Willie & “Friends” Wake Up To Palin’s ‘WTF’ Comment

(…But UW and Big Fur Hat were there “furst:)” with a WTF t-shirt…getchurs right here: http://mcnorman.wordpress.com/2011/01/26/sotu/ posted at 7:07 a.m. Jan 26.

Kudos to Governor Palin, who had the absolute K’s to actually – with the straightest face – assert that there were “a lot of WTF moments” in the SOTU speech. I love the plateau to which this woman has arrived in the tempering storm of media/liberal assault on her very right to exist! As though she were a roach they could eliminate with a shot of Raid, those whose paychecks come from feeding the media found the 80/20 principle shaking out for them: 20% of their effort; smacking Palin down whenever she pops up, generates 80% of their income. For those producing Cable Television, Palin has proven to be the GoTo subject that always delivers. Hollywood has taught me that ‘bankable’ is the secret to stardom. Have at it, Palin-haters.

Fox & Friends opened their show this morning with an amusing take on the WTF to which Palin alluded on last night’s On The Record With Greta Van Susteren. Brian, Steve and Gretchen all played “dumb” about why she’d bring up the World Tae Kwan Do Federation? Says sweet Gretch, “Thank Goodness, that we all have kids, so that we actually know what she’s talking about.” Over at “Way Too Early,” GeistMeister is saying his viewers will all “be kicking themselves” that they didn’t make the WTF association with the Win The Future meme. Which brings me to the Steven Colbert moment –

– DING –
word of the day, “WOMEN
– DING –
– DING –
Palin, like the girls from “Hire Heels” and the fabulous “Jackie O” know not to be associated with Trolls. We all learned to navigate them during the 2008 Primaries, as they trolled the internet in a search-and-destroy mission to eliminate supporters of HRC and Pawn-cum-navigate their King in Eleven-Level Chess. They prooved that paid BlackWater Mississippi Moon Men had no earthly connection to the duties and spiritual precedents of the Oval Office. None-the-less, because they existed and were “cleverly” deployed by David Phluph to disrupt the Caucuses and Primaries, the PUMA People were “Checked,” but only on the level where “they” could play…..
…Pitiful little Trolls: the “Harry Potter” fans – and especially the membership of the “Order of the Phoenix” were neither stalled nor deterred by the Kreachers of the Obama Campaign. I now understand why the O lived so fatuously in his “I Won” bubble once inaugurated. It was all he had.
In his speech in Manitowac, yesterday, the Co-Manned In Chf spent a moment feathering his “Sputnik” moment. Apparrently, (and coincidentally, he swears) that… “Almost 50 years ago, a chunk of metal came crashing down to the earth, right here! I,I,I promise you, we did not plan this originally…Press won’t believe me… It turns out that it was part of a satellite called, “Sputnik”... and, says Steve Duchie and his son, since that was not planned, it was QUITE the coincidence, eh?
Steve D: Yes, Indeed! “No Kidding. They still remember the spot, over on 8th Street, in Manitowac, where it came down back in 1962.”
Brian K: “Right, so I’m sure no one was hit by it, right? …Sputnik landed in 1962; No Problem?”

Steve D: A 20 pound chunk fell on the street…in the middle of the night.”

In 1962, I was in 5th grade in Saint Domenic’s Parochial School, and remember how the nuns decorated the tree at our get-away-day Christmas party with a tree topper that was, in fact, a glittery silver ball with sparkley little projectiles sticking out of it in every direction. At lunchtime, I recall as though it were today, Sister Aquina, the school principal, leaning over among the 1st Graders pointing out “the little Sputnik” to them. She was smiling and communicating to the 5 and 6 year olds, that the Russians were no longer able to strike fear into the hearts of Catholics. Whether the rest of the world appreciated that, the nuns were a dyed-in-the-wool Advanced Warning System for:
“The Russians are coming!”
“The Russians are coming!”
The Religious Community knew the Communists as cruel invaders of churches and classrooms who murdered and imprisoned teachers who fed the “Opium of the People” Lennin despised.

Here was Sister Mary Aquina, whom I was taught to consider to be a VERY smart woman, a “daddy’s girl” mentored in managing men by her father in Rankin, PA where she grew up. With her awesome nature of generosity toward the uneducated, my 8th grade teacher and future boss had no qualms about pointing to the scientific performance of the Russian Space Program as a breakthrough for the entire world. Ah! Educators. Earn an “A” and all is forgiven…thus the 6th grade boys discerned the way to a powerful Academic woman’s heart: do one thing right. Shades of Janice Joplin, “Cry, Baby!” When the “Woman” in charge goes “Boys Will Be Boys” on us, it’s Crap Sandwich City, learned the girls. Insight into the Black Hand was thus stamped into me. In that same school, where I discovered that no woman had ever occupied the Oval Office, my Convent Catechists assured me that the Constitution didn’t stipulate that the President must be a male. It just never worked out that any woman had been elected over the nearly 200 years of the Republic. “Could a Woman ever be President?” I wondered. It might be up to me to change that “rule,” the Nuns assured me. And so it was, that I always looked to the “Alternative Universe” when I found myself – like a rat in a maze – being run around in circles with “No Exit For Women!” nazis stabbing my feet, shouting in my ear, disorienting my progress and slamming doors in my face.

Of course, it’s a symbol, meant to assure me that I Am Loved. The men in my life made these hurtles deliberately difficult for me to set me up for success. On the floor in aerobics class, I pleaded for mercy from the “bitch” instructor who kicked my ass every morning, because I wanted her to kick my ass and drive me ever more deliberately to a new level of fitness. On the selling floor, wise managers delighted in strong saleswomen egging the guys on to avoid being outsold by a girl. Somehow, a few of us “performers” understood this game and revelled in play. In the world of Sarah Palin, the game remains the GAME. Thanks to “First Dude,” nothing shakes her confidence, nobody “gets to her” to milk her of her power. Palin, unlike the Occupant of the Oval Office (OOO for short) IS a PERSONAL POWER into which she has built herself over the years of taking it as it comes; not crying, “Pourquoi Moi?”
Indeed, boys will be boys. And men, once they get their asses kicked by “The Bitches,” will clean up their act and conduct themselves as gentlemen. This Economy is now driven by Women. The Electorate is at least 52% Women. WOMEN, as truly successful men know, are “The ONES who can get it done. (So fuck you, Oprah!)

The Republic, Founded by our Fathers, is primed, by those who love us, for a take-over by Women. The symbols of a final bridal dance taught me these things. The bride’s mother removes her veil... (opens her eyes to reality.) The bride’s father joins Mother and Daughter, Bridesmaids, Brothers and Sisters to form a circle around the Bride to perform one final gesture of resistance to prevent the Groom from taking away their Little Girl. It’s bittersweet, yet the Family knows it must let her go,… to live her own life, …to form her own family, and expand by doing so, the Love in the Universe.

In her gracious heart, Sarah Palin firmly understands this tradition, and – God Delights In Her Doing So – she goes about digging back when the Trolls attack. Pretty Girls just “seem” to find out early … how to open doors with just a smile.” Smart Girls just know to stay clear of boy-crazies and stay focused on their work. Nothing any guy might do can divert a Woman Called To Serve. With God as her Witness, Sarah Barracuda knows the Republicans don’t know any better than the Democrats. So concerned with the Debt, they had no such qualms when Bush was conducting his disastrous policies, and Women Who Do Books never lost sight of the Triangulation of Bill Clinton co-opting Ross Perot’s issue, taking the concern seriously enough to put the country on the right track, despite his “democrat” status. Kitchen Table Economists are neither snowed by the O, nor concerned by his poor choices. Divinely attuned, we who pray for guidance and give thanks for each day, are reassured that THEIR choices are THEIR responsibilities, and we are responsible for OURS. That abortion issue? It’s not about Abortion: it’s about CHOICE. As you choose better, your choices improve. As you “boot” the right choices, your subsequent choices are reduced accordingly. As we observe these spendthrifts, we have the sense to protect our own interests, preserving them in Mama Grizzly fashion, from those who don’t appreciate our worth. In her days on the campaign trail, Sarah Palin – not unlike Hillary Clinton – had the proverbial kitchen sink slung in her path along with everything else. Her Title IX traditions prevented her from making Hillary’s mistake, putting loyalty to a “Party” ahead of her wicked sharp sense. Running her miles, sweating and recreating herself made the Governor a great Sport. Hillary, while accomplished on so many applicable levels, lacked the one area of inter-relate-ability Palin brings to this Game: GAMESWOMANSHIP.
Observe: The HILL. Level It! The great thing about the GAME is this: it’s meant to be PLAYED. The Women who are cheerleaders and fans of the Guy MAY BE WON by the Winner, and nothing in this world is more certain!

Women who revel in the GAME learn a very special secret once they get out in front and away farom the frenzy. The Great Guys, the fun ones, the ones worth the moniker, “The One” are delighted in you, too! Of course, the GREAT Guys know no girl’s ever going to beat them when they’re on their game. But no human being is on their game all the time. We all take a turn. We sort of “work the draft line” and give our all for the ALL. The GREAT Guys know that the WOMAN’S turn is coming and they CANNOT WAIT for the girls to take over. Saint Anthony: thank you in advance for helping us find those great men.

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