Obama: Educator-in-Chief on Islam

Another Rant By: BettyJean

I am a firm believer of separation of church and state and I really am not fond of organized religion at all and would prefer to have a private relationship with God. I am also a firm believer that God gave me free choice and I am lucky enough to live in America where we are free to use our God given freedom of choice!

I believe religion is one of those choices including Muslim religion but not with its Sharia Law – not here! Any religion and its laws that do not conform to our Constitution and would deny our Citizens of our rights must be removed from our land! Muslims and their laws are oppressive to all other religions and to atheists and agnostics who otherwise can co-exist and therefore cannot be tolerated within our borders.

For example, I don’t mind looking at Minarets or the Star of David or Jesus on or off the Cross nor would I forbid our President from speaking from any of those venues. I don’t mind folks praying, but I certainly mind some praying  three times a day any damned place they choose to and some being forbidden from praying anywhere at all. I certainly mind some speaking and threatening and some forbidden from speaking or handing our tracts. I certainly mind some being threatened to death by beheading for refusing to convert while others are forbidden from trying to convert in return. I certainly mind Muslims being treated as if their religion is to be respected above all others and we are to walk carefully around it while all other religions have to hide themselves and live in fear of Islam!  Christians cannot have a moment of silence- while Muslims  can face East on their knees several times a day?

And I damned well mind living in fear of a religion which makes no bones about hating anyone who they feel are animals worthy of death by stoning. And I damned well mind a president who ignores the Constitution by showing favor to any one religion over another. I do not want to learn about any religion and certainly do not want to learn about Islam! I learned all I needed to know about them on 9/11/01.

Maybe it’s me but on Wednesday, April 15, 2009Georgetown says it covered over the name of Jesus to comply with the White House request.

National Day of Prayer NO ? Muslim Nat’l Day of Prayer Yes!

Two years running the president himself canceled the regular National Day of Prayer White House ceremony that has been a fixture in Washington for years. The day is designated on the first Thursday in May, which this year would be May 6th, 2010.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama was heard saying the USA was no longer a Christian nation. Now see if you can wrap your brain around this: On September 25, 2009 from 4am until 7pm, a National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion was held on Capitol Hill, beside the White House. Over 50,000 Muslims attended that day in DC. The website (yes, there is a very informative website) is: http://www.islamoncapitolhill.com/ Pay particular attention to the very bottom of the page: “OUR TIME HAS COME”. Could it be that the REAL agenda of the President is becoming more plain? The evidence is there. “The Athan will be chanted on Capitol Hill, echoing off of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and other great edifices that surround Capitol Hill.”

Now this! – Enough!!!!! What are we stupid?

Obama’s Islamic Envoy: Obama Is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam” Envoy Rashad Hussain says U.S. will work with Organization for the Islamic Conference in the UN to stop “defamation of religion.”

Stephen Schwartz : http://weeklystandard.com/blogs/obama-america-educator-chief-islam

Rashad Hussain, America’s special envoy to the Organization for the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Saudi-based body formed in 1969 to “protect” Jerusalem from the Israelis, announced a new title this week for President Barack Obama.  According to Hussain, Obama is America’s “Educator-in-Chief on Islam.”

Hussain so designated Obama in a keynote speech Wednesday, June 23, at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  The occasion was another “post-Cairo” conference, following on the event that welcomed Islamist ideologue Tariq Ramadan to Washington in April. Hussain also declared that Obama is “Educator-in-Chief” on the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which has produced diplomatic and political events around the capital for some years.  Hussain affirmed with satisfaction that presidential iftar dinners, where the fast is broken after sundown, and which had formerly been limited to diplomats from Muslim countries, now welcomed American Muslims from throughout society.

In his remarks, Hussain also congratulated Obama for sending Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser, to last year’s annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America, a notorious front for Saudi-financed Muslim radicalism.  Worse, Hussain has now divulged that the U.S. will support the OIC in the latter’s United Nations effort to criminalize “defamation of religion” – widely perceived as a measure to suppress criticism of Muslim practices that violate human rights.  “The OIC and the Obama administration will work together in the UN on the issue of defamation of religion, especially in Europe,” said Hussain. He had previously said, at the above-mentioned April “post-Cairo” conference, that the U.S. would work with the OIC to defend the Muslim head-scarf against prohibitions on its display in schools and governmental offices – a measure common to secular France and now Islamist-ruled, but still legally-secular Turkey, as well as Muslim-majority Tunisia and Kosovo.  

Obama, Hussain declaimed, has created an “overarching framework” for relations between Muslims and non-Muslims that is lacking in Europe.  The problem, according to the president’s man at the OIC, is that a once-favorable relationship between the West and the Muslim countries has turned negative in the past decade – presumably, since 9/11.  Put plainly, Obama’s desire to educate Americans about Islam is founded on nostalgia for a warm and reliable friendship that rarely existed.

As noted by Hussain, Obama has called for references to “Islamic terrorism” and “jihadism” to be expunged from the official vocabulary employed by his administration, and has pronounced last year’s Fort Hood massacre to be unrelated to Islam.  As the president has assured the world, terrorism is anti-Islamic and the term “jihad” has been misused.  Thus Obama presumes not only to act as “educator” on Islam to non-Muslim Americans, but to define the religion for its own adherents.

Hussain addressed his comments to an event assessing the impact of Obama’s Cairo speech.  But Hussain employed a phrase that must have been chilling to those who heard in it an echo, saying “Islam is a solution” to the current global challenges emerging from Muslim ranks.  A “post-Cairo” phrase indeed: “Islam is the solution” is the slogan of the radical Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.  Are we learning yet?

Obama’s Presidency in a Nutshell

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Obama’s presidency in the first year is one where 33 Czars hold positions most of who are unapologetically either Socialist or Communists and are married or somehow related to one another in a twisted web of past controversies or tax compromises. It’s a year when Tiger is named the athlete of the decade, Obama is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize nine days into serving and presented the Prize a week after committing 30,000 troops to Afghanistan totally against his voters’ wishes. It is also the same week of the same year Barbara Walters honors Michelle as the most fascinating person of the year and Time’s person of the year is none other than Ben Bernanke who is honored I  suppose for losing 7 million jobs! Barack grades himself a strong B+ but still refuses to release his actual grades but at least he got off  Oprah, Walters and Time First place possition so his wife could have a turn this year! 

I wonder does she get the Nobel next year?

Barack has no deaf-ense for a tin ear
By Michael Goodwin
NEW YORK POST -December 16, 2009

Of all the surprises of President Obama’s first year, the biggest is his continuing tin ear for the mood of the country. He often appears clueless about what Americans want.

Almost from the moment he stepped into the Oval Office, the man who smashed the Clinton machine and won an electoral landslide over John McCain seemed to lose his touch with the people who put him there.

Some days, many days, he doesn’t look like he cares that big chunks of the country, left, right and center, are giving up on him.

Voters by a large margin have said for months they don’t want the health-care overhaul he’s pushing, so he pushes harder. They want less spending and debt, so he doubles down on pork, bailouts, handouts and taxes.

They thought he would deliver bipartisanship, and he gives his hard-left allies the keys to the kingdom.

They worry about terrorism, so he wants to close Gitmo and move the worst of the worst to the homeland. With Ground Zero still a mess, he gives the 9/11 plotters civilian trials in New York.

His approval ratings are speeding downhill and some 60 percent say the country is on the wrong track. He responds by giving himself a “good solid B-plus” for his first year.

And he says Wall Street bankers “don’t get it.”

It comes as no surprise, of course, that our young president has a very, very high opinion of himself. But it is nonetheless shocking he remains so brazenly self-righteous in the face of growing public discontent.

A damn-the-torpedoes style of leadership would be welcome if he were an optimist brandishing an inclusive, sunny-side up vision. He’s not. He’s too often testy, churlish and downright whiny.

His vision is little more than a string of gauzy utopian platitudes glued together with fear, as when he told fellow Dems yesterday that the flawed health-bill represented “the last chance” for reform.

The last chance? Forever?

His charge that bankers have an obligation “to help rebuild the economy” by making more and presumably riskier loans boggles the mind. Low standards are the hair of the dog that led to liar loans and other housing disasters. By all means, let’s do it again.

When something goes wrong, it’s not his fault. “Fat-cat bankers,” “greedy” insurance companies, doctors who do amputations just for the money, special interests, the media — the media! — have all taken their turns being blamed for what he hasn’t fixed.

The buck doesn’t stop on his desk!

If all other scapegoats fail, there’s always George W. Bush. Pressed during last Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview on his decision to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, Obama shared his pain and slandered Bush — all to distinguish his troop surge from his predecessor’s.


And we thought Bush and his administration were out of touch with reality?  Well they were – but — it is we the people that are out of touch with reality if we do not realize we are in deep shit folks. We are in the throws of hell and unless we bind together  — NOW and throw these bums out this Nov. and every Nov. from here on out — we are nuttier than these weirdo’s running amuck in DC!

Voter Imposed Term Limits- NOW!

Who pulls Puppet Obama’s strings?

Has it really taken nearly a year for a troop of lawyers to ask these questions? Pardon me but it’s a no brainer! I have been calling him a puppet since the New Hampshire primary, but even the slowest of us figured this out before Inauguration Day!

Who’s Really Running the Show?
I have been having a nagging intuition lately that something is not quite right about Barack Obama.  I am not suggesting there is something wrong with the man, per se.  Nor am I talking about the crazy, even dangerous, policies coming out of the White House.  No, lately, I have been wondering if Barack Obama is, in fact, the person who is actually functioning as President of the United States

I mean, there’s no doubt that he fills the position of POTUS but is he really the one in command?  The man actually seems lost at times.  He seems to be reacting to ideas about which he does not really have a clue.  He has left the writing of this health care bill to Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives and she, in turn, has farmed the writing out to several fairly radical community action groups.   When questioned about health care, he seems not to know or understand the details and even with his silver-tongue seems unable to demonstrate any leadership on the issue.

With respect to Afghanistan and the rest of our foreign policy, he seems equally lost.  Especially when it comes to dealing with other world leaders.  He makes beautiful speeches but seems to be unable to cut deals which benefit our nation.  He seems to be acting as a pawn of much more clever world leaders.

The more I watch the man, the more I see a person who appears to be the “face” of some other entity or group.  He seems like a “front man”.  And it is becoming clear that his strings are being pulled by someone else.  He does not appear to be the man in command of the ship of state.  At least, he is not in the driver’s seat. 

You might recall that people said about Bush that he was a front man for the neo-cons and that it was really Dick Cheney that was running the show.  It turns out that Dick Cheney was not as influential in Bush’s second term as many thought but, perhaps it is true that the neo-cons, whoever they may be, were pulling some of Bush’s strings.

On the other hand, with Obama, it does not appear that there is anyone who is visible to we the people or the media who is pulling the strings.  If they are there, they are not in elected positions as Cheney was.  They are better hidden than that.

We know that he has been and remains surrounded by life-long radicals,  professed communists and anti-capitalists, some of whom he has even appointed as czars in his administration.  Thirty six czars, to date.  But is it Obama who is picking the czars or is it the czars who are running the show and propping up Obama as their front man? 

I know all this may  sound crazy but, really, when you look at the man without the idolatry and media worship,  does he really look like he knows what he is doing?  Does he seem to have a direction?  Firm convictions?  Something he deeply believes in?  The more he talks  now, the more his words seems empty of content.  Platitudes about America and the American people which, when he says them, simply do not ring true.  They are words being mouthed but not believed by him.

Okay, so maybe he is really clever, is firmly moving the ship to the left while mouthing the words of a centrist but I don’t think so.  What I used to think was that he was a really slick conman who was making us watch his left hand while he was manipulating us with his right. But, now I don’t think that so much.  I think the man is more plastic than real.  Now I begin to see him as the “Great and Powerful Oz”:  a fearsome presence who is being manipulated by men behind the curtain.  And while Obama does not have strong convictions, the men behind the curtain do.  And they are moving this country down a dangerous path.  All the while, we are being distracted by Obama and what he says and does.

Okay, maybe I am simply a mildly paranoid conspiracy theorist.  Why, you might ask, have Obama up there?  Why not have one of the actual people behind the curtain run for President.  Well, being a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I can come up with an answer to that question. Those other people behind the curtain have backgrounds that are so radical that they would never have made it past the first few days of a campaign.  Additionally, they are life-long community organizers and they know what kind of face can be effective if you wish to radically change the nation.  First, you need a black man to gain the support of the vast black minority.  Second, you need a pale skinned black man so as not to be too much of a threat to white Americans.  For the same reasons, you need a mixed race man who allies himself with the poor and down-trodden.  And you need someone who speaks well enough to co-opt the language of the right and appear to be a uniter, not a divider.  Someone who sees, or at least can articulate,  both sides of an issue.  This is the kind of man you would pick to be your front man so that while you move things drastically and dramatically left, the vast majority of Americans will not believe that was the intention of the moderate appearing front man. 

Yes, Obama was a community organizer.  Yes, he could be clever enough to have all this be his idea.  But he really wasn’t a community organizer for that long.  And when he was, he didn’t do anything truly radical.  It was more a time during which he was being trained than a time when he was driven by a personal sense of commitment to anything in particular.  There are people who are now in his government who have been community organizers and radical left wing activists for 20-30 years.  These people have deeply ingrained commitments to changing the system and have been actively trying to do so for all that time.  Obama is not one of them.  

 In my view, Obama has been trained and used as a puppet by others for a long time.  His successes seem to have come too easily, as if they have been orchestrated.  His life appears to have been pre-planned.  I mean, Harvard Law Review without publishing a single paper of note.  That is unusual.  A community organizer for a short time, a State legislator for a few years, a  freshman US Senator, a convention key-note speaker, and then POTUS.  How does that happen?  A person with zero governmental administrative experience is running the entire government of the United States .

How do 1100 page documents get developed and put out in such short order?  Who is writing all these proposals?  Does it not seem that something is just not quite right here?  Forget about the specifics of the policies for the moment.  Have you seen this level of activity in the first few months of any other administration in your lifetime?   Does Obama seem like the kind of person that could manage this level of activity in so short a time?  Too much does not make sense here. 

So, slowly but surely, I am becoming convinced that it is not Barack Obama who is running the show.  The White House has been captured by a group of people who are using Barack Obama as their front man.  He is nothing but an articulate but empty suit.  We have to start looking behind the curtains to find out who is really controlling the “great and powerful Obama”.

Something to think about.

The Fundamental Transformation of America

Contributed by: The Bib

When Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank, (Frank Marshall Davis) an avowed Communist, People said it didn’t matter.

When it was discovered that his grandparents, were strong socialists, sent Obama’s mother to a socialist school, introduced Frank Marshall Davis to young Obama, People said it didn’t matter.

When people found out that he was enrolled as a Muslim child in school and his father and step father were both Muslims, People said it didn’t matter.

When he wrote in another book he authored “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
People said it didn’t matter.

When he admittedly said, in his book, he chose Marxist friends and professors in college, People said it didn’t matter.

When he traveled to Pakistan, after college on an unknown national passport, People said it didn’t matter.

When he sought the endorsement of the Marxist party in 1996 as he ran for the Illinois Senate, People said it doesn’t matter.

When he sat in a Chicago Church for twenty years and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America and preach black liberation theology, People said it didn’t matter.

When an independent Washington organization, that tracks senate voting records, gave him the distinctive title as the “most liberal senator”, People said it didn’t matter.

When the Palestinians in Gaza, set up a fund raising telethon to raise money for his election campaign, People said it didn’t matter.

When his voting record supported gun control, People said it didn’t matter.

When he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, People said it didn’t matter.

When he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan and Mummar Kadaffi and Hugo Chavez, People said it didn’t matter.

When it was pointed out that he was a total, newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, People said it didn’t matter.

When he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, People said it didn’t matter.

When his voting record in the Illinois senate and in the U.S.  Senate came into question, People said it didn’t matter.

When he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a public outcry, People said it didn’t matter.

When people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, People said it didn’t matter.

When he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, (As recently as 11/11/09) People said it didn’t matter.

When he surrounded himself in the White house with advisors who were pro gun control, pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, People said it didn’t matter.

When he aired his views on abortion, homosexuality and a host of other issues, People said it didn’t matter.

When he said he favors sex education in Kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, People said it didn’t matter.

When his background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, People said it didn’t matter.

When the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, People said it didn’t matter.

When he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco, a man of questionable character, who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home, People said it didn’t matter.

When it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, People said it didn’t matter.

When he started appointing czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist/Communist, People said it didn’t matter.

When he stood before the nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this nation” into something else, People said it didn’t matter.

When it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, People said it didn’t matter.

When he appointed cabinet members and several advisors, who were tax cheats and socialist, People said it didn’t matter.

When he appointed a science czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers, People said it didn’t matter.

When he appointed Cass Sunstein as regulatory czar and he believes in “Explicit Consent”, harvesting human organs without family consent, and to allow animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, People said it didn’t matter.

When he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual, and organizer of a group called gay, lesbian, straight, Education network, as safe school czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, People said it didn’t matter.

When he appointed Mark Lloyd as diversity czar and he believed in curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth and admires Hugo Chavez, People said it didn’t matter.

When Valerie Jarrett was selected as Obama’s senior White House advisor and she is an avowed Socialist, People said it didn’t matter.

When Anita Dunn, White House Communications director said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for inspiration, People said it didn’t matter.

When he appointed Carol Browner as global warming czar and she is a well known socialist working on Cap and trade as the nation’s largest tax, People said it doesn’t matter.

When he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as green energy czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, People said it didn’t matter.

When Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for health and human services secretary could not be confirmed, because he was a tax cheat, People said it didn’t matter.

When as president of the United States, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, and even lower, to the Emperor of Japan, People said it didn’t matter.

When he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, People said it didn’t matter.

When his actions concerning the middle-east seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel, our long time friend, People said it doesn’t matter.

When he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States, People said it doesn’t matter.

When he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians, People said it doesn’t matter.

When he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops the Field Commanders said we had to have to win, People said it didn’t matter.

When he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, People said it didn’t matter.

When he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions and individuals that got him elected, People said it didn’t matter.

When he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc.  People said it didn’t matter.

When he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, People said it didn’t matter.

When he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, People said it didn’t matter.

When he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade, People said it didn’t matter.

When he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State, People finally woke up……..  but it was too late.

Any one of these things, in and of themselves does not really matter.  But….  when you add them up one by one you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that our Obama is determined to make America over into a Marxist/Socialist society.
All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place.
All can be documented very easily.  Before you disavow this, do an internet search.  The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone.  You and I will write that paragraph.  Will it read as above or will it be a happier ending for most of America?  Personally, I like happy endings.

If you are an Obama Supporter, please do not be angry with me because I think your president is a socialist/marxist.

There are too many facts supporting this.  If you seek the truth you will certainly be richer for it.  Don’t merely belittle the opposition.  Actively search for the truth.  I did.  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Constitutionalist, Libertarians and what have you; we all need to pull together.  We all must pull together or watch the demise of a society that we all love and cherish.  If you are a religious person, pray for our nation.

Never before in the history of America have we been confronted with problems so huge that the very existence of our country is in jeopardy.  Don’t rely on most television news and what you read in the newspapers for the truth.  Search the internet.  Yes, there is a lot of bad information, lies and distortions there too but you are smart enough to spot the fallacies.  Newspapers are a dying breed.  They are currently seeking a bailout from the government.  Do you really think they are about to print the truth?  Obama praises all the television news networks except Fox who he has waged war against.
There must be a reason.  He does not call them down on any specifics, just a general battle against them.  If they lie, he should call them out on it but he doesn’t.
Please, find the truth, it will set you free.

Our biggest enemy is not China, Russia, Iran; no, our biggest enemy is a contingent of elitist power hungry politician/despots in Washington DC.

   “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”
       Harry S Truman, August 8, 1950

“In the string of amazing decisions made during the first year of the Obama administration, nothing seems more like sheer insanity than the decision to try foreign terrorists, who have committed acts of war against the United States, in federal court, as if they were American citizens accused of crimes.” –economist Thomas Sowell

 What you get free costs too much.”
 Jean Anouilh

Savannah Guthrie Takes on Obama

By:Ms. Behaved

More lies out of his mouth:
Obama on his War With Fox News:
“I’m Not Losing Any Sleep Over It.” 

Eve of our Second Revolution

By BettyJean Kling

Okay here is another letter written by someone who I am told is a navy Commander named Jerry Wilson. I don’t know if this is the real author or not-and again – I don’t care – the darn thing is worth reading. Day by day we see it unfolding – well some of us do and still the Obamabots are blind. Those of us who knew early are baffled , those who were slow to catch on are surprised that they were taken in but those who do not see must not want to because it is so damned clear now! Even the media is beginning to get the drift- maybe! Read on and know – it does not matter who wrote this – what matters is – we must start to unite NOW! It is time to take back our country – we cannot trust either party – we simply can not!

Subject: Important Read from a Navy Commander

We lived in California during the winters of 2007 and 2008. We became addicted to Fox News and watched O’Reilly and Hannity and Colmes every night. When we got back home, we upgraded our cable to get Fox. I watched the Presidential campaign very closely. Initially because I thought the Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and then in astonishment when they chose an even more hard-left candidate. All of last year I told everyone I could that Obama was not a Democrat, he was a Marxist. He is far to the left of any European leader and even our far left party, the NDP.

I read Saul Alinsky when I was in the University. I studied him and his writing carefully. When Bill Ayers and his idiot wife were bombing and killing people at random in the Weather Underground. Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were closely allied. I read David Horowitz’s account of changing from a Marxist to a conservative after seeing that the government was afraid to prosecute members of the Panthers for murdering his personal assistant. He suddenly understood the evil that Marxism really was.

After the student radicals failed in creating a Marxist revolution in the United States by violent means, they embraced Alinsky. You would be wise to read “Rules for Radicals” because it outlines how Obama planned to get into power, and what he intended to do when he got it.

Socialism is not the correct descriptor for what Obama and the Democrats are doing. They are going to be much more far reaching than anything Sweden has ever been able to do. Obama is following Alinsky’s plans, those set out in “Rules for Radicals” and his other writing. The Democrats are attempting to create one party rule in the U.S. and in achieving that, will create crisis after crisis by their own actions and use those crisis to nationalize the means of production in the U.S. You are in the middle of a communist revolution and few in the U.S. can actually see it for what it truly is.

The U.S. is now on the path of financial destruction. The Constitution has been shredded and individual human rights are being trampled. In less than 8 months. Obama has used a recession to take over the two largest industries in the U.S. He will debase the Dollar and is on the road to creating an incredible energy shortage that will allow him and Congress to take over the energy industry.

But by and large I think that by the 2010 elections, the Democrats will have gerrymandered electoral districts to the point that it will be impossible for them to lose control of both houses of Congress. The incredible increase in the money supply is going to create Zimbabwe and Venezuela style inflation, and with it, controls on the currency and the amount of money that can be taken out of the country.

I love America , I cannot believe how the ignorance of the American public has created a situation where by they are going to lose their Republic and slip into an age of repression and tyranny.

I may be nuts, but so far I have been 100% in my predictions of what Obama was going to do, because I merely had to look at “Rules for Radicals” to see what was coming next.

I read Glenn Beck’s book, “Common Sense” and in it re-read Thomas Paine’s pamphlet with the same name. I recommend the book.

When the storm finally hits (and it will), those of you who supported the Obama administration will be affected as well. It won’t just be us gun owners or Flat-Taxers, or Pro-Lifers that get hit. You’ll be right there next to us.

You all thought the Conservatives were nut cases. You know, all of us who believe in God, small government, the Second Amendment, etc. You thought you could just go back to sleep after the election was over. In your world, America will continue as before. You’ll still have the same rights, the same nice house, the same big screen television. After all, your high school football team won and the other team lost “go team”! Even if you have bothered to look up from the daily grind since Nov 4th, you dismissed everything that has occurred as “politics as usual” the same old stuff.

In the end, it’ll all be OK won’t it? Not this time.

There are a growing number of citizens in the US that are ready to fight to shut down the government’s grab of personal freedom, it’s blatant abuse of the Constitution, and it’s attempt to replace the American way of life with socialism. You have to listen carefully to hear them, but they are there. I won’t start that fight, but when it goes down I will join it.

As for you, why, you’ll be shocked because you didn’t see it coming. And eventually you’ll be saddened when you see that we have truly lost the way of life with which you grew up. You’ll be saddened that your children and grandchildren live in a socialist, government-controlled gulag where their every movement from cradle to grave is tracked by the government. But most of all, you’ll be saddened by the death of friends and relatives who are brave enough to fight and die for something they believe in.

You know, McCain wasn’t much of a candidate. I’ll give you that. He was the lesser of two evils for most of us. I don’t blame you for not voting for him since, at the time, you didn’t know what we all know now. But at least John McCain was an American. He was a supporter of the American way of life and he understood that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. He understood and appreciated the sacrifice made by my father and other members of the Greatest Generation.

Mark my words friends. All across America groups are forming. They are forming out of anger and out of desperation at the thought of losing America . They’re not militia groups, terrorists as the Department of Homeland security would have you believe; they are Americans, loyal to the Constitution. They are mothers and fathers and grandparents. They belong to groups like the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, the Peaceful Resistance, the Constitution Party, the Young Conservatives, the 9/12 Project, and Grassfire. Right now they are fragmented, each focused on their own cause. But sometime in the next two years, our government is going to do something really stupid and these groups will come together. Watch for it, wait for it’s get ready. It will happen.

When that event happens, whatever “it” is, our great country is going to plunge into chaos for a while. I pray to God that we make it through that time and emerge a stronger, smarter country.

Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson, Live Free or Die Fighting


Obama: The brunt of jokes- but it’s much too sad to laugh about

SNL Pokes Fun at Obama for his Lack of Accomplishments


This is no laughing matter! After 8 years of Bush, even 4 years of this empty suit is more than we deserve! This makes me so damned angry, I’d like to shake the hell out of the morons that fell for this crap. I sure hope they are happy with what they wound up without! Damned Fools! Historic my ass! And I have no intention of being big about this- no intention at all- they in their ignorance and greed – have put us on the road to destruction and have helped strip this country of democracy and I am not about to be charitable about it. No one damned bit. The MSM needs fired and we the people damned well better find someone to run against the entrenched crooks by 2010! Oh and the fools who helped do this – either better learn how to vote or stay the hell home!

Obama and the Thugs

Cross posted from American Thinker

If any side has been guilty of astroturfing at townhalls, it is Obama supporters.  People posing as doctors have turned up at various events, hailing the President’s plan, only to be found out later.  Vandals smashed windows at the Democratic Party office in Denver early this week.  More astroturfing, apparently.  As Gateway Pundit has detailed:


The young vandal who smashed windows at the DNC headquarters in Denver on Tuesday worked for a democratic politician, was paid by a SEIU-related front group, and was arrested at the RNC convention last year in St. Paul.


Honestly, I never thought I would live to see the day when a president one-upped Nixon.  But this Obama thuggery gets worse by the day and our once-valiant mainstream press just yawns and accuses the innocent. 


Even Richard Nixon never, as far as we know, went so far as to orchestrate manufactured news, advise his supporters to “get in their faces” or use taxpayer dollars to promote political causes.


What in the world is this Country coming to?


Read: the full article here: http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/08/obama_and_the_thugs.html

Pharmaquiddick: Obama’s Drug Deal Gone Bad

Contributed by:  Ace of Spades

Assume that the deal itself is legal. (I don’t know if it is.) Assume that Obama sought a deal of some kind, and he’s permitted to do so, and this is the “best deal for the American people” he could get.

Let’s assume that.

But let’s note these problems:

1. The President is not allowed to enter into secret deals with corporations. Deal, perhaps. Deal secretly? No.

2. They’ve lied about it. They did not merely withhold information about the deal; they actively lied to the public — in agreement with each other; both parties, after all, have to agree to lie before one goes forward in the lie — about the deal.

3. Big Pharma has also agreed to an utterly-corrupt $150 million ad buy to prop up Obama’s plan — which is of course the same as contributing to his election war chest. And John McCain only spent $126 million on his campaign, for comparison.

4. Obama keeps lying to the public, claiming he can find additional “savings” in drug spending, when in fact he as already promised to seek not a penny more in savings from Pharma. He needs to contrive fakey-pretend methods of savings, in order to explain why the CBO is wrong, and he keeps coming back to vague savings he’ll get from drug-makers. This is a lie. The exact amount of savings has been agreed to and there is not another dollar coming. (Cf. his frequent statements that he’s already gotten $80 billion out of pharma, so who knows how much more in savings he’ll find?)

5. Obama promised over and over these “negotiations” would be not only transparent, they’d be on CSPAN; he promised that anyone “carrying water” for the drug companies (a Congressman, he suggests) would be shamed. Check out this vid of Obama’s many promises to make his negotiations transparent and “on CSPAN:”


 On CSPAN? Even the White House spokesman doesn’t seem to know about them.
And those problems stand even if we assume that all of the other stuff is perfectly legal. Which I’m not at all certain of.
Thanks to Andrew’s Dad for Point 5; video compiled by Naked Emperor News.

Credit: “Pharmaquiddick” thanks to kefka.


Media Malpractice – How Obama got Elected

The shocking new John Zeigler film, “Media Malpractice – How Obama got Elected”, is scheduled for a showing in New York. http://www.howobamagotelected.com/

John Ziegler has documented from start to finish how in the tank the media was with Barack Obama in his film Media Malpractice: How Obama got Elected and Palin was Targeted.

Mr. Ziegler, who describes himself as a libertarian and was once a talk-show hosts, used his own money to finance the project that details the rise of Barack Obama from a no-name first term U.S. Senator to President of the United States…with the complete help and what appears to be coordinated effort of the Main Stream Media.

John Zeigler will attend this showing in person and answer questions following the show.


What people are saying:

“I showed your DVD to my students in “rhetoric.” They were left: “speechless.” The underbelly of the media had never been exposed to them. Keep up the great work. The MSM is no match for you.” ~Jack

“What you have done with this documentary is to show exactly how the media can demonize a person or group and how easily they can sweep proper journalism under the carpet…” ~Johann

“I just viewed your film. You nailed it! You covered PERFECTLY: The Wright issue, Bill Clinton’s so-called “Fairytale” comment, Hillary’s response to the Muslim question & how she was set up and more. The General Election coverage was spot-on too. You managed to showcase what we witnessed without injecting yourself into it. Well done!!” ~TPT/NY (PUMA)

“The bias was overwhelming, and you made a very accurate and solid case. I already knew what was going on, but I’m glad to see someone take the immense time and effort to put it all together. I’ve seen reports of single instances of bias, but have never seen anything that showed the consistent bias over more than a two year period.” ~Drew W.

See the film in New York:

Friday, April 17th, New York NY
Baruch Performing Arts Center
Baruch College
55 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10010
Time: 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.)
Price: $15.00

Purchase Tickets here: