Constitution is unwavering, not merely convenient, which makes your hyperbole about Sharia Law being practiced in the courts or civil law of Dearborn nonsensical,” O’Reilly wrote. “So, you are coming to protest against an imaginary threat that doesn’t exist in our community. Not in our courts, not at our City Hall, not on our streets and not in any of our places of worship.”

The mayor also pointed out to Jones that several churches in the vicinity of the mosque will be conducting Good Friday services and Jones’ protest outside the mosque will be disruptive to their traffic as well.

“The members of the Christian churches on Altar Road asked me last week if they should cancel their Good Friday services because of your planned visit. I assured them that they should not because the Constitution does not allow you to violate their rights. I don’t know why you selected Good Friday but it wasn’t very considerate of the significant Christian services being held at that time. I assure you that you will not make them forfeit their services,” O’Reilly wrote.
(313) 222-2027

From The Detroit News: ttp://–says-Quran-burning-minister-could-face-arrest#ixzz1K7UQwxks 

The idea of a right to freedom of expression, started with John Milton (1608–74), then John Locke (1632–1704) and culminating in John Stuart Mill (1806–1873). Locke established the individual as the unit of value and the bearer of rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. It was the role of Government to protect these rights and this belief was first enshrined in the US Constitution, with the First Amendment adding the guarantee that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”. John Stuart Mill argued that human freedom is good and without it there can be no progress in science, law or politics, which according to Mill required free discussion of opinion. Mill’s On Liberty, published in 1859 became a classic defense of the right to freedom of expression. Mill argued that truth drives out falsity, therefore the free expression of ideas, true or false, should not be feared. Truth is not stable or fixed, but evolves with time. Mill argued that much of what we once considered true has turned out false. Therefore views should not be prohibited for their apparent falsity. Mill also argued that free discussion is necessary to prevent the “deep slumber of a decided opinion”. Discussion would drive the onwards march of truth and by considering false views the basis of true views could be re-affirmed.

In Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s biography of Voltaire, she coined the following phrase to illustrate Voltaire’s beliefs: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Hall’s quote is frequently cited to describe the principle of freedom of speech. In the 20th Century Noam Chomsky states that: “If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like.

Scurrying to the Comfort Zone of the Classroom

His Facebook “lecture” has taken on the look of his campaign stops: backed up by unquestioning admirers applauding his every phrase. The Lecturing Administration never notes the poor results the pupils get on their quizzi. Mid Terms? Uhh…Professor: I do conclude that you and your “Faculty” booted those more certainly than did Sarah Palin of the Katie Couric question “What Papers and Magazines do you Read?”

No longer expecting an intelligent review from the Party: the DNC IS Obama & Company. Shows you, though, doesn’t it, that Women who supported Hillary Clinton had totally lost their sense of humor. Each pundit reference to HRC as the “Wife” or Mother or cranky, demanding Female Authority Figure was meant to be a white flag of surrender to the “Inevitable” President.

We can now laugh at ourselves for the failure of the Wimminz to just find the boys mildly amusing, send them back to their football games, their garages and their action movies while we took over the Country’s reigns.

Majority United can still get it together. This is funny. Not tragic, but actually eye-opening reason to smile understandingly and take this burden of leadership off the shoulders of our Kids’ Elementary School Principal. The JOB at hand demands hearty stock: the level of commitment to “love” that takes us through the nine months of gestation, delivery and post-partum recovery.

They weren’t demeaning us: they were actually floating a “We Trust You to Kick Our Ass When We Need It” stroke of conditional surrender. We are supposed to be intuitive, sense rather than see it outright. If that were the criteria, any man could figure it out. We were operating from a leadership “style” that conducts a campaign via the young, hormone-driven political professionals who bring high energy and ambition to their political jobs.

It is not amusing to recognize that the Obama / Plouffe strategy is to appeal to the young, to mislead the inexperienced and to energize the Face Book Nation to twist their parents’ arms again to get them to endorse, fund and elect him. He is pitting the Kids against the Folks with much the same technique a Professsor would use in a College Classroom: your “grade” is mine to accord you contingent upon the deference you accord me over the duration of the semester. So there you have it: Obama surrounds himself with “Students” who failed to read their History and are now permitted to register in the School of Hard Knocks. Unlike Jack Kennedy who owned a Classics infused mind, or like Bill Clinton who possessed the intellect of a dominating gamesman, honed in the Governors’ Mansion over two terms interrupted by a commuppance, the President / Guest Lecturer has been forced – by Egalitarian Fairness of the Fourth Estate, to rotate out those seats in the Press Box to non-adoring, scrutinizing, assignment performing/submitting scholars building carreers rather than sucking up for the “A.”

A good grade in the Obama / Plouffe Classroom viewed from the wider, long-term angle of the Graduate School of Reality and Life In The Big City isn’t enough to get it done. Sure – Dad’s going to give them the money to register, but when those grades – protected from the bill payers by the Registrar’s Office Student Privacy rules drop them out, it’s not, now or ever, DAD’S responsibility. Except in the sense that the failed college kid is now Mom & Dad’s for the forseeable future.

When Professor Obama appeals to his classes for unqualified loyalty, to “get in the faces” of any who question his analysis and to demand the Affirmative Action President be nurtured and encouraged by the Know Betters in the supporting roles around him, he is saying to the WOMEN of this Country that the only thing that matters in this entire experience is his PRETTY FACE!!! He now wants to be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT, having supplanted the first Black President. He now wants this game he’s acquired to become the game of the 2012 Campaign. Don’t worry about Leading: just look pretty. We can take care of everything. We don’t want you to break a nail. We will lavish you with gifts, squire you to the finest restaurants and provide you with the wardrobe, transportation and entertainment that shows the world you’re special. You are Daddy’s Little Girl and anybody who challenges that will answer to Daddy….which makes you want to ask the President / Princess: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

We ask, not out of disrespect: it matters only until we assess whether we can take him or not, thus determining our next move. I saw that working the door at the Clark Bar with Barry Bonds after a Pirate Game in the early Nineties. Bonds, Bonilla and the rest of the team were in the private party room celebrating a team mate’s birthday the day I was “Guest Bouncer” at the post-game celebration. My mentors, Jeff & Marty, had prepped me to know what to look for as fans came in. My manager, the Boss who had given the O.K. knew us from the Steel Gym and was gratified that hiring bouncers who weren’t big, heavy handed bruizers of the dubious wit, but rather, obviously trained, strong men who did the work of lifting and nutrition training, remaining sober and alert at the Gate.

When I took up my perch at the entrance to the Clark Bar that Fourth of July weekend, I expected Jeff to face me and we would carry off the post-afternoon game duties without a challenge…until Bonds emerged from the party room wearing his “Gold’s Gym” shirt and gold chains, bracelets and diamond earrings. It was “my day!” and here was Barry Bonds, MLB Star, millionaire and legacy, crowding my debut! I had won my opportunity via the hard grind of opening the gym at 6:00 a.m every weekday, then going off to my regular job after which I returned to the gym for my own work-out. Ah! The “life” of sacrifice and intent. So here was BARRY BONDS “guesting” on my other stool, blowing the minds of the fans entering the post-game celebration. WTF? wasn’t in the lexicon back then, but that’s what they were thinking; trust me. Bonds, who was a shit to Pittsburgh Fans and who arrogantly ignored the promotion efforts made by the Pittsburgh Baseball Club and Manager Jim Leyland, who brushed off auto-graph seekers and who NEVER delivered in the playoffs, now talking about how much money he’d command on the open market when he became a free agent and that the ‘Burgh was the LAST team he’d “perform” for.

Surprised but not really; I saw this for what it was … the standard bullshit I got from the guys I worked with at the Pirates’ ticket office. This wasn’t about the money, not about the respect, not even about the Game or the Girls who wanted to get into the game. This was a flat-out crude guy, as low class as Darryl Strawberry or Dock Ellis, thinking that everybody lived by the code of the ‘hood, and preferred to see a guy – ANY guy, occupying the seat wherever one existed. Offering his seat to a Lady was the ultimate proof that the guy had her under his thumb, that she would never notice his limitations as long as he first withheld it from her forcibly, then made a gallant show of “offering” it to her. Unbeknownst to her, the gesture was a show, for his buddies, cooked up in the back room for their solicitous amusement in the Eddie Haskell tradition. They KNOW I can and do kick their ass. They know that they owe their stardom to my indulgence of their “boy” behavior and they HOPE that game will never end.

So, relax, guys. I know the game. I give you the choice: spend all your time monitoring MY moves and horning, crowding, forcing yourselves into the space I’ve earned, or get something YOU can’t have…which will soon bring me to my next post…

To Be Continued…

Elisa Marie Lopez: Slaughtered and cremated

Contributed by: Liz Baca

A prosecutor this morning began presenting the case against a man accused of murdering his 41-year-old girlfriend Elisa Marie Lopez in their Murrieta home, dumping her body and setting it on fire.

Pictures of the body, shown in court Tuesday, depicted a blackened face and pelvis area. Most of her arms and legs appeared untouched by the flames.

“Based upon burn patterns, I determined the origin of the fire was on her pelvic area,” Gilbert testified.

Her face was unrecognizable because it was covered by black plastic from trash container lids that melted, Gilbert said.

This 2007 case is coming to trial this week and we need to closely monitor this one. The evidence is overwhelming, indeed this one will probably pay for his crime but it will be interesting to listen to the defense on this one. I will bet you this is another one of those cases where the women gets the blame for getting herself killed. How much ya wanna bet? Buy wait till you hear the defendants defense!

when investigators combed the house, they found signs of a struggle and a sloppy cleanup effort, Smith said. Traces of blood from high-impact blows were spattered all over the bathroom and a towel bar and trim had been recently removed.

There were clumps of Lopez’s long hair around the house and remnants of a blood trail leading to the back of her SUV in the garage. Inside the SUV, they found more traces of blood, Smith said.

It appears this animal drunk and in a jealous rage feared she was about to leave him for an ex-boyfriend.

Investigators discovered that Lopez had been trading text messages throughout the day with an ex-boyfriend, with whom she had recently separated.

Melvin Louis Shaw, 45, pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors say Shaw killed his girlfriend of a few months on July 20, 2007 after they got into an argument when he came home late and drunk on their date night.

They say he then dragged her by her feet through her Murrieta house, put her in the trunk of her SUV, dumped her body behind a building off Winchester Road, doused her in gasoline and set her on fire, Smith said.

Read the above story here:

If the jury buys his defense- they the jury should plead insanity—here it is: his defense!

A Murrieta man told authorities he was driving his live-in girlfriend to the hospital in 2007 but believing she was dead, he took her body to an enclosed area behind a Temecula gym and set her body on fire, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday.

Melvin Louis Shaw Jr. recalled a conversation he had with Elisa Marie Lopez during their three-month long relationship, Deputy District Attorney Brandon Smith said.

“Elisa told him she wants to be cremated,” Smith said. “He finds a place and in his words, ‘I tried to cremate her.'”

The update can be found here:

Somedays – 30 –

By Albert Paschall

 As a kid staring out in the newspaper business, I could make a few extra bucks by working nights taking stories over the phone.  Some were news, others were sports but most were obituaries.  Funeral Directors calling in the lives and times of the extraordinary, the ordinary and the rest of us.  Each of these stories typewritten on pulp ended with -30-.  Some say based on ancient roman numerals, other claim coming out of the era of the telegraph during the Civil War -30- told the typesetters of the time that the story was over.  Today Somedays turns -30-.

          So what do old newspaper people do when their time runs out?  They just go out of circulation.  So this scribe does today.  The snow shovels and rock salt have been donated to a good cause, the sun block is packed and a place called Coco Beach in Florida calls to the wife and me and to add a bit of poetry that’s where we hope to soon be.  (I’ve always wanted to try poetry but never had the nerve.)

          This is the 270th and last edition of ‘Somedays’.  After 17 years and four series: ‘We the People,” “Of the People,” and the generous use of Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” about 500 columns later, it is time to call it a day.

           By no means is there a shortage of topics to write about.  The temptation of taking on the Department of Energy’s totally wasteful Department of Diversity is electrifying.  Public school districts in Pennsylvania who employ as many administrators as teachers, depriving students of any choice in education while screaming about Corbett’s budget cuts could be good for many sad laughs.  The defense contractors and pharmaceuticals paying executives salaries of $12 to $19 million a year, gaming the taxpayers for constant employment subsidies, would generate a thousand words in a heartbeat.

          But now it somebody else’s turn.

        Oh, I may crawl off the beach from time to time to write a rant or a rave.  When Dianne and I reach the beach (there goes the poetry again) we are scheduled to have lunch with the legendary Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today and Florida Today.  Who knows some days he might need 600 words of wisdom for one of his newspapers? 

          If newspapers last.  Wrapped in eccentricity, unbridled ego and a liberal ethic that came to dominate newsrooms at the end of the 20th century these dinosaurs better change or they will die.

          The sad part for me is that so few editors seem to notice that their readers are taking a walk.  Away.

          The hope is that in the digital age more and more people will get their opinions out there.  Surely there are enough problems in this world to solve.  Whether or not we annihilate ourselves should be top of the list.  Earth quakes causing tsunamis that destroy nuclear reactors, poisoning the oceans, might be of interest to some people.  The unbridled corruption of the government class, on all levels, could find a headline or two.

          And, who knows, maybe, someday all of these problems will be solved.  I’d like to think I’ve done my part in trying to do that.

           Special thanks to the millions of readers and listeners over the years.  The producers, the editors, who were a pain in my lower parts, and especially the critics who kept my head on straight.  May the one God who made us all, may She bless and protect you.



Effective today Albert Paschall is Senior Fellow Emeritus of the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, a non profit educational foundation based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Since 1994 his commentaries have been syndicated to leading newspapers and radio stations through out Pennsylvania.  He is the author of “I haven’t found Laura yet” and “The Inn Mover’s Diary.”  He holds a National Legacy Award for historic preservation.  He can be reached at and will soon be roaming Coco Beach, Florida.