NOW gets it now: or are they trying to win women back for the party?

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

The gossip website Gawker on Thursday posted an anonymous account of a man who said he had had a one-night stand with O’Donnell three years ago on Halloween. Gawker reportedly paid the man in the “low four figures” for the account and pictures of O’Donnell dressed up like a ladybug.

The site has been widely criticized by media outlets for posting the item and was denounced Thursday by the National Organization for Women.

“NOW repudiates Gawker’s decision to run this piece,” the organization said in a statement. “It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O’Donnell but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere.”

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Well I hate to be blunt but I must. It took one hell of a lot for NOW to finally step up to the plate for a conservative woman and the woman they stepped up for is Christine O’Donnell of all Conservatives. Holy Cow! But not so fast ladies, you are a day late and a dollar short. I’ll not thank you for doing exactly what you should have been doing for the last three years beginning with the attacks on Hillary and culminating with Christine. Simply put – I don’t trust you anymore!

Politico obviously is ready to accept NOW at their word but is less   apt to trust  other Democratic shills as the author points to O’Donnell’s opponent as the source for this latest moral attack on yet another female candidate.

“Even the National Organization for Women gets it, but Christine’s opponent disturbingly does not,” Sachtleben wrote. “Classless Coons goons have proven yet again to have no sense of common decency or common sense with their desperate attacks to get another rubber stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda. Such attacks are truly shameful, but they will not distract us from making our case to Delaware voters — and keeping the focus on Chris Coons’s record of higher taxes, increased spending and, as he has done again here, breaking his promises to the voters.”

This disgusting trashing didn’t work on Niki and it won’t work on Christine- I only hope it’s not to late to backfire on her detractors. I am so proud of women this year who had stood up for other women and said Enough is enough! They are mad as hell and not going to take this anymore!

If NOW is sincere- I will forgive but that remains to be seen- I will be watching and so will all of us at The Majority United, we look forward to being on the same side- empowering women to stand shoulder to shoulder on those issues on which we can agree.

I told you they were only trying to win women back for their damned party!
They have learned batter tricks well- treat em bad throw a crumb- hit em again. 

NOW Calls for Nationwide MARCH Nov. 2!

MARCH to the polls, and vote as if women’s lives depend on it — because they do! Prove the pundits and our opponents wrong: Vote on Nov. 2, and bring along at least one other activist, friend or family member.

You’ve heard the buzz that women voters have given up and Democrats stand to lose this mid-term election. That will be the headlines only if we sit out this election. Pick an action, and prove them wrong:

  • Call or email every feminist you know to urge them to vote
  • Volunteer to distribute door-hangers about feminist or progressive candidates
  • Offer to phone bank for a get-out-the-vote effort. If there are no competitive races in your area or state, find a candidate you admire and volunteer to phone for them
  • Volunteer to pick up voters and take them to polling places
  • Organize a car pool for your feminist friends to make sure they vote — go to lunch or dinner afterward, and celebrate the women who fought for our right to vote

We must defend our champions in the statehouses and halls of Congress and support new feminist candidates if we ever hope to gain equal rights for women and guarantee women’s safety, economic justice and autonomy. Our opponents cannot stand the prospect of a world where women are fully equal, and we cannot stay silent as long as that world remains only a dream.

This Election Day IS a March for Women’s Lives. We cannot be silent while women are beaten, raped and murdered, while women’s futures are limited or denied by repressive and cruel fiscal and social policies meant to benefit the privileged.

NOW/PAC has endorsed strong candidates – candidates who will protect women’s rights and work to achieve equality and justice.

Conservatives, corporate interests and Tea Party types are raising money and mobilizing like crazy. Scores of right-wing candidates with more extreme views than ever before are on the ballots. Their efforts are funded by the super-rich and big business. Decades worth of progress made by feminists on many fronts will suffer severe setbacks if ultra-conservative candidates running in this election gain power.

Republican and Tea Party candidates will continue to promote policies that favor their backers — the richest 20 percent of Americans who own 85 percent of the wealth in the U.S. and receive nearly half of all income annually. If elected, these candidates will set about undoing policies and programs that advance equality.

The already wide gap between rich and poor will increase. The social safety net — programs like Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare — will be further weakened. Critical progress on important legislative priorities will be lost, including pay equity initiatives, welfare reform and fully funding the Violence Against Women Act, among many others. Educate yourself about the issues and find the candidates who will support women’s rights.



5 Responses

  1. Did I miss something, or was there NO mention of abortion in there?

    And yesterday I got a GOTV flyer from Planned Parenthood of WI with barely a mention about abortion. Instead it was urging me to vote against gubernatorial republican candidate Walker because he supports limiting (and has limited) access to mammograms!

    And do they really need to remind us that we can car pool to vote? What am I 5 yo?

    So I agree that both NOW AND PP are scrambling to get disaffected democratic women to vote, and drag some independents with them to the polls.

  2. “Call or email every feminist you know to urge them to vote” …well, the only NOW – recognized feminist I even know is that asshole with the Superman S on his chest they ran as their cover two years ago.

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