Evan Bayh Joins Fox News as a Contributor

Senators who have also served as Governors discuss the “leadership” emitting from the White House. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Bayh of Indiana can take positions evolved from both levels of political office. On the Curvy Couch, Bayh gives the President a measure of leeway to deal responsibly with the debt ceiling and the budget. While allowing that Obama is holding out, “Waiting for the critical moment” before stepping in to lead like the Goose Honking from Behind, and begged off criticsm of the OOO with assertions that all be worked out at budget-passing time. Manchin, on the other hand, asks questions about how this is any way to govern?

Daily KOS: Eat This!

Manchin is in the mix at the moment, not retired from it, so he has skin in the blame game. He left the WV Governors’ Mansion for the Senate to impact the process, having rejected the Progressive Agenda, deployed Blow-Away Gun imagery in his campaign to succeed where so many democrats did not in order to be the Voice of Honor the Press cannot.

Bayh, now a Fox Contributor, debuts today with a PR savvy offering of ‘no negative’ to enter the Mix on the Other Side as a melting pot of good government. Unlike many, MANY other democrats who submitted to the craven cash call of the Obama Campaign, Indiana’s former Governor remained faithful to Hillary Clinton as both a Super Delegate and as a Friend. His accomplishments as a governor who succeeded in navigating Indiana to higher ground with Unions and Public Employee pension issues without fanfare asset his substance to viewers of Fox. He elected to leave the Senate and didn’t seek re-election because, like Bart Stupak, had found the ground beneath his feet un-sustainable. Pressures from the Left had become so offensively personal that in order to preserve traditional Democratic Faith, Bayh, LIKE SARAH PALIN, chose an unconventional but self-respecting alternative.

Seeing him on Fox News this morning, I feel reason is returning to the Democratic Party. While half-assed Liberals claim credit for the 40 hour work week, (NO, that was the DEMOCRATS.) Womens’ Rights (No, that was WOMEN getting up on their hind legs and earning it for themselves in the FACE OF OBNOXIOUS REJECTION WITHOUT CONSIDERATION FROM MEN.) and Clean Air, they fail to recognize that the Moderates, Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Greens and Libertarians, were able to restrain their personal attacks on those with whom they disagreed for long enough to find common ground and advance in the best interests of ALL by choosing their battles and giving a little everywhere they could.

The Left and those who would have you believe that they are victims of godless Capitalists are nothing more than Psychos terrified of competition. It is inconceivable to them that a mind open to new ideas or views from another perspective is the stuff of which successful lives are made. Instead of endlessly applauding themselves with superlatives about their historic gravitas, they would do well to adopt a measure of – if not humility – then certainly a reasonable recognition of all the support they received (and which they notoriously don’t reciprocate.)

Baye performed functionally (that is to say: WORKED) as Governor of Indiana and left the state better off than when he found it. He did so with the coordinated, RESPECTFUL inclusion of all factions who came to the table and accorded each a portion of his success. The Obama Administration can’t get itself out of the Frat House, off the College Rah! Rah! stage and conducts communication with the Voters as though none of us live beyond the boundaries of the crime-addled inner city.

That “New, Hipper, more Urban” Democrat described by Donna Brazile was nothing more than a white ball in the Fraternity Induction Vote giving the Affirmative Action Candidate a chance. What we of the middle still don’t buy is the notion that the thin resume presented by their Guy was something we were not permitted to question. What Left Wing Wealthy Family hands the recently graduated son the Presidency of their Revenue Stream Company without at least putting the kid through the motions of learning the family business? The Administration’s Honeymoon with Congress is over, the Maid of Honor has been restored to Minority Leader and the time has come for the Bride of the Boogie Men to retire the Veil of Illusion and learn to cook and keep house.

If that isn’t the sort of “Marriage” the Left sought from bedding Mr. Cool, then maybe they should just get him a job and keep him out of trouble, cause he sure ain’t making a serious go of the Union. He leaves all the work to Mom & Dad and heads for the gym, the golf course or a vacation jaunt with zero connectedness to any sort of professional discipline and comprehension of his duty.

I’ll be watching for the real meat of what I expect Evan Bayh has to say, along with the Hope that when her term is up, Hillary Clinton will also join the Fox Network and become a Cultural Warrior or maybe even a regular on Red Eye:)

5 Responses

  1. We shall see what WE shall see! 😉

  2. My favorite quote”nothing more than Psychos terrified of competition” — this really does describe some people doesn’t it?

    As for Hillary joing FOX – wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Unfortunately- she is too much a Dem and possibly too much a progressive to be a patriot first but we can dream can’t we?

    My dream has always been she would go rogue and be an Independent- put all that knowledge to work for the country and womankind- and maybe just maybe the Dems have finally broken the camels back and she will do what she was born to do– be great rather than be cast off as less than!

    She is the one to lead us as Women united – but will she? She has to become a TMU WOMEN to do it!

    • She’s getting treated like the eunich Greer wrote about: absolutely tip-toeing around the world getting what must be a very knowing eye from the leaders of civilized countries and “Talk? I won’t even look at you without your burka! And what are you doing out in public with all these men who aren’t your relatives?”

      I hope Chelsea is doing the ‘self-talk’ encouragement for her mom. Yes, she will.

    • I don’t equate Hillary Clinton with being a progressive. I consider progressives to be regressives.

      Hillary Clinton in my opinion is a moderate liberal, a liberal in moderation. Progressives are demon mongers, paralleling the democratic party in the same manner as the ultra conservatives parallel the republican party.

      Neither are anywhere near the majority in their own political party, but they make the most noise and cause the most damage while creating an unnecessarily harsh environment for the rest of the country.

      Six days since your last post, everything ok Betty Jean?

      • I agree. Over six years of dealing with local progressives, I have enjoyed former PA State Dem Chairman, TJ Rooney’s assessment of them as “Washed Up Hippies with nowhere else to go.” They cannot win elections with their ideas, so they have elected to take over the Brand, not the Ideals, of the Democratic Party. As a State Committee Woman, I have polled my female fellow delegates and have seen that the Women are getting out of the way of the uncouth, “bold” Progressives because they KNOW this behavior will be their downfall. Such MOB behavior is beneath traditional Democrats and, like them, I now refuse to attend their meetings or participate in their fund-raising.

        Hillary still considers herself a Progressive inasmuch as she has not made the distinction between those thugs masquerading as Progressives and legitimate citizens who understand that progress in balance is the only way to achieve lasting change for the better. I have consulted with an Ad Specialties company to create a button in the Daily Kos orange font that says “Progressives” encircled with a slash through it. B J – Please say you’re ok:)

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