Female: What is she? Not easily defined even by herself.

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

What is a female? A Female is depicted by others everyday all day long all over the world. Does anyone anywhere even know who or what a female is anymore? Does a female even know who she is? Ask her – she will tell you who she is to someone else no doubt! Lately it has become vogue to brag about being a mother. ‘As a Mom’, ‘Proud to be a mom’, ‘A Million Moms’ ‘Just a Mom’.

I am one of those and belong to every one of those online groups and darn happy to be a mom a grand mom and a great grand mom and proud to belong to all of the mom groups as well.

I am also a US citizen and proud to be one – and a wife and proud to be one a daughter and proud to be one but I am ultimately a female and when I take away all the other labels –I remain far and away a female. I need to know that as one of 52% of civilization – and of all of the population, I am something unique unto myself as well as a part of something and someone else!

How many of us unique females have no children, husband, siblings, or parents alive. What does that make us– nothings?

I dare say we had damned well better wake up and recognize that we are so much more than someone else’s something, subordinate only to them. As proud as we are to be part of a family, a marriage, and as parents we have forgotten we are in the end individuals.

If you are a religious or God fearing individual- God made you in his image – you are responsible to him for what you do about you too.   Religious or envirionmentalists — as females we are the majority on this earth and as such we have a responsibility to be lights and good stewards and responsible to teach our daughters and our sons by example.  As an example we should not be turning our backs  away from what is wrong but we need to turn against it.

 The time is now! There is a war on woman all across this world and it is up to every woman to stand up and say NO! Sadly, we spend less time on the community of women and to helping each other, which would strengthen our causes then we do on fighting each other. Indeed, it takes a village and yet we fight against other never realizing we are our worse enemies when we should be our best warriors.  Think again!

It is up to women to teach our sons and daughters that females are to be highly respected and we are to be accepted just as we are! We are not second-class citizens- not here – not anywhere around the world – let us stand up and start acting like it! We are woman first – not black women – not Hispanic – not gay- not straight – not someone’s wife or daughter first – to our own selves we need to be true!

Ask yourself — What is a female? Make sure you know your worth and be prepared to teach it to others – to your chidren!

Look at your daughters – know what a female is. When you look at your little girl – do you airbrush her perfect? Doesn’t she deserve to be a first class human being or are you raising her to be someone’s something? When you see a report of a wife missing or found dead at the hand of her husband – do you realize that could be your daughter you gave to a husband in marriage? Did you give her as a peice of property? Do you think those parents ever dreamed of such horror? In many religions, men are reared to treat their women this way and  these customs are coming here. Not that our men have not been bad enough here all along.

We are faced with two extremes regarding the treatment and condition of women right here in the US. There is a liberal or a conservative view – Sexualization or Religion both render her less than! Neither extreme is acceptable and we have no right to decide which box is right for your daughters! Human rights belong to every female and each of us is born with inalienable rights. These rights are being abrogated by man and government and it is being tolerated by the majority of our citizens in this the US an otherwise free country.

We the women of the US are not subjects of the government- slaves to our husbands nor are we subject to the churches. We are free human beings, brainwashed into submission by men who we can simply out vote by uniting against them and demanding our civil and human rights!

WHY? Because we women have not stood, up and said NO! We have hidden our eyes from the truth! Women in our society are disrespected and we can stop it now.

Reported in the US http://www.feminist.com/antiviolence/facts.html

4-5 women a day are murdered by their husbands in the US
1 in 4 women a day are beaten – only half are reported so 1-2 are feared to be harmed
1 in 4 college women experience completed or attempted rape during their college years


100,000’s a day have a Tiger Woods for a husband
Over 50% of men accessing the internet are using internet pornography on purpose
Internet Porn is the fasting growing cause of divorce in the United States

Pornographic websites 4.2 million (12% of total websites)
Pornographic pages 420 million
Daily pornographic search engine requests 68 million (25% of total search engine requests)
Daily pornographic emails 2.5 billion (8% of total emails)
Internet users who view porn 42.7%
Received unwanted exposure to sexual material 34%
Average daily pornographic emails/user 4.5 per Internet user
Monthly Pornographic downloads (Peer-to-peer) 1.5 billion (35% of all downloads)
Daily Gnutella “child pornography” requests 116,000
Websites offering illegal child pornography 100,000
Sexual solicitations of youth made in chat rooms 89%
Youths who received sexual solicitation 1 in 7 (down from 2003 stat of 1 in 3)
Worldwide visitors to pornographic web sites 72 million visitors to pornography: Monthly
Internet Pornography Sales $4.9 billion

Women appear to be brainwashed, given only two choices, Conservative or Liberal- Madonna or the whore. It’s only natural to fear the antithesis of the box we were forced into. If we break out of these boxes and stop fighting for the same booby prizes we can achieve the main goal. Why settle to be with a big wig who can at any time toss us aside when we can be the big wig ourselves? I would rather be in control than behind someone in control of me!

1.) Jessica Alba

Have you wondered how some celebrities manage to keep their seemingly perfect figures after pregnancy? Is it the personal trainers and private chefs that do the trick? Not entirely or perhaps not at all.  It’s the airbrusher! The real Jessica Alba , months after giving birth, is seen airbrushed, note the trimmed waistline and hips.

2.) Beyonce

I wonder why Vanity Fair digitally altered Beyonce’s image to appear several shades lighter on their cover.

3.) Kate Winslet

Although denies any retouching was done for her 2008 Vanity Fair photo shoot, a professional airbrusher interviewed by the Daily Mail disagrees:  “There is no real detail in her face. Any detail or wrinkles have been removed. There are no eye bags, contours and smile lines. Her bottom has been rounded off so it looks nice and pert. I would be very surprised if her bottom was like that naturally.”

4.) Britney Spears

These side-by-side photos were taken within days of one another.

5.) Julia Roberts

The Redbook editors plucked Roberts head from a paparazzi shot taken at the 2002 People’s Choice Awards while her body was borrowed from the Notting Hill movie premiere four years ago. The clipped-together photo is accompanied by a headline that blares, without a trace of irony, “The Real Julia.” 

6.) Jennifer Aniston

Wish you could have washboard abs like Jennifer Aniston after the age of 40? America’s favorite Friend does as well. When asked by host Barabara Walters what happened to the modest girl next door we used to love, Jen laughed, “She’s there! Photoshopped!”

7.) Sarah Palin

The body belongs to a 22 year-old woman known only as Elizabeth. An unemployed web site designer from New York City found the four year old pic on Flickr and pasted Gov. Palin’s head on it as a spoof for her Facebook page. And the rest has become as much a part of political yore as Swift Boat and Dukakis in a tank.


8.) Kelly Clarkson

Apparently Kelly Clarkson grew tired of Howard Stern making cracks about her ass and did something about it, or shall I say had her airbrusher do something about it.

The airbrushing later became so pronounced on her new album cover that Clarkson barely recognized herself. On a blog entry she wrote: “Its very colorful and they have definitely Photoshopped the crap out of me . . . Whoever she is, she looks great, ha!”

9.) The Women of the Israeli Cabinet

In a move straight out of Pravda, the Israeli ultra-Orthodox newspaper Yated Neeman airbrushed two female cabinet members out of a picture of the Israeli Cabinet and replaced them with two men not even in the cabinet.  The newspaper claims picturing women violates their laws of modesty but here in the States it simply violates our laws of common decency.


10.) The Dove Soap Women

Remember the Dove Soap campaign featuring “real”, full-figured women instead of the airbrushed, fake supermodels we’ve grown so accustomed to? Even when Madison Avenue ad executives try to keep it real, their itchy airbrush fingers get the best of them.

According to retoucher Pascal Dangin, these ladies were just as fake as the supermodels we so love to poke fun at. “Do you know how much retouching was on that?” he asked. “But it was great to do, a challenge, to keep everyone’s skin and faces showing the mileage but not looking unattractive.”


Gentlemen, next time your lady tells you the Hollywood ideal of beauty is impossible to live up to, believe her. And Ladies next time you think only a trollop posses for these things – think of the Israeli Cabinet members who disapeared.

Please do not write me comments about the women who pose for these- it is easy to blame women and leave the men blameless or to blame men but the truth is this: Sex sells because we have been selling women forever. For all of history we have been selling women- there are more of us then there are of them – let’s just stand up and stop it now when and where we can! ? Start with the advertisers. ‘Boycott them – but do it collectively so one gets hurt badly at a time- one at a time money talks!

What is a Female – do you know? How will you explain it to your 3 year old? Do you want to tell her she must grow up to be a mother even if her body will never make her one? Do you want to teach her to submit to a man who may beat her to death? Do you want to teach your 3 year old boy not to believe what his lying eyes tell him to believe ? She is not what he thinks she is – she is not what you think she is either!

She is a total work of art- she is every bit as valuable as the son you may have bore — act like it- fight for her right to be treated as the whole – human being she is! Do it Now!


Women are the solution: non- partisanship is the key to success!

Re-Posted from May 26, 2011 by freemenow BettyJean Downing Kling & Connie Kafka

A Few Sad Statistics

As of 2011, there were 72 women out of 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and 17 women out of 100 members of the U.S. Senate. That’s just 89 women, or a mere 16.6 percent. Only 268 women have served in Congress since it was established some 222 years ago.

There are 15 women Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) leading U.S. Fortune 500 companies (3 percent), and most of those companies are in the traditionally “women-focused” food and cosmetics industries. (There are no women CEOs among the top 20 U.S. Fortune 500 companies.) There are 28 women CEOs leading U.S. Fortune 1000 companies.

The 2010 census shows that the United States is home to some 308.7 million people, with females representing about 50.7 percent of that number. So, in a country with a population of nearly 157 million females, there are 89 women Congressional representatives, and 43 women CEOs. Those are 132 extraordinary women at high levels of government and business who’ve demonstrated what empowered women can do. But their scant numbers are appallingly and frighteningly inadequate, and the numbers are no more encouraging in virtually any other fields of endeavor.

United, We Can Unleash Our Power and Potential

Such sad statistics indicate exactly how far women have not come since the Suffragists valiantly fought for and won voting rights for women in 1920 after a 72-year struggle. The reason? An entrenched patriarchal power structure, which even today continues to perniciously deny to females the opportunities automatically accorded to males. Solution? Free up women and girls, and unleash the united power of 157 million hearts, minds and voices to help solve the complex problems our nation and world faces. So long as half the population remains “bound and gagged” by an entrenched patriarchal power structure that continues to fail miserably at everything except telling women and girls to “sit down and shut up,” all of us—men, women, children—will continue to suffer needlessly the sad consequences of a nation and world deprived of the unfettered creative contributions of half its problem-solvers.

We all recognize the vital need for diligent, unrelenting activism on women’s issues—domestic violence; media injustice; rampant misogyny/sexism infecting our nation’s business, economic, government and social life; sexual abuse/incest; underage sex trafficking—and myriad other gender-based injustices. So, too, must we recognize that these women’s issues are crucial issues not just for women, but for all people, issues that, until conquered, will continue to rob our nation and world of the vast benefits of the power and potential of millions of women and girls.

We must also recognize that certain women’s issues continue to be turned into emotionally charged wedge issues by partisan groups seeking to selfishly advance their own agendas by deliberately dividing women. Not only does this prevent all people from the clear, keen focus required to conquer the injustices all females face, it also results in needless woman-against-woman attacks—making women adversaries rather than sisters and allies—thus detouring us all from the united path we must pursue in order to combat our common enemy: Outdated, patriarchal-based notions of what females are and can become.

The Majority United

The Majority United (TMU) is the only women’s issues/rights group founded on the premise that women can/must/need to work together regardless and in spite of partisan affiliations or ideologies.

Says founder and long-time women’s rights activist Betty Jean Kling:

“TMU stands proud with ALL women. We are neither left nor right. Nor do we lobby for or against choice or gay rights. There are specific groups devoted to those issues. Rather, TMU supports ALL women. We are proud of those who have the courage of their convictions and stand up and speak out for what they believe, just as the original Suffragists did. Women from both sides of the aisle are teaching us weekly that we can strongly disagree on some issues, yet stand together to advance the rights of women. Women have more in common than not. We recognize that no one agrees with anyone 100 percent of the time. Yet, as women, we can ALL agree that—united and mobilized—we can achieve what must be done; and we can ALL agree that we cannot achieve what must be done alienated, alone, isolated or working against one another.”

TMU’s Three Main Goals

  1. Achieve an End to Violence Against Women and Children.
  2. Achieve Equality, Opportunity and Justice for All. These are Human Rights.
  3. Achieve Representative Government, reflecting the proportion of women in our society.

TMU supports ALL women who support those goals for ALL women and children, and who support the United States Constitution as intended by the Founders for a Representative Government deriving it’s just powers from the consent of the governed, that is, ‘We the People’ of the United States of America

Sexualizing America 12 of 12

BettyJean Kling

The final piece of this series will include some video, some ads and a list of the links to the previous 11 articles. I hardly think I will stop here.

Then we have Debbie whose boss actually pimps her out in the following add by giving
Dealers her phone number and inviting the reader that he can actually call and talk to her. 

How’s this for a quit smoking campaign- I remember the one which claimed it was a

great idea to give your honey a kiss instead of lighting up – but can anyone tell me

exactly what is this supposed to be saying?





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Sexualizing America 11 of 12: End the Ambivalence

BettyJean Kling

At The Majority United we urge you to End the Ambivalence!

A young woman using the blog name Tamara recently commented on a blog post entitled Frats Invite Sluts, Bitches; Women Accept Degradation. Why? as follows

“I feel like maybe women don’t see how much they are being devalued unless something big happens…To be honest my freshman year at a four year college was an extreme learning experience, all I wanted was to be in a sorority just like my friends. Why do young girls tend to want to be in a sorority? Because fraternity boys want to date sorority girls. The dorms were coed floors and on our floor were guys from the basket ball team and lacrosse team. Looking back I wonder why girls were apt to do the guys laundry, to help them with the homework (if not do it for them), to even clean there dorm rooms. Were they just being helpful or were they working above and beyond to get male attention only to be used and thrown away later. Why did we not see that the attention we were getting from guys was disrespectful , I guy saying wow you have a big rack or I wanna see those girls make out was disrespectful . Unfortunately I remember all too well a friend crying after sleeping with a guy on the basketball team and later her being deemed a slut who sleeps around. Just in one year there were many encounters that were similar to this, always ending in the guy being the man and the women being trashy. Maybe younger women growing up in a generation that for the most part has always had rights, we fail to see what we don’t have.”

I don’t know this young woman – I have no way of reaching out to her, she is just someone brave enough to leave a comment on a blog. But If I could I would hug her and I would ask her to join us and take our series all over the campus and educate the gals telling them- we are sending a message that men are ready willing and able to hear and accept but we are not getting their message until it is too late!

If you were a guy what would these ads say to you? In fact as a female what the hell are these ads saying to you? Wouldn’t you agree if we keep doing things the same way and the results keep increasing we must be doing it right. Right if they are increasing in the direction we are heading that is? Right, but for whom? Is this what makes your boat float?

Look carefully, her nipple is visible as is pubic hair from her upper leg. She is wearing a child’s jewelry,
and suggestively licking a lollipop. Her frame and size is childlike yet adult like. This is a Lee shoot.

Here are some of the other one’s that Lee had to select from the ones they chose are marked Lee!
Imagine the degradation this model is about to face thinking she is doing a shoot for the famous Lee.

Do you think Lee had this in mind? Bet he didn’t turn this one in!

Think she is enjoying this as much as her smile says? It stops when we say it stops.


You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for being so honest. Our baby boys and girls have been raised on this swill for the past 30 some odd years. From the moment they are born both see images of females as sex objects depicted for the sheer enjoyment of males. This produces a false idea in both their minds so that they may be told one thing by the bombardment is some great and insidious both come to accept it as fact. Some will then try to convince us that we are born that way- not so we are brainwashed.

He has been taught she is a piece of meat and will do anything to get a man – and if she proves him right – he gets his piece of meat. She has been taught to get the man she must cater to his every fantasy and need. She does whatever it takes to attract man and then caters to his every fantasy and need. Man gets laid woman gets the man.

But in the end only one wins- man gets laid – she doesn’t get to keep the man. Man is soon lured away by another woman who has him in her crosshairs and ready to cater to his every fantasy and need. Keep in mind – he has been programmed both by nature and by media that he is a rooster who needs to take care of the whole hen house. You can’t blame him – this is exactly what he is programmed to respond to. What we can do is stop playing the damned game.

It takes two as you clearly pointed out! Thank you for your comment – how refreshing to have a young woman willing to open up like that. You inspired this issue.

Sexualizing America 10 of 12: Pedophiles Dream

BettyJean Kling

Pedophilia has become rampant in our society. Elizabeth Smart spent 3 days on the stand reliving her 9 month nightmare with her accused kidnapper Brian David Mitchell a pedophile who raped her daily. [CLICK HERE to read Elizabeth Smart’s entire testimony]

John Walsh has been hunting “America’s Most Wanted” fugitives since 1988 when his show debuted on Fox. He goes undercover Saturday in Southeast Asia to investigate the Sex Trafficking of Cambodian Children. Walsh says he was shocked by what he saw, including a madam who offered his group Children as young as 6 and 7 years old for Sex. Walsh says Western Pedophiles travel east to Cambodia as international Sex tourists, looking to have Sex with Children.

Just this week Amazon became embroiled in a great controversy because of a book clearly for pedophiles.  From Amazon: The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure After 3000 comments, customer outrage and threats of boycotts, Amazon.com removed “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” from its Kindle eBook.

Clearly  and outrage is better than nothing but there need to be more outrage and we are missing what is right under our noses.

They started with voluptuous women liberated them from their kitchens and aprons and pearls. We hiked up their skirts, lowered their necklines and instead of depicting them serving pancakes and coffee we glamorized them smoking and drinking with the boys after a day at the secretary pool. Eventually we had them slithering down automobiles then around beer bellied unshaved louts or in hot tubs serving every man’s every whim and fantasy.

Slowly – ever so slowly women were demanded to starve themselves to become thinner and thinner , younger and younger – pouting like children making that a sexual allure and now….

Look carefully– her nipple is visible – maybe pubic hair too-
more of this model and Lee on 11 of 12

Sexualizing America 6 of 12

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

For 30 years, I have been working to avoid in inevitable fallout on our women and girls from ignoring the Sexualization of our Females. I have been scolded as I have warned our females were endangered at younger and younger ages and warned that the skinning down of our women would further endanger teens and young girls as all females of all ages would be viewed as vulnerable and- as prey. My warnings fell on deaf ears as slimmed down women and teens got breast enhancements but weighed as little as a 12 year old.

Soon young girls were dressing as adults and were being stolen from their beds while sleeping to be raped and murdered or buried alive. I have watched for years as it has unfolded before our eyes and gone seemingly unnoticed. As a Mom Groups are springing up and members by the hundreds of thousands will not head my words – what the hell is wrong with the women in this country? The liberals want to be left alone- its their body and they can display it as they choose — it matters not apparently– that their daughters are being harassed — raped,  killed and go missing by the hundreds. or that nearly 5  a day are beaten by their own husbands.

Conservatives will not listen because they tell me this only happens to those damned liberal women who are asking for it anyway.  Really? Did they ask;  Benet Ramsey if she was a Liberal- or the little girl buried alive – or the gal held for 18 years and forced to have 2 babies ? What about the Christian Family whose daughter was taken and held 9 months?

Wake up ladies – get on the same page and let’s start protecting our selves and our children- this is not a left or right issue- this is a survival issue! The Majority United is the only solution!

February 2008 PBS attempted to alert us to the danger out teen girls are facing as they venture into the workplace. Did that make the news? No! Did women’s groups March on Washington and raise hell about that ? NO! Did NOW and Women’s Media Groups or other women’s groups run a series such as mine demonstrating the possible causes and suggesting how we can help end it? NO!

To their credit The New Agenda ran a video which I will also run from PBS – which every woman should bring to the attention of NOW, WMC  and every other woman’s group and demand we MARCH on Washington to bring this to light.

Finally ABC news 20/20 aired what has been going on for a very long time but has been virtually ignored. The time is now! An “alarmingly high” number of high school students are reporting sexual advances from their adult bosses and other supervisors at some of the country’s best known fast food operations, according to an official of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “It’s an incredibly serious problem,” said William Cash, a trial attorney with the EEOC, in an interview to be broadcast last week on the ABC News program “20/20.” “Employers that choose to use high school kids to work have a responsibility to protect these young people,” Cash said. “We don’t want them to be fondled, we don’t want them to be raped.”

Women Rule in Europe

BettyJean Kling

First the Spanish, then Finland, Norway and the Cape Verde Islands, now the Swiss, can the US be far behind?

Ubetcha! If the good old boys, like the Democrats continue to demonize of women as evidenced beginning with Hilary Clinton when she was drummed out of the primary race in 2008 after being called a Bitch and a racist and had her visage and her character destroyed. Then came Sarah Palin her polar opposite and the Democrats had an all out assault on her and it continues through every Republican woman who is trying to break through America’s glass ceiling. Gone unimpeded it has become commonplace and acceptable and now the Republicans have enjoined the cannibalization of their own with the latest attacks on Christine O’Donnell.

The once proud leaders and envy of the world falls behind on yet another front as we treat the majority of our society like second class citizens, tolerate their mistreatment and degradation and thwart their ability for equality and representation in government by use of the lowest schoolboy jargon while the world watches.

Women dominate new Swiss cabinet

The election of Simonetta Sommaruga (centre) is a historic moment

Switzerland’s parliament has voted a new minister into the government, giving the cabinet a majority of women for the first time.

The election of Simonetta Sommaruga, 50, a Social Democrat, is a historic step in a country where women only got to vote on a national level in 1971.

Ms Sommaruga becomes the fourth female in the seven-member Federal Council.

Another absent post was filled by a man – Johann Schneider-Ammann.

The seven members of the Swiss cabinet have recently always been drawn from the four leading parties.

Although it is highly unusual in Europe for women to hold a majority in a country’s cabinet, it is not unique. The Spanish cabinet unveiled by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero after his re-election in 2008 included more women than men.

Finland, Norway and the Cape Verde Islands also have female majorities, according to the Inter Parliamentary Union.

Equality issues

“Symbolically, it is a rather powerful message from a country with a conservative reputation to have four or five women out of the seven seats in the government,” said Pascal Sciarini, who heads the political science institute in the University of Geneva, to the AFP news agency.

Women in Switzerland have traditionally had a low-key role in public life, says the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Berne.

They first got to vote at local canton level in 1959, but not at federal level until 1971. The last canton, Appenzell Innerrhoden, finally granted them voting rights in 1990.

The first female government minister was elected in 1984, but until now only six women have ever held ministerial posts.

But, when it comes to gender equality, the new team will still have a mountain to climb, our correspondent says.

Swiss women lag well behind men in average salaries, the Swiss state spends less than a third of Unicef’s recommended minimum on childcare, and when it comes to maternity leave, Switzerland ranks as the least generous country in Europe.

Well at least they have representation – like in the USA, they still have pay disparity. It certainly did not take them 90 years to move themselves up that ladder did it? Perhaps if we work together we can get there too! Vote Nov. @ Vote for the Women running for office – don’t vote party lines- vote for representation vote out incumbents!