I lobbed her head off-cuz I thought she was grade A beef

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

I will be bringing you a series of gruesome but true tales about beheadings

This takes insanity to new heights-was he angry- nuts- schitzy or what? This beats all I ever heard the man is angry and is fighting with this woman- he is also nuts- and he is now asking to be free and we are going to pay for this? Note, Tanner now 52 was quite his wife’s senior at 21 when this happened in 1990. So what is it- was he angry or did this steakhouse meat cutter suffer from acute schizophrenia and cut his wife up thinking she was cattle?

Read the story below and tell me why this murderer was found not guilty in the first place and now wants to be free of any mental observation at all? Would you want this gem running around your neighborhood, working in your butcher shop or steakhouse?


Psych evaluation approved for man who beheaded wife



By Lauren Pack
Staff Writer
Saturday, January 10, 2009

HAMILTON — A Butler County judge has approved funds for an independent psychological evaluation of admitted killer Raymond Tanner to determine if he should remain under court control.

Tanner, 52, was found not guilty by reason of insanity after decapitating his wife in 1990. He is seeking release from any court control of his freedom.

On Friday, Jan. 9, Judge Andrew Nastoff approved $1,500 to fund a second psychological examination of Tanner, who as a condition of release from a mental-health facility in 1996 must appear in court every two years for review of his case.

Defense attorney Greg Howard said the most recent evaluation by the court’s doctor recommends Tanner remain on conditional release, with six face-to-face evaluations with a psychologist annually. Tanner disagrees and wants a second evaluation.

There is no reason for Tanner to be under any court control, Howard said. He said Tanner has not been on medication for 12 years and does not see a psychologist other than the one required by the court. He has had no other offenses.

Tanner, a steakhouse meat cutter, killed his wife, Maria, 21, after an argument in their Fairfield home.

In June 1990, Tanner was found criminally insane, and to have been suffering from acute schizophrenia. After being in a mental facility for less than 10 years, Tanner was released with conditional provisions that have continued since 1996.

He appeared in court Friday with his daughter. He lives in Montgomery County, where he works at odd jobs. Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper opposes Tanner’s release from court control.

Nastoff set a hearing date of March 4, for testimony from both doctors who have examined Tanner to be heard and a ruling on future court control.

Contact this reporter at (513) 820-2168 or lpack@coxohio.com.

2 Responses

  1. If my opinion is wrong, perhaps the ladies here can straighten me out, but… I get uncomfortable when a man has to marry a girl many years younger than himself.

    It’s not intrinsically wrong to have a younger spouse, but manipulative men seem to find it easier to control women who are significantly younger and lacking life experience.

  2. This case is so disgusting. You think things can’t get worse and they do. What is happening to this world/country. How are you, Betty? I think of you and the girls often.

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