it’s eerily quiet around here – hope all’s well

Are we all hearing rumblings about the 2012 Primaries and the left’s grousing that their guy has stiffed them repeatedly but he’s still their guy? It explains how those loser women who have aligned with the Left Wingers would go to jail (Dohrn)
rather than face a life without a male.
And the slightly bemused take most PUMA bloggers have to the “all crisis, all the time” seat-of-the-pants management style of Obama. It’s a bore, for sure. But the quiet foretells a storm of discussions about to launch the next President’s campaign. We know all about the numbers Women have and if they were so inclined, could easily elect the President they want. We know the stories about Violence against Women and Children and steel ourselves to process it along with our disappointment in those efforts into which we poured ourselves only to have our illusions shattered, our faith in Womankind undermined, our ability to stay pretty challenged. Is everybody getting themselves ready for the most unfeminine of behavior, extracting revenge?

I guess I just know it’s coming, and although I cannot tell you where it’s going to emerge, the ‘impressions’ dimpling the wall of illusion being thrown onto the big screen by the Prop-Him-Up-At-All-Costs Media has taken on a rhythm of Alternative Universe. It feels even more “inevitable” than the HRC story of 2008…anything you can vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon MUST, INEVITABLY, COME TO PASS. It won’t be the result of any “backs against the wall” determination, it’s like, already done. We’ll just “awaken” one day, and it will come together as smoothly as a cat slips under the door. You stand there and watch her do it and know you cannot possibly be seeing what you are looking at, but there it is,…coming together like a well-orchestrated block party. And we’ll all be there…or “There” as the Gardener might say.

2 Responses

  1. But the best – the very best Is the Obama administration and Obama himself saying the Republicans have a lot of nerve balking at the raising of a debt ceiling- he claims

    ” It has been done before- Reagan did it 14 times”.

    Isn’t this the guy who said he was comming to Washington to CHANGE the way things were being done? “No more politics as usual”

    Now he insults our intelligence by insisting we allow him to do things the same old way? So much for hope and change!

  2. He’s like a drug addict, saying whatever he thinks will let him navigate the latest encounter without cognizance of what he’s said the day before.

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