But she’s an eagle when she flies

By: BettyJean Kling

Tonight I sat here still crying about something that I could not accomplish and still feeling like a failure for dreaming an impossible dream. This has been going on for several months now, I am not used to the word can’t and certainly not accustomed to the concept back-off let alone the term quit. But there comes a time when you realize that maybe we really don’t need a new mousetrap after all.  

I am trying to sort out how much of my 62 years of being me do I have to relinquish to move on? I feel like this is what I was born to do cause it’s all I have ever wanted to do and enjoyed doing so much that I would do it from sunrise to sunrise  day after day without pay, sacrificing all and suffering humiliation for. It’s a passion that I even thought I had all the time in the world to solve and one that everyone would welcome. How odd that it seems clear to me what some of our problems are and what we need to do collectively to fix it—seems totally impossible for most other women to even consider.

NOW—lost its way a long time ago when it sold out to a political party and cast off half of the nations women to the wind right on queue. The men set them up and said “jump” and they did. Now instead of a majority united, the movement for women’s rights for ALL women DIED.  

Lack of Majority Unity for Independence, equality and the demand for a level of respect of WOMEN …  Gave us “Bitch, Whore, Slut, Cunt, Ho, and Witch” Instead of equal rights for all, we are all stuck with the choice of some~ Bettyjean Kling 2011 —  dontchloveit?

Anyway, nearly 40 years of watching the media increasingly sexualizing our youth so that it is normal for our children both male and female to internalize as fact that our girls and women are nothing more than disposable sex objects to be used and abused. Have you seen the Jersey Shore or heard about MTV? MTV’s ‘Skins’ — PTC Wants Kiddy Porn Investigation | TMZ.com

Then 20 some odd years ago, I tried my hand at third party politics full well knowing the two party system is no friend to women. I wrote The Patriot Plan: Voter Imposed Term Limits, Vote em out vote em all out. ( I was Tea party before the Tea Party)  I ran for assembly as an Independent twice. Both sides tried to recruit me. I helped Ross Perot with his two Independent campaigns I was and still am the National Sect. of the American Reform Party http://americanreform.org/

In 2007, I joined the fight to put Hillary Clinton in office as the first female president of The United States. Why?

1-      She was the most qualified candidate running from either side
2-      I hated Baby Bush- I know what a horrible reason that was
3-      I wanted to see the first woman in office be as courageous, smart and stellar and tireless as Hillary. 

I was only hesitant about her because she stayed with Bill. I had a hard time accepting that- she could have been a model for women never to accept that treatment again. But then I read her books and satisfied myself with the idea  that she kept her vows. And no other women in the near  future could fill her shoes so weighing that against the quality and qualifications of the men to pick from – it was a no brainer! Looking back now – I was still right based on the choices given.

Our problems are with all the career politicians – I was also right about that 20 some odd years earlier.

In 2008, Disgusted with all prior efforts to help women , as FreeMeNow, I founded The Majority United, (TMU).  I was told good luck trying to get the left and the right to agree on anything. It’s like herding cats literally. It’s a cat fight- and I got hell for calling it that BUT it is what it is.

Now 2011- I am about to be 63—I started this thread telling you I was feeling like a failure but I am ending up feeling like a winner.  I may not have created a group of millions of women —  yet!  But hell, I have had thousands and thousands, I have had millions of hits, my ideas have been seen and heard, that’s more than a lot of people get to do about their dreams!

I have met thousands of really great women, I have interviewed nearly a thousand, I now have friends all over the world- even Australia!

 I have stood my ground about holding women and children up, have refused to allow Sarah, Hillary or even that Nancy Pelosi to be degraded as a women on my sites. I am richer for all the wonderful women who have volunteered their time and effort with me and for other women. And I am dedicating the following video to all those wonderful ladies I call sister – keep up the good fight.

 I dedicate this incredible video to you for all your help for the past 3.5 years.



10 Responses

  1. How Ironic, Keith Olbermann quit today.

  2. Adios, M/F!

  3. See: You can’t make CHANGE. It just happens:)

  4. Now, can you do something with Bill Maher and Joy Bahar?

    • Rachael Madcow!
      Somehow I always think we need to ask for an awakening for women who hate other women first!
      I am not asking for harm to come to her – just a enlightenment of some kind!

  5. How do you folks like the video?
    I have no idea how this came to me- I was looking for a song to give to Robin of Berkeley.

    You must read her piece and tell her i sent you .

    She sacriiced herself in the most beautiful way for her sister that I have ever seen in my life!

  6. (((BettyJean)))

    I love the video. Many thanks to you for being there as a friend, mentor and Sister.

    Never give up hope on your dreams!

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