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By: Savant Noir

Are You Sustainable?

Sustainable Development is a framework of thought to “save our planet” by harmonizing eco-systems with industry and population. In its most modern iteration (inasmuch it has been around a long time), it is the outcome of the Earth Summit, and is organized around “climate change”, man’s impact on environmental resources and the organic biosphere we live within. It is currently getting notoriety as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which is the Treaty that legally binds all nations to Agenda 21. Although much larger than this, we could summarize that it is the outcome of the Rio Earth Summit where Al Gore unveiled his Inconvenient Truths. It is a blueprint to ‘radically change the entire world in the name of Economic, Social, and Environmental equity.

We ask ourselves where did Obama’s entire team of Czars’ come from? What is their role? Where did the language for all these massive Bills come from? Most of Obama’s czars are from the world of academia and had been contributors to the thoughts that went into this Global Vision as perceived and outlined by the United Nations.

At the Earth Summit meeting Al Gore said: “Americans are going to have to face a wrenching transformation of Society.” Mr. Sagar of the Eden Foundation submits, “It is inherently illogical and otherwise irresponsible to suggest that human activity does not possess the potential to alter the Earth’s climate.” Alexander King, Founder of the Club of Rome adds: “Unless we find the means to change our thinking I can see little hope in solving the supreme problem for humanity – its impending extinction.”

And they are steadily putting these ‘truths’ into practice. Just a few weeks ago, the United Nation held the Conference on the World’s Financial and Economic Crisis. UN General Assembly President Miguel D’Escoto blatantly moved the conference to denounce the free market system, saying, “Capitalism cannot be reformed…”He went on to say, “Egotism and greed cannot be corrected …we must go beyond controls and corrections… to create something that strives towards a new paradigm of social coexistence.”

Based upon so-called ‘scientific proof’ that man is killing the planet, an entire framework of thought has evolved to re-shape the globe. It makes no difference that this evidence doesn’t even conform to the principles of the Scientific Method, nor even if it did, that it proves man has created climate change. The conclusions from these scientific tests are speculative.  What does matter though is the importance it has to foisting a political agenda!

The scientific proofs of this political agenda are based on conclusions that are extrapolated from a school of thought known as the ‘precautionary principle’.  In a nutshell, the precautionary principle translates to this:  If there is any possible risks, stop.  If evidence is inconclusive, stop.  If there is no proof, stop anyway.  As a political agenda, the latter is transformed to mean that in the absence of proof, just repeat what you want others to believe long enough so that they also believe it, then pass legislation to prevent its’ outcome.  Clever, isn’t it?  This is the ‘science’ created by politicians, and it is this irrationality that is the driving force behind the notion of man-made climate change.  It is this irrationality that has concluded that pets and babies are destroying our planet.  If politics was not the engaged in the influence of people, a better case could be made that fish poop in the ocean, therefore fish are destroying our planet.  Sadly, fish don’t pay taxes, so they are allowed to poop us into oblivion.

Although  31,708 U.S. scientists have published research and tried to argue vehemently against the data upon which ‘the radical transformation of our Society’  is being predicated upon; have you heard any of them? They have been silenced, ridiculed, driven out of teaching positions, had Grants cut off, and some even imprisoned. ‘The Plan’ will not tolerate dissent. The United Nations IPCC also publishes a research review in the form of a voluminous, occasionally-updated report on the subject of climate change, which the United Nations asserts is ‘authored’ by approximately 600 scientists. These ‘authors’ are not permitted power of approval over the publication. They are permitted to comment on the draft text, but the final text neither conforms to nor includes many of their comments. The final text conforms instead to the United Nations objective of building support for world taxation and rationing of industrially-useful energy.

Sustainable Development theory has encroached upon every American in ways they have not even recognized. The language of Sustainable Development has pervaded our society. When Bush signed us into UNESCO, the education of our children was to teach them global citizenship and environmental stewardship. Globally acceptable “truths” are now:

  • Global Warming is globally-acceptable truth.
  • The United Nations’ Declaration on Human Rights is globally-acceptable truth.
  • Universal health care is globally-acceptable truth.
  • Environmentally friendly transportation is globally-acceptable truth.
  • The common good over the individual is globally-acceptable truth.
  • Sovereign nations as a source of war is globally-acceptable truth.
  • Global governance for the future peace of man-kind is globally-acceptable truth.
  • Global citizenship is globally-acceptable truth.
  • Severe reduction of the population is globally-acceptable truth.

Many people have been forever speaking of some major ‘conspiracy theory’ afoot, and alluding to The North American Union, or the New World Order. They were partly right, although wrong. There is no conspiracy…there is no secret. If this is a conspiracy, it is the worst kept secret ever made by mankind, as it is published everywhere. You can type Sustainable Development in your search engine, and the millions of hits it will return will range from the U.S. Government, the United Nations, every major University, Corporation, NGO’s (non-government organizations), and on and on. Wow! Stealthy, aren’t they? When last I looked, there were over 26 million hits. Some secret!

Remember, Sustainable Development is the theory. The ‘bad guy’ is Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the means to implement the theory. Again, shhhhhh…this is very hush-hush stuff, returning only 58 million hits when put into the search engine! If you want to find out when the noose will tighten about your neck, well that too is well published and is called the Marrakech Transition Process. It only returns a paltry 1 million hits.

G.H. Bush signed Agenda 21 in 1992. He did not need ratification or congressional process because this is not a treaty, it is merely a set of ‘soft-laws’. In 1993 Bill Clinton; by Executive Order; created the President’s Council of Sustainable Development. The Council of Czars, if you will.

So while Conservatives flop around ineffectually because they have been so easily duped into dissecting all the content of the massive bills being thrown at us, the context from which it all stems from has been marching forward.  Conversely, while Liberals are unwittingly cheering a universal Utopia because the context is being packaged behind a cascade of obfuscations, they fail to look at any content that could dispel the myths.  Agenda 21 is completely bi-partisan, for when the coffin lid on America and personal freedoms shuts, we all suffocate together.  Meanwhile, the Politicians are laughing at us, realizing how easily manipulated the people are.

The framework for all the language contained in these massive bills coming out of the House, are straight out of Agenda 21. Just by reading the 40 chapter titles of this document would give one a pretty good understanding of what is going on if they are in the least politically aware and can connect the dots.

All biological life has natural cycles of birth and death, and we should learn to accept these natural cycles and teach people that saving lives at birth or extending life at our times end is non-sustainable”. In other words, what these Sustainabilist’s are saying is…”can’t you just have the good grace to simply die, rather than be a strain on Society”? Or, “why can’t you just accept your baby was born defective and can never be a contributing member to Society, and have the decency to simply let ‘it’ die”. Can this really be happening? Yes, it is happening. Every re-iteration of Health Care Reform bills have heavy taxes to be levied against Medical Devices. These devices are the ones used to sustain life, to extend life. They simply must be run out of business! There are heavy restrictions and taxes to be levied against any/all homeopathic supplements and other Natural Supplements that will force subscription to only those drugs that are supported by our Regime. Those drugs will become vastly reduced as well, as life extending drugs will be increasingly limited. Cures that make economical sense will be endorsed. Prevention and Extension are deemed non-sustainable.

Two major components of Sustainable Development are de-population/population control and bio-equity. As Cass Sunstein announced: “animals and all living creatures have equal rights to humans.” We may laugh, but they are laughing harder as the re-shape the map of the United States in nefarious ways to meet the objectives of Sustainable Development. The political goal (in the name of ‘climate change’) is to have all population living in government-controlled urbanized enclaves, where private transportation choices will become a thing of the past. We are to live, work, and socialize within these cities, brought to you under the lexicon of ‘smart growth‘, and all its derivative language. This can’t be true, you may say. Yes it is. The San Joaquin Valley is being starved as their economy is shut-down to protect the smelt. Logging villages are being shut-down in Oregon to preserve the spotted owl (as if they could not fly anywhere else). Over 400,000 square miles of the United States is currently being ‘grabbed’ by the Government in the name of the Agenda 21 Wildlands Project, referred to hereafter as TWP. (The Wildlands Project). There are currently 39 massive WP’s ongoing in the United States this very moment with the objective to engineer population distribution.

TWP is just one of many different ways our land is being grabbed so we can be shuffled into the pre-planned zones of population. Wildlife Preserves, National Parks, National Forests, Heritage Lands, etc., are some of the other numerous ways. It’s real noble sounding too! Over the last 10 years the United States has added 27 species to the endangered species list. Over the last 6 months, Cass Sunstein has added 681. What does this mean? It means you have got to go, because this bug has equal rights to you, and you are encroaching upon its equitable rights.

This link will take you to maps that show how our country is to be organized, and how our population is to be re-distributed. Notice the language used on the map legend. We get to live in ‘Normal Use -Zones of Cooperation’. I could go into great detail about what ‘Zones of Cooperation’ actually means. Trust me, you won’t like it. Without delving into this subject matter, suffice it to say there is a plethora of cooperation ongoing with Local and Federal Government Agencies as we speak. These alliances are created via Public/Private Partnerships (PPP’s), Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), and Stakeholder Councils. Every State, every County, and most cities already have ‘cooperative agencies’ , this link taking you to just one of hundred’s.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out that the Supreme Court upheld the legality of Eminent Domain. Who will get eminent domain privileges?  Why co-operating entities of course! Those PPP’s are companies that agreed to keep their mouths shut and play ball with this agenda, in order to get the goodies and protection of the U.S. Government. Cronyism extraordinaire!

Private property and single family homes are deemed non-sustainable. Cap and Trade is clearly outlined in Agenda 21, and as you may be aware, if this passes it gives the Federal Government almost full control over your property. The EPA will determine if your house meets the standards it decides (for the moment) are acceptable to them so you can re-sell your home. This is one insidious slippery slope. Yes, your name will still be on the deed, but the choices on how you live in your house will not be left up to you. You get to pay the bills, you have to pay the taxes, and you will have to pay the fines levied against you as the Government starts handing out violation notices. Your house will become your nightmare!  Your electricity, air conditioning, heating, water, insulation, roof, windows, doors, etc., will all be subject to new regulations.

Another aspect of Cap and Trade (straight out of Agenda 21) is sustainable water usage. This plays a major role throughout all aspects of Agenda 21. Currently, the average American household uses 100 gals/day of water. This will be limited to 26 gals/day. Cows are non-sustainable, they require too much water, land, and they emit too much methane. Both Healthcare and Cap & Trade are taking care of this pesky problem. Hope you like tofu and bean sprouts. These are just a couple of examples among thousands.

It all can be summarized this way: Sustainable Development is essentially the ‘land grab’. The Wildlands Project is the ‘water grab’. Health Care Reform is the ‘body grab’. Cap and Trade is the ‘private property grab’. It is much more complex of course, but it can readily be discerned when you consider all the new Codex Laws for Agriculture that have been passed, all the enumerated powers given the USDA, EPA, FDA, OSHA, etc. These ‘grabs’ are being enacted in numerous ways, but they all flow from Agenda 21.

This is meant only as a primer, to open your eyes, to make you aware of this ‘secret’ plan to “radically transform America” If you are among the youth of today, feeling a bit aimless and uncertain of your future, the good news is you have a Life Plan, no need to fret. If you are a citizen that has diligently organized your life and you are obtaining the goals of your Life Plan, well, I have some bad news for you—your plan is being replaced by someone else’s plan.

Until you know where the battlefield is, you have no chance of winning the War.


Check out this new YouTube video and pay particular attention to the last few frames.

10 lashes for wearing trousers

By BettyJean Kling

Lubna Ahmed Hu Lsein was offered immunity from trial because she works for the UN, but she refused because she wants to get the ’Unconstitutional law’ changed and is willing to resign from her position at the UN to do it.

She and 10 of the women arrested with her, including non-Muslims, each received 10 lashes and a fine for wearing “indecent” clothing. Determined to get as much publicity as possible she has asked for legal representation and while the trial is delayed for that purpose she is inviting invited journalists and observers to the trial.

Sudan ‘trousers trial’ adjourned

The trial of a Sudanese woman charged with wearing “indecent” clothing has been adjourned, but will continue after she decided to waive her immunity.

“I want to change this law, because hitting is not human, and also it does not match with Sharia law,” she told the BBC.

The BBC’s James Copnall in Khartoum says Ms Hussein is determined to generate as much publicity as she can.

Meanwhile another female journalist who wrote an article supporting Ms Hussein has been charged with defaming the police, which can carry a hefty fine.

Amal Habbani wrote an article for Ajrass Al-Horreya newspaper following the arrests entitled “Lubna, a case of subduing a woman’s body”.

Unbelievable- this woman and 10 others standing up for their rights – can we really sit here and do less- what will it take – what do we have to lose before we will stand up like these brave women?

Shame on us-after what they did to Hillary – after what they did and continue to do to Sarah! This is just the beginning- is this what it has to come to before American women will stand up? I have to wonder?