Millions and 3 years later – finally the long form Birth Certificate


Move along now… Here it is — Obama releases his Long form Birth Certificate because he does not have time for “silliness”

He needs time to golf, vacation, campaign and chat with Oprah.

The last 3 years of the countless lawsuits, the millions of dollars in legal fees, the denials of Hawaii officials that they NEVER EVER issue a long form BC have finally ended with here it is—wait for it –“silliness”.

And all it took to end the silliness was Obama writing a letter to ask for a copy of his long form birth certificate. Did I say MILLIONS in legal fees? Now – how is that for silly!!

Anyway, the Donald is happy about the release of the BC. but now he wants to see Obama’s school records, especially the admissions records from Occidental…if that is not silly I don’t know what is… we all now know that Obama was born in Hawaii, he was born a US citizen so what’s to be learned from school records??

Could it be some silly people believe that US Citizen Obama applied for and received aid as a foreign citizen? Nahhhhh – how silly!

Geez, He does not have time for this silliness. Oprah is waiting.