Women’s Hall of Shame Club


Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling
DNC proves Civil Rights abuse of women.
The DNC continues to use Hillary Clinton to promote Barack Obama and to fight for his candidacy and encourage women to vote for him full well knowing that this is causing women to loose faith in her by making her look like a victim. It sure looks like Hillary’s loyalty to party over sisterhood is exceeded only by her betrayal to country by placing Party over democracy. She was in it to win it! When she said she would fight for us – we believed her – If she now begs us to vote for him and we can’t – well the more they force her – the more we balk. The problem is not only did they take Hillary out of the 2008 election they are now taking her out of the 2012 election as well.
We have forever lost the best candidate we had, the best chance the DNC had to legally recover the White House, but she has been needlessly sacrificed. Perhaps it was the only way she could find to create the change that needs to follow. It is her choice – as much as I hate to admit it, perhaps this stark demonstration of the abuse of women’s rights is what we need to wake us up.
By allowing herself to be sacrificed she has shown us that women in American are undervalued even – or perhaps in spite being smarter, and more qualified. Hillary has shown that sexism exists and that women’s rights are being violated daily all across America, she was not only mistreated and told to suck it up, her mistreatment was ignored and she was humiliated if she showed any signs of self defense, she was ridiculed if anyone came to her defense and now she is being forced to defend her abusers. 
Three cheers for the Republican’s who came to her defense more than once then sought another women for a high position as VP and illuminated for us that Hillary was not a rare occurrence but a reminder of what had happened twenty-four years ago when they tried to run  the first female VP, Gerri Ferraro in 1984. Oh it was made abundantly clear when Gov. Palin was nominated as VP and found herself inducted in to the Hall of Shame Club where three strikes and they hope all women will be out of the running for top positions in the old boy’s Club in the USA forevermore.
She may never be President – but she will always be the woman that proved Sexism was the reason why not!


As for Sarah, Hillary will have made it impossible for them to get away with this again without a fight. She will have made it impossible because of her struggle and sacrifice to show us that women are mistreated and this mistreatment is no less than a violation of human rights.


America‘s women and America’s men along with them must stand up to the Democrat Party and say – NO! We will not treat our women this way nor will we accept this kind of government- We must turn our backs on this party in order to break them once and for all. Break them and either resurrect them anew or start a new party – this one is done! No party can ignore half of its population and survive! 


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  1. I disagree with you. Hillary WILL be president. In 2012, when she runs against McCain all of this will seem what it has truly been, a terrible nightmare.

  2. I hope you are right but they way they are treating her and now Bill – a lot of folks are getting terribly upset.

  3. Iam just trying to get McCain ? Palin elected we need to get out there and fight for every vote, because if we don’t, I am not sure there will be a United States of America as we know it, and no possible of having Seator Hillary Rodham Clinton as President, P.S. this is a battle ground state Pennsylvania, I cannot stress how important it is everyone show up for the march in State College on the 13 of October, one last thing
    “Action Please”


    I thought for day’s what would be the correct action against The National Organization of Women. I mean come on they lost focus, they endorsed a man for president who does not give his Senate staff equal pay for equal work. In the primary season they did not seem to be to bent out of shape over all the rampant sexism the media directed at the female candidate, and the candidate they endorsed dished out the sexist banter also. I finally think I know what we need to do.
    Write this to them Dear National Organization of Women you are old out of touch, and worn torn like this old bra, out shape thread bare, and no longer serve a purpose. Since this is what you seem to represent to America “We Want You To Have This Bra”, as a symbol of your uselessness, burn it like the old days because you seem to not have the fight in you. You have endorsed a candidate who does not give equal pay for equal work ( Fact ), and you never launched a national campaign against this candidate when he served up volley after volley of misogyny (Fact). As a matter of fact you dropped the ball of a national campaign against the media for the same. Now (no pun intended) with the celebration in July of Seneca Falls your little shindig in Washington only gave an honorable mention of the fact, it should had been the driving force (160 years of the women’s rights movement). You got to big for your fancy putting on airs pant suit. I think it is time for the real Suffragettes & Men of Honor to take over…
    Sign your name and send them that old bra, you know the one that you a cannot part with like old friend you patched it maybe got a few safety pins in it, would die if someone actually seen it…
    (Guys You Just Let Them Know This Bra Is My Wife, or Girlfriend & She Wanted Me To Let You Know)
    and send it to:NOW Foundation P.O. Box 1848Merrifield, VA 22116-8048

  4. I’m not worried. A month to an election, is like 8 minutes to a football game.

  5. Thanks for continuing the work/effort. The essential thing now is to elect McCain/Palin.
    I agree completely about being held hostage to the abortion thing…enough already.

    The DNC did what it did to Senator Clinton exactly because they knew women would back Obama in the end because of the abortion thing.

    Except that justices Alito and Roberts would not have been elected if Democrats had not helped confirm them. Where were they then????

    I am voting for McCain/Palin because I consider what the DNC did to Hillary much worse than anything else. That the DNC could stand by in utter silence while Hillary was subjected to humiliating sexism on mainstream TV night after night is truly
    unbelievable. Not a single word about it. Then she was forced out of the race as a result of underhanded smoke filled back room deals with superdelegates, and censored.

    It is unbelievable to me that anyone, anyone, could say the Democratic Party is
    “better for women”. After the way the first viable female candidate to the presidency was treated??

    I understand why Hillary is out there supporting Obama. She has to—she has no choice. But the rest of us???

    The women out there supporting Obama remind me of all those domestic abuse victims who always go back to their abusers….

    Not me. Let’s elect McCain and then Hillary can run in 2012.

  6. Thanks BettyJean for everything. I’m only sorry that the Clintons and all of Hillary’s supporters have not officially and publicly followed me to the Republican Party permanently. Truth, justice and the American way will never return via the Dems.

  7. This is a great site, Betty, much hard work….really appreciate your efforts.

    It is very important to get this message out, and I wish you would allow this post…we can read and agree on a post, and we do, but teach us what we can do with action, and writing a letter to Feinstein and demand for her office very politely to vet out and investigate Obama. If all this time and all this money, Obama is not eligible according to our Constitution to be elected for the POTUS.

    EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS crank up WORD and write and send a letter save your response….as it may be needed for evidence…

    I wrote this one to Feinstein, keep your facts substantiated, mine are, as you can borrow these facts….we need volumes to go to her office. Here is how you can show action. Remember it is your right to ask!

    September 10, 2008


    Honorable Diane Feinstein
    Chairman Committee on Rules & Administration
    305 Russell Building
    United States Senate
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    Re: Eligibility of Barrack Hussein Obama to Serve as United States President

    Dear Senator Feinstein,

    My concern for this country, and its future for the right to uphold the Constitution of the United States is the reason I write to you. Even though I am not a constituent of your state, I am a citizen of the USA. Since your responsibility in the position you uphold, as the Chairman of the Committee on Rules and Administration¹, I address this letter to you, and I am requesting a legal investigation be conducted to vet out and thoroughly examine the qualifications and eligibility of Senator Barrack Obama for the position which he seeks; President of our United States and Commander in Chief of our military forces.

    There has been much discussion in the media, and through the Internet of his legalities and whether he is in fact a legal citizen of this country. This is a major concern for citizens in every state to know the facts. If this suspicion proves to be true, then he has defrauded citizens and non-citizens of hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, services, and time not only for his campaign, but from those who have donated to other candidate hopefuls as well.

    The United States Constitution, Article II, Section states:

    “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.”

    According to Articles written, the GOP sent a team to Kenya and located a Registration of Birth (Birth Certificate) in Mombasa. Senator Obama’s mother was born November 1942 and therefore was only 18 at the time of Senator Obama’s birth. If in fact Senator

    ¹ The Senate Committee on Rules and Administration is responsible for issues that include election, campaign finance and ethics reform. The Committee provides oversight over such institutions as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, and the National Zoo. It also oversees the standing rules of the Senate and administers the Congressional Office Buildings.

    Honorable Diane Feinstein
    Page Two of Two

    Obama was born in Mombosa, Kenya, Senator Obama’s mother was not old enough to meet the residency requirements to register Senator Obama’s birth as “natural born”, only naturalized. A naturalized citizen is not eligible to serve as United States President. I was able to locate the laws on the U.S. Embassy, Kenya website, which state:

    Birth Abroad to One Citizen and One Alien Parent in Wedlock

    A child born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent and one alien parent acquires U.S. citizenship at birth under Section 301(g) INA provided the citizen parent was physically present in the U.S. for the time period required by the law applicable at the time of the child’s birth. (For birth on or after November 14, 1986, a period of five years physical presence, two after the age of fourteen is required. For birth between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986, a period of ten years, five after the age of fourteen are required for physical presence in the U.S. to transmit U.S. citizenship to the child.” [emphasis added]

    In addition, Senator Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia, after he and Senator Obama’s mother married. Senator Obama was registered in a Jakarta School and his citizenship was listed as “Indonesian”. Senator Obama speaks of this adoption and young years in Indonesia in his books.

    As previously stated, there are significant questions into Senator Obama’s citizenship status and his eligibility to serve as our United States President. If these questions are left unanswered, we stand to have a Constitutional crisis.

    Senator Feinstein, you hold the position of Chairman of this Committee and serve on many other important committees of equal significance with much responsibility to perform in a just and honorable means of conduct. The President of the United States is the most important position in which our country is represented to all other nations, and therefore we stand to lose much credibility if Senator Obama does not have the correct credentials to legally support the position for this office as required by our United States Constitution. My request to you is in the thoughts and minds of many citizens at this time, due to the pending Presidential General Election, and therefore this is an urgent matter and needs to be addressed immediately to assuage the fears of a multitude of citizens.

    I require a reply to this wary concern.


    CC: Senator Bob Bennet, Ranking Member

  8. I feel compelled to say after reading about ACORN voter fraud identified in IN we should be afraid of Obama. I was a Dem. but they no longer represent me. It is a totally different party than in 2000. Especially since Thurs’s debate, Joe Biden has chosen to represent the ideas of Obama- the new & lousy Democratic Party, I am voting for McCain/Palin 08, in hopes that the Democratic Party returns to its former way of representing the people in 2012. Then we can vote for Hillary vs. Palin. Go Sarah & Sen. McCain.

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