The Masks Laugh & Cry: This Is Great Theatre

The Riverdaughter Confluence site comments offered this gem.” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>  At 3:38 you’ll laugh out loud. (“To any Obama Supporters attracted to this blog for the Womens’ Rights issues, I apologize.) Many of us met at the PUMA Conference, and it’s just a

We Told You So

moment …  as for the final conclusion, email Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

5 Responses

  1. Seems everyone is saying “I told you so” these days ! Everyone but me however is longing for Hillary.
    I am so done with Democrats and their games that even pulling the HILLARY Card will not get me back in that party EVER AGAIN!

    I have never made it a secret that I am an INDEPENDENT- I register ed D to vote for Hillary because we have – or should I say we are stuck with – a two party system and I was fed up with Baby Bush and the Republicans. Now I am Fed up with Obama and I am done with the Democrats which also abrogated the vote!

    I worked my ass off for Hillary and she won the popular vote and she won the delegates that the party gave to this community organizer.
    I watched this party steal her votes and her delegates and I will never reward them with my vote.
    And I would never respect Hillary again if she ran for the puppet psot the Dems offer her.
    Obviously that is all it is ” A Puppet Post” I have no faith in either party.
    I am waiting for the people to rise and hopefully they – maybe through the Tea party will bring us a PATRIOT who cares about our country.

    No more Dems for me- I have learned a lot about progressives- and the Constitution- Dems are far from progressive – in fact they are Regressive! Give me back my freedom and my Constitution – keep my own money – and spot spending my granchildren’s future like drunken sailors.
    Voter Imposed Term Limits – vote em out- vote em all out.

  2. you’re certainly not wrong. And Independence sparkles from your every phrase. In fact, it was the Independents who chose to register to vote for Hillary who opened our ears to the voice of the people, so I hope you will continue to be the heart the Dems, Hillary and those of us who are steeped in Democratic tradition can never win back. Because it is for those like you, whom we once had and lost, that we will strive to purge ourselves of those who pushed us out of our own party. I promised to say “I told you so” back then, and although I didn’t have the experiences you had at the two conventions and after the campaign, I saw the valiance with which you faced life. I guess where I’m at is back to the “most qualified” person to be president. There is NOBODY more engaged right now than the Secretary of State. Those with whom she meets are telling her What It Is. She is on their turf, entering their houses and navigating perilous conditions. She is on the job all the time and immersed in the fray with no calculated strategy to go higher, advance her self-interest or play politics. She’s always been all about the work, about forgiving the weak men in her life and supporting the cause of children, women and the underprivileged. After I look at all the devils on the dial, all the things I like, don’t like, hate, distrust… the track record of hillary wins my head.

  3. The video made me LMAO. Both your comments made me cry for so many reasons.
    Mainly for what we lost along the way in electing Hillary.
    Today we should all be working on Hillary’s re election campaign so maybe I will just say
    I told you so….RE ELECT Hillary 2012

  4. Thanks SWPAnnA,

    Always nice to hear what a REAL/TRUE supporter of Hillary thinks and Ed Rendell is one of them. I had the pleasure of working with him in PA in 2008 and he along with Mayor Nutter of Philly were real/true friends to Hillary. Amazing the support she still has and amazing how
    the selected one .. approval ratings are in free fall. Hehehehe
    As they say Karma…and she’s wearing a pantsuit. LOL
    Warm regards..Barbara

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