Morph Osama / Obama – The TommyKnockers Play

In the media overdrive to forever credit Obama with the demise of the September 11 mastermind, the tongue slips between the brain and the microphone far too frequently for it to be anything but hilarious. A bit by Jimmy Kimmel, now on YouTube shows how the Media is dragging its collective lip over all of it.

The Basillon in the Chamber of Secrets could kill one with its yellow snake eyes, but those spared by the interference of reflection, survive. We lament, here, so often, the lack of heft demonstrated by the imposter who usurped our “inevitable” 44, but this week, in the crush of coverage concluding the 9 and one half-year agony we suffered each time the CIA-trained “freedom fighter” of the Afghani Caves taunted us, punctuating our most important days and observances, our “trusted media” stutters, falters and – frankly – screws it up with an equal inevitability.
I’m uneasy that the President’s name is a mere letter different from the hated Bin Laden. But the Press people, who have been saying the “One’s” name with apparrent pleasure for so many months, cannot seem to separate their hero from our enemy. Ironically, the decision to take the life of the Icon, as made by the President, has so blurred the distinction in the Lexicon of the Lamestream, that the names are all but interchangeable. Bad, hard-to-process Omen. Like Parrots who merely mimic, these mouthpieces have their pieces shuffled and cannot predict the order in which they will be spit out to the recording devices.  The Pressure of the World-Wide Reaction/Response to the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden has a way of impacting on that which it has produced. In the rarified atmosphere of the shock and unexpected shift in perspective this announcement brings, the energy of focus centered on the detail-by-detail documentation proceeds at an uneven pace, for sure. Let us keep this scene in mind when we plan and implement such things in the future. At some point, everybody who is on record as reporting this event will be dead, their garbled attempt to stoke the President’s Cred compressed into a comedy of errors with a slant so bizarre I just don’t know what to make of it.


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