Huffington Posts Doctored Photo of Obama Crowds

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

 What a sad state of affairs when the man who stood before us at the DNCC 4 years ago  proclaiming that there should only be “ONE America” has now wrought upon us more division than most of us forgot and many of our youth have not witnessed in their lifetimes. I know Martin Luther King must be turning in his grave! We now have blatant racism and sexism gone viral, neighbor against neighbor, families fighting among themselves, campaigners beaten on the streets and property destroyed. Joe the plumber is reviled for asking a simple question in his own front yard and has his privacy aired as a consequence, my daughter is afraid to display a McCain yard sign for fear of being called a racist. I was assaulted for wearing a Nobama T-shirt in Denver during the DNCC.  


Obama, however, can with hold information, Huffington Post can use altered photo’s, caucuses can be violated, media can be biased, arms can be twisted, Hillary and Sarah can be victimized, the election can be stolen, delegates can be reapportioned, Obama and his favorites are exempt from all scrutiny. I guess that is the ONE America he was talking about but that is not the America I want!


Our failure to interrupt Obama’s plans will in fact result in his success. The only thing that ensures him that success is OUR Failure to intercede!


So why is Huffington Post using a doctored Photo supposedly taken by AP to suggest Obama is still getting large crowds? Or is this more  propaganda crap they are using to break our spirit, such as suggesting he is getting 10 and 12 % higher poll ratings? Or trying to convince us he raised more money in $25.00 checks then we have little people? Funny the largest donations ever collected in History come from all those little people that we can’t prove really exist! Somehow I think they are doctoring the poll numbers and the donors just like the AP Photo.

May I suggest contacting the AP to ask when they joined MSNBC and turned Yellow?

The tags behind this obviously doctored photo = Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, speaks at a rally at the American Legion Mall in Indianapolis, Ind., Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Real Poll Data

Obama lead on McCain grows to 12 points (Reuters)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama’s lead over Republican rival John McCain has grown to 12 points in the U.S. presidential race, with crucial independent and women voters increasingly moving to his side, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Thursday.

AP poll: McCain, Obama all even in homestretch (Baltimore Sun)
Race has tightened since third debate, poll suggests, with McCain gaining among whites, people earnings less than $50,000 The presidential race tightened after the final debate, with John McCain gaining among whites and people earning less than $50,000, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll that shows McCain and Barack Obama essentially running even among likely voters in the election.

Carolyn Kay asks “So which is it?  Is Obama ahead by 12 points, or is the race even?  Zogby is in the tank for Obama and the AP has given a lot of help to McCain, so we can’t know for sure what’s really happening.”

Based on the doctored photo I have to ask did AP doctor it or did the unbiased folks over at Huffington Post alter it and discredit AP with the dirty? Even a novice could have done a better job photo shopping this one! As Carolyn Kay would say – make them accountable!


Lest  you forget

This election is between an elected candidate and a selected candidate forced on us by the Democrats. The selected candidate does not deserve your vote moreover he deserves your every effort to thwart his success. It is our duty knowing what we know to do everything in our power to stop him! To do anything less is to condone the stealing of an election!


In the name of Liberty – Please vote on Nov. 4 and make that vote count toward the prevention of an illegitimate coronation of a man who does not deserve to be president of the USA. Please – do not allow this to happen – it may be an irreversible mistake- we will all live to regret. God forbid he winds up with The Oval Office – The House – The Senate- The Treasury – The Justice Dept. and The Media! Think about it! And think about this – they appear to hate Women!


 Our failure to interrupt Obama’s plans will in fact result in his success. The only thing that ensures him that success is OUR Failure to intercede!


8 Responses

  1. I am sharing this idea on several blogs this week where others are not supporting Obama.

    For the record:
    I am a PUMA in northern VA
    I am a Black woman
    I am a registered democrat
    I am one of the voters who supported Hillary Clinton in the primary

    AND I am not voting for Obama-Biden.

    I am so tired of hearing about Obama spending big bucks to run his infomercial on October 29th by trying to blanket mainstream television airways.

    I think we need to begin to promote a “Turn off Obama-TV” on October 29th. I say – Do NOT Listen to or Watch Obama’s 30 minute commercial on October 29, 2008. Obama thinks he can MAKE us listen to what he has to say by spending all that money in order to have his commercial on several networks at the same time. We do NOT have to listen. We do NOT have to support this gimmick.

    Let’s all participate in: “Turn Off Obama-TV” that night. On October 29th for that specific 30 minutes: Push mute – Turn down the sound – Change the channel – or Turn off the television. Do not listen to any more of Obama’s hot air, false promises or his lies about McCain-Palin.

    INSTEAD for that 30 minutes do something else with your brain cells — (here’s a few ideas)

    Watch a different tv program
    Watch a DVD or video
    Listen to the radio
    Listen to a CD
    Read a book or magazine
    Play a board game
    Surf the web
    Watch YouTube videos
    Call a friend on the phone
    Play a video game
    Write an email to a friend
    Work on one of the word games or word puzzles in the newspaper
    Play the piano (or instrument of your choice)
    Do some exercising
    Play a card game
    Work on your family’s scrapbooks
    Bake Halloween cookies or cupcakes
    Work on your favorite hobby

    Between now and Oct 29th – Let others know that you are choosing NOT to listen to & to NOT watch Obama’s commercial. And encourage others to join in a national response to this media effort.

    Please join me by choosing to turn away from Obama’s efforts to control the outcome of this election by spending so much money on a one night media blitz.

    Tell all your family & friends to “Turn Off Obama-TV” on Oct. 29th!!

  2. please help stop this kind of un-American activity…don’t vote for someone who engenders this kind of threat to Sarah and Piper.

  3. An acknowledgment and a link for the poll wording would have been nice, Betty Jean.

    Carolyn Kay

  4. I agree not to watch Obama. However, I wasn’t going to anyway. I suggest getting on the McCain website and making calls to the swing states while it is airing. Also, might I suggest a message to the mainstream media: MSM you hypocrites, we don’t need you anymore. Your vicious and totally slanted to “the ONE- Obama” is not acceptable anymore. You all will pay a “bitter price” for this BS coverage of this all important election. I too, am sorely disappointed in the Clintons. Party over country is not something I am willing to support. That is why after this election I will re-register as an Independent as the Democratic Party no longer represents my ideas and beliefs. Again, thank you for your comment.

  5. My family will not be watching Obama either. Mary O’Bryan has an excellent idea about making phone calls for McCain instead. There will still be undecided voters and maybe change a few minds along the way.

    I have been very disappointed with Hillary more than Bill. After all that the Party did to her, well her total support to the Party is unacceptable to me. Regardless of Party, I need to put my Country first. I have changed my registration already after 48 years.

    BettyJean I hope you will keep this site up after the election as I have really admired your stance and dedication. This site gives us a chance to have pride and we can talk without being afraid of the consequences. Although I am very outspoken on my opinions and because of my very nature I almost dare someone to make a smart remark.

    The amount of money spent by the Dems in this election is obscene. Some of that money could have gone to cancer research or any number of deserved associations helping the poor or doing research. By the way Bettyjean, I will add your daughter to my prayers. May God Bless you both.

    Sharon Long

  6. AZNANA: Hillary gave her word a long time ago (as did Bill), that she was going to campaign hard for whoever the Dem nominee turned out to be; as much as it might pain her personally, she is simply keeping her word (which, by the way, is more than Obama has ever done).
    But let’s say she speaks out. It’s the “rock and a hard place” thing. Either she is believed (which destroys the Democratic Party and liberalism along with it, leaving the country and the world to conservatism), or she isn’t (which destroys both her and Bill’s ability to do any future good in or out of politics, including keeping the corrupt wing of the Dems from doing too much damage, keeping the Party from descending into total corruption; and which also means the two most able polticians in the country – and the only ones proven by Special Prosecutor to be squeaky-clean – get removed from the picture).
    In either case, she becomes The-Woman-Who-Didn’t-Keep-Her-Word and even worse, The-Woman-Who-Didn’t-Keep-Her-Word-Because-You-Can’t-Trust-Women-They-Are-All-Hormonal-And-Unstable-So-You-Can’t-Have-Any-Of-Them-In-Office-And-This-Proves-It.

  7. I believe we have lost Hillary forever- Sadly – and she is and was our very best hope!

  8. the doctored photo reminds me of a scene in a video from one of martin luther king’s speeches. i wonder if a still was lifted off the video, manipulated for color, clarity, etc. and then obo placed in the scene?

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