In Behalf Of American Innovators: “Obama: You’re Fired!”

And take Chuck Schumer with you.

Over the years, I have enjoyed episodes of “The Apprentice” and its Celebrity Edition with a mix of sneering at Trump for his extravagance and appreciation for the creative nature of his challenges. The Business Format is the underlying theme of each project by which the serious competitors hit the pavement of New York City with a Team of Buy-Ins loaded for Big League Commerce.

The bigger, quintessentially American flavor of Trump’s media tour to test the waters for his Presidential bid is the articulation of what every hard-working American understands. For a sixteen week Television season, the “Game” is the same as Survivor: whether at Tribal Council or in the Board Room, somebody is eliminated for whatever reason the Tribe/Donald decides. Yes, he’s a little capricious and a lot motivational. Like Jack Kennedy’s view of his heroic Naval Career: “They sank my boat:)”

Trump’s history is one of three marriages, several bankruptcies, a sexist holding in the “Miss Universe” Pageant and the respect of the Hollywood Liberals who don’t question his policies – that’s what they hire Agents to do for themselves! In a word: Trump’s Tacky. To all of red-blooded America, nevertheless, he’s not pretending to be smart: he pays Attorneys millions to be smart in his interest. He’s the Success Story George W. Bush WISHES he could be. He doesn’t just blow the Tax Payers’ money: he sets a challenge, chooses the most qualified people he can find for the project, gives them a budget and evaluates their input, results, relative value vis-a-vis the larger corporate culture and provides the “performers” with immediate feedback and recognition.

Whether he is elected President or not is absolutely immaterial to me. If the Women of the Left were truly schooled in the Art of Backing the Winner, they would prevail on the Obama Administration to appoint Trump Ambassador to China and inspire everybody to get serious about who we really are in this Game. For a tough guy from the Chicago Mob, Obama has very little going in the “Collections” Department. “China OWES us!” claims Trump. You cannot go too far in this Country before finding a massive heart of agreement with Trump’s contention. If Obama truly understood being taken seriously around the world, he’d stop picking on professional women and the little guy and get Eye To Eye with the World beyond his Ivory Tower.

But he hasn’t “got IT” and the dictators of the world know him to be a “wanna be dick-tater” who amuses them with his Mob-Apprentice naïveté. Citizen of the World is not an ignoble moral standard: it ranks right in there with bringing-a-gun-to-a-knife-fight Common Sense over Courage. When a worthy competitor gets in a room with the business men of China, Korea, South America or anywhere else the Stock Market is influential, it will be a meeting of minds, not a photo OP for a novice whose idea of Swimming With The Sharks is in a protective cage. No such water wings for the Donald: he’s got his Game going, his books on the Art of the Deal and other Entrepreneurial How-To’s, his scars, his littered-with-the-remains of theorists path to Success and

    his own

gilded airplane, helicopter, beautiful wife, and adult children living out his legacy.

Just as with Bill Clinton: when Trump travels, the World’s Welcome Mat will be out EVERYWHERE ON EARTH for two reasons: They know they’ll make out in any deal they cut with the Big Guy and they are thrilled for the opportunity to match wits with a True Challenger. The “Lions Play With Lions” concept is no more clearly communicated than this. “Donald Trump!” invite the deal-cutters of the Universe, “Come On Down!!!” … and as a commissioned sales woman who has worked with the Editors and Publishers of the daily newspapers of the United States, I can assure you there are Sharks in these waters licking their chops at the “news” this celebrity can generate.

Frankly; from my experience, I would suggest that in a Republican Primary which includes Donald Trump, and all the accomplished Business People he will showcase, fundraising will be elevated to a new level of Patriotic Responsibility that brings in – not only cranky black celebrities spinning race bait at every turn, but an incredibly interesting collective of mentally healthy Community Organizers who operate through the local business community to make every citizen a participant in their success. Trump is a proven force for motivating and entertaining. His campaign promises to incorporate all the techniques and ideas his Television series has tested and tweaked over the seasons he’s been on the air as well as the behind-the-scenes discussions he’s had with real Executives and Successful Business Owners, buyers and sellers. His “show” will have even the jaded Europeans riveted.

When the Cloward-Priven “Collapsists” try to take out the Capitalists, it will be a fair game – indeed – to have an armed opponent stepping up to defend our way of life. I have no doubt that the “Brother” in the White House will be stripped of any and all influence when a true Brother of the “Color of Success” takes his ball to the court.


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  1. I would take 4 years of TRUMP over Bambi ! So help me God I would! And if I have to explain why – the reader wouldn’t be bright enought to understand the explaination!

    My only wish would be at the end of election night to hear the words- ” OBAMA- you’re Fired!”

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