US Liquidation Sale Needed

By: It’s Me Louise

As a business woman for the last 6o years, it all seems very simple to me. When your business is sinking in debt- you sell off what you can – pay off your debts and cut up your credit cards. So what is the problem with the managers of our country?

America is just one big business after all and it was being badly mismanaged and run into the ground and now instead of using some sound policies to save it – we are allowing the managers to dig us deeper and deeper in debt.

As the owners of this enterprise- I say we order the managers to liquidate immediately and to fire all unnecessary employees from the bloated nepotism held positions. Sell all our infrastructure, toll roads , bridges, airports, AmTrack and museums.

We are currently 14 trillion dollars in debt, we the people need to reign in Washington DC and our big spenders before they run our beautiful country clear into bankruptcy.

First, let’s put the “We the Peoples” Social Security and Medicare on the back burner for a while and lets first talk about cutting out all the waste fraud and abuse and all non essential employees and cut the paychecks of the overpaid so-called elected representatives and their bloated benefits.

Next, we need to stop funding countries that hate us.

In addition, we need to renegotiate our trade deals and force China to stop using funny money.

Finally, we need to liquidate some of our assets immediately. That would include Real Estate such as the Hawaiian Islands. Surely Hawaii should be worth several trillion dollars?

And what about all our government land? For example, our government does not need to own our National Parks, let’s privatize them. That should bring in several trillion dollars and the parks would cease being an albatross around our necks and provide private sector jobs instead of government jobs.

Just think about the trillions of debt we are in right now and think of the mounting debt we are accruing minute by minute on the interest alone on the past debt if we don’t liquidate.

One last note:
No one seemed to have a problem selling our ports to foreign nations regardless of the terror threats,  so selling off our infrastructure shouldn’t be a problem but if it is them I suggest we sell wisely.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Louisa,

    It’s good to see you back!

    Everything you said is common sense to every one trying to stretch their pennies as far as they can go.

    The government will never look at it this way because they aren’t spending their own money, if they had to, one would hope they would have better sense. 👿

  2. In other words: What would happen if WOMEN ran the Country and were concerned about their children and communities instead of needing the cash to pay for the status symbols they must display to get the ho’s to hook up w’em…after all, they’re pumped up on Viagara like the lusting crazies in the Middle East and can’t control their urges!

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