Obama Pledge: $35,000.00 a plate fundraiser for Camp Lejeune?

BJ Downing Kling

Last night the Commander and chief went to a fundraiser costing 35,000 a plate. He and his funders are always wanting to spread the wealth around.

So I am waiting to see how he plans on spreading it around the ravaged SOUTH! That money could do a lot for the folks in the south who are without a place to sleep tonight or have to bury their children. It could help the buy formula and diapers for the Marines babies at Camp Lejeune. So show us you compassionate Democrats who want to spread the wealth around how you plan to spread last night take around? Where are all those Hollywood bleeding hearts with all that money and compassion this weekend? And who the hell is stopping the rich democrats and progressives from giving Uncle SAM more of their own money?

As you no doubt are aware, a terrible tornado ripped through Jacksonville, NC this past weekend wreaking havoc on the town and on Camp Lejeune.  We have been informed that the Tarawa Terrace II housing area at Camp Lejeune has been heavily damaged and over 40 Marine families have been displaced or otherwise lost many personal items including food.  100-200 families have been affected by losing power which may be off for some time.

The violent weather began Thursday in Oklahoma, where two people died, before cutting across the Deep South on Friday and hitting North Carolina and Virginia on Saturday. Authorities said seven people died in Arkansas; seven in Alabama; six in Virginia; and one in Mississippi. North Carolina’s state emergency management agency said it had reports of 23 fatalities from Saturday’s storms, but local officials confirmed only 21 deaths to The Associated Press.

An apparent tornado passed near a Virginia nuclear power plant, knocking down power lines. Dominion Virginia Power said backup sources including diesel generators kept electricity going to maintain both units at its Surry Power Station. The tornado didn’t hit the two nuclear units, which are designed to withstand weather, earthquakes and hurricanes, the company said.

More than 240 tornadoes were reported from the storm system, including 62 in North Carolina


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