Voting While Insane

By Barbara

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

So voting the same old same old into office but expecting CHANGE is according to the definition INSANE.

We’re voting while Insane.

We are a nation of voting while insane and women IMHO are even more afflicted with this condition.

But I see the current crisis in this country as a possible eye opening experience for many insane voters. Maybe it will take Unemployment at over 10%, Record foreclosures in many neighborhoods, 2 wars, empty wallets, empty promises, uncontrollable spending, bailing out corporate America while civilian America is up shits creek with no buckets of their own to bail themselves out, and more importantly the dishearten spirit of Americans that says WE the people, are being ignored by the very people WE elected to ensure our interests would be protected and our voices heard in order to realize that WE are Insane voters.

Insane voters who believed you could Hope for Change without asking first Prove How, What, Why and When. Insane voters re-hiring representatives term after term who in the real world of the working class would be fired for lack of performance after the standard probation period.

Insane voters who don’t take the time to educate themselves on a candidate instead believing their party knows best, believing the media speaks the truth and does not have an agenda, believing the candidate speaks the truth and does have an agenda that goes beyond election day.

Note to insane voters, a candidate’s personal record speaks as loud as a candidate’s professional record. Both need to be seen and scrutinized.

Candidates all speak to Taxes, crime, education, health care, war, women’s issues…but if a Senator or a Governor who is a presidential candidate hails from a state where taxes and crime are the highest in the country and its state school and health care system are in shambles and he has never done a damn thing for women’s rights should that not be a red flag on how he intends to effect change for the entire country?

Voting “present” on issues means the candidate did not take a stand; it’s their way of appeasing constituents on both sides of the issue. A candidate’s agenda is to get elected, Voting Present ensures a candidate can truthfully say “I did not vote for it and I did not vote against it”. It’s only more rhetoric to ensure their election but it will also ensure voters say WTH a lot after Election Day.

Women voting while Insane seems to have hit epidemic portions. This last election, women had the most qualified and experienced candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, but women allowed the great Uterine Wall that divides us to be erected again… abortion. To the left … we will fight for abortion. To the right…..we will fight against abortion. So get behind the right side of the wall, don’t forget your labels, while we sling mud at Hillary for believing abortion is a woman’s choice. Yep, Hillary would force abortions on women.

Women had a Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, but got behind the left side of the wall, labels on, and slung mud at Sarah believing that Sarah’s choice to give birth to a special needs child as well as her “unwed” daughters choice to give birth would be forced on all women. Yep, women would be forced by Sarah Palin to raise children.

Women hurled and allowed mud to be flung on both of these women till they drowned in the sexism and misogyny. Surprise Surprise after the “He Team” got elected the Uterine Wall once again came down and women today find we are not fighting to have or not to have abortions BUT we are fighting to have life saving diagnostic testing that affects everyone who wears the label WOMAN.

And again women are asking WTH?

Note to women the only label you should proudly wear is the one that will remain pinned to your chest long after an election is over is the label of your gender. Your party, race, nationality, religion and sexuality may define you but they will not defend you. Woman defines you and Women will defend you.

So, we are all asking WTH? The Insane voters because ……… they voted while insane, and those of us who told you — you’re voting insane are asking ourselves WTH you’re asking WTH now for? Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

But as I said maybe there is Hope that voting while insane will be a thing of the past because we finally comprehend that Change is only brought about by entering the Voting booths while Sane.