It’s A New Day

Big surprise that the cowards, the Sharia / Quasi-Muslim / Radicalized males of the cult of threats of violence and terror have taken to the streets of London to call for continued abuse of Americans in their daily lives. Any visitor to the TMU site who read through the comments of the family of a man who died at his own hand after attacking the mother of his daughters has observed, in a nutshell, how the typical abuser fails to process information. A family culture of aggressive din fosters disruptive air around the household that prevents mindful understanding.

In the military raid that “removed our Bin Laden Problem,” American Forces eliminated the “wiggle room” enjoyed by incorrigibles who rely on bluster and threats to keep their victims in line. The initial response, outrage, is the UNPROCESSABLE DISCOVERY of an equally strong threat awaiting the abuser. Males who impose terror on their domestic partners with threats of violence parallel gestures to control the United States via the abuse of the American Psyche.

A threat is an admission of impotence. A person who flees from a life of responsible co-existence with fellow sovereigns by taunting, humiliation, describing sickening outcomes, is a person expressing a death wish. No American who has been reared in the culture of the descendents of the signers of the Declaration of Independence can “balance” the respect for the life of a fellow human being with realization of a threat to his own life and security by such a “fellow.”

The conduct of the radical muslim community has triggered the survival instincts of our fellow citizens. The media and exploitive politicians attempt to co-opt the effect of the threatening abusers by contributing to the irrational din calculated to disorient, suppress and distract people from uniting to act in their own best interest. It takes centered, focused people to navigate the atmosphere of oppression and to stay “on purpose” and live their lives. It is important for a threatened people to confront threats to their survival with a “No Nonsense” choice to eliminate the threat.

The shocked men of the radicalized Muslim cult are expressing what we know to be impotence and fear of the American Community unleashing the power of the dignity of a People. Driven, not by hatred or violence, but by the determination to preserve the quality of life and our freedom, we share a unity with the ‘underworld’ of humanity no longer willing to indulge the abuse. The killing of Osama Bin Laden was a statement. It was not the “Death” of Osama Bin Laden; he was killed by American Men of integrity, respect for authority and strength. His reign of terror was repudiated, his psycopathic mind – the incubator of increasingly horrific threats – was snuffed in an instant. According to reports of the mission, he was “confused” and incapable of responding to the threat on his own life. Although esconced in a compound built to protect his vile existence, his “protection” evaporated in the presence of prepared, informed, trained armed men equipped to come face to face with the monster who has been the unwelcomed crasher of this Country’s most important moments for ten years. In the presence of those whom he valued, where he was “at home” living his life, he was confronted with the disruptive, threatening violence he so routinely imposed on us.

Any Wanna Be who aspires to replace him as America’s Number One Enemy can expect this Force of trained “seales” to outpace him with inventive schemes. No longer paralyzed with fear and dread, Americans have determined that a “life” under the thumb of a violent, cruel murderer is no life worth living and any “danger” presented by such a threatening entity is only in his mind, as the victim of that threat has already died to the life so oppressed. Retaliatory attacks advocated by the “muslim brotherhood” are, likewise, expressions of impotent rage at being beaten at their own game. The notion of American Military Coverts operating within their own borders has galvanized the mobs in the Sharia-abiding world.

Really? It offends them to discover that determined men on a mission are living – undetected – in their midst, planning attacks on their cherished institutions? Can you tell us – for the cameras – how does that feel? Can you imagine, in your testosterone churning defiance, what it will feel like when that reality becomes what you face each day with a complicit media blaring unrelenting reminders to you of angry, crazy gun nuts plotting and planning your demise?

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  1. “It takes centered, focused people to navigate the atmosphere of oppression and to stay “on purpose” and live their lives. It is important for a threatened people to confront threats to their survival with a “No Nonsense” choice to eliminate the threat.”

    Well said Betty Jean! (I’m sharing this entire post on my facebook page and retweeting)

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