Blackout: Is abortion ever murder to a LIBERAL?

Barbara Bassett

Kermit Gosnell is an abortionist on trail for murder and the liberal media can’t figure out how to write the word abortionist and murderer in the same sentence. They can’t figure out how to describe hundreds of infant body parts in jars, bodies in garbage bags,in freezers when they’ve spent so much time describing them as “blobs” and “masses of cells”. They can’t justify the horrific photos of infanticide by equating them to their feel good mantra of “its all about a women’s reproductive rights”. Because maybe you would question how exactly do all those bloody scenes that included the deaths, forced sterilzation and infections of women actually relate to a women’s reproductive rights.
They can’t post a photo of a born alive infant and write a obituary that says died from having his doctor make the “choice” to cut his spinal cord.
They can’t figure out how to explain why it was scissors  that murdered a 8 month “screaming” fully viable infant when lawmakers are demanding laws to protect “our children” from being murdered by guns. They can’t explain why 5 year olds murdered in school are “our most precious assets” yet a 8 month born alive murdered on a mad mans butchering table isn’t worth a damn.
They can’t figure out how to explain Gosnells comments “that this baby could walk to the bus stop” during a “snipping” procedure that is defined as “a women’s right” and not a survivors right to medical care because if you asked why no medical care for an infant born alive during an abortion
they would then have to explain Obama voted against the born alive infant protection act calling it “a burden on a mother” and they can’t do that because then you would know he did indeed do that and his mantra of saving “just one child” would be called hypocritical. They can’t explain why these minority low income murders haven’t warranted “if I had a son he would look like.. the hundreds of photos in evidence.
They can’t explain why nail salons are regulated but abortion clinics aren’t because then they’d have to explain to you that regulating  abortion clinics is refered to as “a war on womens reproductive rights” the Left uses regulation as a weapon and the Right fears their weapon.
Women’s rights groups are blacking out the  Gosnell story also because they can’t explain how  they will fight for womens right to birth control and to abortion but not for a womens right to be educated on both nor a womens right to have an abortion in a regulated facility just like a hospital as a women who chooses to deliver her baby does.
Since its all about womens rights why aren’t they speaking about her right to be protected from the monsters who prey on her vulnerability. These Women they profess to fight for are being abused.
What happened to the mantra of “legal, safe and rare”?
Some of those who have come forward were 15 years old. One describes 8 abortions and being told that was “normal” she is now in her twenties and can’t conceive. These young girls are our children and why are strangers in a “reputable” clinic advising our children on abortion without our knowledge. Ask Planned ParentHood and liberals who lobbied against parental notification. Where’s the outrage that a 15 year old girl was drugged and tied to a bed because she Changed her mind? She’s also sterile and dreams about the baby she saw born and murdered.
You’ve come along way Baby.
As I write the left women blame the right and grasp at the fear factor..shocking is there is not one mention of the horrors, plenty of “this is what happens when women are forced into back alleys by the right. Not shocking is that they would ignore the facts..this was an 20 year established legal 1.3 million dollar womens “health” clinic, Gosnells fees were as high as 1,600 hardly a “back alley’ abortion clinic and most of his patients were black low income women, white women had a seperate room as “they were most likely to report” says Gosnell.
So were are the minority leaders on the left? Trayvon Martins death warranted Sharpton, Jackson and every liberal I know to march in protest. The media coverage was non stop yet hundreds of mutilated black babies in the garbage..crickets.
And the right runs away in fear of the explosive racial keg that is.. abortion.
The silence is deafening but if they explain you get to ask questions. You get to ask WTH is a partial birth abortions? And then you would be horrified to know and even more horrified to know your taxpayer dollars fund the likes of Gosnells house of horrors.
.. and maybe the truth is many of you don’t want it explained but I believe the blackout is directed at the majority of you who are unaware of what “late term and partial birth abortions” mean The Gosnell story opens the floodgates in very graphic details, horrifying images and they all know that a story about a puppy found in a garbage bag generates outrage and they know if you knew hundreds of viable babies were found in garbage bags that would generate outrage and that outrage would force a conversation about abortions and conversations about abortions would open the flood gates
to what we are capable of and what we are capable of is  horrifying and horrifying would bring about changes to a BIllION dollar industry and effect the politicans who depend upon the millions of abortion issue voters, a political party that depends upon “the  war on women”, the hundreds of women’s groups that rely on “reproductive rights” to divide women, minority leaders who divide and profit
Because in the end its not about the women or infanticide its about politics and money and votes and GREED.
Its best you’re  kept in the dark.
But some of us are shedding light on Gosnell and we are tweeting, facebooking,  blogging so this horror opens a dialogue to who decides that a football players imaginary girlfriend is news and Gosnells House of Horrors is not and more importantly it must Open a dialogue to what is morally unacceptable.
Everyone of us no matter where you stand on the issue should be outraged for so many reasons.

Pimping Lady Dems: Forced into the stable, and begging for more money!

Contributed by: SWPAnna

Did you get the email from the DCCC and Debbie Wasserman Schulz asking for a campaign contribution? I got one from Kathy Dahlkemper essentially appealing for contributions to fight the backlash. Can you say, “Morning After Pill?” She was so covered by the Right To Life Sanctimony, then as soon as Stupak cut his deal, the back door bullies bent her over and forced her into the stable. This appeal for money simultaneously spun with bogus praise of a bill people passionately rejected is a difficult one to endure. I have already this morning, received emails from the Idiot OAF machine and Dahlkemper who ended up tossing Right To Life Language overboard with Stupak and voted with the pricks of the Democratic Party. They couldn’t just knife the country like thugs, they had to trot out the cries of racist epithets and gay bashers in the crowd of Tea Party protesters driven crazy by their deliberate demonstration of ignoring them (except as it could serve them to play their race-gay baiting martyrdom.) The Democrats were incapable of bringing substance to the debate, supported the President who, on the one hand, taunted the Republicans for their past failures then on the other hand poked a stick in their faces blocking attempts to elevate the discourse to a here and now level in response to the voters.

I want women to take up their rightful place in representing the people. I recognize that Kathy Dahlkemper voted for this bill as a concession to the Women-hating DNC, now headed by Obama, Plouff and Axlerod, and I regret that something as principled as The Right To Life demurrer was dealt away like yet another piece of booty the Chicago Mob owns.

Kathy truly let me down. I am represented by Altmire in the 4th,who did stay true to his principles. I had told him to his face that I did not vote for him in 2008 because of his endorsement of Obama – abusing the Super Delegate vote of a district that chose Clinton by 40% for a $12,000.00 PAC contribution. By my account, the Congressman OWED me redress. His NO vote on this health care bill reconciles his account with me. My UNDERVOTE was simply a Pass over Altmire’s name on a ballot which I cast as a conscientious citizen.

My dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party grows as crude, political tactics are rewarded by the complicit obsequiousness of Women. We elected Democrats to bring about a change from partisan political rhetoric concealing back room deals, eleventh hour muscle and disgusting accusations of race discrimination. Dahlkemper’s YES vote constituted “looking the other way” while permitting her innocent constituents to be victimized once again.

Her fundraisers may write all the lofty assurances they think we want to hear about not being driven by fear, but the TRUTH is, the fear of the Administration being exposed as incompetent, objectionable and divisive drove the House vote. Covering the corrupt ass of Barack Hussein Obama – NOT the Health Care Rights of the Citizens, was the STINK put on even the most admirable women of the party. Women’s rightful place in the Democratic Party is diminished as a matter of policy borne out by male-entitlement practices. The results speak for themselves. Sadly, however, the true perps, the PROGRESSIVES skate while the Democrats eat it.

I spent weeks trudging in the snow, enduring outright rejection of registered Democrats who refused to sign my nominating petitions. I dodged eight foot icicles poised to split my skull as I stood on doorsteps in Butler County. I shoveled out of driveways to get my car out of ice and snow, dislocated my back and neck nearly falling or slipping on ice numerous times. I paid for the gas and mileage to drive to the voters with my own money; my husband drove 40 miles several times each week to chop wood for the wood burner. There was no money for heating oil, Christmas, or recreation.


Enough with the lofty speeches to cover for the cowardice.

Obama and his Men of Dishonor must pay this price, not me!!!

Congressional re-election campaigns COULD respectfully be supported by Republicans, Independents and Democrats to recognize honor, integrity, and courage. It took no courage to bend to the ego trip Obama is on.

In order to earn a second term, this Congress must now produce something of equally solid value to prove to TheIr constituents that THEY can find the center and restore balance to their districts. I wrote to Dahlkemper’s fundraising people that if, indeed, she believed in her vote, she needs to get out there and explain it to anybody who will listen. This “morning after” appeal for campaign contributions to help her face the consequences is like a laser shot to my optic nerve. We ALL KNOW money was thrown around in every direction to force this square peg through a round hole. An elementary test of serving the will of the people was failed.

I learned in Atlanta, on my skates in the streets and parks: Level the Hill. The exhaustive effort and resources demanded to get as far as we’d gotten trying to make this an honest Administration must now be spent all over again just to get back to this point before we can pull together and get it done right. Who needs it? I don’t worship basketball players the way the guys do. (How’s that bracket holding up, Asshole? Big Deal Kansas–One and GONE!) To me, a pivot is still them playing their game while real people pay for the testosterone trip. I am disgusted that Kathy bought into the Party Putsch without getting a fair concession for the Women of the Party. She represents the district; All the citizens. But as the one Woman Representative from Western Pennsylvania in D.C., she is also burdened with the duty of Party Leadership in behalf of the Women whose contributions and votes are being squandered. If you thought the Women of the Democratic Party are on board with this administration, you are mis-led. They voted for Republican Women rather than reward the dishonor of the men of the democratic party. Kathy needs to caucus with the Women of the party. Not the Women of Color, not the Liberal Women, not the LGBT Women, the WOMEN who are unwilling to behave selfishly to get theirs at the expense of the ALL, the WOMEN who refuse to wink at the cheaters while their children are scandalized, violated and neglected. Mrs. Dahlkemper KNOWS that Women have worthy input to offer, reasonable solutions that they can actually implement and police, STANDARDS we can respect, support and enforce.

She would do well to dump this parasitic appeal for money which is a micro of the scandalous behavior of the endless campaign of the Obama administration. The Women and decent citizens have just watched a Bacchanal of sleaze by a guy with some of the biggest ears on the planet making a career of refusing to listen to anybody but his sycophantic insiders while he churns for cash constantly. He’s even replaced the American Flag and the Insignia of the President of the United States with that bullshit logo.

Women: Under the bus right on schedule

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Today- I am ashamed to be a woman!

Well it’s done. First let me say that for those of you who voted for Obama you got exactly what you asked for so stop whining about Stupak! For the woman’s groups that are now upset that the Pro-Life Dems held out and got what they wanted, remember POTUS, Nancy and the others let them have it too. I give you your beloved Democratic Party,  who again has thrown women under the bus. Did you really think you were more important to them than this historic presidency? You got the government you voted for!

For those of you who insist on holding on to the Dems simply for your rights to your own body- well I must ask — how’s that working out for ya? Huh?

Now we have a health care bill that doesn’t cover all your needs – you the majority’s needs. You have your right to your own body but pay for it yourself, and if you want breast exams wait till we say you are old enough the we pay for one then you pay for one cause we cutting down. Breast Cancer screening? Sorry ladies- you just lost 5 years of that! You got the government you voted for!

As for everything they do decide they will cover, they will have the IRS up your ass and make sure that everyone pays or is fined. That too sounds like everyone has a right to their own bodies huh? I wonder ladies, if the guys continue to get their Viagra and what else you start to lose! You got the government you voted for!

One more thing lady Dems for the third time now Mr. Obama has restated his dedication to enforce the “conscience clause” so that emergency contraception can be withheld. You got the government you voted for!

As for me- I would be disingenuous if I said there were not parts of this bill that I could live with, I wanted universal health care. Everyone who needs health care will have it, kids will not fall off their parents plan till they are 26, women will not be consider a pre-existing condition, all pre-existing conditions will be a thing of the past, there will not be caps. What you failed to understand is that this bill was not THE right bill but you Dems pushed and you pushed and you pushed because YOUR party told you they were going to take care of you and in the end – you found yourselves under the damned bus – right on schedule. You got the government you voted for!

As a proud Independent for the past 30 years, I got into this particular political arena when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy and I was specifically interested in her health care plan. I made a video which I attached. I had two children both adults who died from Cancer and we struggled to get medication to make their passing easier.

Mikie had the illness before 18 and fell off and then was so ill the rest of his short life that he would get sick lose his insurance and eventually got too sick to return to work and died of cancer at 34. My Denise fought ovarian cancer for 3 years, she had no insurance and she died at 45. Our biggest problem was not getting medical care it was getting medicine which sometimes cost 1000.00 a month for years on end.

I believe Hillary would have protected women and I believe we could have trusted her not to cut services to women and seniors as I believe this one will. Hillary and her Health Care Plan would also have been historic but it would have cared for the MAJORITY of our citizenry as well as the MINORITY!

Throughout the primaries the DNC proved what they and this president were capable of and still you voted for them. This bill was cut not for you and me this was another historic momentous piece for the record books. This entire fiasco has been historic but again women – the majority- have been left out in the cold and this time I dare say perhaps thrown to the wolves. But– you got the government you voted for!

The Republican Party is no better. If we had any sense at all we would all join together and form a third party but until then we had better clean out the House and Senate and if you can’t let go of your obsession with this damned party of yours at least change the damned characters. You got the government you voted for!

If you want HOPE and CHANGE- Unite the Majority and stop taking the damned crumbs they keep throwing us if when it so pleases them because ladies they are using us at their convenience and we are taking it like a bunch of damned battered wives. Today – I am ashamed to be a woman! When will you finally be ashamed enough to stop taking the battering, you make us all look bad?

IMAGINE– The Majority United!


By Joe Klock, Sr.

Unless the legislative train has already left the station by the time you get to read this piece (and assuming that you agree with it), you still have one last and fleeting opportunity to contact YOUR Kith & Kin, your local editors and any legislator within contact range. Joe

   Back in my high school days, when the Russians were our big buddies and Communists were a fringe band of wackos plotting the overthrow of democracy, a best-friend of mine (later to be an icon in the Radio Hall Of Fame) used to do a satirical monologue in which he impersonated one of the latter loonies.
  In his strident skit, a rabble-rousing speaker in Central Park shouted, “Comes the revolution, everybody gets to eat peaches with cream, double-thick!”
   “But, Comrade speaker, I don’t like peaches with cream, double-thick,” responded one of his listeners.
   In reply, the orator thundered, “Comrade, comes the revolution, you’ll EAT peaches with cream double-thick!”
   Fast-forward to today and substitute the speaker of your choice (yes, I do have one in mind).
   As this is being hunt-and-pecked on my trusty keyboard, a flimsy majority of our elected reprehensibles in Congress is pulling out all the stops – including a stoppage of normal procedure – to pass within the next four days the most  massive overhaul of health care in our nation’s history.
   Never mind, unless you happen to care, that the language of the proposed law has not yet been published, or that the projected cost has not been calculated, or that nary a single member of the opposition party will vote for it, OR (and herewith the theme of this opusette), the majority of we, the sheeple, do not want it to become the law of the land.
  Sure, we know that our present system is flawed, just as we know that “until death do us part” is a fading fantasy, but tainted bath water and the babies therein clearly require different handling.
   That is to say – and most of our citizens are saying it –  there are things about the delivery of health care in America which need changing, and there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence that this is a deplorable fact.
   However, the necessary surgery requires a scalpel, rather than a machete
   Neither I nor any thinking person I know is in a mad rush to join the queues awaiting critical care in other nations, or being denied such care because providing it is economically unfeasible, or having their doctors’ decisions overridden by someone buried in the bowels of bureaucracy.
   Thanks, but no thanks, sez I.
   Were it not for the system which is now being vilified by those with the hots for Obamacare, I would probably be dead today – or, even worse, existing without several members of  my extensive family, including a woman I love like a cat loves catnip.
   Let’s face reality now – as face it we will have to if the proposed legislation is force-fed into the Congressional hopper:
   Aside: “Hopper” is a word my Dad and some of his peers used to describe the bathroom throne. (Make up your own joke.)
   Back to the blog: Neither we nor the aforementioned reprehensibles know what’s in the bill, or what it will cost, or how it will be paid for, or by how many future generations, starting with the immediate descendants now depending on us for guidance and support. (Oy gevalt!)
   What we do know, if we give it more than a moment’s thought, is that if you add more patients to the waiting rooms of fewer doctors, costs will go up, the quality of service will go down and the address of future health care will be Avenue Queue – waiting lines at death’s door.
   You don’t believe me? Ask your doctor (unless you customarily call a Congressperson when you get sick!).
   Meanwhile, if you’re reading this before the health care bill has been flushed into the plumbing of our governance, this moment is your very last chance to put the brakes on a legislative juggernaut that threatens to both revolutionize and further screw up what is an admittedly imperfect system.
  It is, though, a system from which we tend not to flee to other lands when we don’t feel good.
  What to do? Call both the local and Washington offices of Democratic members of the House and warn them that drivers of, or riders in, the pending juggernaut may become pedestrians after  next November.
   If the proposed overhaul of health care is a good idea, it would survive a sober review of its component parts, followed by a sensible and affordable plan for financing each one.
   Peaches with cream, double thick, does not suit every taste, nor does such a delicacy come without cost – sometimes including acute indigestion.

 Freelance wordworker Joe Klock, Sr. ( winters in Key Largo and Coral Gables, Florida and summers in New Hampshire. More of his “Klockwork” can be found at

Saturday’s Not-So-Funnies


Health Care… in the name of a Mother’s Love

Update on Betty Jean’s daughter, Louisa…

From the day that Louisa was shot, her mother, Betty Jean Kling, has maintained a daily vigil of hope, care and love at Louisa’s side.

For those that may not know the story, 14 months ago Louisa was shot in the face with a shotgun, by her sister’s (Denise, who was in the final stages of ovarian cancer) former husband.  The damages to Louisa’s face, skull and brain were so severe that she was not expected to live through the night.

Louisa is now in a convalescent center and receiving no ‘professional’ rehabilitation, therapy or progressive health care, due to the prognosis of her being so severely brain damaged that she would be incapable of improving any further. She is presumed to be completely “blind,” although she opens one eye and her head follows her mother’s every move through her room.

…But, for a Mother’s Love

Each afternoon, whether rain, sleet, snow, sickness or even knee surgery, Betty Jean visits her daughter. She talks to her, hugs her, kisses her face, reads to her and plays her favorite music. Betty Jean has continued to work  with Louisa because she knows,  she sees what Louisa’s caregivers apparently cannot – that Louisa not only understands everything that her mother is doing, but is responding; Louisa is still fighting to recover – and to communicate her feelings, wants and needs.

One finger, “No!” –  two fingers, “Yes!” – middle finger, “You’re not listening to me!”

So, mother and daughter figured out some basics: one finger for “No,” two fingers for “Yes,” and the middle finger for… uh… sort of like…  “You’re not listening to me” (also known as:  Screw you!)

Mother and daughter also play ball. That’s right!  Louisa can throw and catch a ball now!… that is, when Louisa feels like it…  if she doesn’t, and mother keeps pushing, even mother gets that blessed… “You’re not listening to me” middle-finger-signal.)

Most importantly,  it is apparent that Louisa has re-learned that her life matters, that her mother will never give up on her and that, to her mother, the quality of her daughter’s health care is more  important now, than ever – now that she is unable to fully fight for her own quality of health care.

Yesterday,  Louisa pulled out her Tracheostomy Tube – for the fourth or fifth time since she was injured. She was rushed from the convalescent center to the hospital emergency room. This time, Louisa was able to communicate to the doctor that she did not want the breathing tube reinserted. This time, the doctor listened – because Betty Jean, who had traveled through a snow storm, arriving just moments before they reinserted the tube, asked the doctor if she had asked her daughter if that is what she wanted. The doctor said: “No, she can’t communicate.”

This time… Betty Jean was able to say: “Oh yes she can!”

And, this time…

…Louisa was able to say “NO!”

This time, a doctor said, “I am listening and I hear you, Louisa.”  As of this morning, at 10 am, Louisa has been breathing comfortably, on her own, for 20 hours. Her oxygen level is normal. The doctor, a woman, also began ordering tests on her overall physical condition, as precautionary measures, in Louisa’s best interest. As a result of this doctor’s thoroughness, they discovered some other, unrelated medical issues that needed attention. That’s called: “Health Care” – especially for those caught in situational cracks that may not have a voice – other than the voices of others, fighting for their rights.

In the early hours of this morning, a male nurse, who had been on duty the very night Louisa had been shot, 14 months ago, rolled a regular hospital bed into Louisa’s room in emergency…

…Mother and Daughter slept, side-by-side.

I am certain that if I could have asked Louisa if it would be okay that I post a video in tribute to she and her  mother’s love, it would have been  “Two Fingers”…

To Mother and Daughter, Betty Jean Kling and Louisa…



Health Care Resolved: Give us the Congressional Plan

BettyJean Kling

Our President and the house and Senate convened in a special meeting this morning all telling us their employers that they have our best interests at heart and what they and we all have in common is this one thing; all Americans deserve and want and need affordable health care. I agree – how about you?

Here they sit fighting over three different plans all written exclusively by democrats and fought over  bitterly by Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans alike while Americans have increasingly done without while paying these fools to fight over the same while the answer is as plain as the nose on their faces.

According to Steny Hoyer, 5Th. Congressional District Maryland, he has a plan that is affordable and does not restrict pre-existing conditions. While reiterating his deep concern for Americans this morning he announced that he wants all Americans to have as good as he has.  I agree – how about you?

The President has said over and over that he has great heath care for he a his family and always will- need I remind you who pays for that health care? Mr. Obama  along with Nancy, Harry and Steny tell us they want us to all have Health Care as good as theirs.  I agree – how about you? As if rubbing salt in our wounds – We The People have been reminding all 535 of them and POTUS and Company of this very point all along.

Why don’t they understand and why can’t we all have what they have? It costs about $1200.00 a year for the Representative and his family for life it’s a Cadillac plan, has no restrictions, and it is not NOT Government Run! 

What a novel idea.

I think he single handedly pointed right to the solution!

I asked my Congressman last August and many Americans asked their Congresspersons as well but none are suggesting the perfect answer. So Mr. Obama, the dilemma is solved. Stop the summit and give us what you and the Congress has.

Demand the Insurance companies currently covering the hundreds of thousands of government employees to also cover the 300 million Employers with the same coverage. How’s that for a large pool?

Eureka! – Health Care coverage and cost s solved!

Health Reform or Bribery

Another Rant By BettyJean Kling

Excuse me but this deal still leaves over 20 million people uninsured! Let me repeat that over 20 million people still uninsured, it gives sweetheart deals to several states, it looks nothing like anything that those who elected this president asked for so in the end it is just another back room wheeling and dealing political hack job that reminds us – the only good politician is a fired one!

Health Care needs reform but our House and Senate need it more. Private deals at our expense and without our permission are unacceptable! How long are we going to sit by and watch these crooks take our money and do as they will with it? Who will decide who and where and how spend our hard earned money? Who decides if and where we will have jobs and who will take away our right to decide for ourselves or most private decisions? Are we fools?  Will we continue to take this quietly?

Sweetheart deals – with your money?
If you go along with this- you will deserve it!

I just signed Mike Huckabee’s Emergency Petition to Senator Ben Nelson. I urge you to do the same. Please use this link:

 Our goal is to collect 100,000 signatures by the final Senate vote.

If you will take any Health Care Reform at any cost just to say you have passed Health Care Reform – you are a fool who is not meeting the criteria of reforming health care in a meaningful way nor reducing cost. What you have accomplished is reforming health care in name only and you have fooled NO ONE! My only hope is that this is the final nail for your coffins! Perhaps this is what will wake American’s up !

Voter Imposed Term Limits!
vote em out – vote em all out!

Health Care Confusion Clarified – McCain Durbin Debate

An excellent debate to watch. At moment 7:04 an exchange that explains why health care reform has been so confusing. No one knows what is in the compromise bill. Senator Durbin, “I’m in the dark almost as much as he [Senator McCain] is.”

Also at 15:56 Senator McCain addresses the sticking point of many people who would like to see a health reform bill, simply “The Math doesn’t work.”

Ladies First: The rationing begins with mammograms!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Here is your harbinger of things to come from our first feminist president. Women are always the first to go! We were the last to get the medical help in the best studies against Cancer and heart disease and the first to get the boot. So where’s the change as the rationing begins?

A government task force said Monday that most women don’t need mammograms in their 40s and should get one every two years starting at 50 — a stunning reversal and a break with the American Cancer Society’s long-standing position. What’s more, the panel said breast self-exams do no good, and women shouldn’t be taught to do them.

The news seemed destined to leave many deeply confused about whose advice to follow.

“I’ve never had a scare, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?” asked Beth Rosenthal, 41, sitting in a San Francisco cafe on Monday afternoon with her friend and their small children. “I’ve heard of a lot of women in their 40s, and even 30s, who’ve gotten breast cancer. It just doesn’t seem right to wait until 50.”

For most of the past two decades, the American Cancer Society has been recommending annual mammogram beginning at 40, and it reiterated that position on Monday. “This is one screening test I recommend unequivocally, and would recommend to any woman 40 and over,” the society’s chief medical officer, Dr. Otis Brawley, said in a statement.

But the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a government panel of doctors and scientists, concluded that such early and frequent screenings often lead to false alarms and unneeded biopsies, without substantially improving women’s odds of survival.

“The benefits are less and the harms are greater when screening starts in the 40s,” said Dr. Diana Petitti, vice chair of the panel.

Breast cancer survivors who were diagnosed at a young age were among the more vocal critics of the new guidelines.,2933,575371,00.html

Think I am jumping to conclusions? Please note,  the new US government task force regulations are in line with international guidelines, which call for screening to start at age 50; the World Health Organization recommends the test every two years, and Britain’s are every three years.  Hmmmmmmmmm , sounds fishy to me- wonder if they will still pay for Viagra?

By the way this task force is another czar-like unelected panel selected to make decisions on your health care! Their job and very handsome income depends soley on making their boss very happy and cutting medical costs!!! isn’t it interesting how the first first cut started with mamograms?