Radio Production Intern/Volunteer (remote)

Posted by: Jocelyn Schur

WANTED: 2 interns (can earn credit at your college) as Radio Producers. We will also accept Volunteers interested in producing a non-sexist and non-partisan radio show by, for and about women that promotes women and whatever they are doing to help others in raising Women’s conscientiousness to self worth, education, empowerment and enlightenment.

This is an opportunity to learn how a national online radio service works. The Majority United (TMU) Women’s Radio’s call-in program seeks interns interested in women’s studies, law, psychology, sociology, criminology and/or communications. Volunteers interests in Women’s rights and or activism if not partisan bent may also apply. We are interested in supporting all women regardless of nationality, race, creed, color, or personal political convictions.

Our shows air Monday and Wednesday nights10 PM Eastern, interns are encouraged to participate as pitch hit co-hosts, however, it is not mandatory that they do so.

This is an opportunity to learn how a national online radio service works. The Majority United (TMU) Women’s Radio’s call-in program seeks interns interested in women’s rights issues, law, psychology, sociology, criminology and/or communications.

Responsibilities include researching background material, contacting potential guests and callers for the show, and general administrative and production duties. Knowledge of Power Point is preferred,

  • do research,
  • work with talent relations
  • book guests
  • set up interviews
  • write interview questions
  • assist in scheduling guests
  • assist in production of promotions,
  • assist in production of shows
  • interact with affiliates.
  • promote via social networking i.e. FaceBook, Twitter and others


-create newsletters and promote the show

-research guest’s vitae

-set up interviews, book guests and interact with affiliates

-Assist in production of promotions, via BTR and Newsletter etc.

-Assist in production of shows – updating show page and or chat room dialog during show.

The intern will have the chance to produce their own show!

BettyJean KlingM.S, M. Ed Founder & Host

How to apply

Please submit resume and one paragraph describing your interest in this position to the Senior Producer,

Speak Out Women

Free US Now Mavericks



BettyJean’s solo tonight with guest Jacquerie, W.A.M. Coordinator.

Together we welcome our most precious guests of all — the  Free US Now Mavericks of 2008–  YOU THE AUDIENCE.  Always remember this is your show – the book we write is your book, the story we tell after the election is over is your story. Together we are the true Mavericks of 2008. Free US Now.

Although women are this country’s largest voting block, we have been marginalized and defrauded to a degree that demands reform!

This show is about “Grass Roots” Actions you can take – in the remaining crucial 2 weeks – to increase your own – and women’s – political impact & influence- and elect the
McCain & Palin ticket.

 This is a year to set aside party politics in order to focus on legitimate reform issues to shake up the DNC & the Washington elite! Putting Principles before Party – and acting from the ground up – together, we can turn the tide of this election. Then we can apply the grass roots skills we develop to continue to promote integrity and equality, once this campaign is won!

Free USNow Mavericks –

Monday Nights 6 pm E.S.T.
 Guest call-in: (347) 838-8011