The “Glue” that holds the Family Together

While volunteering at the NetRoots Nation Convention earlier this month, I met women who were bloggers on the Daily K and other “Progressive” sites whose heads were so dominated by the feminine duty to unify the party that they allowed themselves to be sabotaged at the finish line unaware of how they cheated themselves. One admitted that she would have been more enthusiastic volunteering for the campaign had the “other” primary candidate prevailed. It was a true eye opener for me. Our failure is in not having taken on the Daily Kos for the manner in which our HRC contingent was intimdated and ditched. Heidi Li and the Denver Group went about challenging the injustice in a most dignified and laudable fashion, but the appeals fell on deaf ears. Had the 26th been observed in Denver as it merited, the “third wave of feminists” might have witnessed their mothers’ & grandmothers’ equally moving emotion. In the coming year, members of the DNC will be up for re-election. It is THEIR DUTY to convene and write the rules of the national convention. The women who can understand the importance of being able to enforce contracts musty show up at these gatherings to take to the microphones in self-respectful protest of the manner in which the rules were discarded to our disadvantage. No future Candidate can be expected to raise and budget resources geared to a specified calendar only to have the game called on account of Competition! If I were to have a bank foreclose on me because they wanted their money earlier than our agreed upon due date, it would be a clear violation of our agreement. If your daughter gets home at midnight, an hour after her agreed-upon curfew, you have grounds for “grounding” her. We must consider carefully when “permitting the modification of agreed-upon, published rules” as a gentle gesture, that we don’t allow a self-defeating choice to nullify our good work. Women are able and skilled in asserting their will within the framework of the gentle image we cultivate. Without threatening our Families, we must appeal to our Sisters and their gentle male supporters to represent firm disapproval of the violation of our agreement last year in Denver. We should simply continuate our orderly petition of 300. While Hillary stepped aside to avert disaster and permit the party to feign unity under extreme distress, the violation of our contractual rights to a calendar observed as scheduled must be addressed. The people to hold responsible for this are the members of the DNC who will set about to write the rules for 2012. The Majority United must make the phrase “Majority United” as significant to a Candidate’s profile as “Progressive” became. In no way is a Progressive “More than a Democrat.” Likewise, though it may trigger relapse of the Clinton / Palin derangement syndromes, we must seek redress for the breach of contract perpetrated by the DNC in 2008.