Robin Carlson: Gone Too Soon

Robin Carlson: A Celebration of Her Life
Robin Carlson invited you · Share · Left to be with the Lord on January 2, 2011

Robin and BJ in DC

Robin Carlson and my Denise were both suffering Cancer at the same time , My denise lost her battle two years earlier and I will never forget how guilty Robin felt that she survived – she almost could speak with me. I tried to comfort her and let her know it was ok and I was happy to have one beautiful girl left but somehow it just was never the same. Just recently I was trying to find Robin for fear that she might be in bad shape again – I wish I had found her in time to comfort her before she left. I am now pretty sure my two girls are rocking around up there feeling a whole lot better that what they were battling through on this earth.

 We will miss you girls here but God love you and keep you till we meet again and I am in peace knowing you rest without pain and without fear and no more CANCER .

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  1. I did post a notice up on DailyPUMA about Robin a few weeks back and I kept it up for several days in the top slot.

    I still can’t quite figure out why more PUMA’s don’t check in to DailyPUMA, it’s chock full of updated links to a lot of interesting sites that cover areas important to Hillary Clinton, including consumer advocacy, the environment, and PUMA blogs as well.

    I would spend more time on DailyPUMA myself if I had not also started Swarm the Banks, Parallel Foreclosure, and UnFair Foreclosures because I always find an interesting article every time I check in.

    Until Bloggers in general realize they should post intelligent comments on 10 different blogs for every article they write, there will always be bloggers who feel unappreciated based on the response they are getting to their articles.

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