Awaiting Obama’s National Security Announcement

Critically important part of the world, involving the United States, something that important that the President of the United States will go into the East Room and address the Nation, the world. CNN is speculating via Blitzer, that it’s something they’ve been “looking forward to,” but they’re not going to speculate or guess….. the world will know very soon, as early as possibly 10:45 P.M. On a Sunday Night, after sending the Press Corp home for the day, calls them back for this very significant announcement. So much for No Drama.

14 Responses

  1. Blitzer now says closer to 10:50 P.M. partly because the White House is “informing others”

  2. Says Blitzer, something that’s been in the works for a “long, long time.” while Wolfe works his sources, standing by, the World will want to know….geez

  3. They believe they have the body of Osama Bin Laden

  4. Geraldo is “beyond Joy”

  5. reportedly killed by a U.S. missile a week ago, and they awaited DNA testing to confirm

  6. Fox is reporting they can confirm, Osama Bin Ladin is dead

  7. Ambassador to Rome, on this day of the Beatification of John Paul II, a miracle

  8. But wait – his body has been cold 7 days!

  9. Why release this old news today – on the day he missed Qadaffi but instead slaughtered his 3 grandchildren all under teenaged.

  10. Well, for all the Obats accusing Hillary of being conniving and calculating, he could certainly be accused of nothing less.

  11. Watching those people in the streets cheering and celebrating is quite amazing. On Fox, they’re all so young, as though they were about eight years old on 9-11

  12. Greta poses some great points. It’s a good thing Obama got this right,,,there we were, US Military people INSIDE Pakistan, imagine if they’d missed? And as she said, “What’s Up With Pakistan? In a Military town, they had to have known he was there and they just weren’t telling us.

  13. i noticed how young everyone was also, they dragged out the 2008 Obama campaign signs too CHANGE signs in DC and NY. i could of sworn i saw the guy that used to have the “Hillary iron my shirts” signs LOL…something that he interrupted the Donalds show to bring us the news that he killed Osama…was there anyone else involved in the killing? Brave sitting in a chair signing orders, paper cuts do hurt sometimes!! i wonder if he shared the news with Oprah??? no wonder he didn’t have time for the “silliness” of the BC…he was dealing with killing Osama WOW…the BC and the killing of Osama all in one week..our Idol, pretty much guarantees no one can ever question him again LOL
    Osama was hiding in Pakistan and we were paying them billions to find him…someone has some explaining to do. Osama alive would have benefited the US but Osama alive would not have benefited Pakistan and Saudia Arabia…but Osama is in Hell looking for his 72 Virgins. Geez wasn’t alah cruel!!

  14. This new “Obama” is about to demonstrate that even more than his trolls accuse HRC, he will stop at NOTHING to keep his seat for the continued joy ride in the Ship of State. This is a Mobster, plain and simple. This is what he does; one Mob says to the other Mob, fight like pit bulls until nobody’s left.

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